Review by ninjacow22

Reviewed: 07/10/08

Awesome concept with a poor excecution.

When Turning Point: Fall of Liberty was announced, people got excited. The story was very original and sounded like an awesome game. Unfortunately, people were disappointed with the demo that came out. The controls sucked, the hit detection lacked, enemies were stupid, and the graphics were bland. Soon after the demo came out, the real game came out and the demo was a hint of the disappointment to come.

Story: 4
Okay the concept is freakin awesome. The Germans invading the US could make for some very compelling stuff. Unfortunately, the story is very cliche and you just don't really care about what happens. There is no real character development and the story is very basic. You have to stop the German soldiers from taking over the us. That's about it. Points though for such a unique concept.

Graphics: 4
The graphics in Turning Point never astound. The environments have a bland and unfinished feel to them and character models are not that detailed and their animations are terrible and stiff.. Later on in the game, it gets really ugly because you are basically running hallway to hallway. When this happens, there is very little color. I do give points for the amazing set pieces. Seeing a zeppelin overhead or the Chrysler building lying in ruins gives the game a very epic feel. But the graphics lack other then that.

Sound/Music: 9
The best part of the game, the sound category shines. Explosions and gunshots vibrate the sound system and the sound of planes battling it out above you will send chills up your spine. The voice acting is okay, but there isn't much of it. The music is phenomenal and is orchestrated brilliantly. Even the it does get repetitive, the music adds to the 1950's feel of the game.

Controls: 3
The controls aren't too responsive. Movement is very sluggish and aiming never feels right. It's either too slow or too erratic. The button layout never feels right throughout the game and you will die a couple times just figuring out some important functions.

Gameplay: 4
This game is a very basic shooter. The point is to go room to room, kill German soldiers, and maybe blow some crap up. This would be fine but the gun takes up much of the screen so any enemies are invisible to you. Also the hit detection is atrocious. Enemies are shot and not make any notice of the bullets hitting them until they fall down. This makes head shots frustrating because the game will think you shot them in the arm when you really planted a bullet in their skull.

The AI is also terrible. Enemies will get stuck in walls, run in circles, or even stand right in front of you and not shoot. This makes the game much easier then it should have been. However, despite the lackluster AI, there is some pretty neat battles. The beginning in which you must make your way down a building that is being attacked and a full on assault on the White House are intense and very exciting. Scenes like these are impressive and actually fun. Unfortunately, the last third of the game is a boring stroll through bland corridors that ignore the epic feel of the first two thirds. The game ends up getting overly dull and boring. If the last third was more like the first two, the game may have been a lot better despite the other problems.

There is also a grapple system that isn't really used that much in the game. Some grapples are basic neck breaking and gun bashing moves. Some others are a bit more satisfying like throwing a dude off a building, smashing their head in a toilet, and many more. The problem is to do these, you have to get close to the enemies and this can lead to deaths. And there is never a scene that requires you to do the grapples. They are fun though and make the game a little better.

Replay: 2
Besides the main game, there is a multiplayer feature. Unfortunately, not many people are playing it and it still has most of the problems as the main game and it just isn't worth your time. There may be a couple of neat scenes you will want to replay, but that isn't enough to warrant another play through. There isn't really any extras either.

Buy or Rent: Rent
I can't say the game totally sucks because it isn't THAT bad. The game does have some glaring issues though and the final third sucks. But the first two thirds of the game are decent but nothing totally awesome. The concept is very cool, the game has great sound, and there are some great set pieces. But the lackluster graphics, controls, hit detection, AI, and some poor design choices may tick you off. If your interested, rent it. It is an okay weekend rental. But I just wish the game was more then that.

Overall 4.3/10 (rounded to 4)

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (US, 02/26/08)

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