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Reviewed: 07/03/08

Yes I made that hole in the wall, I think I will use it to my advantage.

This game is a must have for almost all of the CoD4 players, mainly in the multi-player catagory, single player still needs more work, but Battlefield really isn't known for its outstanding single player anyways. Ever since the demo its been hard to pull myself away from the multi-player, it really is addicting. I'm going to break this review up into two different catagories, single player and multiplayer. I'll start it off with what I found to be the weaker of the two.

Single Player:

As EA has been saying, "One of the most intense cinematic gaming experiences ever...", they were basically right in saying this. It does feel pretty intense, mainly because of the bullets almost constantly flying by and the massive amount of explosions that tend to happen a lot, sometimes a bit to much, but thats war for ya. Also the destructablility, even though somewhat limited, makes for a more strategic and entertaining single player (along with the multi-player). The cinematics and destructability really do make the single player, that may be the only reason why I will want to finish it eventually (and the achievements of course). Other than that the single player is lacking in a few areas. It may be hard to believe that your the rookie of the squad, since your "bad company" is always following you and just seem like their there just there to tag along and watch the explosions. They rarely do attack anything at all or even protect you when you need it the most. And to make the situation worse, apparently you are a big walking bullseye with a gun. When you are near an enemy they will automatically turn around and shot at you, which makes it hard to get knife kills, even tanks and other vehicles will know where you are at. It would also be nice if they made it so you could save whenever instead of at checkpoints, but they do come up pretty often, which makes it somewhat less painful. Besides that the single player can be entertaining, but it just wouldn't warrant a buy if your just going for the single player. If you have XBox Live that is a different story.

Multi Player:

First off if you didnt know this already, there is no co-op, online co-op or split screen multi- player in this game. But take my word for it, the online multi-player makes up for these lack of different play modes. The best way to think of the online multi-player is like CoD4 with vehicles of all kinds and larger maps, somewhat along those lines. The destructability and graphics that are in the single player, carry over into the multi-player which makes it pretty and dangerous at the same time. There are 5 different kits that you can choose from throughout the round, which would be Assualt, Demolition, Recon, Specialist and Support, each benefiting from a different styles of play, with different weapons, equipment and attire for each. Some weapons and equipment are unlocked through the Unlock menu, which use the rank system for credits. I believe that its 1 credit per every 2 ranks, with ranks being a various amount of points from the next one. You can either join the game, ranked or unranked, by yourself or with a squad of your friends, but sometimes you may not be in your friends squad when you join or even on the same team, which can be unfortunate, but sometimes its fun to shoot your friends, even if you didnt intend to. When you join you will either be the attackers or defenders, since there is only one game mode right now, that being Gold Rush, which is fine for now since I dont see the fun factor dieing anytime soon. For now they only have 8 maps which are all pretty large and can range from being open to urban combat, they all offer something new in each map and each have enough variety to let you use any kind of strategy you can think of, whether it be sneaking around, sniping in the hills, a frontal assualt with a tank or from the air in a helicopter (but watch out there are no parachutes this time around). All that being said, it really does add up to one fantastic uninhibited multi-player experience. It fits relatively all styles of play that you may like. But even if this may sound perfect, there are just a couple things I would like to point out. First, bullets must be made of rubber, it takes many many shots to kill an enemy, with advantages for some guns depending on the vacinity of your enemy, which I actually find to be more realistic, shotguns dont kill from 50 yards away like other games, but overall besides this small gripe I do find that most guns are well balanced. Second, explosions, yes they do destroy walls but they tend to actually leave the enemy still standing 68% of the time. You basically have to snipe infantry with explosives to kill them, the splash damage just seems kind of weak is all, but walls and buildings beware. Third, spawning feels a little off. You either spawn back in your base of operations which can be quiet a hike from your objective or you can spawn next to squadmate in the heat of the battle and you cant choose which squadmate to spawn next to. Many times have I spawned next to a squad member and basically get killed 2 seconds later by an enemy or an explosion, well it was either that or run 5 miles to the objective, sometimes literally. But these are really the only three things that I had a small problem with, but a matter of fact is that these three things actually make the game feel more balanced. Calling in mortar strikes, driving a tank through a broken wall (that you made), sniping an enemy with a .50 cal sniper rifle and many more things just add up to one enjoyable time

For the most part, this game ROCKS. There maybe a few flaws, mostly with the single player, but this game still remains a good replacement for the CoD4 craze. And the only reason why it didnt get a perfect score was because of the few small problems that I mentioned in the single player and multi-player. So go out and buy this game you wont regret it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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