3D Concept ArtistPeter Roe
Additional Audio ProgrammingJon Cutter
Additional Audio ProgrammingSam Hall
Additional ProgrammerRob Henderson
Additional ProgrammerLloyd Wright
Additional Sound DesignMike Caviezel
Additional Sound DesignMathias Grunwaldt
Additional Sound DesignMark Kilborn
Additonal Sound DesignEmma Jackson
AnimatorWill Hallsworth
AnimatorKarl Hansson
AnimatorAlan Mullins
ArtistDavid McDonald
ArtistPaul Spencer
Audio ProgrammerCian O'Flanagan
City Environment ArtistEduardo Armentia
City Environment ArtistDavid Aspinall
City Environment ArtistLee Church
City Environment ArtistSteve Crook
City Environment ArtistJonas Dahlman
City Environment ArtistChris Downey
City Environment ArtistDavid Eaves
City Environment ArtistRay Grinaway
City Environment ArtistEddie Hilditch
City Environment ArtistRob Kneen
City Environment ArtistJonathan O'Dell
City Environment ArtistJon Pledger
City Environment ArtistRay Liam Shum
City Environment ArtistRoss Unwin
City Environment ArtistAidan Ward
City Environment ArtistOliver Wells
Core ProgrammerEd Clay
Core ProgrammerChris Cookson
Core ProgrammerChad Wright
Core Tech LeadPaul Malin
Creative DirectorMartyn Chudley
Game DesignerPeter Hall
Game DesignerCraig Howard
Game DesignerPeter O'Sullivan
Game DesignerToby Rodriguez
Gameplay ProgrammerCharlie Aspinall
Gameplay ProgrammerDarren Wood
GFX ProgrammerCharlie Birwistle
GFX ProgrammerDavid Hampson
GFX ProgrammerStephen McAuley
Lead Audio ProgrammerNick Bygrave
Lead City Environment ArtistBeverley Bright
Lead City Environment ArtistDerek Chapman
Lead City Environment ArtistChris Davie
Lead City Environment ArtistAlan Mealor
Lead DesignerGed Talbot
Lead Gameplay ProgrammerPaul Kerby
Lead GFX ProgrammerJan Van Valberg
Lead Presentation ArtistGren Atherton
Lead ProgrammerRoger Perkins
Lead ProgrammerDavid Worswick
Lead Sound DesignerNick Wiswell
Lead Vehicle ArtistBen O'Sullivan
Presentation ArtistVincent Shayer
Presentation ProgrammerDavid Gill
Presentation ProgrammerPeter Reid
Senior Presentation ArtistGary Hall
Senior Technical CoderWalter Lynsdale
Sound DesignNick Raynor
Technical ArtistMichael Bibby
Vehicle ArtistJason Bowers
Vehicle ArtistPeter Moneypenny
Vehicle ArtistMark Sharratt
Video Presentation ArtistEamon Urtone


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blueberry Buttface, lighty691, BGoldTLE, oliist, BartSmith, and MuddyMaestro.

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