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    FAQ/Walkthrough by hopton13

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    Guitar Hero II
    .                                 .:Contents:.                               .
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Practice Mode
        2.1 Tutorials
            2.1.1 Tutorial 1
            2.1.2 Tutorial 2
            2.1.3 Tutorial 3
        2.2 Song Practice
    3.0 Career Mode 
        3.1 The Venues 
        3.2 The Songs
            3.2.2 Opening Licks
            3.2.3 Amp-Warmers
            3.2.4 String Snappers
            3.2.5 Thrash And Burn
            3.2.6 Return Of The Shred
            3.2.7 Relentless Riffs
            3.2.8 Furious Fretwork
            3.2.9 Face-Melters
            3.2.10 Bonus Tracks
        3.3 Money Earned
        3.4 The Store
    4.0 Character List
        4.1 Available Characters
        4.2 Unlockable Characters
    5.0 Achievement List[#ACH]
        5.1 List Of Achievements
        5.2 How to unlock each achivement
    6.0 FAQs [#FAQ]
    7.0 Contact Information [#CON]
    8.0 Version History [#VER]
    9.0 Future Updates [#UPD]
    10.0 Songs You Would Like To See On Guitar Hero II
    .                             .:1.0 Introduction:.                           .
    Hey everybody. This is my second walkthrough on GameFAQs (the first was a Tony
    Hawks Project 8 guide which is still unfinished, i'll get round to it one day
    hopefully, i'll try to do better with this walkthrough). As of yet, i haven't
    decided the best way to list how to play songs, so it has yet to be done. At
    the moment, the best way appears to be using tabs, but if anybody has
    suggestions i'd love to hear them. Later versions of this guide will hopefully
    contain an FAQ section, but at the moment, i haven't recieved enough questions
    to make it worth while. (Please don't contact me saying you're struggling to
    play a song, other than coming to your house and playing it, theres not much
    i can do to help).
    Finally, i'd love to have some Guitar Hero II ASCII art at the top of the
    guide, so if anybody could help out with that it'd be a massive help. Hope
    you enjoy the guide.
    .                             .:2.0 Practice Mode:.                          .
    Firstly, i cannot emphasise how much Practice Mode can help out, especially
    with the harder difficulty settings. It's a great way to get to know songs
    from start to finish, or even just to get to grips with a particular section
    of a song. I think that this is a great feature of the game that should be
    taken full advantage of.
          .:2.1 Tutorials:.
    There are only three tutorials to do in Guitar Hero II and i would definitely
    take the time to do them, as doing so unlocks an achievement. Each tutorial
    is broken down into seperate lessons, so i'll write down the name of the
    tutorial, the in-game description of the tutorial and then a run down of each
    lesson in each tutorial.
    The tutorials are:
    2.1.1 Tutorial 1:
    Basic Lessons
    Just the basics you need to begin playing.
    Lesson 1: Tuning Guitar
    This lesson involves listening to a voiceover telling you about the controller
    and showing you how to use it. You must then strum each note 3 times to
    Lesson 2: Playing Notes
    This lesson involves hitting the green note 6 times as you would in game.
    Lesson 3: Different Notes
    Just an extension of lesson two really, except more notes are involved. I'm
    not sure if the sequence of the notes is random, but for me it was green, red,
    yellow, red, yellow, green, red, red.
    Lesson 4: Long Notes
    This basically involves playing 6 long notes. Once again, i don't know if the
    order of this is random but for me it was green, red, yellow, red, yellow, 
    Lesson 5: Chords
    This lesson involves playing a series of chords (two buttons pressed at the
    same time). Again, the order could be random but for me it was green + red, 
    green + yellow, red + yellow, green + yellow, green + yellow, green + red.
    Lesson 6: User Interface
    This doesn't involve you doing anything. Just listen to the voiceover to
    complete the lesson and the tutorial.
    2.1.2 Tutorial 2:
    Star Power Lessons
    The secret of Star Power: how to boost it and how to use it.
    Lesson 1: Star Combos
    The lesson begins with a little vocal introduction from the voiceover, the
    lesson itself involves hitting a star power combo in which every note must be
    hit. The notes which i got were long green, short red, long yellow, short red,
    long green.
    Lesson 2: Whammy Bar
    Begins with an introduction to the whammy bar. The lesson itself entails
    hitting long yellow, long red, long green. When you are strumming the notes
    be sure to push the whammy bar in and out as fast as you can in order to
    achieve Star Power, this completes the lesson
    Lesson 3: Tilt for Star Power
    This lesson basically involves tipping the controller upright to activate Star
    Power then playing the series of notes. The notes are long red, short yellow,
    long green, long red, long yellow, short yellow, long red, long yellow. Nail
    all the notes to complete the lesson and the tutorial
    2.1.3 Tutorial 3:
    Advanced Techniques
    For experts with hours of practice already.
