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    Wanderer Guide by FinalSomnia

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/22/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    **                                                                           **
    **                           IMPORT TUNER CHALLENGE                          **
    **                                                                           **
    **                              WANDERERS GUIDE                              **
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    Wanderers Guide Version 1.1
    This FAQ by FinalSomnia (castlefreak76@hotmail.com)
    I.      INTRODUCTION....................................................01INTRO
    II.     QUICK LIST......................................................02QLIST
    III.    EXPANDED WANDERERS GUIDE........................................03EXWND
    IV.     REQUIREMENTS GUIDE..............................................04RQGDE
    V.      TIPS AND TRICKS.................................................05TPTRK
    VI.     ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND VERSION HISTORY............................06ACVER
    **[SECTION I] : INTRODUCTION                                        [01INTRO]**
    Thanks for checking out my Wanderers Guide.  There are very few FAQs or Guides
    for Import Tuner Challenge, so I'm stepping up to try to remedy that.
    In this guide you will find a quick list of wanderers with locations and abbre-
    viated requirements, a more in depth section discussing each wanderer, an area
    dedicated to discussing the requirement types, and some tips and tricks to help
    ease the pain of Wanderer hunting.
    Please note that there may be some hand-holding here.  I am not attempting to
    insult anyone's intelligence - I just want to be sure that if you are reading
    this guide, you are able to get the information you came after without having
    to guess at the meaning.
    Inevitably, there will be errors in this guide and things I did not explain
    clearly enough.  Send questions and comments to: CASTLEFREAK76@HOTMAIL.COM -
    please title your email "ITC WANDERERS FAQ COMMENTS" or else it will go into
    the trash bin!
    Thanks again...
    **[SECTION II] : QUICK LIST                                         [02QLIST]**
    Here's a quick checklist of wanderers, where you will find them, and shortened
    requirments.  Copy and paste this section into notepad and print it out so that
    you won't have to continually refer to the rivals section in the game.
    Some abbreviations explained:
    Date x4 - Date is a multiple of 4
    Mon., Wed. - A shortened version of the day of the week
    3x, 100X - Something you must do three or one hundred times
    Shibuya Uptown Entrance - Start at this location
     **************************  Night Wanderers  ********************************
    | | Name:                       | Area:         | Requirement:                |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Garage Haruo                | Shinjuku Line | Fully tuned car             |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Lonely Wolf                 | Shiodome PA   | Raced over 100x             |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Kamikaze Koji               | C1            | Date x3                     |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Immortal Jester             | C1            | Have Vinyl, Wed.            |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Hopeless Home               | Shibuya PA    | Shibuya Uptown Entrance 3x  |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Impatient Eternity          | Shibuya Line  | Mon. Only                   |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Impatient Princess          | Shibuya PA    | Less than 3 mi. That day    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Ignorant Fool               | Tatsumi PA    | Custom Cars Only            |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Wild Heart                  | Shibaura PA   | Win over 100x               |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Lonely Nihilist             | Shinkanjo     | Ariake Entrance             |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Masked Stranger             | Shinkanjo     | Vertical Doors equipped     |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Wolf's Requiem              | Shinjuku Line | Unmodified Car              |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Mosquito Lemon              | Shinjuku Line | Sell 2 or more cars         |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Iron Racer                  | Shinjuku Line | Music must be off           |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Speeding Fanfare            | Shiodome PA   | 3 or more cars in garage    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Dog Ears                    | C1            | NA-engined cars             |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Gold License                | Shinkanjo     | Defeat "Yellow Desperado"   |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Caffiene X 3                | Shibaura PA   | Date contains 3, Plate reads|
    | |                             |               | "3333"                      |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Tragic Matterhorn           | Shibuya PA    | Only Nissan Z cars          |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Tomorrow Again              | Shibuya PA    | S-class muffler equipped    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | West Shinjuku Assembler     | Yoyogi PA     | Add meters to interior      |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Matashichi The First        | Yoyogi PA     | Defeat "Phantom9"           |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
     ****************************  Midnight Wanderers  ***************************
