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"Battlefield: The Greatest Disappointment"

I have followed the Battlefield franchise since near the beginning. The Battlefield games have always been fantastic. They were always beautiful, with an amazing atmospheric experience. Not only that, but they were on the PC, the greatest console one can ever hope to have. Though, with an empty wallet of course. This Battlefield was different. EA decided to go in a new direction and try to create a 'comic' experience. Yes, well... just no. In short, they failed miserably.

Single Player:
A real campaign mode is new to Battlefield. Before, it has primarily been multyplayer. Of course, with this "console only" game, they had to have it. The comic experience they had created was no more than B rated voice acting with a script that was written by someone whom just graduated from high school with Christopher Paolini as their idol. The jokes were horrible to say the least. Not only that but the storyline was extremely droll. I lost what we were supposed to be doing after the third level. Oh, I see... We were supposed to be finding gold. Ah, that's what those corny animations were whenever I opened a treasure box or whatever the heck I was doing.

Destructible Environment (Physics):
Yes, I'm sure everyone whom has been a battlefield fan is excited about this. I must say, it does create an intense experience, especially online. Though, there are extreme flaws in this. It's not exactly, destructible. There are set points in walls and such where you can destroy them. This means if you fire rocket in a certain place, the hole in the wall that you had made, may be three feet in the wrong area. Destroying things like trees is ridiculous. You can cut down a tree with a knife or a pistol; really anything. The thing I very much like though is the craters you can create in the ground. If you are in a tank, and you shoot nearby in the ground, you can create a large crater that you can then go out and hide in.

Lets be honest, no one got this game to play single player. Everyone knows the experience battlefield creates online. It isn't a bad experience, but it doesn't live up to its predecessors. The 'epic' scale of the battlefield games has been pushed back to a frustrating experience. There aren't too many players in each map (server); there is always voice spam, and the maps themselves are horrible compared to maps in battlefield 2 and 2142. I went into multyplayer, expecting a very good experience, only to be let down within the first 10 minutes of gameplay.

The graphics in the battlefield games have always been exceptional. This isn't much of a letdown. Compared to other next-gen games though, it's not superb. It feels like there's some sort of tent over the screen, making everything seem overly musty and blurry. You can see everything, but it gives off a weird style. The smoke effects in this game are absolutely horrible. Compared to CoD4's and GTA's smoke effects, or even a PS2 game, it is horrible. In one scene where a helicopter crashed, the smoke that billowed out of it looked like pixels of some sort. Don't get me wrong, some scenes in this game rendered absolutely beautifully. It's just what they do wrong, they do extremely wrong.

Overall: This game doesn't live up to what you've come to expect from battlefield games. The singleplayer is both too easy and boring. Multyplayer is irritating. I've played worse games, but this is one that will be forgotten about within the next year. Perhaps I'm being hypercritical. If I am, I'm being like this because of what I've experienced from the last battlefield games. This one doesn't deliver at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/24/08

Game Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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