Review by Oni Chikara

"A One Man Army During World War II, in the US? (Possible Spoilers)"

Introduction – This game is about a simple construction worker who has to save the country from the Nazis during World War II. A simple way to look at this game, is that it is a first person shooter set an alternate universe, where in World War II the Nazis invaded America, and changed everything.

Gameplay – The gameplay for the most part is pretty good. It is a first person shooter, so it is pretty standard. However, the reality of the weapons adds, a phenomenal aspect to this game. For instance, the MG50, the Nazi machine gun, is far less accurate than the Thompson machine gun. The reload times are different for each gun, depending on how the gun is reloaded. There is a jumping and climbing system that is used, however, this is where points were docked from the game's review score. Jumping is done with the A button. When pressing forward and A to jump next to something the player can climb, the player will climb. However, when the player needs to jump, grab something and shimmy across, the player needs to try many times just to grab the stupid object, and then after shimmying across the player needs to hit A or B to climb or fall. The tutorial on climbing and shimmying was not very good because this player did not remember it explaining how to climb up when shimmying. This caused many deaths in certain parts. This game is also really bad for being caught on geometry, i.e. walking along a hallway with some debris and the player gets stopped because the player's foot gets caught instead of just stepping over the debris. The aiming system is kind of hard to use, however, this adds a really nice realistic aspect to the game. The sights on a gun are really hard to use accurately when another person is shooting at you. And of course the red reticle is very helpful. At the same time, this is how the people who used these weapons had to do it. The game also has a really cool way of taking care of explosions. If an explosion is close to the player the world slows, and the sounds goes wonky if not out. Gee, that sounds like what would happen if a grenade went off near a person. So that was really cool. The difficulty does increase as the game goes on. Towards the end of the game, it is rather difficult in parts; the Nazis get a heck of a lot more accurate as the game goes on, even in normal. It definitely gives a whole new meaning to the term “One Man Army.” The player can take a rocket to the face and still be ok in certain parts. However, there are other parts where a somewhat, not even really close, grenade can kill the player. It is a little suspect, but still fun just to say that the player can take a rocket to the face and walk away from it. Actually the player can take the hit, get back up and kill the guy who shot the rocket and all his friends.

Story – The story was very well thought out. It is not the first time there was a story where Germany invaded America, but this take on it was really neat. It was especially cool, when the first scene starts the player on the top of a high rise building in New York. This gives the player a bird's eye view on what is happening and how the Nazi's are invading. How many times does a player get to blow up the white house and assassinate the president? How many people have wanted to do that?

Graphics/Sound – The graphics were ok for the 360. The characters were kind of blocky. It definitely looked like the predecessor to Bioshock. However, the graphics were very accurate for the scenery. The sounds were excellent. The gun firing noises were very accurate for the guns. The explosions were very accurate sounding. The explosion graphics were not that great though. The dimensions and the proportions of certain explosions just weren't that good, they just didn't feel right.

Play time/Replayability – The play time is actually kind of long for the game. There are only 8 levels, however, each level takes about a half an hour or longer. This was on normal. Play time on a harder difficulty, could definitely raise the time used to play the game. For the Replayability, this player would say not so much. After I was done playing this on normal, I really didn't want to play it anymore, especially because I sat down and played three levels in a row.

Final Recommendation – Anymore, this game is good to rent, a decent game to buy depending on how much it is. I would not recommend this game to be bought new. A player can get this game from a game store used for a good price. I still would recommend this game to rent, not to buy unless it is very cheap.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/08/08

Game Release: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (US, 02/26/08)

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