    | | Name:                       | Area:         | Requirement:                |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Silent Barbarian            | Kyobashi PA   | Luxury Sedans               |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Rolling Master              | C1            | Custom car "Rolling Guy"    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Master Position             | C1            | Defeat "Cat x Cat"          |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Yellow Desperado            | Shiodome PA   | Less than 124mi on Odometer |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Iron Triangle               | Shibuya Line  | Mitsubishi cars, Date x5    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Shepherd Nekozawa           | Shibuya Line  | Challenge him 3 times       |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Raspberry Kiss              | Shibuya PA    | Carbon Fiber hood equipped  |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Craftsman Manabe            | Shibuya Line  | Customized Aero parts, Tue. |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Critical Elegy              | Tatsumi PA    | Ride Height is fully lowered|
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Jet Skater                  | Shinkanjo     | NOS equipped, Date x4       |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Mad Fat                     | Shinkanjo     | 90 or more days             |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Ono The Technician          | Shibaura PA   | Longest battle is 2 min.    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | King of Eden                | Shinjuku Line | RX-8 with less than 62mi    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Loyal Knight                | Yoyogi PA     | Car must have over 621mi    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Gentle Rain                 | Shinjuku Line | S-Class body tune equipped  |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Last Flight                 | Shinjuku Line | Short Battles               |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Fleetfoot Valkyrie          | Kyobashi PA   | Go over 186mph in a battle  |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Death Driver                | C1            | Must have heard rumor       |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Inferno Machine             | Shibaura PA   | Have over 10 million CP     |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Waist Hakujin               | Tatsumi PA    | 5 or more cars in garage    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Fire Storm Streamer         | Shibuya PA    | Normal tires equipped       |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Matashichi The Second       | Shinjuku Line | Defeat "Matashichi the 1st" |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
     ***************************** Daybreak Wanderers ****************************
    | | Name:                       | Area:         | Requirement:                |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Tsukkomi Breaker            | C1            | Defeat "Platinum Prince,"   |
    | |                             |               | neon equipped               |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Cutie Hip                   | Shiodome PA   | No rear spoiler eqiupped    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Bloody Mary                 | C1            | Custom Horn equipped        |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Shonan Affair               | C1            | Rotary engine, Thu.         |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Midnight Silver Wolf        | Shibuya Line  | Pre-90s car, Date x10       |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Shimokitazama 2000cc        | Shibuya Line  | Drive 20+ km, Weekends only |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Illusion B                  | Shibuya Line  | Custom taillights equipped, |
    | |                             |               | Fri.                        |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Tsujikiri Gambler           | Shinkanjo     | Day x9                      |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Green Wild Child            | Shinkanjo     | Subarus only                |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Unbalanced Ishii            | Shinkanjo     | Front and rear wheels are   |
    | |                             |               | different                   |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Free Tree                   | Shibaura PA   | Normal muffler equipped     |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Panel Bomber                | Yoyogi PA     | 400 or more HP              |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Crybaby                     | Yoyogi PA     | Turbo engine                |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Stalking Hammer             | Shinjuku Line | Own 2 of the same car       |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Speed Coaster               | Kyobashi PA   | Average 100mph in battle    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Jump Start Maki             | Shiodome PA   | No NOS equipped             |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Dauntless Alexander         | Shinkanjo     | Will be at Rainbow Bridge if|
    | |                             |               | you win 3 battles in a row  |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | SPEED BOX                   | Shinkanjo     | Defeat "Phantom Babe"       |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Shinji The Harbinger        | Shibuya Line  | Supports "Bright Age"       |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Bright Age                  | Shibuya Line  | Be in Shibuya Area for 5+   |
    | |                             |               | days during daybreak        |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Free Maebashi               | Shinjuku Line | Equip "The Bone" sticker    |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    | | Punchline Hiranishi         | Shinjuku Line | Defeat "Free Maebashi"      |
     - ----------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------
    **[SECTION III] : EXPANDED WANDERERS GUIDE                          [03EXWND]**
                                ***** Night Wanderers *****
    #310   Garage Haruo              Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  Your car must be fully tuned.
           Discussion:    By fully tuned, you have to upgrade everything to at
                          least level one.  This includes the LSD, which was the
                          only thing I never use, and for the longest I couldn't
                          figure out why he wouldn't battle me.  So if he won't
                          battle you, make sure everything is upgraded.
    #311   Lonely Wolf               Shiodome PA
           Requirements:  You must have raced over 100 times.
