"Don't take a gun to a tank fight"

Doin' construction. Yeah, it's a tough job but how else these skyscrapers going to get built? I heard that Winston Churchill died on that very street. Yeah, right down there. Poor schmuck got hit by a taxi. What was that?! Holy Christ, the Statue of Liberty is up in flames, I've got to get out of here, I've got to.....*silence*

Control 2/10

The control scheme works awesomely..for Doom. I've not come across a control scheme that causes you to get killed more than your own shortcomings do. In an age where FPS' have come full circle in presenting many control schemes, the ones in Turning Point simply doesn't work. There are lots of structured climbing segments (over crates, ladders, pipes, etc) that often times you have to walk back and forth on the object just to access it. Also, no matter how you adjust the aim sensitivity you get quirky movements, I longed for Halo or CoD smoothness. Lastly, the inability to adjust your control scheme to fit your playing style is annoying. I found myself early on clicking the left thumb stick to try and crouch, only for nothing to happen and then trying to scramble to press the appropriate button.

Sound 6/10

Standard WWII fare. Explosions, weapon discharging, it's all here. The news tidbits throughout the game are good and do lend much to the story, and are completely believable. The end level "triumph" music sounds ripped from any WWII CoD game. The high note of this game is the voice acting, it is passable and does help lend a sense of urgency to the game. Other than that, don't expect to be blown away.

Graphics 5/10

The game does a fairly decent job with the graphics. Character models are smooth, weapon and particle effects are top notch. Everything seems faithful to the era, although a lot of environment pieces could have been done a bit better. However, there were quite of bit of clipping issues, and a lot of characters in game were doing things no human in mind would, such as standing out in the middle of fire with their arms spread to the sides. I have seen better usage of the Unreal Engine, but the game passes.

Fun Factor 2/10

I wanted to like this game, I really did. However, when I played halfway through a level and died, I was horrified that that 25 minutes of my life had to be restarted due to lack of checkpoints. I enjoy the CoD series (Infinity Ward) and felt their checkpoints were fair, but the ones in Turning Point were too few and far between. This, mixed with an aggravating control scheme caused me to lose interest in playing this game quick. It can be fun, but several things would need to be patched in order for them to work. This from the same publishing house as Grid and Dirt? C'mon now.

Overall 3/10

The story the game tells isn't stellar but is an interesting "what if." What would have happened if Germany's forces came to US soil in WWII because Britain wasn't in the conflict first? The protagonist of the story is pretty non descript, and reminds me more of a scene kid than an 40's construction worker. I appriciate the nod to the working man, so to speak, but this guy has more in line with Solid Snake and Sam Fisher than an average Joe.. That's just the surface of it. Playing Turning Point is the equivalent of fighting a modern war with bronze age technology. It just doesn't make sense.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 05/26/09

Game Release: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (US, 02/26/08)

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