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"Guitar Hero 2; The wanna be rockstars dream!"

Guitar Hero, first launched on PS was genious. Not only that, they came out with a second game, Guitar Hero 2. Playing it is fun, enjoyable, and all around awsome. The selection of songs, although they could be better, appeal to everyone who enjoys the rock music genre. Playing the game with a friend or at a party to show off your skill for everyone is great. Yet, the only problem is that once you play the game and beat its Easy, Medium, and Hard mode you are forced into Expert mode which is, ofcorse, for Experts. Yet, even if you get through half of the mode, it gets nearly impossible.

Not only that, the selection of songs should have included the selection from the first one including all of the new hits for the second, thus adding an extended amount of play. No, not adding to the venues for Career mode, but adding to The Store, more to buy meaning more to play for more "money" to earn. Even worse, there is a noticable lack of Metal songs within the game play. Why? Metal is defined by guitar in most songs, in fact, the metal genre is made by thrashing the guitar. Not only does the lack of Metal cause such problems, but also the lack of other rock music genres. Certain songs help define the use of the guitar, its notes, its sound. Why is it that these genres were so left out?

Not only does a lack of genres and songs bring the game down, but in Career mode you should be able to go to more places and play more songs, thus adding to the amount you earn for The Store. Unlocking new cities and playing in the 'big' ones should further your career mode, but being able to go to some town outside of popular would have added to the game play.

All together the game litterally rocks, although once you get through it all you notice that it gets rather dull failing the same song on Expert fifteen times over because its impossible. And, even if you get past that, you still must deal with the limited selection and that is rather...lame.

Lets hope Guitar Hero 3 is even more awsome, with five times the songs, as Guitar Hero 2.

Guitar Hero 2, rocking out at a 8 outa 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/19/07

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