           Discussion:    You probably have this one figured out, but you don't
                          have to win all 100 races to fulfill his requirements, 
                          just race at least 100 times total.
    #312   Kamikaze Koji             C1 Loop
           Requirements:  Shows up every third day
           Discussion:    This one is easy enough.  Day 3, day 6, day 9....
    #313   Immortal Jester           C1 Loop
           Requirements:  Have vinyl equipped, and he will show up on a Wednesday.
           Discussion:    You only need one vinyl piece on your car to fulfill his
                          requirement, but if you want to go crazy with it, by all
                          means go ahead.
    #322   Hopeless Home             Shibuya PA
           Requirements:  Start the evening at the Shibuya Uptown Line entrance at
                          least 3 times.
           Discussion:    This one stalls a LOT of people.  The rumor in the game
                          is a little murky, so I spelled it out in the easiest way
                          I could.
    #323   Impatient Eternity        Shibuya Line
           Requirements:  She will show up on Mondays.
           Discussion:    Couldn't be simpler, show up on Mondays on Rte. 3.
    #324   Impatient Princess        Shibuya PA
           Requirements:  You must have driven less than three miles that day.
           Discussion:    There is pretty much no way to do this but to start the
                          day at the Shibuya PA.
    #332   Ignorant Fool             Tatsumi PA
           Requirements:  Only races custom cars
           Discussion:    He earned this name for a reason.  Almost all the custom
                          cars in the game can beat him (except maybe the "Rolling"
                          cars and the sedans).  As I say later, custom car 
                          "Melancholy Angel" is sufficient to whip him.
    #333   Wild Heart                Shibaura PA
           Requirements:  You must have won over 100 battles.
           Discussion:    This differs from Lonely Wolf, in that you have to have
                          won at least 100 battles to him to show up.  This of
                          course could mean that (in the case of a unskilled racer)
                          as long as you have won 100 battles out of 200 total, you
                          have fulfilled his requirement.
    #334   Lonely Nihilist           Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  Start the day at the Ariake entrance
           Discussion:    This one is easy enough.  Begin your day at night at the
                          Ariake entrance, and he'll be the first rival you see.
    #335   Masked Stranger           Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  Equip vertical doors to your car.
           Discussion:    There is no weight difference for vertical doors on your
                          cars.  The only time they are even important (since you
                          can't see them in action except in the "view car" mode in
                          your garage) is when you want to race this wanderer.
    #344   Wolf's Requiem            Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  Only races unmodified cars.
           Discussion:    The best suggestion I have for you, is that if you have
                          purchased a Nissan Skyline R34, take all upgrades and
                          accessories off (vinyl too).  Even unmodified, it kicks
                          the paint off his car.
    #345   Mosquito Lemon            Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  Have sold 2 or more cars
           Discussion:    Go to the tips and tricks section and review tip #2,  The
                          speed code for that section is 05TPTRK.
    #346   Iron Racer                Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  In-game music must be turned off.
           Discussion:    Genki does something like this in every game.  It breaks
                          the "fourth wall" of the game, because how could a rival
                          know that you are playing music?  Anyways, I find that
                          it is more distracting not to have music.  But enough
                          about me...
    #354   Speeding Fanfare          Shiodome PA
           Requirements:  Have at least 3 cars in your garage.
           Discussion:    Go to the tips and tricks section, and review Tip #2.
                          The speed code for that section is 05TPTRK
    #355   Dog Ears                  C1
           Requirements:  Your car's engine must be NA (Naturally Aspirated)
           Discussion:    Only 11 cars have NA engines, most of them sedans.  I do
                          not recommend the sedans.  Instead, and RX-8 would do
                          nicely - see Tip #3 in the Tips and Tricks section of the
    #360   Gold License              Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  Defeat "Yellow Desperado."
           Discussion:    I'd switch to my primary car for him after defeating
                          "Yellow Desperado," not so much because he is a hard
                          rival, but it's better to be in your highest powered car
                          during all your battles.
    #361   Caffiene X3               Shibaura PA
           Requirements:  If your license plate reads "3333," he will show up on
                          days that contain a "3."
           Discussion:    Only the big section of the license plate will have to be
                          "3333."  As for the date, it could be day 3, day 13, day
                          30, day 33, et cetera.
