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    Boss FAQ by Rithramier

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/29/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    System: Xbox 360 Version
    Author: Rithramier (Thomas A.)
    Version: 1.1
    Boss Guide
    Table of Contents
        I. Introduction
       II. Version Info
      III. Copyright
       IV. Basic Game Controls
        v. Boss Guide
       VI. Contact Info
      VII. Special Thanks
    I. Introduction
    This is a Boss Guide for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Within I give 
    info on boss abilities and strategies that I use to defeat them. These 
    strategies work very well for me and I felt that it would be good to 
    share them for those who are losing hope on some of the harder bosses.
    There’s no perfect strategy for any boss because of the way the bosses
    work in this game. However, the provided strategies do work very well.
    If you find that it hasn't worked well the first time, try try again. 
    I tested all these strategies on Sith Master before finishing the guide.
    II. Version Info
    Version 1.0: Released version
    Version 1.1: Corrected spelling errors and spacing mistakes. Renamed 
    the "XYY" Combo to "Sith Slash".
    III. Copyright
    This Document Copyright 2008 Rithramier (Thomas A.).
    IV. Basic Game Controls
    A - Jump
    X - Attack
    Y - Lightning
    B - Force Push
    RT - Force Grip
    RB - Lock On
    LT - Block
    LB - Force Dash
    V. Boss Guide
    General Boss Info
    Most of the bosses in the games use the same general attacks. Here I'll 
    list them and give some info on them.
    Force Push: With the exception of a few bosses this is just like yours 
    and blockable.
    Force Grip: A few bosses have Force Grip as an ability. When they grip 
    you you're prompted to mash the B button to break their grip on you.
    Saber Throw: This comes it two types. Blockable and Unblockable. Unless 
    mentioned in the boss information everyones form of this is blockable.
    Standard Attack Combos: Everyone has a basic combo they use with their 
    lightsaber. Usually the last hit will send you flying. All are 
    blockable unless otherwise stated.
    Special Attacks: Each bosses special attacks can usually be identified 
    by the protective orb they form around themselves.
    Rogue Jedi Knight
    Info: This boss battle takes place at the end of the Prologue. As Darth 
    Vader you are unable to die, so there's no way you can lose this 
    Special Attacks:
    - Force Grip TIE Fighter: The Rogue Jedi Knight pulls down a TIE 
    Fighter from the sky. He usually seems to pull it down somewhere in the 
    center of the area. It can be difficult to avoid since you can't see 
    where it's going to hit. But either way it doesn't matter, you can't 
    Aside from the fact that you can't die in this battle the Rogue Jedi is 
    just easy in general. You can basically just play with the Jedi till 
    the end. He doesn't regularly block your attacks so Darth Vaders 
    standard three hit combo should send the Jedi flying, at that time you 
    can grip him and throw him across the map increasing the damage.
    General Kota
    Info: General Kota is located at the end of the TIE Fighter Factory. 
    Now that you're the Apprentice you are able to die, as you probably 
    noticed while going through the level. General Kota can be a bit of a 
    pain but overall he isn't all that difficult compared to future bosses 
    (especially the next one).
    Special Attacks:
    - Force Grip on nearby debris: The General jumps up to higher ground 
    and uses Force Grip to gather a number of items to throw at you. This 
    attack isn't blockable but you can avoid it by timing your jumps and 
    Force Dashes well.
    - Massive Saber Slam: This attack is a flashier and larger version of 
    the Apprentices skill "Saber Slam". This attack isn't blockable but you 
    can avoid it by timing your jumps well.
    - Force Repulse: Not exactly special, but not every boss has this. He 
    will most likely use this when you're close up. There is a moment where 
    he charges it up, in that time you can make a dash away from him so you 
    don't get hit.
    -Phase 1- 
    The key times to attack Kota are when he finishes a combo or when he 
    finishes a special attack. During these times he doesn't block, except 
    after a normal combo where he may or may not. Use whatever combo you 
    have that does the most damage when he's open, I usually just use the 
    standard x,x,x,x combo. If he falls limp attempt to grab him with Force 
    Grip and toss him into a wall. The more things for him to run into the 
    -Phase 2-
    At about half health the General causes the room your in to break off 
    the Factory and fall towards Nar Shadaa. At first this doesn't really 
    change the battle, however after a few moments the floor begins to heat 
    up from entering the atmosphere. This causes you and Kota to take 
    damage if your stand on the floor. Stay on higher ground.
