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    Table of Contents
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Practice
        2.1 Button Overview
        2.2 Tutorials
        2.3 Whammy Bar
        2.4 Difficulty Breakdown
        2.5 Song Practice
    3.0 Career
        3.1 Introduction
        3.2 Getting Started
        3.3 Songs
            3.3.1 Opening Licks
            3.3.2 Amp-Warmers
            3.3.3 String Snappers
            3.3.4 Thrash and Burn
            3.3.5 Return of the Shred
            3.3.6 Relentless Riffs
            3.3.7 Furious Fretwork
            3.3.8 Face-Melters
            3.3.9 Bonus Tracks
            3.3.10 Downloadable Songs
        3.4 Post-Song Information
            3.4.1 Money
        3.5 The Store
            3.5.1 Specifics
    4.0 Multiplayer
    5.0 Xbox Live
    6.0 Tips
        6.1 Terminology
    7.0 Achievements
    8.0 FAQ 
    9.0 Contact Info
    10.0 Version History
    11.0 Thanks and Usage
    1.0 Introduction
    Hello. I am creating this FAQ out of boredom, and because there's 
    only one other. I love Guitar Hero II and I figure this is my best 
    way to pay back, especially to other players that have given me 
    tips. This is my first FAQ, but not my first contribution. I hope it 
    helps you in some way. Feel free to contact me with questions or 
    contributions. My information is at the bottom, under [[6.0 Contact 
    2.0 Practice 
    First off, I'd like to say that practice mode is generally unused 
    among players that I know. It does help, and it can add to your 
    playing experience.
    2.1 Button Overview
    All of the information here is further explained in the tutorials.
    This is just a quick overview of the buttons. I am only explaining in brief.
    Please view the tutorials to see more, or read the section below.
    - Fret buttons, located on neck of the guitar
    Green (lowest note)
    Orange (highest)
    - Strum bar strums notes, navigates menus
    - Start pauses the game
    - Back goes back a menu, activates star power
    - D pad navigates menus, up and down strums
    - Guide button accesses the Xbox menu
    - Whammy Bar distorts pitch
    - Microphone slot for Xbox live headset
    - Ethernet jack for add-on distortion pedals, ect.
    2.2 Tutorials
    At first, I had ignored the tutorials. I found playing was the best 
    way for me to learn. I soon realized I was missing out on 
    information such as hammer-ons/pull-offs.
    - The first tutorial is on playing simple notes. After a little 
    introduction, and a short explanation, it becomes interactive. You 
    are asked to hold any fret button and strum a note. You must do this 
    3 times per note. After that, you will see the playing area. He 
    explains notes will move to you. Then you must hold the green one, 
    and strum it when it comes to you. After this, the same thing 
    happens again, with different color notes. It's not terribly 
    difficult. You then learn about long notes. It's just about the same 
    thing, only holding the fret button. He will then explain chords. 
    It's just as easy, just with two colors at once. Finally, he 
    explains the different meters, or interface, that is viewable during 
    - The second lesson is on Star Power. It is explained fully in the 
    tutorial. The whammy bar is introduced, and I will explain a bit 
    more in section [[2.3 Whammy Bar]]. You learn to execute start power 
    by tilting the guitar. Simple enough, but practice this, because 
    when playing it can be difficult to accomplish at first while still 
    strumming notes. When using star power, you score multiplier on the 
    bottom left will double. If there is no multiplier, it will become 
    x2. If it is 2 it becomes x4, and so on. The highest is x8 because 
    x4 is the limit without star power.
    - The third lesson is Advanced Techniques. You are told about a real 
    guitar. This first talking intro is very helpful. The basis that the 
    lowest note is played when not playing a chord requires you to move 
    your fingers less, which reduces fatigue. He follows this with a 
    lesson on hammer-ons. It is explained in the game. Please note 
    though, that hammer-on and pull-off notes appear with a white top, 
    which you may not notice. While all others requiring strum have a 
    little black ring on them, near the top. Pull-offs are the opposite. 
    It is explained fully in-game. Hammer-ons and pull-offs are very 
    helpful and require practice. Some songs will go 10 or 15 notes 
    without a strum. Note that you may strum a hammer-on/pull-off note, 
    or, if another follows, hammer-on/pull-off that next note. You 
    cannot hammer-on/pull-off a note if the note before it was not 
    2.3 Whammy Bar
    Ah, the whammy bar. I love it. But, what's the purpose? You know it gives 
    you star power by moving it in and out, but how fast should you move it? 
