1. This lady in Ritardando asked me to find her husband who took her dentures, and i went down to the beach wher i found this guy and he gave me dentures, and i'm pretty sure he's her husband and i tried to give her her dentures back, but you can only talk to her and she keeps asking me to find her husband, but all he says is some thing about the church. Help???? Please!

    User Info: jax119

    jax119 - 6 years ago


  1. The guy that gave you the dentures is not her husband. Her husband is in the Agogo forest on the right side of the clearing where Polka and Chopin get their butts handed to them in a spectactular fashion by someone. (Not sure how far into the game you are at this point.) After said butt handing, Allegretto and Beat start off at the same point the other two did and will pass right through that area and can then pass the dentures along to the old man and save him from the unimaginable horrors that would have awaited him without the false choppers. (You get the whole story when you talk to him.)

    User Info: Faytgirl80

    Faytgirl80 - 6 years ago 0 0

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