    Kota doesn't really change in this phase, so just continue to use the 
    same strategy from Phase 1 on him till the end. To add more damage try 
    to send Kota to the floor whenever you can while it’s hot.
    Kazdan Paratus
    Info: Kazdan is located at the end of Raxus Prime in the top of the 
    fake Jedi Temple. Some consider Kazdan to be the hardest boss in the 
    game. I agree. Unless you exploit his weakness of Lightning it's almost 
    impossible to hit him. And even when you shock him there’s no guarantee 
    you will hit him. He might even magically come out of the shock to 
    smack you across the room faster than you can blink. Kazdans fighting 
    style is cheap and feels almost buggy. Sometimes he spams Force Push 
    rapidly until you're out of force and hits you with it. Other times a 
    piece of debris gets caught in his push, smacks you, and you go down 
    from 100% health to 10%.
    Special Attacks:
    - Flip Saber Slam: Well, that’s what it looks like anyway. This 
    particular combo goes like any other, however the ending hit where he 
    flips into the air and smacks the floor is unblockable. You can 
    identify this combo by watching out for the first attack, which is a 
    drawn out thrust. After the next two or three hits he jumps into the 
    air, this is when you can dash in the opposite direction to avoid the 
    saber slam.
    - Force Repulse: He only uses this prior to him forming the Iron 
    Titans. He runs to the edge of the map, twirls his saber, and unleashes 
    the Repulse. Easy enough to avoid, just don't follow him or dash away 
    when you see him charging it up.
    -Phase 1-
    Kazdans weakness is Lightning. He will block it sometimes, but it's 
    really the only way to damage him. Whenever Kazdan is not doing 
    anything, shock him with Lightning. This leaves him open to pretty much 
    anything for a moment. The quickest, sure fire combo to use during
    this moment of weakness is to Force Grip Kazdan, use Lightning
    grenade, and throw him into a wall. Another option to maximize damage 
    is to use Lightning bomb instead of a normal shock, grip him, use 
    Lightning grenade, and throw him into a wall.
    -Phase 2-
    At about 2/3 health Kazdan runs to the edge of the map, uses force 
    repulse to blow away the walls, and retreats to a far off pole. He then 
    summons an Iron Titan in the middle of the area. Now, there's a few 
    ways to go about this. You can run around shocking the titan whenever 
    your force is charged and avoid all its attacks, easy way but takes a 
    while. Or you can stand by the edge, Force Grip floating debris and 
    throwing it towards the titan all the while dodging his fire attack and 
    the things he throws, fast but dangerous if you're not good at 
    multitasking. Another way is to use the Sith Slash combo to shock him and keep 
    using it till the end, however I found it's difficult to get into the 
    rhythm of it without getting hit hard, you might have better luck.
    Use whatever technique you find works for you until you finish the
    Iron Titan.
    -Phase 3-
    After the Titan is dead Kazdan spends a few moments throwing floating 
    debris at you. Force Dash and Jump to avoid it all. After he's done he 
    will come speeding down into the center, causing a small nova to go off 
    around him. Jump or Dash to avoid it. Once he's targetable again use 
    the Lightning Bomb, Grip, Lightning Grenade, Throw or Lightning, Grip, 
    Lightning Grenade, Throw combo again and again till he's at 1/3 health.
    -Phase 4-
    Like before Kazdan runs off to the edge, uses Force Repulse, retreats 
    to the pole, and summons another Iron Titan. Use whatever technique you 
    used to destroy the first one.
    -Phase 5-
    Like Phase 3, after the Titan dies Kazdan throws floating debris at you 
    for a few moments. Dodge it all until he comes down off the pole. I've 
    never noticed a change in Kazdans behavior in Phases 3 or 5, so just 
    using the same combo works well at any phase. Continue to use Lightning 
    Bomb (or Lightning), Grip, Lightning Grenade, Throw until the end of 
    the battle.