    Lesson 1: String Basics
    Just a vocal lesson, just listen and advance
    Lesson 2: Hammer-On Fingering:
    This involves hitting the sequence of green, yellow, red using the hammer-on
    technique three times, to do this you strum the first string then simply press
    the buttons for the next two. Do this to advance to the next lesson
    Lesson 3: Hammer-Ons:
    This basically involves putting lesson two into practice. You have to hit
    eight notes to complete the lesson. (Please note, to tell if a note is
    hammered-on the note on the fret bar will be coloured differently, you should
    notice this straight away). The sequence you need to play is green, red, red,
    yellow, green, red, yellow, green, red, yellow, green, red, red, yellow (I
    know that this is 14 notes, but only the hammered-on notes count, not the
    strummed notes).
    Lesson 4: Pull-Off Fingering:
    This is just like playing a hammer-on in reverse. The lesson involves playing
    the sequence yellow, red, green three times to advance.
    Lesson 5: Pull-Offs
    Just like lesson three, this is about putting the fingering lesson into
    practice. Only the pulled-off notes count this time and the sequence is red,
    green, yellow, red, yellow, red, green, yellow, red, green, red, green,
    yellow, red. Hit this sequence to complete the lesson and the tutorial.
       .:2.2 Song Practice:.
    There isn't really much left to say about practice mode, but a few of the
    features in it include only playing a certain section of a song, being able
    to practice the bass lines for songs and being able to select the speed of the
    song which you are trying to play (start slowly and build up if you're having
    troubles playing). Thats about it for practice.
    .                             .:3.0 Career Mode:.                            .
         .:3.1 The Venues:.
    In Guitar Hero II there are eight venues to play in, these are (in
    the order you unlock them):
    Midwest, USA - Battle Of The Bands
    Boston, MA - The Rat Cellar
    Providence, RI - The Blackout Bar
    Brooklyn, NY - The Red Octance
    Detroit, MI - Rock City
    Austin, TX - Vans Warped Tour
    Oakland, CA - Harmony Arena
    England - Stonehenge (Spinal Tap fans will understand..)
    Obviously, the goal in career mode is similar to the goal of a real band, to
    make it to the big time. So as you unlock each venue it gets progressively
    bigger and better. If you're anything like me you wont spend too much time
    looking at the venue as you'll be too busy looking at the on-screen fret
    board. Each venue does have its own unique look and the better venues tend to
    do something special for the encore, which is cool :).
         .:3.2 The Songs:.
    In easy mode, there are only 35 songs to play, in medium this
    progresses to 48, i'm not sure if hard and expert have more songs
    than this at the moment. There are also unlockable tracks, which
    don't contribute to the overall play of career mode, its just for
    fun and to boost your career score. Anyway, i'll list all 48 songs
    that are in medium mode here, along with the artist who made it
    famous. The songs which do not appear in easy mode will be 
    highlighted with a star *
    3.2.2 Opening Licks (Midwest, USA):
    Surrender by Cheap Trick
    Possum Kingdom by Toadies
    Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana
    Salvation by Rancid
    Strutter by Kiss
    Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue *
    3.2.3 Amp-Warmers (Boston, MA):
    Mother by Danzig
    Life Wasted by Pearl Jam
    Cherry Pie by Warrant
    Woman by Wolfmother
    You Really Got Me by Van Halen (The Kinks would have been better..)
    Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight by Spinal Tap *
    3.2.4 String Snappers (Providence, RI):
    Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas
    Search And Destroy by Iggy And The Stooges
    Message In A Bottle by The Police
    Billion Dollar Babies by Alice Cooper
    Them Bones by Alice In Chains
    War Pigs by Black Sabbath *
    3.2.5 Thrash And Burn (Brooklyn, NY):
    Monkey Wrench by The Foo Fighters
    Hush by Deep Purple
    Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet
    Who Was In My Room Last Night? by The Butthole Surfers
    Can't You Hear Me Knockin' by The Rolling Stones
    Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns 'N' Roses *
    3.2.6 Return Of The Shred (Detroit, MI):
    Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo by Rick Derringer
    Tattooed Love Boys by The Pretenders
    John The Fisherman by Primus
    Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band
    Bad Reputation by Thin Lizzy
    Last Child by Aerosmith *
    3.2.7 Relentless Riffs (Austin, TX):
    Crazy On You by Heart
    Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart by The Stone Temple Pilots
    Dead! by My Chemical Romance
    Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine
    Freya by The Sword
    Stop by Janes Addiction
    3.2.8 Furious Fretwork (Oakland, CA):
    Madhouse by Anthrax
    The Trooper by Iron Maiden
    Rock This Town by The Stray Cats
    Laid To Rest by Lamb Of God
    Psychobilly Freakout by The Reverand Horton Heat
    YYZ by Rush *
    3.2.9 Face-Melters (Stonehenge, England):
    Beast And The Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold *
    Carry Me Home by The Living End *
    Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendancies *
    Misirlou by Dick Dale *
    Hangar 18 by Megadeth *
    Freebird by Lynard Skynard *
    3.2.10. Bonus Tracks (Unlocked In The Store):
    Raw Dog by The Last Vegas
    Arterial Black by Drist
    Collide by Anarchy Club
    Drink Up by Ounce Of Self
    Elephant Bones by That Handsome Devil
    Fall Of Pangea by Valient Thorr
    FTK by Vagiant
    Gemini by Brian Kahanek
    Kicked To The Curb by Noble Rot
    Push Push (Lady Lightning) by Bang Camaro
    Laughtrack by The Acrobats
    Less Talk More Rokk by Freezepop
    Jordan by Buckethead (No, Really.. THAT Buckethead)
    Mr. Fix-It by The Amazing Royal Crowns
    The New Black by Every Time I Die
    One For The Road by Breaking Wheel (Formerly Artillery)
    Parasite by The Neighborhoods
    Radium Eyes by Count Zero
    Red Lottery by Megasus
    Six by All Thatr Remains
    Soy Bomb by Honest Bob And The Factory-To-Dealer Incentives
    The Light That Blinds by Shadows Fall
    Thunder Horse by Dethlok
    Trogdor by Strong Bad Email
    X-Stream by Voivod
    Yes We Can by Made In Mexico
    3.3 Money Earned For A Performance
    In easy mode, there is no money awarded at all. This doesn't begin
    until medium difficulty. In medium difficulty the money you can earn
    3* Performance - $150
    4* Performance - $350
    5* Performance - $500
    Don't worry if you only get a 3* Performance, because when you get
    the 4* or 5*, the difference will be made up. You also earn money by
    progressing in the game and unlocking new venues. Which can be spent
    in the store, which brings us nicely to my next topic..
    3.4 The Store
    This is where you come to spend your heard earned cash, and theres
    a lot to choose from! I'l give you a run down of each section of the
    store, the goods in that section and the price you'll pay for each
    Gibson X-Plorer - $700
    Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway - $850
    Gibson Firebird - $700
    Epiphone Coronet - $550
    Kramer Vanguard - $700
    Gibson Moderne - $850
    Gibson Corvus - $550
    Gibson ES-335 - $850
    Kramer 650 - $700
    Gibson EDS-1275 - $950
    Gibson Melody Maker - $700
    Gibson Sonex 180 - $550
    Gibson Marauder - $550
    Epiphone Casino - $700
    Epiphone Sheraton - $700
    Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman - $850
    The Fish - $500
    The USA - $1000
    The Coffin - $1000
    Cayenne Standard - $250
    Rose Burst Goddess - $550
    Zakk Wylde Custom - $550
    Worn White Special - $250
    Candy Apple GT - $450
    Custom Flame Finish - $550
    Natural V2 - $250
    New Century Finish - $450
    Worn Cherry Finish - $550
    Alpine White Finish - $550
    (A finish can only be used with a certain model of guitar)
    The Songs which can be bought are all listed above in the bonus
    songs section, all the songs cost $550.
    Clive Winston - $5000
    Xavier Stone - $5000
    Grim Ripper - $7000
    Johnny Napalm - $2000
    Judy Nails - $2000
    Izzy Sparks - $2000
    Pandora - $2000
    Axel Steel - $2000
    Eddie Knox - $2000
    Casey Lynch - $2000
    Lars Umlaut - $2000
    Guitar Hero II: Behind The Scenes - $1500
    Guitar Hero II: Making Of Songs - $1500
    4.0 Character List [#CHA]
    Essentially, every character is the same, there are no stats for
    different guitarists. They all have different images but thats about
    the only difference between the quitarists. Anyway, the guitarists
    in this game are:
    Johnny Napalm
    Judy Nails
    Izzy Sparks
    Axel Steel
    Eddie Knox
    Casey Lynch
    Lars Umlaut
    Clive Winston
    Xavier Stone
    The Grim Ripper
    5.0 Achievements List [#ACH]
    Guitar Hero II has 50 Achievements to unlock, for a total of 1000
    gamer points. In this section i will list all of these achievements
    and how much gamer points they are worth.