    Currently, I don't believe the speed which you move it changes the amount of 
    star power you get, as long as the whammy is consistent. But what if it isn't a 
    star note? What does it do? Well it distorts pitch. You can use it to make a 
    note sound cool. A whammy bar is used on a real guitar to tighten the strings 
    temporarily to distort pitch and is used by some musicians. The whammy bar has 
    no effect on your score. 
    2.4 Difficulty Breakdown
    Easy - Uses only the green, red, and yellow fret buttons. For 
    beginners, uses few chords and has fewer notes. Farthest chord is 
    two, i.e. green to yellow.
    Medium - Uses green, red, yellow, and blue fret buttons. Has more 
    notes, and is generally for normal player who has played the game a 
    little while. Farthest chord is two, i.e. green to yellow.
    Hard - Uses all the fret buttons. For the experienced player. Fret 
    commands move at the player faster. Has more notes, more chords, and 
    can have 3 fret chords. Farthest chord is 3, i.e. green to blue.
    Expert - Uses all fret buttons. For the seasoned player; the best. 
    Fret commands move at the player faster. Has many notes, many 
    chords, and three fret stretches. 
    2.5 Song Practice
    Practice mode is a very useful mode. You can use it to work out the 
    kinks in your performance in a couple of ways.
    - After you select a song you are asked to choose a part. This is 
    either guitar or bass, or it is lead and rhythm. Guitar and lead are 
    the same thing and they are what is played in songs in career and 
    quick play. Bass is a guitar with a lower pitch, and is normally easier.
    Rhythm guitar is usually a background guitar that doesn't take part in 
    solos, but most notes are generally the same. I find that both 
    rhythm and bass help me to learn a song and find the beat to it. You 
    could always just play them for fun.
    - After selecting your part, you are asked which difficulty. This 
    affects bass and rhythm as well.
    - You are then asked where you wish to begin and end the song. You 
    can choose full song, or select a part you wish to practice. To 
    practice one part, select it twice.
    - Finally, you must select the speed. This slows the entire song, 
    down to the beat, and words are removed. This can help you to find 
    the beat and learn the notes on a song you cannot pass.
    3.0 Career
    Career mode, where it all goes down. You make a band, you choose 
    your star, and you go and play, unlocking songs as you go.
    3.1 Introduction
    Career mode is the heart of the game. You name a band and you go out 
    and play. You play songs, completing however many it says you have 
    to, and then play the encore. You start out small, in a little club. 
    As you progress, you move up through the venues until you play at 
    places like Vans Warped Tour. The road to success is a long one 
    however, because there are many songs you must play. With every song 
    you complete, you get paid $150 for 3 stars, $200 for 4, and $450 
    for 5. You can take this money on to the store. Have fun and play to 
    be the biggest name out there.
    3.2 Getting Started
    Starting a band in this game is so easy, if only it was this way in 
    real life. Just type in your name and you have your band. You must 
    pick a person to play as. This person will play the guitar and be 
    focused on as you play. Each character acts differently, plays 
    differently, and does different things. After you select your 
    character, don't forget to pick your guitar. I'm not positive it 
    matters which one, but pick your favorite. Now you're ready.
    3.3 Songs
    The list of songs. Note that there are no encores in easy, nor is 
    there any under the Face-Melter category. Not all songs will be 
    included on easy.
