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"You Wanna Rock? Then do so, by all means!"

When the original Guitar Hero came out in 2005, people went nuts. I mean, nothing like it had never been done before on a home console system! A guitar shaped controller. Sure, it made you look like a nerd playing it, but you did not care, because you were having to much fun. The next year, a sequel, Guitar Hero II, was released. It took everything that made Guitar Hero 1 great and improved upon it, while fixing the self-admittedly shoddy hammer-on and pull-off system. More songs, more characters, more everything. And now, GHII has arrived on the 360. But is it merely a pretty port, or worth buying all over again?

Graphics: Considering you're playing a music game, graphics don't mean all that much. But all the same, Red Octane delivered, with crisp graphics that may not be top of the line 360 graphics, but are naturally much better than the PS2 graphics. 9/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is very tight. The easiest difficulty, Easy, is very simple . But then you get up to Expert, and you will commence tearing your hair out in frustration, especially if you never played the original Guitar Hero or Guitar Hero II on the PS2. However, you will be having a blast the entire time. 9/10

Sound: You're playing a music game. What is the most important aspect? Sound. And here, the game will blow you away. With over 70 songs from different artists, there is something for everyone. My sole complaint is that with the exception of the bonus songs, Dead! by My Chemical Romance, Possum Kingdom by The Toadies, Stop by Jane's Addiction, and John the Fisherman by Primus, all of the songs are covers. This would not really bother me, except for the fact that some of the covers, like Killing in the Name, are butchered. However, this is Guitar Hero, not Singstar. 9.5/10

Story: Non-existent, but who cares? 1/10

Extras: With the porting of Guitar Hero II, the 360 version got ten new songs,
online leaderboards, DLC, and a very cool guitar, modeled after the Gibson Explorer. Also, very shiny graphics. 10/10

Overall: This game is a must have on the 360. Have a 360? Buy it. Have it already on PS2? Sell it, the use the money to buy this. It is well worth the extra $10. Be warned, however. This game will over-run your life, eliminate friends, and ruin your sociability. But true guitar heroes do not need friends...


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/29/07

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