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"Fans may enjoy it but not an overly thrilling title."

Let's head up to Alaska for a good ole time shooting some critters. Cabela seems to be a very popular series and has gotten to Greatest Hits status on the Playstation 2. Alaskan Adventure is the first title in the series for the 360 and the first one I've ever played. That being said I was slightly impressed by the first few seconds and then it all went down hill after that. Fans of the series shouldn't read this because you'll buy the game anyway but what about those looking for something new to play on their 360? Well read on!

While the game doesn't exactly have a story you're some sportsman who has come to Alaska to do some hunting, fishing, dog sledding and what not. Eh, it works and gives the game an almost SIMS like feel. Except the setup is poor when trying to find your way around but oh well.

Graphic wise I wasn't impressed with the game. It's hard to be impressed with white tundra I guess. Water effects were nice and while the animals looked good, they didn't wow me. That's about it; the game lacks a color scheme so it's white and whiter.

The game features a narrator of sorts. It could be someone famous but because I'm not into the whole sport of killing I really wouldn't know. The music feels just right and really isn't bad. It's only on menus and in buildings though. I get the idea that there would be no music but there really aren't many sound effects either. I didn't notice if any animals make sounds but your character breaths heavily when he strolls along, almost like he's reaching his climax during sex. Gun shots sound good though.

The game offers a very simple control setup. Just remember those L and R nubs because they scan through each menu's options. Walking is done with the left stick. Right stick aims. R shoots, Y ducks, pressing the right analog stick in makes a you jump and A lets you look for tracks, which I could only find because the game tells you to press A now to find tracks.

The game play is very simple. You start the game with a very simple training section. After that you're on a world map of sorts. There are bulletins for races and fishing. A building to buy supplies and paths that lead to where you can hunt. In the store you can buy new clothes, healing items and other stuff like weapons and tags.

You need to buy tags, which are missions. Once you have a tag you can head to that area and do what the tag says. Kill a male hare and 2 silver foxes or whatever. It's simple but I ran into issues with some where the game kept fining me for shooting an animal. Maybe I'm dumb but isn't a hare a rabbit? Are there other critters with tiny little bushy tails? It's lame and I just couldn't figure it out.

Besides that the game doesn't really offer a whole lot. No on-line play but as of this review there is a cheap little pack to download (100 MS points) which nets you some clothes and a whole new animal. This was a rental for me so I didn't buy it obviously. The game has a fair amount of stuff to do and the achievements are good enough and not overly complex to get but I found it boring after a while because the world feels so empty.

If you're really interested in this game I guess it's worth the rental, you'll at least bring your gamer score up. Fans of the series should love it since it doesn't seem like anything has changed from the reviews of the old titles. It's not a great game but it isn't terrible... It just isn't all that good.

Story - 6/10
Graphics - 5/10
Sound - 5/10
Control - 6/10
Game Play - 5/10
Replay value - 2/10

Final Score - 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/26/06

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