How can you power up faster?

  1. I want to know. would be more easier for me. i have seen one guy has spinning method with sandstorm kind of guy. he has powered up in about 18 level in 2 minutes

    User Info: MYST1k_M0NK3y

    MYST1k_M0NK3y - 7 years ago

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  1. If you are asking LEVELING up faster, I would do the Troll Boss on Insane, and just kill the guys he spawns over and over again.

    If you are talking about learning your skills faster and becoming better at the game, play with some people online and try to learn a bit about the game. There are a lot of helpful people out there that could help you out and give you some advice to play better.

    User Info: killamaeglwn

    killamaeglwn (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. And also, while u are in there for possibly hours, play the music "live to win". I don't know who the song artist is but the name of the song is "live to win" I think.

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  2. +1 for each enemy u hit but if u juggle, u get no experience points. So to know when the enemy is dead, u equip bipolar bear animal orb.

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  3. There is still one power leveling method that has not been patched. Credit goes to Prepspy at "You can do it solo, but it's pretty hard, so you can also do it with two or more players to make it easier. Have the second controller, or the player not leveling up, move close to the worm with his shield up, or run into the worm so it's getting eatin. Then have the first player, or the player you are leveling up, and have him go somewhere on the top half of the screen, left of the worm. Charge up the boomerang all the way, throw it right, and run directly horizontal and left of the worm, kind of close to the worm but farther from the worm than the other player, and also hold your shield up. The boomerang will do it's thing. For lower levels it takes about twice to level up, just do it and exit map, and do it again. But for higher level like 50+, it takes more to level up, and the higher the level, the more times you have to do it."

    User Info: yoshifuzz

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  4. I would also do the corn boss after the marsh a lot. Stand at about mid range for your basic R+Y magic and slightly up or down so his slap attack cant hit you. You can spam hits off of him this way pretty good but itll take some practice. Honestly just playing the game online or local match with a couple friends and get into insane made will do it. The more people you have the more enemies so that is another. Keep the giraffe animal orb on hand always. He can be found in the desert before the aliens in a dig spot right before the ships show up. If all else fails hook up a couple controllers and just fight everything yourself as the charcter you want to level up.

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