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Reviewed: 07/02/08

Multiplayer is where it really shines

Well there isn’t much to say about single player. It is about 7 levels long about an hour each. You have a wide range of area to travel and many ways to get there. The story is basically your part of a squad of military rejects that are cannon fodder. You end up doing jobs that are pretty outrageous. The ending is very much like “Ok game over have fun” instead of “Epic battle leading to a very epic ending cut scene.”

I’m going to break this into a few parts.

An essential part of the game is teamwork. Communication is key a team working fully together can win the map in a just a few minutes but DICE/EA didn’t get the memo and gave us only chat between you and 3 other players on your team that you don’t get to pick (known as a Squad). Seems like a good idea in theory but your not always going to be able always follow your squad because you may have different views on how to approach things. If only they could’ve let us pick our squads. Well you kind of can you can invite your friends to play in your squad but get your fun time with a friend done quick cause next round he is probably going to be in a different squad or the OTHER team.

Almost fully destructible environments. All trees can be destroyed whether running them over with a tank or knifing them. Buildings can be destroyed except the frames which means they can be still standing. Pretty interesting to just look at the aftermath of the battle and see the destruction that resulted. Each class has a weapon to destroy a wall and “make your own door” or ram it with a tank.

There are 5 classes in the game that are the most balanced in any game I’ve seen and once again you have to use them together to win. The medic can heal but has no explosives but have a repair drill (for fixing tanks and the like). Assault has a rifle, a grenade launcher, grenades and an unlockable healing needle. Recon (sniper) has a sniper, motion tracking grenades, and unlockable laser designator and it’s the only class with a pistol. Demolition is your basic demolition class that you often see with a shotgun, rocket launcher, grenades and unlockable anti tank mines. The Specialist who has a SMG, grenades, target gun (you hit a vehicle with it and a Demo can lock onto the vehicle with the rocket), and unlockable C4 (this class is very useless with out the C4). Last but defiantly not least the Support guy with his LMG, drill (can drill through walls enemy tanks and heal your own vehicles), and he is the team medic with his medkits he can throw and an unlockable mortar strike. Each class has 2 other guns you can unlock but I recommend getting the C4 mines mortar ext first because the starting weapons aren’t that bad.

Controls are pretty easy to pick up still takes some practice (it has minor alterations like drive is the left trigger). When playing you want to learn the maps and little area you can get to without being noticed and hiding in the bushes. The best maps to play are vehicle heavy ones mostly because they are bigger and there is more carnage. Vehicles are always are fast way to travel but if you plan on getting out before the objective don’t drive. Battles get pretty hectic cause you can have many different things going on at once. However for all you Battlefield veterans you remember conquest mode? Its coming in a few months what is currently is gold rush mode where you go and destroy gold crates while the other team defends them.

Multiplayer Score
Has a few flaws but is still enjoyable

If you don’t have XBL DO NOT but this game rent it because the single player just isn’t worth it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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