    #366   Tragic Matterhorn         Shibuya PA
           Requirements:  Normal Fairlady Z cars.
           Discussion:    The Nissan Fairlady Z32 and Z33 are the only two cars
                          that qualify.  I suggest the Z33, because it is cheaper.
    #367   Tomorrow Again            Shibuya PA
           Requirements:  Have an S-Class muffler equipped.
           Discussion:    This means you have to get pretty far in the game and
                          have the S-class muffler unlocked.
    #371   West Shinjuku Assembler   Yoyogi PA
           Requirements:  Have meters equipped.
           Discussion:    To be safe, go ahead and equip all four possible meters
                          to your interior.  Sure, it's meaningless data, but it
                          fulfills your requirement.
    #372   Matashichi The First      Yoyogi PA
           Requirements:  You have defeated all of "Phantom9"
           Discussion:    He isn't much of a challenge after you've beaten all of
                          "Phantom9."  Once you've defeated him, #373 is ready to
                          battle during the Midnight hours. 
                              ***** Midnight Wanderers *****
    #314   Silent Barbarian          Kyobashi PA
           Requirements:  Only races luxury sedans.
           Discussion:    While his rumor says just "sedans," it means actual
                          luxury sedans.  This means the Nissan Cima and the Toyota 
                          Athlete, Celsior, Crown, and their custom versions.  The
                          Mitsubishi Evolution and the Subaru WRX, while they have
                          four doors, are not considered sedans for this purpose.
                          In my laughably non-expert opinion, you should buy a
                          Toyota Crown and upgrade the engine parts to at least
                          level 4, and NOS level S.  Reduce the weight a bit and
                          put good shocks and brakes on it, and this race should be
                          a relative breeze.
    #315   Rolling Master            C1
           Requirements:  You must drive custom car "Rolling Guy."
           Discussion:    Rolling Master's car is faster off the line than "Rolling
                          Guy," but "Rolling Guy" handles better.  Once you get
                          past this wanderer, it should be an easy battle.
    #316   Master Position           C1
           Requirements:  You have to have defeated team "Cat X Cat"
           Discussion:    As far as I remember, you'll have to return to your
                          garage and start a new day to get him to show up.
    #317   Ywllow Desperado          Shiodome PA
           Requirements:  Your current car must have less than 124mi on the odo-
           Discussion:    Most new vehicles that have been on the road for less
                          than 10 days will qualify.  However, see Tip #3 in the
                          Tips and Tricks section of this guide.
    #325   Iron Triangle             Shibuya Line
           Requirements:  If your current car is a Mitsubishi, he'll appear on days
                          that are multiples of 5.
           Discussion:    Custom cars do not qualify for wanderers with brand req-
                          uirements.  So while it would be awesome to have one of
                          the Eclipses or Ninawa's Warship, only the normal Evo 9
                          fulfills the requirement.
    #326   Shepherd Nekozawa         Shibuya Line
           Requirements:  Challenge him a total of three times.
           Discussion:    I know other sources may say pass him three times, but I
                          had to actually challenge him a total of three times (not
                          just pass him) and get rejected the first two times.
    #327   Raspberry Kiss            Shibuya PA
           Requirements:  You must have a carbon fiber hood equipped.
           Discussion:    I don't imagine it matters whether the hood is colored or
                          not, as long as it is carbon fiber.
    #328   Craftsman Manabe          Shibuya Line
           Requirements:  If you have upgraded aero parts, this wanderer will show
                          up on Tuesdays.
           Discussion:    As long as some part of your aero is customized, it
                          should fulfill the requirements.  It doesn't appear that
                          you have to have all aero upgraded.
    #336   Critical Elegy            Tatsumi PA
           Requirements:  Lower your ride height as much as possible.
           Discussion:    Make sure you have at least level one suspension equip-
                          ped.  Then go into settings > Suspension > Ridge Height 
                          to change this.  Both front and rear must be changed.
    #337   Jet Skater                Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  If you have NOS equipped on your car, he will show up on
                          days that are multiples of 4.
           Discussion:    You must have at least the level one upgrade of NOS.  But
                          why stop there?  It is is always helpful to have some
                          "boost in a bottle" to help with those pesky rivals.
