How do i unlock the skulls on halo wars?

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    wegmister - 8 years ago

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  1. What you need to do on each mission to make the skull appear

    01- kill 100 grunts
    02- kill 20 jackal snipers
    03-kill 45 hunters
    04-kill 50 elites
    05-kill 5 wraiths
    06-kill 50 banshee's
    07-kill 10 locust
    08-kill 750 infection forms
    09-kill 20 flood stalks
    10-kill 350 swarms
    11-destroy 100 sentinals
    12-kill 12 spirit transports
    13-kill 10 bomber forms
    14-kill 20 vampires
    15-kill 3 scarabs

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  1. As far as i know (and this is rumours) there's several things to do

    Firstly in eacg mission you'll get a kill count (like mission 1, kill 100 grunts)

    Then a special item like a black box or such will appear.

    After you've picked up the black box the skull will appear on the map.This is just what i've tried to make out of the garbled miscommunications in the forums, it may be that its different to each mission.

    Hope that helps in some way :S

    User Info: Parallel_Raven

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  2. Once you've completed the optional kill so many of a specific unit, the skull will appear on the map. A notification will briefly appear on the mini-map when you have completed the objective.

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    rinzero - 8 years ago 12 1
  3. There is a black box already located on each level.
    The skulls have to be unlocked by, like Parallel_Raven said, completing the bonus objective, usually a kill count of some kind.
    The skull will then spawn at a certain point on the map and will ping its location for a couple of seconds on the minimap. The spawn location is always the same.
    How ever just completing the bonus objective is not enough, once the skull has spawned you need to have a unit go and pick it up.

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  4. Thanks cole251187 thats helped me as I just got the game today.

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  5. From what I know of the game, and have seen. The skull appears after you complete the secondary objective to get the achievement for that mission.
    In mission one, get the achievement: Everything's better with bacon, and the skull will appear.
    In mission two, get: Endless fun, and the skull appears.
    Don't forget, you must pick it up before the mission ends.

    (details gained from achievement hunter videos found at

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  6. Like Cole said, you have to complete all the secondary objectives for the skull to appear on each level. The black box on the other hand is just slyly hidden.

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  7. Like rinzero said, to get the skull to appear, you ONLY need to get the certain amount of kills secondary mission. After you do this, a notification alert will appear on the mini-map, which will tell you where the skull is. Just so you know, quite a few of the skulls will require flying units or a pelican transporter to reach.

    User Info: Gaberdude

    Gaberdude (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0

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