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"If you want destruction and chaos, Bad Company is where to look!"

Bad Company is one of those games you could take a good five minutes looking at someone else play and actually be satisfied and happy that you did. The way the game presents everything to you during the course of both the single player and multiplayer, it will most likely make your jaw drop. DICE did a great job of you actually feeling the game while actually playing it. They used several new technologies in the game that definitely help make the game have that difference as to not be too closely compared to the other big online FPS (Halo 3, COD4) out there. Most of the menus and things of that nature are simplistic but in a good way as to not over complicate things that might have some gamers weary of continuing to play but they do a good job so that it does not happen. The story is basically some army outcasts who are labeled as 'Bad Company' who are all put together to do a job that no other group would even want to. During the course of the game and cut scenes you will find light humor sprinkled throughout all the characters and might give you a chuckle or two. To me the story wasn't the bread or butter of the game but it did have one and was something fun to do when not playing online.

The question some people have is why should I play this when COD4 or Halo is more than enough, well this the graphics of BC are a great place to start. Like I said before, you can just look at the game being played and it will make you excited to give it a go. The areas in the game look great especially after blowing up a wall or two. EA is basically marketing the new Frostbite engine and they surely make great use of it in Bad Company. Taking a grenade launcher and blowing up the side of a house and seeing the rocks and debris fall is a great site to see. You might think that a vast game such as this will have some drop in visuals in multiplayer but it looks just as good and doing that with up to 24 players online is really quite amazing. The vehicles all look good as well as the weapon models. The player models themselves in single player all are very detailed with each character having distinct looks, while on multiplayer they are very similar but that is ok when you have so much going on you tend not to notice all that much. The way the battlefield itself shows signs of battle such as houses torn apart leaving only support beams or the ground filled with craters of tank and grenades blasts really show how great this engine is.

If every game has a star quality then the sound in Bad Company is just that. To find out just how good the game is in this department all you have to do is stand in a house and start shooting and blowing out the walls and you will instantly see how great the game is. I have a surround sound system and it feels just like you're in that room with shells falling on the ground and concrete being blasted all around you. Walk into a tank and you will hear the shots shooting right past you or at you if your unlucky. The sound has to be just about the best I have heard in any game because of that fact that so much in the game is happening at once and every single thing can be heard very well and it's so precise.

Being a long time Battlefield fan I was somewhat weary of this game for the fact that it was going to be on consoles firstly, even though Modern Combat was as well but to me that was not a good game. Battlefield was always a game that it felt just right with a mouse and keyboard and was a bit apprehensive to not have that but my concerns were thrown right out the window when I got a hold of the beta and seems to actually be much better in the final product. The game handles right, while there is a learning curve, it's not something that will really make you "hate" the game because in a game that has so many things going on in the battlefield (no pun intended) you expect that. The bumpers control the cycling thru the weapons / items and you have the triggers for firing weapons and such. The control can be compared to most console shooters but with some tweaks here and there.

The game is a smooth experience all the way around. From spawning online then jumping in a tank as well as arming a gold case with your explosive, it all works very smoothly. You can pick from different classes in the multiplayer such as assault, support, recon to name a few. The class system has been a big part of the Battlefield franchise and it shows in this as well as you have your basic solider then you got your snipers for long range battle and support providing the med packs and fixing those broken down vehicles you need so badly. It takes only a bit to get used to each class and everyone will be able to find one that they enjoy the most or are the best at. The only mode that you will be able to play at first is called Gold Rush and is basically, depending on which side you are on, has you either defending a base with two gold crates that the attackers are trying to destroy so that they can gain more reinforcements (lives) so that they can move on the next base to keep it going until there are no crates left. It can provide a very fun time especially with the different maps available in the game. A con for me is that it is the ONLY mode which might deter some from the game and might become stale after some time but EA has said they will be adding more game modes in upcoming patches such as the Battlefield favorite 'Conquest' so look out for that.

Overall the game is a very fun summer blockbuster type game to get into in a somewhat shallow good online FPS shooter market. Sure COD4 and Halo are still very popular but with no real map packs coming out for some time in either game some gamers that might be clamoring for another online shooter should definitely look at Bad Company. The story mode will be a fun 7-10 hrs depending which difficulty you play on and then the online will have you playing for days and days. The number of maps in the game provide for the experience not to be stale to early on and with the promise of new modes and certainly more maps in the form of DLC, this game should be a great game to play during the hot summer and should have you keeping cool in the summer months indoors.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/30/08

Game Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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