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Reviewed: 11/09/09

TNA's first shot at a video game

TNA Impact was released for the XBox360 in the beginning of September of 2008. TNA Impact is the first video game that relates to Total Nonstop Action which airs on Spike TV.

The gameplay is fun because it is fast paced. Anyone who likes the speed of an arcade wrestling game definitely will like this speed. Unfortunately that is the only fun aspect of this game. There are no disqualifications or count outs and only a few chairs scattered around ringside. As for the match types there aren't a lot to choose from. Just Singles, Tag, 3 Way, Ultimate X single and three way, Submission Singles and 3 way and Falls Count Anywhere singles and 3 way. Six Sides of Steel is surprisingly missing and when this game was first being released TNA started showing matches like Hangman's Horror, Match of 10'000 Tacks and Elevation X among others. All those special matches did not make it into the game.

The gameplay is easy and hard depending on what you are trying to do. Pulling off moves are easy enough but there are so few moves that you are not going to play a lot of matches before you pull off the same moves over and over. The gameplay is easy in Ultimate X Matches because all you end up doing is going for the X and kicking people off the X shaped structure above the ring. On the other hand tag team matches are very harder all because of the AI. The AI for your tag team partner might break up pinfalls in the beginning of the match which might be pinfalls you could have gotten out of yourself but your partner won't break up pinfalls later in the match which will led to yourself getting beat.

The controls are okay except for one part. In story mode all matches that happen against TNA wrestlers seem to have a theme of reversalfest. Your opponents constantly keep doing reversals and that's the only difficult part of the game; that and not getting angry enough to where you throw your controller at the wall. Surprisingly when you fight wrestlers that aren't real wrestlers from TNA, The reversalfest is not there at all or there enough to notice it at first.

The Story in TNA Impact is that you control a wrestler named Suicide and on the night of your title match, Homicide and Hernandez from the Latin American Exchange told you to throw your match and make sure you lose. You agree but then you go out and win. When you leave the arena, Homicide and Hernandez beat you up and you arrive in Mexico beaten, broken and with no memory. This is where you create the new look of Suicide. Unfortunately there are not a lot of options to play around with; kind of like the create a wrestler in the WCW games.

The graphics and sound are done wonderfully. All the arenas look different and have a different feel and the sound is pretty good too although entrances should have been longer. The voice acting in Impact is done well and everyone sounds like they should, Kevin Nash sounds like he is in charge, Eric Young sounds scared all the time. The graphics and sound could not have been done any better for this game.

The game's playtime depends on the threshold level of frustration. I am up to AJ Styles and Tomko in a tag match and I can not win and I can not force myself to try any more. There is probably replayability if you can get through all the tag matches you're in when it comes to the story mode. However there just isn't a lot of content to keep yourself amused for hours at a time.

I give TNA Impact for the XBox360 a 6 out of 10. There isn't a lot of content but the graphics and sound were spot on. If the rest of the game were as good as the graphics and sound, this game would be a whole lot better.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: TNA iMPACT! (US, 09/09/08)

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