Review by bryannm

"A solid solo shooter... pity about the Lag on MP"

Battlefield BC is a solid single player game, a lot of fun with a humorous storyline that does not take itself too seriously. The graphics are very good and the gameplay does not have many flaws that I've picked up, except maybe a little blocking around corners of buildings and other objects... but that's pretty minor and you can compensate. The maps are huge and there are always enemy to kill, even away from where the storyline takes you. One of the best features is that pretty well everything can be destroyed, trees and buildings... much like in Black. The game uses an autosaver system and that can be a bit tricky sometimes on Hard Mode as you battle your way through to the next save point. But because the maps are so big, there are many ways you can approach an enemy. It's a good thinking game where location... location can make the difference. Many of the missions give you the choice of being a sniper and that can save a lot of dying. I've played it through on normal and hard and it's more forgiving than COD4, making it pretty easy to complete rather than a chore. There are weapon collectibles and gold to collect... I'll play through a third time on easy mode at some stage to find all the gold... just to get those 30 GP.

I would have given the game an eight or even a nine if I was living in the US where they have kickass internet. But here in Australia where a lot of internet is still copper wire based, the game does not play well on Multiplayer. Hit detection is poor where you have to empty whole clips into your enemy, which basically comes down to Lag... pretty similar to what we experience with COD4... even in Hardcore. This is a pity because Multiplayer offers heaps of choices, being a sniper, demolition, driving tanks and other vehicles, helicoptors and boats. You can call in a mortor strike, missles... blow things up with C4, grenades. And of course like the single player mode, much of the environment can be destroyed. There is a reward system for your online efforts where you can collect medals and patches for all your kills and feats. I envy anyone who is living near the EA Servers with a decent online connection... they will have a ball with the Multiplayer side. But if you're prepared to die a bit, you can still have fun playing... just play smart.

The single player mode leaves us thinking that Preston and the boys might be back for a second installment which will be a must buy for me. Overall an enjoyable game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/08/08

Game Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (AU, 06/26/08)

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