Review by wolverinefan

"So flawed it can't even be thought of as fun"

So many words can be used to describe the rage that this game gives me. It's so many different things rolled into one that creates a game that is perhaps the worst game to grace this generation of gaming.

I know that sounds harsh but come on. It's a wrestling game, how do you screw that up? Well ask the makers of this title because they some how not only screwed the game play up but wasted the unreal engine as well.

The character creator is one of the worst I've seen and every character comes out feeling more generic than a real life wrestler. The arenas all look the same. The one blood spot is in the same spot on every stage, the only difference is the backdrop. What's up with that? Granted you can unlock and use new moves by playing the game more but it's a slow process and they don't do much until you have the best ones anyway.

The games biggest flaws come from control and the game play itself. If I'm knocked to the ground and I hit left on the left analog stick to roll left, why is my guy rolling right? it doesn't happen once or twice but all the time. As if my guy is rendered useless by some head trauma except my head is still green in the stat area, as is rest of my body so why am I unable to go in the direction I want to go in?

To add insult to it all is the reverse option. Hit RB when it pops up to reverse a move, if it's reversible. So unless the AI character has all non-reversible skills then I want to know why I reverse once out of every 20 or so tries. Sure, you wouldn't always pull off a reversal but the AI does. It will reverse you every single time and I've even had them reverse my reversal. Huh?

The game features a bounty of modes but it's all wasted by the game play. See, not only is their the control issue and the horribly cheap AI but the games pin system also feels broken. An AI character can break out of anything, even if his body is all red but you can lose with all green. See, the problem is that you need to waggle the analog sticks left and right to break out of it but unlike other games you ened to be slow and methodical about it except you don't have time for that so you will most likely fail.

Failure should be the theme of the game. While the story mode is long, it becomes monotonous. Chapter 3 (there is 6 total) is nothing but tag team after tag team. How boring. Yes it's fun at first but really it's the same thing over and over and never does the game offer much variety in it's events and it would rather beat each one to death before giving you a new one.

The load times are downright terrible as well. Each character intro must load up and with tag team battles it equals to about 6 or 7 load screens to even get the fight going. Matches can last a =while though and hey, maybe you will win one once in a while. Don't expect easy achievements though as some are glitched, some are crap (top of the leader board) and some can only be obtained by preordering the game from Amazon. Thanks Midway!

One would think on-line would at least be fun and less chepa but it isn't. There is never anyone on and the game is fairly new. Not only that but it's laggy as hell and you know something is up when the leader board #1 spot is 311 wins and 0 loses... Really? oh that's because they quit out of matches when they are losing to avoid any penalties... It's 2008, shouldn't we have restrictions put in to negate this abuse?

I can't even recommend this game for a rental ebcause it's so mediocre. The graphics are as bland as they come, the control is often questionable and the AI is so abusrd that it isn't even worth the frustration. But hey, some people love the game, despite it's many flaws and broken game play mechanics. Either way, it's easily one of the worst made games to come out in a while.

Story - 3/10
Graphics - 6/10
Sound - 5/10
Control - 3/10
Game Play - 4/10
Replay value - 2/10

Final Score - 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: TNA iMPACT! (US, 09/09/08)

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