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Gameplay: 10/10

When a colored circle goes down the screen, you hold the fret button that corresponds to the color and you strum when the circle goes inside the clear circle at the bottom of the screen. The game includes over 70 songs and has downloadable content ready to download for a low price online. When your about to lose or you just want some bonus score, you can tilt the guitar upwards like a rockstar to activate star power. This will make every note you hit increase you life meter dramaticly and give x2 score. When you hit 10 notes in a row your multiplier will increase to x2. Hit another 10 in a row and it will increase to x3, then to x4, then to x6, then to x8. The ultimate mission in guitar hero is to get five stars on every song, and multipliers and star power are the only way to do it. In each tier of 5 songs, you must complete 4 songs in order to try the encore song and move on to the next tier. After completing all 8 sets of songs, you can move on to the next difficulty without fear.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are better than the one for PS2 and are great. The lighting effects and animation are great and the characters and guitars look pretty realistic. There not the best the sytem can do, but there still great.

Sound: 10/10

This is a rythym game. The sound is superb. Most of the songs are by cover artists who did very well. All of the songs sound great. All of the bonus songs are done by thier artist, so those are done perfectly.

Multiplayer: 9/10

Multiplayer has three modes: Cooperative, Face-Off, and Pro Face-Off. In Cooperative, one person plays the Bass and the other plays lead guitar.You must both use Star Power to activate and you both share multipliers. You combine your score in an attempt to get a 5 star. In Face-Off, you take turns playing sections of the song, quickly switching off. In Pro Face-Off, you both play all of the notes of the song and the one with the higher score wins. The only thing wrong with the multiplayer is that there is not Xbox Live.

Replay Value: 10/10

The replay value is amazing, but it better be since it's a rythym game. You will be compelled to replay your favorite songs and practice to complete the harder songs.

Overall: 9/10

Definitely buy it. It is a litte expensive, but it's worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/16/07

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