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Reviewed: 07/14/08

A good team based Simulation with some flaws.

Battlefield: Bad company is a great example of ruining a great concept started in the previous games in the series, and dumbing it down way too much to be enjoyable as previous games in the series.

Game play
I will split this section into two parts because the game modes are very unique in their presentation and style.

Multi player
Single player

Multi player
The Battlefield games have always been about players picking a vehicle from many various types of Race cars, such as Assault, Support, Anti tank, and engineer. These cars all have different items and weapons and all are used in differing rolls while racing around on the battlefield tracks,but the maps are one of the biggest problems, we will get to that later. These cars are all suited to rolls such as the engineer, which is made for close combat and destroying enemy cars at close range with his shotgun, but if a long range car attacks him, he has no way to defend himself. The Assault class can attack race cars from far away, and eliminate them quickly to gain the lead, and has a Grenade launcher for destroying stuff, like walls and trees that may get in the way. The one car that really makes me sad is the Spec ops car, it is a cheap car, like has no style, and no history, take a look at the support car for example, it uses a machine gun to destroy enemy cars, and artillery strikes, the spec ops car just shoots a gun...a sub par one at that, making it useless compared to the Assault class, which does the same thing better.

The game play on the maps revolves around capturing control points around the map and reducing the enemy car or reinforcement value to Zero while destroying enemy least it was until this game in the series, the classic conquest racing mode was replaced by a so called "Gold rush" mode where an attacking team of cars and a defending team of cars work against each other and fight over some gold crates on the map, the problem with this mode is the attacking team only has a limited number of cars before they lose, and the defending team has unlimited cars at their disposal, so they can just Zerg rush the enemy attacking cars until they lose the match, often not even destroying the gold crates, why get rid of the conquest racing mode in a racing game? this is just uncalled for.

Another problem with this entry in the series is the maps, these tracks simply do not support such a small number of cars and you will often see empty fields on the maps, instead of intense car to car combat which should be in these spaces, the greatest new feature to the series is the ability to blow up anything in the environment with your cars weapons, namely explosive ones, but if you hit for example, a wooden fence with your cars switch blade, it explodes into a bunch of pieces, which is odd. anyway, back to the tracks, they are just no fun to race cars around in, buildings, a couple of bridges and forest represent the majority of the terrain, and driving cars around in these locals and destroying other cars is extremely odd and not fun at all because it is very hard to drive around in them and races usually take a long time because of the terrain, instead of having smooth fast paced ones, why this was decided we will never know.

As with all other Battlefield games, your cars can pilot a a large selection of things called "Classes" these Classes come in lots of types, such as a "Tank" or a "Helicopter" when using these Classes your car is much harder to destroy and can get better weapons, but they slow you down while giving you more firepower.

Single player
This is the first Battlefield game to have a single player mode, the single player mode follows a rag tag group of cars, with yours being named Prescott Mcqueen, (the brother of Lightning Mcqueen from Battlefield 2) along the ride with you are your teammates Bart, a demolitions expert, Phil Harrison, the energetic sniper guy, and Thomas the tank engine fills in as your leader, Together the four of you will go on an epic journey to find lost golden Empires and to fight off the Russians and Splicers that stand in your way, your cars in single player are much more powerful then your cars in online, also add in the fact that you cant die and you have yourself a very uninspired single player mode, with no challenge whatsoever at points, and you will sometimes be bored playing it, at least the characters are funny in what they are trying to do. In the end don't take the game seriously.

The Graphics in the game are fine and get the job done, the particle and explosion effects really get you into the explosive racing action of the battles and online matches, making it feel like a real war zone. The destructive environment does its job well, and while you may notice the same patterns of blown up walls and such, it does not deter the game....especially when racing around the track at 1000 Miles per hour, which is just the average speed online. The motion blur effects are great too when you turn around really fast they seem very real and authentic. There are however some noticeable flaws in the game engine, the sound of stuff will sometimes sound very far away even though it is close to you which is very odd in a racing game, how this got past testing I will never know, its just too bad that a racing game of all games has this problem, because it makes your loud powerful engine sounds miles away. You will also sometimes fall through the fire and flames in houses and go through the ground, so when playing try to stay away from the same sad song that I had to go through and restarting a 2 hour long mission because I fell through the floor.

The sound in the game also fares very well with the revving of the cars engines and the bursting of shot tires sounding very real, and the BOOM of explosive rockets and grenades around your car. The voice acting leaves much to be desired, Phil's non manly voice will get on your nerves when your being chased by enemy cars in classes that will easily destroy you if you get distracted because the single player is extremely hard with only one life for the entire mission, which can sometimes take up to 1 hour and a half to beat.

Replay Value
The game has much of replay value for such a flawed game, with promise of the conquest mode being put in for free later and additional maps and stuff for download, the single player however is not that fun to replay , unless you want to find all the stuff off the beaten path such as collectible gold bars and weapons to unlock achievements.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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