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"A battlefield you'll never want to leave"

Battlefield: Bad Company is the newest installment of the Battlefield series and has been designed solely for consoles. Fans of the series may not like it either since it takes a bit of a departure from the formula of the old games. I have played most of the Battlefield games on the PC (1942 was my favorite) and the console ports but the console versions never seemed to be as good. Let me say that this is huge step in the right direction for Battlefield games on consoles because the faster pace and elimination of most exploits has made it one of the better FPS games on the 360.


The graphics are very well done and are just what you would expect from a game on the 360. But Bad Company excels in destructible environments and explosions. When you shoot a wall with a grenade it explodes and now you have a new way to get in a house. When an artillery shell hits the ground it leaves a little crater that make driving a little more difficult. And bridges tend to be blown up so that vehicles and people can't take the easy route into bases. This ability to shape the environment to your advantage ends up making maps look like Swiss cheese. My only complaint with graphics is the grainy aspect that is done intentionally to give the graphics some artistic flare. This grainy quality may annoy some people and makes some things hard to identify. But graphics get a high mark anyway.


Bad Company has some of the best sound effects I have ever heard. When an artillery shell blows up on the other side of the map you hear a little pop but when it blows up next to your ear you go deaf and hear a high pitch ringing in your ears. Guns function the same way with everything being done based on where you are in relation to where the sound is coming from. Silencers actually have some use because most guns make ridiculously large amounts of sound and you can identify where someone is when they fire, but with a silencer you could be 10 feet away and the person your shooting at may never hear a sound. My only complaint with sound is that a bug occasionally makes the sound cut out when you reload or when you shoot, but it happens rarely enough so that it isn't too bothersome.

Gameplay- 9/10

Gameplay is great and similar to older battlefield games but with a few key changes. There is still a screen where you pick a class and all the classes have different uses/weapons. Land, air and sea vehicles are still present as well but some changes ,like the addition of destructible environments, have changed the way you play. Blowing up walls doesn't just look pretty, it can be used to your advantage to get around an enemy or to get to an objective quicker. Not all classes can blow up walls at the drop of a hat though, snipers nave no grenades or explosives so they often have to maneuver around the battlefield. One of the biggest problem with the Battlefield games, seal diving(quickly switching to the prone position to avoid fire), has been fixed by removing by the ability to prone. The gameplay is fast and intense and all the classes have their strengths and weaknesses.

Single Player- 6/10

Yes! A battlefield game finally has a single player, too bad it's terrible. You could probably skip the single player experience all together and still feel great about purchasing a terrific multiplayer game. There are so many problems with the campaign that it isn't even worth mentioning them all so I'll highlight a few of the major problems. The biggest problem is the death system which consists of spawning you back at a checkpoint but with all the enemies you killed still dead. If you played Bioshock then you can compare it to the vita-chambers. You can also restore your health to full instantly with an item that looks like a needle. The story is weak and barely makes sense but Bad Company consists of criminals and screw ups that the army uses as cannon fodder to weaken the enemy. You (Preston Marlowe) end up joining Sweetwater(a wimp who hates fighting), Haggard(a demolition man who cracks terrible jokes), and Redford(a real soldier who just wants to cut his tour of duty short). You go to fight Russians and instead find mercenaries with gold. You decide to go AWOL and take the gold for yourselves. Just think of the story mode as more of way to test out all the guns and vehicles so you know how everything works when you play online.


This is why you should buy Bad Company instead of renting it, for the multiplayer. You rank up by earning points with kills in a similar fashion to Call of Duty. There is also a trophy system similar to Call of Duty's challenges. Bad Company adds a skill meter to the mix so that you can see how good you are once you reach the max rank of 25 and while you are leveling up you see an arrow depicting if your skill is going up or down. Multiplayer is a blast and combines the fast paced action of games like COD with vehicles and special equipment that separates the classes from each other. Biggest problem with multiplayer is the squad system only allows you to spawn next to the 3 other people in your squad or all the way back at base and often the people in your squad wont be talking or working together so there is no need to even be in a squad at all.

Battlefield: Bad Company gets a 8/10 because a wonderful multiplayer experience with great innovations is let down by a poor single player.

Buy or Rent: Buy it if you have x-box live

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/07/08

Game Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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