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Have you been waiting to be a rock star, but the fact you can't play a D-chord is holding you down? It's alright, the good folks a Red-Octane and Harmonix have supplied us with a way to feed our inner rock star. From the opening song, Surrender, all the way to the encore finale Free Bird, this game provides a fun experience.

Gameplay: 4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

In such a hands-on game, game play is possibly the most important factor. The game literally allows you to play along with the guitar riffs of each song, using colored notes that scroll by on the screen. If you don't have the specially made X-Plorer controller that game bundled with the game, your missing out on the thing that really makes this game fun! It has the player strumming and rocking to each song, holding down the correct fret and playing the note.

The game is programmed to let the player hold down lower notes on your fretboard while playing higher ones, just like a real guitar, adding to the realism of the game. This technique is basic technique to a game with several other ways to master the game. Hammer-ons and pull-offs are other cool things that were added into the game. The player can be taught to do such things in the tutorials that were built in, or if their really guitar-gods, can just pick it up and do it.

Things like chords, hammer-ons and pull-offs make this game realistic and play a huge part in the game play of the game. Without such features, this game would simply be another DDR clone, but luckily Guitar Hero, (the original,) and this all retain a special quality of playing that just makes it fun for people of all ages.

Sound: 5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Well, in a game "Guitar Hero 2," you would obviously have all sorts of tunes to play ranging to classics such as "Message in a Bottle," by the Police and "Sweet Child of Mine," by Guns and Roses, all the way to more modern songs like "Dead" by My Chemical Romance. With such a range of music, along with over 24 bonus tracks to unlock, this game really appeals to people of all ages. Metal is extremely prominent in the later stages of the game, showcasing bands such as Megadeth and Avenged Sevenfold but even bands like Kansas and The Allman Brothers Band have songs in the game as well. Very few of the non-bonus songs are master tracks though, leading to a small downside, but in some songs you can't even hear the difference.

With such a wide variety of tunes to play, tagged along with amazing quality covers and recording, Guitar Hero 2 gives good name to music games everywhere.

Unlockables and other bonus shenanigans: 4 Stars out of 5 Stars

The game offers not only a huge list of 24 unlockable songs, ranging to the extremely difficult Jordan by Buckethead all the way to the almost comedic Elephant Bones by That Handsome Devil, but it also allows the player to make their main rock star different. With tons of guitars of all brands and rock eras, a rock fanatic would go crazy. Crazy finishes for each guitar really add to the fun as well, like unlocking Zakk Wylde's guitar and guitars that legends like Paul McCartney and Jimmy Page would use. There are 8 characters to play as throughout the game, and 3 are unlockable to use. With 2 outfits for each of the original 5, you can find a combination that fits your tastes and personality. Between outfits, songs, guitars, finishes and even 2 "making-of" videos, your going to spend a long time unlocking each item in the game.

Replay Value: 5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Guitar Hero 2 will have you playing for hours on end, trying to nail that solo or learn those chords to finish the career mode. On lower difficultly levels, like easy and normal, the fret-button use is narrowed to only 3 or 4 frets, whereas hard and expert levels will have you using all five buttons. Just beating the game on normal is just going to leave any gamer craving for more of a challenge. It's one of those sorts of games that will keep you playing for several weeks at a time, working to get up to the next difficulty, ultimately culminating in expert mode. But beating it on expert isn't the end! There's scoring systems in the game to rank your score on Xbox Live, where you can brag about how you can get 300,000 points on Beast in the Harlot, or how your in the top 5000 All-Time in career score. 5-starring songs will get you extra money in career to buy more songs and other unlockables from the store, and you can get several achievements by doing so.

Overall, Guitar Hero 2 has tons of replay value that will keep you going until your a master at the game.

Overall Score: 4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars (9/10)

Guitar Hero 2 has high quality covers of songs you want to play, and allows even the average soccer mom to rock out like star on stage. With unlockable songs, characters, and even outfits, a scoring system with bragging rights and a kick-butt guitar controller, this game will keep you playing for a long time to come, and set a standard to be met in music and rhythm games everywhere.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/07

Game Release: Guitar Hero II (Game only) (US, 10/28/07)

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