    #338   Mad Fat                   Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  Appears after 90 or more days have passed.
           Discussion:    It's just a waiting game for this one.
    #339   One The Technician        Shibaura PA
           Requirements:  Appears once your longest battle is over two minutes.
           Discussion:    If you've done a Time Trial against another wanderer, 
                          then I am fairly certain that you have at least one
                          battle that is over two minutes.
    #347   King of Eden              Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  Only battles an RX-8 with less than 62mi on the odometer.
           Discussion:    That's pretty specific.  See Tip #3 in the Tips and
                          Tricks section of this guide.
    #348   Loyal Knight              Yoyogi PA
           Requirements:  Battles cars with over 621 miles on it
           Discussion:    In previous games, a couple of wanderers would have crazy
                          requirements like over 1000 miles; the good news is that
                          in Import Tuner Challenge if you wait to challenge Loyal
                          Knight until you've go most of the other rivals beat and
                          you have only use one or two cars, you won't have to do
                          any sort of mileage trick.
    #349   Gentle Rain               Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  Appears once you have an S-Class body tune equipped.
           Discussion:    He won't race you until later in the game, because most
                          the S-class stuff only becomes available once you have
                          defeated the big bosses.  I personally don't remember
                          which boss I had to battle to get S-class body tune.
    #350   Last Flight               Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  Likes to race where the battle is as short as possible...
           Discussion:    ...which honestly makes no sense.  I think it has a lot
                          to do with either starting at the Shinjuku Uptown Line
                          entrance or leaving from the Yoyogi PA onto the road.
    #356   Fleetfoot Valkyrie        Kyobashi PA
           Requirements:  You must have reached over 186mph in a battle.
           Discussion:    It's easiest to fulfill this requirement given two
                          things: having at least a level one transmission, and 
                          using NOS.  As long as your top speed is around 200mph
                          and you get on a straightaway during a battle and hit
                          the NOS, you should have this requirement in the bag.
    #357   Death Driver              C1
           Requirements:  He only appears after you have heard the rumor that he
           Discussion:    If this completely baffles you, then here's the tip.  You
                          need to read what people have to say in the Parking Areas
                          every time you are at one.  As long as it says "new,"
                          then at least scroll through it.  Eventually, someone
                          will mention it (I forget where).  The line goes some-
                          thing like, "Rumor has it that a racer crashed and died,
                          and his ghost haunts the C1 at midnight."  This isn't
                          exactly what the person says, but it is close enough.  Do
                          not mistake it for the one that says "Some racers crashed
                          and their cars were all crumpled up," etc.
    #362   Inferno Machine           Shibaura PA
           Requirements:  He only races you if you have 10,000,000 CP.
           Discussion:    This of course means that you have to have it all at the
                          same time.  The bonuses from racing the bosses should
                          have you covered in this respect.
    #363   Waist Hakujin             Tatsumi PA
           Requirements:  You must have 5 or more cars in your garage.
           Discussion:    Because of the amount of money you have to have to
                          fulfill this requirement, it is best to wait to have at
                          least three cars before you follow the instruction in
                          Tip #2 in the Tips and Tricks section.  If you follow the
                          car timeline in Tip #4, then don't sell a car until after
                          you buy the two "Rolling Guy" custom cars.
    #368   Fire Storm Streamer       Shibuya PA
           Requirements:  You must have normal tires equipped.
           Discussion:    This race sucked for me, because when you have the old
                          normal tires back on there, it makes any car harder to
    #373   Matashichi the Second     Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  You have defeated Matashichi the First.
           Discussion:    He's a lot easier than Matashichi the First.  Nice car 
                              ***** Daybreak Wanderers *****
    #318   Tsukkomi Breaker          C1
           Requirements:  He will not battle you unless you have neons or LEDS
                          equipped and you've defeated "Platinum Prince."
           Discussion:    His rumor says neons, but I raced him in a car that had
                          LED lights.  I suppose since they are in the same menu,
                          they figured "why not?"
    #319   Cutie Hip                 Shiodome PA
           Requirements:  No rear spoiler
           Discussion:    In the Aero section of the Tuning menu, go to Rear
                          Spoiler.  If the car you are in came with a rear spoiler,
                          there will be an option to remove it.  If it didn't, then
                          you should already fulfill this requirement.  If you are
                          in a custom car, then you won't be able to race her, 
                          since you can't adjust the Aero.
