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"One of the funnest games EVER CREATED!"

Castle Crashers is a amazing beat-em up from a small company known as The Behemoth. It's a great game and there's not too much that hasn't been said about it. So, I'll start this off blunt and simple. This game owns so much your Xbox 360 will explode out of it's ownageness.

Graphics:10/10:For a cel-shaded beat em-up sidescroller the Graphics are excellent. Attack animations look beautiful. Enemies have different designs and very nice ones too. Unlockable characters have fantastic designs. Areas look great and detailed. Overall very impressive Graphics.

Gameplay:9.2/10:Castle Crashers is a traditional beat em-up with RPG elements. You go from one side of the screen to the other. As you do, you kill all enemies that get in your way. The game has a great amount of variety for a beat em-up when it comes to selection. When you begin you can choose a class you want to be. Each of them I admit get the same combos and such, but different Magic. So, then moving on to the core gameplay.

As said before, you'll go from one end of the screen to the other end. Proceeding from screen to screen. As you go along, you'll be killing enemies using combos and your Magic. There's a decent amount of combos and Magic to keep you entertained as you beat up enemies. Almost every enemy has a different approach of trying to defeat you. You'll have a lot of fun going through levels. Now, to make things even better you can play through the game not only alone, but with friends too if you want.

So, yes you can enjoy Castle Crashers with up to four other friends. The only unfortunate part is nobody can be the same Class. So, if two people like the same Class a lot one will have to be another Class. With friends the game is a lot more entertaining however. You'll also be able to go through the game tremendously easier with friends. Since the amount of enemies remain the same and bosses don't get any harder. Also, the fact of you can revive fallen friends. To do so, just simply walk over to them when they are dead. You'll then need to press Y and do your best to time it so that when the heart is glowing to press Y then. Doing so, will revive your fallen ally with a lot more HP. So, overall there's really no reason to not play through Castle Crashers with your friends. It's more enjoyable that way, and easier. Don't get me wrong though the game is still a ton of fun even solo. If, you don't have anyone you know on your friends list with Castle Crashers you can look for other people on Xbox Live. Great Multiplayer overall. Let me also go over the great addition of the RPG elements.

After finishing a level if you gained a level you can allocate Stat points. You have four stats you can distribute the points into. Strength which makes you do more damage. Magic which makes your magic have a wider range and do more damage. Also, allows your Magic bar to regenerate slightly faster with more points put in. Next is Defense which raises HP and DEF by a tremendous amount. Last is Agility which affects how fast your character moves and shoots ammo with ranged weapons. The RPG elements allow for more customization in your characters and are a great addition to Castle Crashers. To even add more customization you can get Weapons. Which raise and decrease certain stats. Also, even more customization with certain pets. Some pets attack enemies others raise certain stats and decrease other stats. Now, allow me to go over my only real problem with Castle Crashers right now.

The currently infamous Air Combo glitch. Basically you hit a enemy into the air and are able to pull off a insane amount of hits without stopping. All of this, is the result of the glitch. Due to this glitch the game is made much more easier, but overall the game still remains a ton of fun. The Air Combo glitch really ruins bosses though. Bosses are unfortunately easy targets for the Air Combo due to being so large. The Behemoth I do believe plan to eventually fix this Glitch however. So, maybe it will go away. =)

Overall Castle Crashers has excellent Gameplay. It's a lot of fun, is multiplayer with up to four friends next to you or across Xbox Live. RPG elements allow for more customization. Combat has a decent amount of variety due to the Combos and Magic. There are different classes to choose from each with their own Magic. So, yes excellent Gameplay. If your curious, I've beaten the game two times and am soon planning a third playthrough.

Music:10/10:The Music is absolutely amazing. Prepare to experience some of the most epicly awesome music ever made. Overall especially for such a small team a wonderful Soundtrack.

Overall:9.5/10:Castle Crashers is a excellent game. It's a lot of fun, has great Graphics. Excellent Soundtrack and tons of replay value. You just cannot go wrong with this game. I cannot imagine anyone possibly thinking this game is even close to bad. I will also probably give this a 10 when the Air Combo glitch is fixed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/08/08

Game Release: Castle Crashers (US, 08/27/08)

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