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"Excellent. One of the best 360 games out there"

So I had the original guitar hero for PS2. I loved that game and as soon as the 2nd one came out I was itching to buy it but I did not have the money. Afterwards a 360 version was announced and I was like "OMG WTF DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT!!! ON LINE MULTI PLAYER FTW!!!" However of these I was kinda disappointed but read on to find out.

This game is a huge improvement over the first iteration. Hammer ons and pull offs are MUCH EASIER to do from the first one. There are also much more songs. This version for 360 is also a small improvement over the Play Station 2 version. There are ten more songs exclusive to the Xbox version. The graphics are better, crisper, shinier and look very nice on my LCD TV.

I actually like the songs from Guitar Hero 2 than the first one but this game has songs for many tastes. There are fewer classic rock songs but the newer songs are great. The game also features songs much challenging than the first one. Songs like Six, Jordan and Freebird are almost damn near impossible for a normal human to beat it on expert. Although I've beaten Six, and Freebird Jordan is almost impossible.

A reason I've docked a point off is because of the challenge. I'm really good at the game but on some songs the jump from medium to hard and hard to expert is just too much. I have no trouble beating Jordan in hard but it's just too much on expert so an inexperienced player may be scared off and just quit the game.

The Xbox 360 version features a new guitar the Gibson X-Plorer. Now when I saw it I thought it'd be better than the Gibson PS2 SG. It looks cooler and I like it better when playing standing up but when sitting down on boring songs one of the edges jabs into my arms. Also, some of the original guitars came defective with the whammy bars. Apparently there are 2 kinds of guitars and the way to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones are where the Ethernet port is located. If it's next to the headset jack you got a good one if it's in the bottom then it's most likely defective. There's also a way to tell them apart from a number in the box. I, unluckily got the faulty one and the whammy bar feels kind of loose and not very whammish. They should have at least tested the guitars before releasing the game.

The game also offers downloadable songs in the future which is an awesome idea. Another pretty great thing is a leader board function. While pretty nice it doesn't make up the fact there's no on line multi player or co-op play although lag could have ruined it

Guitar Hero 2 for the Xbox 360 is a great game and so far the best rhythm game ever made. Is tons of fun and co-op with friends locally is great. It also has achievements for Experienced player. You may want to wait until this guitar whammy bar problem is fixed to purchase this game. For those who have it keep on rocking.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/05/07

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