    3.3.1 Opening Licks 
    Surrender - Cheap Trick
    Possum Kingdom -Toadies
    Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana
    Salvation - Rancid
    Strutter - Kiss
    Shout at the Devil - Motley Crue
    3.3.2 Amp-Warmers
    Mother - Danzig
    Life Wasted - Pearl Jam
    Cherry Pie - Warrant
    Woman - Wolfmother
    You Really Got Me - Van Halen
    Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight - Spinal Tap 
    3.3.3 String Snappers
    Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas
    Search And Destroy - Iggy and the Stooges
    Message In A Bottle - The Police
    Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper
    Them Bones - Alice in Chains
    War Pigs - Black Sabbath 
    3.3.4 Thrash and Burn
    Monkey Wrench - The Foo Fighters
    Hush - Deep Purple
    Girlfriend - Matthew Sweet
    Who Was In My Room Last Night? - The Butthole Surfers
    Can't You Hear Me Knockin' - The Rolling Stones
    Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns 'N' Roses 
    3.3.5 Return Of The Shred
    Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo - Rick Derringer
    Tattooed Love Boys - The Pretenders
    John the Fisherman - Primus
    Jessica - The Allman Brothers Band
    Bad Reputation - Thin Lizzy
    Last Child - Aerosmith 
    3.3.6 Relentless Riffs
    Crazy on You - Heart
    Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart - The Stone Temple Pilots
    Dead! - My Chemical Romance
    Killing in the Name - Rage Against The Machine
    Freya - The Sword
    Stop - Janes Addiction
    3.3.7 Furious Fretwork 
    Madhouse - Anthrax
    The Trooper - Iron Maiden
    Rock This Town - The Stray Cats
    Laid To Rest - Lamb of God
    Psychobilly Freakout - The Reverand Horton Heat
    YYZ - Rush 
    3.3.8 Face-Melters 
    Beast and The Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold 
    Carry Me Home - The Living End 
    Institutionalized -Suicidal Tendancies 
    Misirlou - Dick Dale 
    Hangar 18 - Megadeth 
    Freebird - Lynard Skynard 
    3.3.9 Bonus Tracks
    Raw Dog - The Las Vegas 
    Arterial - Black Drist 
    Collide - Anarchy Club 
    Elephant Bones - That Handsome Devil 
    Fall of Pangea - Valient Thorr 
    Gemini - Brian Kahanek 
    Push Push (Lady Lightning) - Bang Camaro 
    Laughtrack - The Acrobrats 
    Less Talk More Rokk Freezepop 
    Jordan - Buckethead 
    Mr. Fix-It - The Amazing Royal Crowns 
    The New Black - every Time I Die 
    One For the Road - Artillery
    Parasite - The Neighborhoods 
    Count Zero - Radium Eyes
    Megasus - Red Lottery
    Six - All That Remains
    Soy Bomb - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives
    The Light That Blinds - Shadows Fall
    Thunder Horse - DETHKLOK
    Trogdor - Strong Bad
    X-Stream - Voivod 
    Yes We Can - Made in Mexico
    3.3.10 Downloadable Songs
    Songs found in the Xbox Live Marketplace for Microsoft Points.
    Guitar Hero Track Pack 1
    Bark at the Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
    Hey You - The Exies
    Ace Of Spades - Motorhead 
    Guitar Hero Track Pack 2 
    Killer Queen - Queen
    Take It Off - The Donnas
    Frankenstein - The Edgar Winter Group
    Guitar Hero Track Pack 3
    Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Infected - Bad Religion
    Stellar - Incubus
    3.4 Post-Song Information 
    After you complete a song, you will see a page that looks like a newspaper. On 
    this page you will see your rating, 3 (lowest) to 5(highest) stars, your 
    percent of notes played correctly, a continue option, and a  more info option. 
    By clicking more info, you see your number of notes versus the amount in the 
    song. For example, if there are 100 notes in a song, and you hit 90, it looks 
    like 90/100. It tells you the SP (star power) phases you completed. These only 
    count if you hit every star note in the combo from beginning to end. Then it 
    breaks down the different parts of the song into the percent of notes you hit 
    in that part. The highest percent is green. The lowest percent is in red.
    3.4.1 Money
    After you complete each song you earn an amount of money. This money is spent 
    in the in game store. You are paid based on your 3-5 star review. If you play 
    the song and get 3 stars, and then play again and get 5, every time after you 
    play that song, you won't get any money. This is because there is a cap on each 
    song. If you play a song on hard you never played on medium you get the 
    medium 5 star + the amount for the 3-5 stars you just got. 
    I hope this clears up some of the money issues I've been hearing about.
    3.5 The Store
    The store has all kinds of things, from guitars, to finishes, even 
    characters. Take the money you earn, and bring it here, and buy some 
    3.5.1 Specifics
    Guitars $500 - $8000 The instrument your character will play.
    Finishes $250 - $50 Add and new look to your guitar.
    Songs $550 All the bonus tracks.
    Characters $5000 - $7000 Get the three secret characters here.
    Outfits $2000 - Dress up your character in an alternate attire.
    Videos $1500 - Behind the scenes video
    Downloads $ Real Money $ - Buy song packs from the Marketplace here.