    100k Club - Score 100,000 points on a song - 10 GP
    200k Club - Score 200,000 points on a song - 10 GP
    300k Club - Score 300,000 points on a song - 30 GP
    400k Club - Score 400,000 points on a song - 30 GP
    Champagne Club VIP - Score 500,000 points on a song - 30 GP
    Roadie - Unlock The Rat Cellar - 10 GP
    New Kid - Unlock The Blackout Bar - 10 GP
    Young Gun Unlock Red Octance Club - 10 GP
    Axe Grinder - Unlock Rock City Theatre - 10 GP
    Shredder - Unlock Vans Warped Tour - 10 GP
    Rock Star - Unlock Harmonix Arena - 10 GP
    Guitar Hero - Unlock Stonehenge - 10 GP
    Dimebag Darrell Award - Get a 100 note streak - 10 GP
    Eddie Van Halen Award - Get a 500 note streak - 30 GP
    Yngwie Malmsteen Award - Get a 1000 note streak - 30 GP
    Easy Tour Champ - Beat the Easy Tour - 10 GP
    Medium Tour Champ - Beat the Medium Tour - 30 GP
    Hard Tour Champ - Beat the Hard Tour - 30 GP
    Expert Tour Champ - Beat the Expert Tour - 30 GP
    Sandbox Hero Award - 5* on all songs in Easy - 30 GP
    Most Likely To Succeed Award - 5* on all songs in Medium - 30 GP
    Guitarmaggedon Award - 5* on all songs in Hard - 30 GP
    Start A Real Band Already Award - 5* on all songs in Expert - 30 GP
    Rock School Grad - Complete All Tutorials - 10 GP
    Scoremonger Award - Get an 8x Multiplier - 10 GP
    Perfectionist Award - Get 100% on a song - 30 GP
    Rock Snob Award - Refuse to play an encore - 10 GP
    Long Road Ahead Award - Fail a song on Easy - 10 GP
    Hendrix Award - Beat a song with Lefty Flip on - 10 GP
    Teachers Pet Award - Practice 3 different songs - 10 GP
    Saturday Morning Award - Beat Trogdor and Thunder Horse - 10 GP
    Kick The Bucket Award - Beat Jordan on Expert - 30 GP
    Gear Head - Buy All Guitars - 30 GP
    Fanatical Completionist Award - Buy All Guitar Finishes - 30 GP
    Record Collector Award - Buy all songs - 10 GP
    Life Of The Party Award - Buy all characters - 10 GP
    Fashion Plate Award - Buy all outfits - 10 GP
    Extra Credit Award - View The Credits - 10 GP
    Big Spender Award - Spend $10,000 at the Store - 10 GP
    Scenester Award - Beat all unlockable songs - 10 GP
    Joan and Lita Award - Get a 100 note streak in Co-op - 30 GP
    Joe and Steven Award - Get a 500 note streak in Co-op - 30 GP
    Keef and Mick Award - Get a 1000 note streak in Co-op - 30 GP
    Lennon and McCartney Award - Get an 8x Multiplyer in Co-op - 10 GP
    Page and Plant Award - Get 100% in a song in Co-op - 30 GP
    200k Pair - Get 200,000 points in a song in Co-op - 30 GP
    400k Pair - Get 400,000 points in a song in Co-op - 30 GP
    600k Pair - Get 600,000 points in a song in Co-op - 30 GP
    800k Pair - Get 800,000 points in a song in Co-op - 30 GP
    Millionaire Pair - Get a million points in a song in Co-op - 30 GP
    6.0 Contact Information [#CON]
    MSN/email: hopton13@hotmail.com
    X-Box Live Gamer Tag: hopton13
    Feel free to add me on either of these accounts.
    7.0 Version History [#VER]
    Version 1.0 - May 2nd 2007
    Added Intro, Practice Mode, Career Mode, Character List, Achievement
    List, Contact Information and Version History Sections. Put search function
    in place.
    Version 1.1 - May 3rd 2007
    Changed Layout Of Guide, changed search function, changed intro, added to the
    practice section (put tutorial walkthroughs in place). Changed the layout of
    the career section.
    8.0 Future Updates [#UPD]
    * An FAQ Section
    * Guides on how to play songs
    * Guides on how to unlock each achievement
    Songs you would like to see on Guitar Hero
    Ok, this section is just for fun really, theres songs i'm sure each different
    person would like to see on Guitar Hero II. If you put in any songs you'd like
    to see in the game when you get in contact, i'll post them in the guide, just
    to see what people would like :). In case your wondering, the song i'd pick is
    "Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama" by Alexisonfire :).

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