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"Welcome to Bad Company."

About the Series
Starting out solely on the PC, Battlefield has shaped the online FPS gaming world by giving you vehicles, huge maps, tons of enemies and much, much more. The first game, Battlefield 1942, gave gamers the chance to drive, fly and shoot what was actually in World War 2. Not only giving players sixty-three other players to compete with and/or against, the game offered huge sandbox maps. After the launch of BF:1942, Battlefield Vietnam joined the phenomenon which was Battlefield. Now, placed in the war in Vietnam, players could do everything they could do in 1942 but more. Offering in-game radios, a ton of jungle maps and a lot of traps to injure your enemy, BF:V clearly showed that the series was going in the right direction. What war would come after Vietnam ... the modern war of course, Battlefield 2 made the scene offering so much more than its predecessors. Having top notch graphics, intense vehicles/weapons and offering the new dog tag system, BF2 was sure to make Battlefield fans drool over the brilliance of this game. Then, you may think that Battlefield may have to rely on going back in time to create a game but you are wrong, Battlefield 2142 had been released and despite people that did not think this was going to be successful, it was. Offering a new mode where the objective was to destroy the enemy ship or Titan as Dice has called it. The graphics did not improve drastically but you could tell a difference. Though, released a year before BF:2142, Battlefield Modern Combat was released for console only. The game had not gained as much popularity as the PC games because of the mediocre graphics and watered down gameplay. But, thankfully, Battlefield: Bad Company was released for the current generation consoles and it showed that it could live up to the PC versions.

I will explain in depth what exactly makes BF:BC stand out from the rest of the current FPS games and the past Battlefield games.

Welcome to the 222nd Army battalion, B-company. This is where the Army rakes together all the insubordinates, hellraisers and troublemakers that won't fit in any other unit. When the Rangers and Deltas are too expensive to waste, these guys are the first ones in.

They're called “Bad Company”; a mismatched bunch of rejects selected to serve their country as cannon fodder. This isn't the kind of outfit a lot of soldiers would join voluntarily. Getting transferred to “the B” is a punishment and a way for the generals to put all their rotten eggs in one basket.

No one starts out in Bad Company. But for some, this is where they end up.

Bad company is set in the near future in a fictional war against Russia, where gamers will lead a squad of AWOL soldiers fighting both Russians and Mercenaries. You play as Preston Marlowe, a soldier sent to Bad Company instead of going to jail. You are matched up with three other men, there names are Haggard, Sweetwater and Sarge. Each one has a unique attitude towards what is going on ... even if it isn't a very serious attitude. That is the thing about Bad Company, it does not take the gray road that Call of Duty 4 did, and it goes actually in the opposite direction. Half of the time the characters are saying something amusing that may or may not make you laugh. The game also features four different kinds of vehicles to make your way around the area; there are tanks, boats, jeeps and helicopters. Yes, they did remove planes. There is also a heavy arsenal of weaponry to choose from ... though I will explain in more detail later in the review.

Welcome to Bad Company.

The game is really based all around the gameplay. Some games have graphics to make it good but Battlefield used gameplay. For instance, the brand new destructible environment is something to make anyone drool every time they see the beauty of a building being torn apart. Even trees go down. Even outhouses go down. And it isn't like some generic explosions; it all depends where you shoot at the building. Though, the one thing that does bother me about the destructible content is that the foundation of the building cannot be torn down. There is also a heavy arsenal of weapons, as stated before, and they all seem to be bang on soundwise but not strength wise. It seems that it takes quite a few bullets to take down a character and if you have played Call of Duty 4, it is quite worse. Vehicles handle a little weird but you get used to it pretty quick. In my opinion, the gameplay is one place where this game shines. The developers did a great job in this part of the game.

The destructible environment looks great!

The graphics in Bad Company are not bad but they are not great either. For some odd reason, they have added a film grain effect which really brings down the quality of the graphics. Though, the explosions from buildings being blown up really make up for it. There is not much to say about the graphics in this game except if you are expecting it to have Call of Duty 4 graphics, you may be forgetting that the maps on this game are huge and very detailed. I mean, for having a whole map waiting to be destroyed, it looks pretty great.

Wow. Just wow.

Bad Company has really showed us what it sounds like to be in the war. The sound of bullets shooting off of a tank's surface, or a close encounter battle in a half-blown up home. Even the sound of a tank rolling over a tree sounds absolutely awesome. When I pick up a M60, which is a gun in the support class, and I start shooting I don't even care if I hit anything because I just love hearing the sound of all those bullets piercing through the air. There is no doubt that this is where the game also shines.

The reason why I fit those two subjects in one title is that they are basically the same thing in this game. If you are looking for replayability, look towards the multiplayer menu. Featuring eight maps and twenty-five ranks. There is a little lag for some but that is either because they have a bad connection or EA Online is having some problems but in my experience, I have not had a lag problem at all. They have also added a new game mode, called Gold Rush, where your objective is either to guard the gold crates or destroy them (very similar to CoD4's Search and Destroy). You may be thinking that Battlefield has always been about Conquest and you are right, that is why they will be releasing that game mode sometime in the near future. I do think that Battlefield has always been about the multiplayer and I am glad that they put as much effort into multiplayer as they did with single player. The only thing that bothered me was that they did not include local split screen multiplayer or even voice chat for the whole team and not just for your squad. Overall, unless you hit rank twenty-five and get bored, you will have a lot of fun with the multiplayer part of this game for a long time.

Final Score

Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 9/10
Audio - 10/10
Multiplayer/Replayability - 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/02/08

Game Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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