    4.0 Multiplayer
    Multiplayer allows you to play with your friends. Here, you can select three 
    different types of games to play. 
    - First is Cooperative. This mode allows you to work together to play a song. 
    One player picks the lead while the other assumes the bass or rhythm guitar. 
    You both are then asked to select a difficulty, independent of one another. 
    This is good if you are not both at the same skill level. 
    You both choose a character to play as and an instrument and its time to start.
    - Next is face-off. You  face each other to see who gets the best score. 
    You pick a character and a guitar, a song, and then a difficulty that is 
    independent of one another. You play to be better than the other person. 
    A meter will move your way if you are playing better.
    - Finally, in pro face-off, you play against each other, almost the same as 
    before, but the difficulty is not independent. You pick one set difficulty. You 
    then play, and it is the same as face off, only you both play the same notes 
    more than in regular face-off.
    5.0 Xbox Live
    Unfortunately, there is no online multiplayer mode. There is a leader board 
    though, where your high scores get posted as you compete for the top place. 
    It stays true to "the difficulty doesn't matter, just get the highest score 
    period," idea because all difficulties are placed together. 
    The only way you can get higher scores is to play more notes, so you have to 
    play expert to really get up there. So start working on that high score!
    6.0 Tips
    Here are some general tips for playing. I hope they help.
    - Practice! Practice! Practice! 
    - If more than one note of the same color is coming, hold it down through both 
    - If there are a series of green notes, then a yellow, and more green, hold the 
    green as you strum the yellow. Remember only the lowest note plays. 
    This doesn't work on chords. 
    - Hammer-ons/Pull-offs are very helpful.
    - Star power makes your rock meter rise about 3x faster per note. Use
    it if you are failing.
    - Chords are worth two notes, 3 fret chords are worth 3 notes.
    - Notes on hard/expert move at you faster, but the song speed does not increase 
    and the beat does not change.
    - You can play lefty. There is a lefty flip option and achievement.
    - You can strum up and down when things get fast. You can not strum up and 
    down really fast and expect to hit every note. Doing this to fast will cause
    you to play nothing and lose your multiplier so be careful!
    - If you feel the notes come to slow or there are too many coming, try the
    hyperspeed cheat. This cheat increases note speed, but also the distance
    between then. It is the equivalent of the 1.5x speed multiplier in DDR. 
    It just makes notes easier to read for some people.
    6.1 Terminology
    This is a list of terms I have seen that people have asked about. There
    aren't many, but I will update as I find some.
    FC - Full combo - hitting every note in a song, beginning to end, without
    an extra strum (Double strum)
    x* - (replace x with a number, 3-5) A rating, 3-5 stars, on a song.
    SP - Star power
    Double strum - Strumming empty space between notes. This will reset your 
    multiplier. You can get 100% but it will not be an FC (see above)
    7.0 Achievements
    A list of the 50 achievements and how to get them.
    100K Club (10)
    100,000 points in a song 
    200K Club (10)
    200,000 points in a song 
    300K Club (30)
    300,000 points in a song 
    400K Club (30)
    400,000 points in a song 
    Champagne Room V.I.P. (30)
    500,000 points in a song 
    Roadie (10)
    Unlock Rat Cellar 
    New Kid (10)
    Unlock Blackout Bar 
    Young Gun (10)
    Unlock RedOctane Club 
    Axe Grinder (10)
    Unlock Rock City Theater 
    Shredder (10)
    Unlock Vans Warped Tour 
    Rock Star (10)
    Unlock Harmonix Arena 
    Guitar Hero (10)
    Unlock Stonehenge 
    Dimebag Darrell Award (10)
    100 note streak 
    Eddie Van Halen Award (30)
    500 note streak 
    Yngwie Malmsteen Award (30)
    1000 note streak 
    Easy Tour Champ (10)
    Beat the Easy tour 
    Medium Tour Champ (30)
    Beat the Medium tour 
    Hard Tour Champ (30)
    Beat the Hard tour 
    Expert Tour Champ (30)
    Beat the Expert tour 
    Sandbox Hero Award (30)
    Earn five stars on all songs in the Easy tour 
