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Reviewed: 07/07/08

Overall, a dissapointment.

Battlefield games have always been known for their intense multiplayer action, but unfortunately, DICE keeps botching up the job when it comes to developing Battlefield games for the consoles.

Single player = 3/10

Single player is a mode that feels very slapped on; almost like an afterthought that DICE decided to include at the last minute. The campaign lasts roughly 5 hours, and is okay at best, but still has many flaws.

When you first take control of your character, it feels as though you have a pair of binoculars strapped to your head, so just imagine moving around a battlefield, getting shot at, while constantly zoomed in, and having to completely turn 180 degrees to see an enemy standing right next to you. It's hard to explain, but it's just really, really annoying.

The A.I. is also quite poor, as all they do is stand still while firing at you with perfect accuracy. They occasionally move behind rocks, but they only do that when they're reloading, so it's basically a cue to walk up to them and shoot them.

There's zero penalty for getting killed, which takes out the whole challenge of all the difficulties. Basically, if you kill an enemy and then get killed, you will respawn, and that enemy you killed will remain dead. You can die one million times if you like, and you will still pass the game, as long as you kill one enemy before you die each time.

The story was ripped from the movie "The Three Kings", except it's not nearly as good as the movie. The humour has it's moments, but the majority of lines your three buddies say just aren't funny at all.

Essentially, the single player is the exact same as the campaign mode in BF2:MC, but with a story.

Multiplayer = 8/10

Multiplayer is the core of BF:BC, as it always has been in every other Battlefield game ever made.

You can have a maximum of 24 players in one match, and there's 8 maps in total, along with a single gametype.

Players can use a variety of different weapons in each of the 5 different classes, as well as plenty of different vehicles, including jeeps, humvees, tanks, APCs, Helicopters, and lots more.

The gametype is called "Gold Rush". It is an Attack and Defend gametype, where attackers must destroy a pair of Gold crates located at the enemy base. The Defenders must prevent the destruction of the crates by killing as many attackers as possible until there are no more reinforcements left.

Gold Rush, is very enjoyable, since it keeps all the action focused in one area, and it almost never spreads out, so you'll never be running around the map for ages trying to find out where everyone went.

Also, EA has announced that Conquest mode will be made as free downloadable content soon after the games' release, so that will definitely add to the replayability of multiplayer.

There are 5 different classes; Assault, Recon, Demolition, Specialist, and Support. There are over 30 unlockable weapons, and 25 ranks, which will keep you occupied for quite a while.

One of the primary elements of the game is it's destructibility, allowing players to blast holes in buildings with rockets and grenades, which is quite neat for the first 30 minutes of playtime.

After that, it becomes more of a gimmick, as it doesn't drastically alter the gameplay at all, and you cannot destroy entire buildings; the skeleton of the building, such as support beams, will remain standing, which is very disappointing.

What DICE really did well on this time around is the audio. Wow, just wow. Every weapon sounds awesome, no matter how many times you fire it, and it's just amazing to blow open a hole in a wall and just listen to all the debris scatter and crumble. Amazing.

Unfortunately, as good as multiplayer may be, BF2 for the PC (which is 3 years old) is still leaps and bounds above BF:BC, which is still very pathetic.


Overall, I give the whole game a 7/10.

If you don't have Xbox Live, you should skip this. The awful single player isn't even worth $10.00, let alone $60.00.

If you like multiplayer first person shooters, you should definitely give the game at least a rental.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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