    Shaak Ti
    Info: Shaak Ti is located at the end of Felucia. She is fairly weak in 
    her defense, she doesn't block all that often and is quite easy to 
    Force Grip and throw. The difficult part of this battle is the fact 
    that she summons three Felucians to her side during the battle, 
    meaning you have to defend against her attacks and those of the 
    Felucians. In phase 2 you also have to be aware of the Sarlaacs attack. 
    Special Attacks:
    Dashing Slash: When Skaak Ti is at a distance she has a chance to 
    charge up and use this attack. She dashes towards you quickly and does 
    quite a bit of damage if she hits. To dodge it jump over her when she 
    dashes to be sure to avoid it.
    Force Orb: Shaak Ti charges a red orb above herself and throws it 
    towards you. A quick dash to the side will avoid it.
    Bluff Force Push: This is what I call her Force Push she does when she 
    pretends to stumble then quickly spins and fires push. It's blockable, 
    I just felt it's worth mentioning. She caught me with it many times...
    Massive Saber Slam: Like Kota Shaak Ti jumps up and slams her saber 
    into the ground causing a larger version of "Saber Slam”. You dodge it 
    the same way, jump up to avoid when she lands.
    Saber Ground Attack: I really don't know what to call this. She slams 
    her Lightsaber into the ground, causing two things underground to 
    follow you. If they hit they cause a lot of damage. Dash and jump 
    around to dodge them. Jumping in the opposite direction to where 
    they're going seems to make them go away quicker.
    -Phase 1-
    Like Kota the key times to attack her are after special attacks and 
    combos. I find the best combo to use when she's open is Sith Slash. This 
    shocks her and causes her to fall limp. As she's limp you can pick her 
    up with Force Grip, use Force Grenade, and throw her across the area. 
    Here's where you can really use the environment to your advantage. 
    Around the area are those strange bubbles that explode when you stand 
    on them. There's a large collection on the right side of the map, 
    whenever you get a chance to grip Shaak Ti aim to throw her over there 
    to add a lot more damage. If she ends up near you when she lands take 
    the time to run up and stab her a few times to damage her more.
    Once she reaches a certain point in health she starts summoning 
    Felucian warriors, three at a time. Force Gripping them off the edge 
    to the north is the quickest way to dispatch them. But Sith Slash also works 
    wonders if you're out of force.
    Continue using the XXY, Force Grip, Lightning Grenade, Throw into 
    bubbles combo until she jumps off the ledge to begin Phase 2.
    -Phase 2-
    Shaak Ti is pretty much the same in this Phase as Phase 1, however now 
    from time to time she causes the Sarlaac in the background to smash its 
    tentacles into the area, crushing you and anything else underneath. To 
    dodge this either time your dashes or just wait as far to the right or 
    left as you can till the tentacles are done.
    Instead of Shaak Ti summoning the Felucians they appear at regular 
    intervals during the battle. Again, Force Grip them into the Sarlaac or 
    into the bubbles in the corners to kill them quickly. Force Repulse 
    works well here too since they can't block it. Also Shaak Ti is 
    terrible at blocking or dodging Force Repulse. 
    End the battle quickly by using the previous combo you used in phase 
    one. There's far more bubbles in this part of the battle so you could 
    almost finish it in one throw if she lands right.
    Shadow Guards
    Info: You first run into a Shadow Guard on Cloud City. I'm not going to 
    go into defeating Shadow Guards. They only have one really damaging 
    attack which they rarely use (Dashing Slash), they take far more damage, 
    and aren't very defensive. Just combine the tactics used for Shaak Ti 
    and Kota and they will go down in no time.
    Special Attacks:
    Saber Throw: The Shadow Guards Saber Throw is unblockable. I'm unaware
    of a way to prevent it or dodge it. But the Shadow Guard does seem to
    use it when far away from you.
    Dashing Slash: The Shadow Guard only uses this when you far away. He 
    charges it up and speeds towards you. This does a massive amount of 
    Ozzik Stern
    Info: Ozzik Stern is a pretty pathetic boss you encounter at the end of
    Imperial Kashyyyk. Once you destroy two of the pins surrounding the
    Sky Hook he comes out to take you one. He's basically just an AT-ST 
    with a few different guns and more guns.