    #320   Bloody Mary               C1
           Requirements:  Change the sound of the horn
           Discussion:    In the Interior menu of the Tuning Shop, you will find
                          the option to purchase three different horn sounds.  As
                          long as it isn't stock, 
    #321   Shonan Affair             C1
           Requirements:  Will show up on thursdays if you are driving a car with a
                          Rotary engine.
           Discussion:    The cars that fulfill this requirement are the Mazda RX-7
                          and RX-8, and the custom versions of these cars.
    #329   Midnight Silver Wolf      Shibuya Line
           Requirements:  Appears on dates that are multiples of ten when you are
                          driving a pre-90s car.
           Discussion:    There are a very limited number of pre-90s cars in this
                          game.  My suggestion is the Toyota Supra JZA70.
    #330   Shimokitazama 2000cc      Shibuya Line
           Requirements:  Will only battle you on weekends, and you have to have
                          driven at least 20km that day.
           Discussion:    I'm pretty sure the the kilometer distance is correct,
                          because it didn't seem that I had to go 20 miles to have
                          him accept the battle.
    #331   Illusion B                Shibuya Line
           Requirements:  Shows up on Fridays when you have customized taillights.
           Discussion:    Easy enough.  Just upgrade your taillights.
    #340   Tsujikiri Gambler         Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  Shows up on days that are multiples of 9.
           Discussion:    If it confuses you why I would say "multiples of 9" then
                          you need to re-examine your math.  See the Requirements
                          Guide further down this FAQ.
    #341   Green Wild Child          Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  Will only battle you if you are driving a Subaru.
           Discussion:    You must have a normal Subaru, meaning not a custom car.
    #342   Unbalanced Ishii          Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  You must have different wheels on the front and back.
           Discussion:    His rumor text says tires, but that is not accurate.  It
                          is wheels that have to be different.  If you've got no
                          idea how to do this, here's how:  Go to the Tuning Shop,
                          then Exterior, then Wheels.  You will have the option to
                          but the wheels on front and rear, just front, or just
                          rear. I usually only get a different style for the front
                          wheels.  If you've already got different wheels on your
                          car, you can save some money by just making the front
                          wheels be "normal," or stock.
    #343   Free Tree                 Shibaura PA 
           Requirements:  You must have a Normal muffler equipped.
           Discussion:    If you've heavily upgraded everything, then going back to
                          a normal muffler for this one race isn't going to hurt 
                          you very much.  Be sure to turn it back to whatever
                          muffler upgrade you had purchase after this race, though.
    #351   Panel Bomber              Yoyogi PA
           Requirements:  Your car's horsepower must be over 400.
           Discussion:    If you are unsure how much power your car makes, use the
                          Left trigger button in the main menu in Quest Mode.
    #352   Crybaby                   Yoyogi PA
           Requirements:  Your car must have a turbo engine.
           Discussion:    Most of the cars in the game have a turbo engine.  See
                          the Requirements Guide for a short list of cars that do
                          not have turbos, so you can pick out one that does.
    #353   Stalking Hammer           Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  You must have 2 of the same car in your garage.
           Discussion:    See that ever handy Tip #2 in the Tips and Tricks section
                          of this guide.
    #358   Speed Coaster             Kyobashi PA
           Requirements:  You must average at least 100mph in battle.
           Discussion:    If you don't know how to see your average battle speed,
                          then this is how:  Press the right trigger button in the
                          main Quest Menu.
    #359   Jump Start Maki           Shiodome PA
           Requirements:  You must have NOS unequipped.
           Discussion:    If you had NOS, remove it for this battle.  Remember to
                          go back to your garage after to put it back on your car.
                          Mr. Maki has no more speed off the line than most of your
                          other rivals, so this race should go by quickly.
    #364   Dauntless Alexander       Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  You must win three consecutive races, and he'll be
                          waiting near the end of Rainbow Bridge.
           Discussion:    You must have won three times in a row against other
                          rivals before he'll show up.  You won't see him at all.
                          After you've gone over the rainbow bridge, the screen
                          will go dark in the same manner as a boss battle, and
                          that will be him.
