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"Blood? we got that."

Summary: Clive Barkers Jericho, originally, I heard that this game was going to be a Bioshock ripoff to the max. After seeing advertisements and commercials, I assumed it would be more of a FEAR/Harry Potter mix. Meaning, you have a gun and cast spells... YAY!... It actually startled me as to how the game worked and how they tried to incorporate a bit of strategy into it...

Game-play: 8/10 Traditional shooter controls, but there's a unique approach to weapons. YOU don't use different weapons, instead, you switch to control different people who have the different weapons.

I spend a lot of time switching between all characters really, except the Astro-projection guy and the ninja, because they are so useless that the game has to force you to use them. I mean, I've heard the Astro-projection guy say like, 5 lines the whole game so far...

Graphics 8/10: Though the brightest and shiniest, they are extremely repetitive. They went with the "This type of attack is always done by this type of bad guy" thing. Other then that, it's beautiful, but alas, if games could survive on beauty alone, we would all be playing Katamari forever. I did like how they made the looks of the bad guys there are though, One sequence shows you getting tackled by a baddie, and you can actually see the veins in his face. It's nice, but after about 4 hours of playing, and fighting the same 5 types of enemies, it's annoying. It does move from one type of baddie to another however as you leave them behind and move to new areas, but it takes FOREVER. There's one recurring baddie I've actually seen in EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Multiple times. It's a stupid one too, it just walks up to you slowly, daring you to shoot it's snot-green marked kill-points (On an otherwise completely dark grey enemy) and then explodes, usually Knocking whoever it's near unconscious. Other enemies have sometimes rocket launchers, Chain-guns, or Flamethrowers mounted to their over-sized bodies. In later levels, you run into crossbows, swords, and the all annoying Who knows what the **** it's got in it's hand, JUST SHOOT IT, baddies.

Sound: 8/10 The sound in this game is actually pretty good, and the music score sometimes sets a creepy atmosphere, until you run into combat and it changes to hard-core death-metal... Voice acting is pretty good sometimes, others, it doesn't sync up to the characters lips... Also, the characters say the same things over and over and over and over... I don't know how many times I heard: "I think she wants us to follow her", or You don't want to know what I saw in there", or the ever popular: "What happened?"

Story: 8/10 End of the World, Clive Barker, ZOMBIES, oh noes! Oh yea, It's not really spoiling because it happens about 40 minutes into the game, but you die, and spend the WHOLE REST OF THE GAME transporting between each of your teammates. Seriously though, this has got a decent story for a shooter. You are part of an elite team of evil-hunting magic users who are going to save the world. You travel through all sorts of time periods going backwards in time looking for "The Firstborn" which is something god created, and then trapped in a separate dimension because it was too awesome... I think, I'm not to sure about that part, but anyway, he made it prior to creating humans, and a naked child leads you around at random times talking in a strange voice that doesn't clearly state which gender it's from. Then again, if it is the firstborn, it probably doesn't have a gender, or cloths for that matter, which might be the reason it doesn't seem to mind being naked the whole game...

Multi-player: 0/10 NON-EXISTANT. It wouldn't have been hard either. This drops them an entire point. Considering the interface, it should not have been a problem to give us co-op multiplayer...

Recommendation: Either rent it, borrow it from a friend, or want a few weeks and buy a copy used. Lets face it, it's probably not going to be one of the games you keep on your shelf forever. It's just your regular shooter with a nice twist.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/30/07

Game Release: Clive Barker's Jericho (US, 10/23/07)

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