How do I get past the scarab?

  1. I think its mission 7. i cant seem to beat the scarab that is being contructed. by the time i take out the nodes and start attacking the scarb, its at half health and it destroys my base

    User Info: Brashay

    Brashay - 8 years ago

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  1. You have to be fairly quick at destroying power nodes on the higher difficulties.

    Some tips on how I did it include;

    1) Using a warthog to scout power nodes then launching a mac cannon shot (it will insta-kill the power node). You can take out far-away nodes pretty quickly like this, but you'll guarantee the death of that lone scout warthog unless its Forge (but I wouldn't send him)!

    2) Once all power nodes are out split your entire force into two groups and send one to the left corner next to the super scarab and one to the right corner. Grab a few warthogs and use them to distract the slow searchlight (make it chase them by dashing in and out). You'll lose a few hogs but it'll keep the searchlight (and therefore the super scarab gun) off your main force/s as they open a big ol' can of whoop ass gradually!

    User Info: Newwby

    Newwby - 8 years ago 9 1


  1. Use mac shots on it as well in the spirit of fire menu make sure your warthogs have gauss cannons go to the left of it and fire at it and when it faces you just go to the other side cause the warthog is too fast for it too keep up

    User Info: cole251187

    cole251187 - 8 years ago 4 5
  2. Easy: Just keep sending Mac Strikes about 5 times be quick because they destroy the barrier if lucky you may get the achievment
    Normal: Just keep building either Warthogs or Scorpion
    Heroic: Try destroying all power Nodes so it's not that powerful and would take longer to move so build Warthogs and send Mac strikes if you got resources
    Legendary: Do the same as Heroic

    User Info: torrterra

    torrterra - 8 years ago 4 1
  3. To destroy that scarab u need to use warhogs that has been upgraded with gause cannons to take out the power nodes.

    Once the nodes are downs the scarabs searchlight will move slower and you will be able to send warhogs to destroy that scarab

    User Info: generial

    generial - 8 years ago 0 1
  4. Or make a lot of tanks and 1 warthog
    Place the tanks to the left or the right of the scarab
    and your warthog on the other side
    then let your warthog drive throught the beam and get him back, the beam will follow your warthog and wil not damage your tanks

    User Info: Number007

    Number007 - 8 years ago 0 1
  5. Here's what I did...

    1) Build up a solid army of warthogs and a few tanks and have at least 1 set of marines on the ground, the warthogs can get to the power nodes faster than anything else.

    2) Don't be afraid to lose some warthogs in the fight, keep getting back to your base and pumping out a few more

    3) send your marines to the sniper tower that the covenant use towards the middle of the map, once the Scarab sees these men it will keep shooting at this station and cannot kill them, so it leaves both his right and left sides open to attack from your army...use the Mac blasts to defend your base from the covenant atttack

    hope this helps

    User Info: mthorne331

    mthorne331 - 8 years ago 1 2
  6. I only complete this mission once on normal.
    I more agree with answer by "number007" i did same thing as he is.
    but i keep all tank, warthog on right side. then have one warthog lure scarab blast line while right side vehicle keep fire at.

    User Info: DragonShaw32

    DragonShaw32 - 8 years ago 0 1
  7. 1.) immediately build a vehicle depot and fill everything else with heavy supply pads
    2.) churn out 8 scorpions max and 10 warthogs with gauss cannons, take your gauss hogs around the map destroying power nodes
    3.) send everything you've got towards the Scarab
    4.) move your units so that it triggers the beam, but doesn't get hit by it
    5.) use a few wolverines if the banshees give you trouble
    6.) use macs on locuts and switch some of your warthogs to locust control if need be

