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"A good game to play, but not worth buying."

This game has had more than enough hype about it's amazing gameplay, sounds, best matches and agreed, it is a good play, but definitely not worth buying, and I'll tell you why.


Let's start off with the best, going down to the worst. As it all goes, pummeling your opponent down can be a great feeling. I started off playing with my cousin on his 360 and I had to say, I was impressed. But the feeling was soon lost after five or six matches. Being able to reverse moves in the middle was something I thought was really good, and being able to counter the strikes into great reversals, with every one cleanly thought about, it was great to play. And sticking to the true fighting style of wrestling, which is a helluva' load of strikes and only few grapples here and there, it makes up a really good game. When you go outside of the ring, you can find chairs that you can use to destroy your opponent, which they can't counter (unlike in smackdown vs Raw 08 where they can counter them all the dam time) and the way that the characters react when they are hit by anything makes the gameplay both smooth and fast.

Unfortunately however, some things can be extremely crap about this game. First off is the fact that in a three man fight, nearly all the time will someone break your move halfway through. While playing with my cousin and my brother, every time I'm doing a move on my cousin, my brother will come out of nowhere, and break it. And finishers. Finishers are really good in the game, but the fact that they too can ALSO be broken makes it pretty rubbish.
Now let's go into more detail on finishers, the whole finisher idea. Yeah, really good. Not counterable, top-notch idea. But having to grab your opponent in a headlock to do it, really takes the mic. Seeing as characters get up almost straight away, they can easily avoid your head grab and run out the ring, then it's this wild chase to try and grab them and put them into a finisher from there. By having the same stats on EVERY player, you run after them at exactly the same speed, and your best bet is that they trip over the stairs so you can grab them and do your finisher ... and even then it's hard.
And the whole stun thing really is utterly pointless. Yes it can give you the edge, but it still is utterly rubbish. I see how the game was trying to be unique from Smackdown, but really, the whole having to wriggle the right and left sticks is rubbish.

Sounds (8/10)

I love the sounds in this game, smashing the opponent down onto the mat with an amazing thud can really make you feel like you're in control. Well thought about and well done.


While the gameplay itself is fairly errr ... fair, the detail of the game lacks amazingly. There is only around four different match types you can play, rearranged and played around to make them different (eg. Standard match and FCA are same thing, but with one little difference). The glitches in this game are stupendous. There is more glitches than I've ever seen, but I'm giving TNA a break, it is their first game after all. The way you hit opponents and they react in the way you hit them, trashes Smackdown vs Raw 08 completely, making this a better feature than in Smackdown. With the smoothness of the fighting, attached to the stunning detail of the game, it is definitely worth playing.


Graphics aren't actually too bad in this game, but I've definitely seen better. They were good, but they could have been much better.


The story in this game is completely crap. The whole amnesia guy named Suicide who was the best and went down to the bottom was a classic in games such as Need For Speed Most Wanted, Def Jam : Fight for NY - definitely good, but the overuse now makes the storyline quite crap. The CAW is extremely limited, making only for half of the crappy story, the rest covered by fight after fight after fight, on your rise to fame. I would like it much better if it used the Def Jam : Fight for NY money scheme, where you could buy new clothes for your wrestler and make him look sexy. The moves in this game are limited, the story is limited, the CAW's are limited, it's a very limited game. But what it does have, it treasures.


Overall, I feel that this is a great play of a game, but soon becomes repetitive, and overused. This game, I think, was extremely rushed, with all aspects of it too rushed. The game WILL become extremely repetitive for you, but is still worth playing once or twice.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/06/08

Game Release: TNA iMPACT! (EU, 09/12/08)

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