    #365   SPEED BOX                 Shinkanjo
           Requirements:  He won't show up until you've defeated "Phantom Babe" of
                          Top Level.
           Discussion:    Another "beat a regular rival, he'll race you" kind of
    #369   Shinji The Harbinger      Shibuya Line
           Requirements:  Shows up once "Bright Age" is nearly defeated.
           Discussion:    When you are battling "Bright Age," and his SP bar is
                          down to about 10%, Shinji will show up and the battle
                          will start again, with both the rivals having full SP
    #370   Bright Age                Shibuya Line
           Requirements:  End the day in the Shibuya line area for 5 or more days
                          in a row during daybreak.
           Discussion:    Don't listen to his rumor about "someone who shows up a
                          lot in the Shibuya area at night" thing.  End at least
                          five days in the Shibuya area during daybreak to ensure
                          that he will show up.                      
    #374   Free Maebashi             Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  You have a sticker from the team "The Bone" on your car.
           Discussion:    In your first play-through, the only way to get that
                          sticker is to defeat the team "The Bone."       
    #375   Punchline Hiranishi       Shinjuku Line
           Requirements:  Shows up once you have defeated "Free Maebashi."
           Discussion:    He's actually a bit weaker than Free Maebashi.  He shows
                          up immediately after Free is defeated, so don't waste all
                          of your NOS.
    **[SECTION IV] : REQUIREMENTS GUIDE                                 [04RQGDE]**
    In this section, we outline and explain the requirement types the wanderers
                                    *** Defeat X ***
    In order for this wanderer to show up, you must defeat another rival or a team
    of rivals.
                               *** Support and Backup ***
    These aren't so much requirements as types of wanderers.  A support wanderer
    shows up when a wanderer is nearly defeated.  Upon their arrival, a new battle
    is started and both the original and the support wanderers begin with full SP
    bars.  Backup wanderers show up after a wanderer is defeated.  In Punchline
    Hiranishi's case, he shows up immediately.  In the case of the Matashichis, the
    second shows up in a completely different time of day and place.  Why wouldn't
    I consider him to be a "Defeat X" type?  Because of the his requirement text in
    the game.
                                  *** Date Times x ***
    These wanderers show up on days that are multiples of a specific number. 3, 4,
    5, 9, and 10 are used in this game.  Also, you may question the use of "Date
    Times X" for Tsujikiri Gambler, but it's a simple, easy to understand math
    problem - if the sum of the digits in a number equals nine, then that number is
    a multiple of nine.
                                 *** Day of the Week ***
    Easily enough, these wanderers only show up on a specific day of the week or on
                                  *** Dates - Other ***
    One Wanderer only shows up after 90 days have passed, and another on dates that
    contain a 3 (3, 13, 30, 33, etc.).
                                    *** Statistics ***
    These wanderers are available if you meet certain statistical requirements,
    like top speed in battle, average speed, miles driven in a car, etc.  These are
    easy to check - at the main quest menu, right trigger will bring up Player 
    Stats and left trigger will bring up your current car's specs.  You can also
    examine a car's specs in the garage via the menu option for that car.
                                    *** Equipment ***
    These wanderers will battle you if you have certain items equipped - or not
                                   *** Engine Type ***
    There are three engine type requirements - Rotary, NA (naturally aspirated),
    and turbo.  Both Mazda models are Rotary engines, the RX-7 is turbo, and the
    RX-8 is NA.  Most of the other cars are turbos except for 350GT Skyline,
    Fairlady Z33, and most of the sedans.  These cars can be normal or custom.
                              *** Car Models and Brands ***
    If a wanderer specifies a brand of car (I.E. Mitsubishi or Subaru) or a model
    of car (RX-8, Fairlady Z) then it must a car you purchased from the "Normal"
    car shop.  "Custom" cars ("Rolling Guy," "Naniwa's Warship," etc.) do not, even
    if it is immediately recognizable as a specific model or brand.