    User Info: RagnarokGX

    RagnarokGX - 8 years ago 0 0
  8. The first part of this mission is all about using your time effectively. Warthogs and Scorpions are the only thing you are going to need. You will want to send you Warthogs to the left, as soon as a node is sight, MAC blast it. This is the only purpose the Warthogs served for me. The Scorpions should go around the right, working there way to the alcove in the top right, destroys nodes with canister shells as they go. It is best to send them in groups of two or three, so you can hide them easier. Keep a constant production of Scorpions to make up for the ones you are sure to lose. If you do not lose any, use the extra Scorpions to gain control of the map, as they seem to be the most effective vehicle here. Once they are in the alcove, and the light beam has been slowed to a speed you are comfortable with, maneuver them within range of the Scarab as soon as the beam is out of the way. Spam canister shells and MAC blasts until the beam starts to come back, when it does, order the Scorpions back to safety. This is what I did and it seemed to work pretty well.
    (I found the best use for the Rhinos you start with in the begging is to assist the warthogs with destroying nodes, they also function fairly at cleaning up the nodes your Scorpions missed on the way up to the alcove.)

    User Info: pickleman12

    pickleman12 - 8 years ago 0 0
  9. I immediately upgrade my reactor so I have max tech, then build a Field Armory and the rest Supply Pads, which you should upgrade as soon as they finish building. During that time use Forge and your marines and hog to collect the crates surrounding the base. After that, build 4 turrets and equip them with rail guns, then use the Field armory to upgrade them (you can also buy the Reserves upgrade, but it's optional). Once you're done with it, recycle the Field Armory and get another Supply Pad. Keep the Rhinos and Scropion you started with at the base.

    Buy all the Warthog upgrades and build 2. Send the 3 hogs and Forge out to kill power nodes and Locusts. Meanwhile, get the upgrades for the Scorpion and Cobra, then build 4 of each. When the hogs have killed all of the power nodes and any other Covie forces on the map, send the armor to the far right side of the map, where the Black Box is located; it's really hard to miss. Keep them their until the searchlight gets to them, and then starts to move away, then attack. DO NOT LOCK DOWN THE COBRAS. This may seem like a good idea, but it will make retreating from the beam all the harder. Repeat the process until the Scarab goes down.

    User Info: Moofonza

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  10. I did it on Normal, and I didnt bother with scorps, just too darn slow if you ask me. I built up as many warthogs as I could with Gauss canons and just sent em down to the head with forge. Keep em parked on one side for as long as you can, as the beam sweeps by, move em all the way to the other side through the beam, you shouldnt lose too many and the light will give up part way and go back to moving. Couple that with firing MAC blasts, and replacing lost warthogs when some die.... Lather Rinse Repeat until dead, and I don't believe I had to destroy any nodes to do it either.

    User Info: Omega21487

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  11. While attacking, make sure you research the following respectably.

    1. Scorpion Canister shot
    2. Base Turrets (Flame Mortar)
    3. Wolverine upgrades

    Assuming that the scarab is facing you, send out two scorpions to the power nodes to the right side of the map. The first two power nodes are easy to take out, but you may encounter problems when you move to the third. You can either use a MAC blast (not recommended) or you can send an additional scorpion to focus more firepower on the two locusts behind the node. Once you've done this, you'll want to do the same thing to the left side of the map while keeping in mind that the lower nodes are harder to reach. I would recommend using a MAC round to destroy it.
    With all power nodes gone, the scarabs head moves slower than an obese hunter. Send a couple of wolverines to the scarab so they can clear the sky of the banshees and have your plasma rhinos follow. Hopefully, you've upgraded your scorpions with their canaster shot, and wolverines with thier twin launchers. Mass your tanks and wolverines to either side of the scarab and keep an eye out for its spotlight. When the light moves toward one group, move them to the other side of the head. Rinse and repeat.

    User Info: Heikabuchi

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  12. Build tankes with the fully upgraded bases and attack with all the tanks. that sould do the job or well it did with me.

