Review by xmunamaniacx

Reviewed: 04/19/07

My Message in a Bottle told me to give this a 9

Before I begin I must warn you. If you have Guitar Hero do not read this review. You would save time by heading to the store right now.

You open your brand new Guitar Hero II. You look at it and say to yourself, "I paid a day's salary for this! It had better be good." You open it and connect it to your Xbox 360. The game starts up and you decide to start off on easy mode. After a few minutes, you will find that you have these thought in your head. "This is so much fun! Are you supposed to ever stop playing?" A few weeks later you find yourself on the infamous medium to hard transition. "Help me!", you yell at the TV. After smashing several guitars you will clear your first hard song. "That was awesome!" This is only th beginning.

Gameplay - 9
Welcome to Guitar Hero! This is where the air guitar stops and the Guitar Hero begins! If you have played the first Guitar Hero, then skip this section, because the gameplay is the same as the first Guitar Hero, only with different songs, and a huge plus. The hammer-ons and pull-offs are much easier.

If you are new to Guitar Hero, then you are in for the ride of your life. The game, as I imagine that you know comes with a guitar (on the PS2, an SG on the 360 an Xplorer). There are five different colored fret buttons. You press the button as you strum on the strum bar to play a note. This is all there is to it. You will find out how star power works in a tutorial, bu lets just say that it will rock your world! This whole game is basically Dance Dance Revolution meets guitar.

Do not listen to anybody that says that the game has no story. The game does. You are the lead guitarist for a band that you get to name (which is very fun) and you earn cash depending on how you play. Once you make it through enough songs in ine venue, you go to an upgraded one, and with you come a whole new set of songs as you work your way up to becoming a legend.

Graphics/Sound -9
The graphics and sound have upgraded since the PS2 version, and have really helped the gameplay. The graphics aren't perfect, but they are great once you notice that the graphics don't matter. The sound, is however a huge improvement. The PS2 had good sound quality. The 360 is even better. You won't be dissapointed.

Play Time/Replayability -10
Playtime isn't really all that long. You could beat easy in a day os so, but the replayability is through the roof. This has more replayability then most fighting games. Beat the game in five hours. Play if for fifty.

Final Recommendation- Buy
This is a must buy if you've got the money. The price might make it seem like it isn't worth it, but go ahead. If you don't buy it you will regret it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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