    Most Likely to Succeed Award (30)
    Earn five stars on all songs in the Medium tour 
    Guitarmaggedon Award (30)
    Earn five stars on all songs in the Hard tour 
    Start a Real Band Already Award (30)
    Earn five stars on all songs in the Expert tour 
    Rock School Grad (10)
    Complete all tutorials 
    Scoremonger Award (10)
    Get an 8x multiplier 
    Perfectionist Award (30)
    Get 100% notes on a song
    Rock Snob Award (10)
    Refuse to play an encore 
    Long Road Ahead Award (10)
    Fail a song on Easy 
    Hendrix Award (10)
    Beat a song with lefty flip on 
    Teacher's Pet Award (10)
    Practice three different songs 
    Saturday Morning Award (10)
    Beat Trogdor and Thunder Horse 
    Kick the Bucket Award (30)
    Beat Jordan on Expert 
    Gear Head Award (30)
    Buy all guitars 
    Fanatical Completionist Award (30)
    Buy all guitar finishes 
    Record Collector Award (10)
    Buy all songs 
    Life of the Party Award (10)
    Buy all characters 
    Fashion Plate Award (10)
    Buy all outfits 
    Extra Credit Award (10)
    View the credits 
    Big Spender Award (10)
    Spend $10,000 at the store 
    Scenester Award (10)
    Beat all the unlock songs 
    Joan & Lita Award (30)
    100 note streak in Cooperative 
    Joe & Steven Award (30)
    500 note streak in Cooperative 
    Keef & Mick Award (30)
    1000 note streak in Cooperative 
    Lennon & McCartney Award (10)
    8x streak in Cooperative 
    Page & Plant Award (30)
    Get 100% notes hit on a song in Cooperative 
    200K Pair (30)
    200,000 points on a song in Cooperative 
    400K Pair (30)
    400,000 points on a song in Cooperative 
    600K Pair (30)
    600,000 points on a song in Cooperative 
    800K Pair (30)
    800,000 points on a song in Cooperative 
    Millionaire Pair (30)
    1,000,000 points on a song in Cooperative
    8.0 FAQ 
    Here is a list of common questions I have seen or received.
    Q. Does the whammy bar increase your score?
    A. No, it does not. It appears to, but you do not really gain extra points.
    Q. Why don't cheats work? Should they be entered fast?
    A. You must enter cheats fairly quickly. I have had times when I entered them 
    too fast and they did not work.
    Q. How should I hold my fingers when playing hard mode? (I assume expert 
    players already know)
    A. Do what is comfortable to you. I experimented and found that putting my 
    index finger on red, and middle on yellow, and so on was best for me. When 
    hitting green I tend to slide my index finger up or reach. Again, it's 
    personal preference.
    Q. What is the Hyperspeed cheat? Does it affect achievements?
    A. Hyperspeed is a cheat that causes notes to move at you faster, but they
    are spaced out more. It makes some songs easier to read. You do still gain
    achievements when using it.
    Q. How do I beat x song?
    A. There is no way I can tell how to beat a song more than to just practice it 
    and try to get it down.
    9.0 Contact Info
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or additions, 
    feel free to let me know. 
    Entitle the email Guitar Hero II FAQ or something like that.
    Emails are appreciated.
    Email: Darkness1@gmail.com 
    10.0 Version History
    Version 1.0 5/20/07 - General Skeleton guide, first draft.
    Version 1.1 5/23/07 - Added Xbox Live section and tips.
    Version 1.2 5/23/07 - Added another tip, rearranged some text.
    Version 1.3 5/25/07 - Added Thanks and usage info, added a tip, added post 
    song information page.
    Version 1.4 5/25/07 - Added ASCII Art, added button overview
    Version 1.51 5/30/07 - Added a tip, added money issues, testing terminology
    Version 1.52 6/4/07 - Minor changes
    Version 1.6 6/12/07 - Major update. Added FAQ, added a tip, fixed most 
    spelling/grammatical errors, added whammy info, added misc. things, and added 
    two terms
    11.0 Thanks and Usage
    This FAQ is (c) (2007) Alex Mitchell (Darkness922)
    Websites allowed to host this FAQ
    Please do not use the FAQ anywhere else without my permission.
    Please inform me if you see this FAQ anywhere other than the websites listed.
    Thanks to Activision, Harmonix, and RedOctane for Guitar Hero II!
    Thanks to www.360-gamer.com for the achievement list.
    Thanks Ian Smith for Whammy Bar info.

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