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Reviewed: 10/31/07

What goes through clive barkers head must truly be disturbing...

Those who have not played this game will ponder what I mean by the title to this review. Let's just say that all will be revealed shortly.

Story 6/10

So as not to spoil what little there is I won't tell you exactly what this is about, all you must know is that your team of supernatural heroes blindly walk into a twisted dimension altered to suit its owner (several dimensions I should say).

Your team was put together for this type of combat, the supernatural kind, undertaking anything that may seem paranormal or just plain strange. This is how they unknowingly enter a place full of evil beyond your imagination and a just a little bit of blood for decoration.

Graphics 8/10

Well let me say this, those who are easily disturbed will find this game absolutely disgusting, after what you would call training levels comes something more sinister, floor to the ceiling are constantly drenched in the blood of demons and humans alike.

The graphics are nothing astonishing in most area's but they do show that this game has some power behind it, the lighting and texturing are spot on, the character models have a little distortion on their texturing but to be honest it does not stand out all to much.

Now the games imagery is bordering on twisted to say the least, walking up to, well what can only be described as a very disfigured human nailed to a cross and the skin on his arms stretched up and over the bar so that it is nailed across the top is just sickening and to cap it all off he is alive and the cross is standing in the middle of a lake of blood and yes there are many of these.

Walking through a river of blood, rocks covered in flesh and entrails and the sky as red as the blood itself all the while taking down creatures that look as bad as the decoration is just pleasing and horrid all at the same time. That goes for the indoor locations also, although the ceiling is not always covered in blood it is a common sight.

I think you get the picture here, the graphics are crisp and clean but they just don't seem quite as brilliant as what we have come to expect of next generation games these days.

Sound 8/10

I don't think I could spot that many faults here what so ever except from time to time there are sections of dialogue that is interrupted instantly and not by you having to dispatch an enemy but by the scripted sequence running to fast, One character will speak and before he finishes what he is trying to say another character will answer him.

It just cuts out to make way for the next line of speech which really does destroy that section of game play.

Weapons and enemies sound very nicely done, some do have rough sounds, I think that is the best way to put it but it is nothing that will destroy your enjoyment of the game to much.
Lets just pick back up on dialogue for a second, the one thing that really did annoy me in this game was the constantly repeating lines when you use a characters special ability, they will often say the same line over and over. Certain characters more than others.

Gameplay 7/10

I’m going to grade this game twice here one for medium/easy and one for the hard mode because there is a huge difference.

Easy/medium 5/10

Playing this game at these difficulties just does not make the game enjoyable at all, its squad based combat system goes out of the window because for most of the game unless forced to use a certain character you can basically use the same character for the entire game and ordering your team to different area's is a waste of time. The entire point of the game just falls down flat and becomes for the most part just a regular fps.

Hard 8/10

This is where the game becomes what it should be; a tactical squad based shoot out.
Under this difficulty you’re going to need to get your guys to fall back, defend different positions and take control of the majority of your men to survive, not to mention making mad dashes to get Rawlings off the deck so that he can give the gift of life also.

The game just becomes so much more fun and engrossing and this is the main reason why I have rated the game highly, if you do purchase this game, I recommend playing it this way first because if you play on easy you will probably be quite disappointed.

General game play 7/10

There are some things I needed to pick up on here, for instance the fact that your team ignore your commands when you enter into certain area's of the game and you your self will have to fall back to order them to retake their original positions.

If you don't they will just stand there and shoot endlessly at enemies until the enemies take them down, and yes your team go down quickly when you are engaged in a huge life threatening battle. That was the only problem I had with the game play and its not to major.

Controls 9/10

They couldn’t be simpler, using your standard first person shooter set up and your special abilities for each character are assigned to the right and left bumpers (not triggers just incise there is a little confusion between the two).

I found only one fault here and that’s the problem of having heal and switching characters on the same button, A.

If one of your team is down and another character (not down) is stood next to them, sometimes in the hectic rush to survive you will press A and instead of healing the fallen team mate you will take control of the uninjured character. Annoying to say the least but nothing to bad to ruin the entire game.

Overall 7/10

If you think you can stomach the gore and twisted images contained within and are willing to play this game on hard to get what was intended from the it then I can only recommend that you buy.

Sure enough it has some major faults that can but not always detract from the game and the story is very thin and straight forward it is a very enjoyable experience.

Anyone else beyond that that is interested in the game but unsure, I would suggest rent and try all it has to offer first.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Clive Barker's Jericho (Special Edition) (EU, 10/26/07)

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