    **[SECTION V] : TIPS AND TRICKS                                     [05TPTRK]**
    Tip #1 - Timing is Everything:
    This is primarily just a suggestion...  I heartily suggest waiting until you
    have defeated most of the team racers before you start racing against
    the wanderers.  It isn't a matter of difficulty, but it is a lot easier to
    focus on just teamsone or the other.  Either way, you have to defeat everyone,
    wanderers and all, before you can defeat "???."  Another suggestion is defeat
    everyone but Free Maebashi and Punchline Hiranishi - neither have any odd
    requirements except the whole "The Bone" sticker thing and both can be de-
    feated without using any of your precious NOS, leaving plenty for the final
    Tip #2 - "Rolling Guy:"
    This tip should net you #363, #315, #354, #345, and #353.  When it comes
    available, buy two of Custom Car "Rolling Guy."  This will only have set you
    back 2,000,000 CP. Assuming you already only had one car before buying these
    two, you now have three cars, fulfilling the requirements of #354 (must have 
    three cars in the garage), and racing using one of these fulfills the 
    requirements of #315 (only races against custom car "Rolling Guy".)  If you
    already had three cars in your garage, then you have the requirements for #363
    (five cars in the garage) as well.  Since you now have two of a specific kind
    of car, #353 is available.  Once you have raced all of the above, sell both of
    them and you have the requirements for #345.  Please note that except for #315,
    you can use the car that was already in your garage rather than one of these
    low powered customs.  Please also note that the "Rolling Guy" custom car,
    unless you pull off something absolutely fantastic, isn't going to win against
    Tip #3 - RX-8:
    Buy a normal RX-8. A brand new RX-8 fulfills the requirements of 355, 317, 347,
    and 321, since it would be an RX-8 (which is an NA Rotary engined car) with
    less than 62 miles (which, if course, is also less than 124 miles.) If you put
    sufficient money in the engine, NOS, suspension, and tires, you have an okay
    car that will definitely beat those wanderers.  Personally, I only use the RX-8
    for the wanderers, because the Skyline R-34 is an overall much more powerful
    car.  But that's a different FAQ altogether....
    Tip #4 - Suggested Car List:
    It is pretty obvious that you will need a multitude of cars to finish the game.
    Here are my suggestions, in chronological order, of cars to purchase. Almost
    all of these except for number two will eventually be sold in order to purchase
    another car.
    Car timeline:
    1. Toyota Supra JZA70 - This car is cheap to modify and is an excellent first
    car.  It also qualifies as a pre-90s car.
    2. Nissan Skyline R-34 - Most people can agree that your primary car in the
    game should be this one.  It is expensive, but it is also very fast.
    3. RX-8 - See tip #3
    4. "Rolling Guy" x 2 - See tip #2
    5. Lancer Evo - One wanderer lists Mitsubishi cars as a requirement.  Since the
    "Custom-x" and the two custom Eclipses don't count, this is the only choice.
    6. Subaru Impreza WRX GDB - The four door Impreza, after modification, is 
    superior to the two door.  Green Wild Child will only race you in a Subaru.
    7. Toyota Crown - For the price, it is easy to customize this to beat Silent
    8. Fairlady Z33 - It is relatively inexpensive to purchase and modify, and one
    wanderer requires a car from the Z series.
    9. Custom car - Most of the customs will beat the heck out of Ignorant Fool, so
    don't spend an incredible amount on Crimson Devil's car to take on just one 
    wanderer.  I used "Melancholy Angel" for this race, and then sold it
    immediately to regain the dignity I lost from driving such a girly car.
    Tip #5: - Come back here:
    If you have the requirements for a wanderer but are a significant distance from
    them (for instance, you enter the Shibuya area from C1, and you can see a
    wanderer going the other direction) then stop at the next Parking Area. When
    you leave, that wanderer will be right in front of you, assuming they are
    supposed to be in that area.  As a nice bonus, when you stop at a Parking Area,
    your NOS is refilled.
    More to come, I hope!
    Version History:
    1.0 - First version of the guide, completed 1/18/09.
    1.1 - Fixed some grammatical errors, remembered to put the name of a wanderer
    in the tips section, added a site to the authorized list. Done 1/21/90.
    I would like to thanks GameFAQS for hosting this, Genki and Ubisoft for making
    the game available, and the ITC board on Gamefaqs for, well, existing at all.
    Legal Stuff:
    I authorize posting only on GameFAQS.com and SuperCheats.com; if you find this
    anywhere else, please contact me.  This walkthrough is for personal use only,
    and may not be used for any other reason including commercial purposes, bomb
    construction, or love letters.

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