Review by angleslam99

Reviewed: 11/13/08

TNA Impact, sadly hardly any Impact

When you think of TNA, you think of high flying, fast paced action. From the commercial, it says you get "All the Moves! All the Wrestlers! All the Action!". Let's break it down.

All the Moves: Wrong. TNA Impact does offer the real basic moves such as Hurricanranas and arm drags but they fail to incorporate even the basic superplex. Midway said they had motion-capped 2,500+ moves but when I play the game there hardly feels like 100. No excuse.

All the Wrestlers: Wrong again. TNA features 25 wrestlers with a roster of well over 60. Please explain to me why TNA and Midway had decided to add in made up characters like the two fat clowns rather than Petey Williams and Consequences Creed from the start?

All the Action: Wrong again. TNA offers some action. It plays really well but there is hardly any fun playing when several wrestlers play as AJ Styles, etc. It doesn't feel unique at all.

Let's start dissecting the game a bit more.

Game Play: With those three out of the way, let's get down to the game play. It plays really well and it's very easy to pick up a controller and begin playing rather than fiddling with the manual to figure out that you need to hold several buttons down just to do an Irish Whip. This is a pro. Kudos to TNA and Midway for this. It's a fun game BUT...

Match Types: You get a singles match, a tag team match, 3 or 4 way, Ultimate X, falls count anywhere and a submission match. AND... that's it. Unacceptable. Midway had left out the King of the Mountain match, one of TNA's signature matches. Perhaps that's because that there is only one weapon in the game, a chair. Also unacceptable. When Midway decided that DLC would only be characters, what exactly is going to keep people playing this game with such a limited amount of match types to choose from? There's only so many times you can play an Ultimate X match without getting bored. This is a con.

Replayability: Virtually none. Adding new wrestlers in the DLC is not going to keep people playing. Here's a tip for Midway for DLC, why don't you try releases patches for the glitches in the game, offer more moves that "you ran out of time to add", offer more match types (a ladder AT LEAST), and more weapons (just a chair is unacceptable).

This game had tons of potential but fell short. It looks really nice and plays very well but there isn't much substance to keep you coming home day after day to make you want to play this game everyday. Midway dropped the ball and this game only feels half done. I rate this a fair 6/10 for their first attempt but this is really nothing more than a glorified demo.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: TNA iMPACT! (US, 09/09/08)

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