    Stay out of his line of sight. Force Grip a piece of junk, use 
    Lightning Grenade, and throw it at him. Keep doing this to finish him 
    off. Seriously, that's all there is to it. Most of the time
    he won't even come after you if you stay far enough away and behind 
    Maris Brood & Bull Rancor
    Info: You encounter Maris Brood and her Bull Rancor on Imperial 
    Felucia. The battle starts with you taking on a Bull Rancor with Maris 
    Brood popping in and out of battle to try to attack you. The Bull Rancor 
    isn't like the other Rancors. It isn't very weak to Lightning and takes 
    quite a beating. Maris Broods major ability is invisibility. It doesn't 
    really make her harder, since you can see her move. But she can get the
    jump on you if you're not paying attention.
    Special Attacks (Bull Rancor):
    Charge: This is the only thing I consider a special attack and is also 
    it's weakness. A quick dash to the side will let you clear the rancor 
    and make it miss. It lands on all fours and leaves itself open to 
    Special Attacks (Maris Brood):
    Saber Throw: Maris Broods Saber Throw is unblockable. She usually does 
    it after a combo, but sometimes she uses it on its own. When on it's 
    own I have yet to discover a way to dodge or prevent it. In a combo you 
    can attack right before she tries to throw her saber to counter her, 
    this is the last attack in the combo.
    Invisibility: Can be a bit irritating. You can see her when she flips. 
    If you suspect she's near just hold block in preparation for her attack.
    -Phase 1-
    You begin by fighting Maris' Bull Rancor. There's really only one good 
    time to attack the Bull Rancor, which is after it charges. It leaves 
    itself open to attack for a good 5 or so seconds. This is long enough to 
    get any combo off or two standard x,x,x,x combos, which is what I use. It 
    takes a while, but just dodge his charge and use whatever combo you 
    like over and over to chip down his health till you can finish him off.
    Now the biggest problem with this Phase is that Maris Brood comes out 
    of her invisibility to attack you every now and then. To counter her 
    and make her go invisible again simply hit her with a force power. I 
    prefer Force Repulse because it doesn't make you hesitate like force 
    push does and seems to always send her into invisibility unlike 
    Lightning which may or may not.
    The problem here is when she uses Saber Throw. As mentioned above it's 
    unblockable and unavoidable. If she happens to hit you with it while 
    the Bull Rancor is charging then you're in trouble. If the Rancor gets 
    right on you you will take large amounts of damage until it gets up 
    from it's charge. On Sith Master that's death. This event happens 
    randomly, it's all chance. But it's worth mentioning.
    -Phase 2-
    After Killing the Bull Rancor it's just you and Maris. Unlike the other 
    bosses her moment of weakness is when she's invisible, not after a 
    combo. When you hit her when she's invisible she re-enters invisibility, 
    even though she isn't really knocked out of it. This makes it so you 
    could go the whole battle without her attacking you more than a few 
    To break her defense, the best thing to do is hit her with lightning
    while she is invisible. It almost always hits her when she's invisible. 
    This is best done close up, because it can be difficult to aim when 
    she’s invisible from far away. Once she's shocked use the Sith Slash combo to 
    attempt to knock her over. Sometimes she will fall, sometimes she won't. 
    When she does, Force Grip her and throw her across the area to add 
    Keep using the Lightning, Sith Slash, Force Grip combo till the end of the 
    Info: Proxy attacks you as a Shadow Guard near the end of Imperial 
    Raxus Prime. He takes various forms during the battle including Maris 
    Brood, General Kota, Shaak Ti, and finally Darth Maul.
    Also, worth mentioning is that pretty much every form requires the same
    strategy. Knock Proxy off his feet then stab him repeatedly. It looks 
    like I'm repeating myself but really it's just the best thing to do to
    finish each quickly.
    Special Attacks:
    Everyone uses the same skills that they did in their original battles. 
    So deal with them as you would in the past. Kota however seems to spam 
    one special attack which I think is worth mentioning.
    Saber Throw (General Kota): General Kota likes to spam this attack any 
    chance he gets. Luckily it's blockable. However it's hard to find a 
    moment to attack with him doing this all the time.
