How do I find Fayel???

  1. How do i get there? i must of taken a wrong turn i cant find it... please help thanks

    User Info: Xero453

    Xero453 - 9 years ago

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  1. Its to the west. There is the town of the unblessed to the south, but you need to go west from the save point near the oasis, follow that enough and you should make it. When you look into the sky you should be able to see the chain northwest once you've gone through the sandstorm, Once out of the sandstorm take the south path and you'll find a group of people, which is the path to lead you to Fayel.

    So its west through the western sandstorm and then take the southern route (just the one not through the cave) until you see a group of people.

    User Info: ZeroSol15

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  1. It's on the other end of the Oridian Dunes.

    User Info: ranivus1

    ranivus1 - 9 years ago 0 1
  2. What i did was
    After you exit sapran, just stay on the left wall and keep following it, and you should get to fayel

    User Info: denell3

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  3. This is a confusing place indeed.

    As in real life, identify landmarks on your way, such as the large archway near Sapran -- that is to say, don't rely solely on your minimap to guide you. Once you find the Oasis area, it's easy: Sapran is directly south, Fayel is to the West, then Southwest, and later on you will travel to the city of Port Zala, which is Northwest, then North of the Oasis.

    This gets especially important later, when you eventually reach a re-made version of the Oasis area in the bonus dungeon, Seraphic Gate. You won't be allowed to use a map or minimap inside the Gate, so you had best learn some way to get around or you'll get lost quickly!

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  4. It is prettyy fail if you can't find fayel..... BAD JOKE. NW side of the dunes

    User Info: JobeStroud

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  5. With the 360 controller goto Party menu - then MAP while in the appropriate desert. Use upper - left pad to scroll up and down the map - find all paths to the WEST (Left) If will be a path that snakes west then South then west then north sortof near oasis as starting point - Left and right trigger will also zoom in and out the map to help

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