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"It's a guitar hero 2 freakout!!"

When I traded my 360 mid-Oct. of 06 for a 360, I thought that I should've told my brother to keep it until we play GH2 .Then I heard from my friend that this game was coming to the X360, I was like "No way man!" I actually didn't believe him. Then when I saw the release date of the actual game, I was like "SWEET!" But forget about that, it's GH2, for the PS2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... I mean the X360....*coughs*.

(out of 5 as usual, then turned to out of 10)
How it Presents and Interface: GH2 out-game makes you feel like a rockstar, and in-game makes it feel like a concert. This game puts in a lot of goodies that gives this game the “rock spark”. This game gives you an actual practice mode that's in your so-called room; but you have many options to master that Jordan song on expert or the famous Trogdor song (thank Strong Bad) on easy. Then on the game play, they added fun little features that doesn't suck or make no sense. This includes star power, well which rocker doesn't have any hmm?

Looks: You must be pretty weird if your buying this game for graphics, and if you do- God bless your soul- you're wasting your own time. This game is not made to wow you or make you drool over much. It's decent enough though that you'd actually be willing to “look” at the graphics of the notes though. But at least Activision/ Red Octane/ Harmonix or whoever should've made it better than decent. Just so I feel good of actually buying a triple-neck guitar!!!! If, there was….a triple-neck guitar. But otherwise, it's good, with the funny animations and cartoon feel.

The Guitar Part+ Gameplay: One thing we know for sure, the X-Plorer guitar is good. I didn't even know it was real, and in the game! It has everything in one from the frets, the strum to the whammy. It's also white so it's customizable, that I'm ahead of. I've put in my XBL GT and some stickers to make it my own, if u didn't do it yet, have fun when you do. As for gameplay, you hit short notes, hit more, and hit long notes w/ the possible use of the whammy. On harder difficulties, you're force to use more advanced techniques, which is fun on the other hand. Also, the notes you play are not hard, but some are just off-beat to the actual song. Overall, the gameplay is executed nicely!

Sound(tracks): If Red Octane didn't get this right, then it would fail! Anyways, this game has a good track (even though I've not heard +80% of the songs). Ones I've heard, or are good include Trogdor, Message in a Bottle, Surrender, Beast And the Harlot, Sweet Child O' Mine, Them Bones, Cherry Pie, You Really Got Me, and Woman (who hasn't heard of it?? I heard it on 4 games already!). There are around 70 tracks, so you're bound to like at least a few of them, and they sound good as well.

Lasting Appeal/Popularity in the bottom Verdict

More sections below.

One Player Part and Co-op w/ another: Although this doesn't have any XBOX live game modes (sighs), don't “fret” about it (get it, fret??!?!!). Unless you can't live with it, don't get it. But if you somehow can, GH2 provides an awesome single player segment for you to rock on with. First, most of you guys will go on a tutorial, one way or another. From there, there is a career mode where you tour around places and make your band known. There are 4 difficulties, they all range in song numbers, whether you get money, so on.

If you by any chance get to expert on career, (which'll take a while) you can't just get an auto- 5 star performance. This is where practice mode comes into play. From then on, it will be your best friend. Other than that, there's a free play mode, and co-op where you can rock against whoever you're with, or go co-op on a song, hoping you guys end up hating each other LOL.

X360 Achievements: this game has good achievements for some junkies or addicts to collect. There are some that should be there, like beating career, practice, perfect a song. There are some that includes buying all of something, getting notes streak, points in a game, and co-operative ones too. As well, there are cool ones to get like beating a song Jimmy Hendrixx style, and beating Jordan on expert (that's a pain).

Overall, Guitar Hero 2 is a game a lot of people should have on their 360 collection. It makes an excellent port from the PS2, and gives 360 players a chance to experience something special- rockin' out that is, GH2 style!

Presentation/Interface: 4.6/5 Looks: 4.3/5
Guitar playing: 4.8 Music: 4.7
Lasting depth: 4.7 Popularity: 4.7
Offline, solo or co-op: 4.8 X360 Achievements: 4.7

Overall: 4.7/5 = 9.5/10>>10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/07/07

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