    Saber Throw (Darth Maul): Unblockable, like Maris Broods. However, 
    unlike her you can prevent it. When he begins to use this attack hit 
    him with Lightning or Force Repulse to stop him from using it. I have a 
    feeling this is a bug, because he makes the motions but doesn't throw 
    the saber like it's covered in super glue. Either way it's useful.
    Again, I'm not going into his Shadow Guard forms. Each phase will 
    represent a Jedi.
    -Phase 1-
    First up is Maris Brood. Proxy doesn't seem to use invisibility as much 
    as the real Maris Brood. Because of this he has a strong defense. The 
    best way to break that defense is to either try to shock her and use 
    the Sith Slash combo till she falls limp or repeatedly use Force Repulse until 
    Maris Brood goes flying. Either way run up and stab her a few times to 
    finish this Phase quickly.
    -Phase 2-
    When Proxy takes enough damage he reverts to a Shadow Guard then to 
    General Kota. As mentioned as Kota he likes to spam Saber Throw. The 
    key here is to try to get him off his feet so you can stab him. 
    When you don't have to defend against an attack use Force Repulse 
    and the Sith Slash combo to try and knock him over. Once he is down run up 
    and stab him a few times. One to two rounds of this should make him 
    revert to a Shadow Guard.
    -Phase 3-
    Again Proxy will revert to his Shadow Guard form then to Shaak Ti. Of 
    all the forms this is the most like the original. Proxy 
    has a fairly weak defense, and the times to attack are after combos and 
    special attacks. Use the XXY combo to knock her over, pick her up with 
    Force Grip, use Lightning grenade if possible, and then throw her. Repeat 
    the process to finish this phase.
    -Phase 4-
    Finally, the real battle begins. After he reverts to Shadow Guard and 
    takes a bit of damage Proxy transforms into Darth Maul. Darth Mauls 
    combos can do ungodly amounts of damage if he hits you, Plus his saber 
    throw is unblockable so you really need to be on guard the whole fight. 
    He has a very strong defense and due to his insane combos it's unwise 
    to try to use a combo on him.
    Like all the others, the goal is to knock him off his feet and stab him. 
    After he completes a combo use Force Repulse. Most of the time that will 
    cause him to go flying. When he hits the floor get close and stab him 
    once or twice. Don't go overboard, because he likes to jump up and use 
    one of his killer combos.
    Continue to knock him off his feet and stab him while he's down till 
    the end of the battle.
    Imperial Star Destroyer
    Info: I wouldn't really consider this a boss, but people seem to have 
    problems with it so I figured I'd add it to the guide. During this fight 
    you have to destroy the attacking TIE fighters then pull the distant 
    Star Destroyer out of the sky. Easy, right? Well, it is. But there seem 
    to be some misunderstandings.
    The battle begins with you being attacked by TIE Fighters. Destroy them 
    all quickly by using Lightning. Time your jumps well and you can take 
    them out. You can also use Force Grip, but Lightning is a bit easier to 
    use. Once they are all gone center yourself and press RT while looking 
    at the Star Destroyer.
    Now the directions on the screen will direct you how to move the analog 
    sticks in order to get the Star Destroyer into position for pulling. You 
    want to aim it so that the Star Destroyer is coming straight for you, 
    don't stop pulling right when the area around the sticks goes green. When 
    you stop moving it it drifts back to its original position. Keep that 
    in mind, because the best way to get it into position quickly is to 
    push it a bit too far then let it drift to a point where it's pointing 
    at you. 
    Once in position you will be told to pull back on both analog sticks. 
    Pull back AND HOLD THEM BACK. This causes the Star Destroyer to begin 
    falling towards the ground.
    As you were moving the Star Destroyer more TIE fighters were launched. 
    You will eventually see them speeding towards you. Once they get in 
    range they will fire. Keep pulling till the last moment and dash out 
    of the way of the first laser.
    Repeat everything until you finally pull the Star Destroyer down. 
    Should take about three or four pulls depending on how fast you get 
    it in position and take out the additional TIE fighters.
    Darth Vader
    Info: At the end of the Death Star you encounter your former master, 
    Darth Vader. He only has a few powers and a few basic attacks. However 
    his defense is strong, but breaking it isn't all that difficult.