    User Info: aferrebee2290

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  13. To get rid of the "super scarab" build your army consisting of warthogs with gauss cannons and scorpions upgraded with the power turret. My brother used cobras becuz they r anti-vehicle, but i dont recommend using cobras. whenever u get extra resources, use them to use the mac blast after upgrading it from the field armory. do not attack the "super scarab" until u have your army maxed out at 40. if u build marines, leave them at your base to attack locusts. once u destroy the power nodes go full assault or dont destroy the n odes and get the achievement.

    User Info: Rockgod208

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  14. Don't use warthogs to fight the scarab, and don't upgrade them. First thing, build a reactor, and the rest supply pads. After this build all four turrets, or at least the three that are facing attackable sides. Upgrade the one in the lower right hand corner of your base (the one nearest the wall of ruins) to be anti-vehicle, upgrade the other two to anti-infantry. Also lock down your two plasma tanks. One on the bottom edge of the base, and one on the right hand edge. These will probably end up dead, but they will hold off annoying locusts as well. Then upgrade three of the supply pads and the reactor. While this is building/upgrading, train a single warthog unit. Send this unit past the ruins and all the way to the edge of the map. Slightly above the scarab to find the most distant power node, and kill it with a mac blast. You have to be quick with it, that warthog won't last long. Once the reactor is to level two, and you have a decent amount of supplies, build two vehicle depots and lock down the base. (This isn't really mandatory, but it keeps me from sending out small groups of scorpions to get killed) Then train as many scorpions as you can and research the canister shell ability. This may take 3 tech levels, but it is a necessity, so temporarily destroy a supply pad if need be. After you have a decent number of scorpions trained, and their special researched, unlock the base and let them roll out. I forgot to mention this, but while waiting for your scorpions to complete training, use a single warthog to find and destroy power nodes with the MAC gun. Although you can't see the nodes through the fog of war, you can see the power cables on the ground, just follow these cables until you find a node. The only nodes that you don't need to worry about are the two closer to the bottom of the map, and the one to the scarab's left, right beside it. Also while training units, build a barracks, ans research new blood and rpgs. The new blood isn't that important, but even marines pack a punch with rpgs. With the other four nodes gone, send all of your scorpions around the ruins (towards the bottom), and destroy the nearby node. Then follow the power cords to the next node, and kill it as well. The nodes and locusts will both fall fairly quickly under the combined fire of so many scorpions, and their special rocks. Once that node is destroyed head to and destroy the last one, the one right next to the scarab, then just open fire on the scarab itself. If you want to you can actually move your scorpions back and forth to avoid the laser, but I just let them sit there and take it because I could train more anyway. As the scorpions die train more, and marines as well. The marines, while no where near as effective as the scorpions, can weaken the scarab with rpg ability, and can take out any banshees that the tanks are fairly vulnerable to. They are also faster than the tanks, so they can get to the scarab faster, and dodge the laser better if you want to do that. Just keep this up and the scarab will die, it does take a while, however. Use mac blasts whenever they recharge, but they don't really do that much either. If this strategy doesn't work because locusts overrun your base, do the same thing except after destroying all of the nodes, don't fight the scarab. Roll around the map utterly obliterating the locusts with your army of tanks. It is also advisable, although not necessary, to build a field armory and upgrade the turrets. However, the strategy I laid out should work. It took me three attempts to gain a working strategy, but I did kill the stupid thing.

    User Info: ltdragon93

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  15. What happened to me was their was a sniper lift in front of the ancient temple and somehow the game i guess glitched and the scarab kept attacking it cuz it had some marines in it. I destroyed all the nodes and set 3 scorpions on the left side with marines and a warthog and on the right side just marines and some i was home free cuz the scarab didnt attack my marines or the scorpions. it just focused on the lift. so i used mac blast as soon as it was done and i used Y to use their took a long time but i got it done.

    User Info: kingkong1239

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  16. There are blocks on the map, hide behind them. You should destroy the power cells to slow down the movement of it first if anything.

    User Info: GnR546

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