    Special Attack:
    Force Push: His version of Force Push is unblockable, however it's easy 
    to dodge because he takes a few seconds to use it. Jumping behind him 
    is the best way to avoid it.
    Force Grip: He isn't the only one who uses this, but he by far uses it 
    the most. Also you have to be quick to break it. Hesitate for a moment 
    and he will throw you.
    -Phase 1-
    There are two times when it's best to attack Vader. After his force 
    push and after you successfully counter his attacks. After Vader 
    uses Force Push he stands in place as if he is catching his breath, as 
    he's standing there use the Sith Slash combo to shock him and knock him over. 
    Force Grip is difficult to use on him, since he breaks it fast. But 
    it is possible to use. 
    Countering his attacks also breaks his defense (Block right before an 
    attack). Counter then use Sith Slash since it knocks him over and opens the 
    chance to stab him.
    Use these two openings to lower his health enough to start the next 
    -Phase 2-
    Vader stands on a center platform throwing debris at you. A pain. 
    However if you do it first, he's stunned for a good while. Don't try to 
    get on the platform with him, just stay on the outer ring and throw 
    debris at him. Keep doing this and he won't get a chance to attack.
    -Phase 3-
    Hit him enough and he uses the force to bend most of the surrounding 
    ring, leaving the northern most platform for you to stand on safely. 
    Vader then jumps to the platform for more lightsaber on lightsaber 
    In this phase Vader seems to spend more time using his saber than using 
    Force Push. However, he doesn't hesitate to use Force Grip on you. The 
    same method as used in phase 1 works here too. Try to knock him off the 
    platform and into the hot areas to add to the damage.
    -Phase 4 (Revenge Ending)-
    This phase takes place if you chose to attack him instead of going for 
    the Emperor. The only difference I noticed in this is that he doesn't 
    pause after using Force Push, but his defense is still down for a 
    very short moment after he uses it.
    Use the techniques from Phase 1 and 3 to defeat Vader and finish the 
    Info: The Emperor. You fight him if you're going for the Redemption 
    Ending, considered the "Light Side" ending. This is a battle 
    which can be a real pain if you don't know how to counter his attacks. 
    However if you do counter them he can be the easiest boss in the game.
    Special Attacks:
    Charged Lightning: This is when he stands in place and charges 
    Lightning in his fingers and then fires at you. Counter this by 
    blocking right before he does it. You reflect it back, damaging 
    him. During this particular lightning attack you can reflect it more
    than once. After you reflect once let go of block for a second then 
    hold it to reflect the lightning back again.
    Dash Lightning: With this Lightning he dashes around then does brief 
    blasts of Lightning. Counter it the same as charged Lightning.
    Force Grip on Debris: He grabs one piece of debris and throws it at you. 
    Jump or dash to dodge it.
    Mass Lightning Grenade: The Emperor picks up multiple pieces of debris 
    and infuses them with Lightning. This move irritated me to no end, it's 
    very difficult to dodge. But then it hit me, just knock the debris away 
    from him. Jump up and use Force Repulse to make him lose the debris. Or 
    use a maxed Force Grip to pull them away all cool like.
    The key here is to not attack him up front. Just counter his Lightning
    to damage him. If you get up close and attack he might start using Mass 
    Force Grenade which surrounds him with a Lightning shield which takes a 
    large chunk of your health if you're close.
    At certain points in the battle he floats up and summons two to three 
    Imperial Royal Guards to attack you. First time it's two blue ones. 
    Second time it's a blue and red. Then two reds. Then two reds and a 
    blue. Dispatching them is fairly easy; they don't seem to block Force 
    Grip so throwing them into the surrounding force field does a fair 
    amount of damage. Finishing off all the guards causes the Emperor to 
    float back down.
    Counter his Lightning and use Force Repulse to counter his Mass 
    Lightning Grenade. Do this and you can finish him with out him even 
    hitting you. Only thing to worry about is getting ganged up on by the 
    Royal Guards.
    Once he's down you've beaten the game. Congrats!
    VI. Contact Info
    Questions? Contact me at rpgfan_tj@hotmail.com. But honestly,
    don't expect anything to happen quickly, I don't check my mail often.
    VII. Special Thanks
    Thank you to GameFAQs for hosting my guide.

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