Accessing the Honor Guard Wraith/Flaming Warthog From Limited Edition?

  1. Hi,

    I've got the Limited Edition but seen as I've not got Live I asked a friend of mine to put the content on my hard drive. I've checked and the Honor Guard Wraith is indeed there and takes up I believe 56k.

    I had a look on the forum and someone said you access the exclusive content either the Warthog or Wraith from the skulls section in the pause menu. After checking the skulls section I am still having no luck so thought I'd ask you all a few questions so everyone will know how to access the exclusive content.

    1) Do you still need to be connected to Live to access the content even if it's downloaded to your hard drive?
    2) Does the content work for both multiplayer online and against AI in skirmish mode?
    3) Do you have to be a particular leader for the content to be shown?
    4) Are there any specific buildings you need to create to get the content to work?
    5) Does the content work on all maps or just a few?

    I thank you in advance.

    User Info: PhilR1

    PhilR1 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Yes my friend downloaded it to my hard drive on his console. He has done this with Shivering Isles from Oblivion including the latest Oblivion patch and it works no problems at all on my console.

    I have checked again last night in the skulls section to see if the Honor Guard Wraith vehicle is there and no it is not.

    That is why I asked if you actually still needed to be connected to Live even if the content is on your hard drive as well.

    Do I need to be connected to Live on my console whilst accessing the exclusive content to make it work then? I can think of no other reason why it wouldn't work.

    Seems strange that you would have to if the content is already on your hard drive but I don't really understand these matters!

    User Info: PhilR1

    PhilR1 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok so I've finally found out why I can't access the Honor Guard Wraith even though the content is on my hard drive so I'll explain it here and hopefully if anyone else has the same situation as me they won't suffer the same problem.

    As mentioned earlier I haven't got Live so asked a friend of mine if he could put the content on my hard drive for me. He used his console to do this and when I tried to find it in the skulls section it wasn't showing.

    Someone over on the Halo Wars board finally gave me the answer and you can see what he said here :-

    Basically when you download the exclusive content you need to use the 360 you actually want to access the content on because when you download it, the content and the serial number of the console has to match up. So even if you have it downloaded on your hard drive it WON'T be accessible if someone else put it on for you on their machine. I was also told this has been a problem for the GTA IV Lost & Damned content too so please be aware of this if you haven't got Live and want a friend to help you out. Make sure you give your friend your 360 as well.

    Am closing this question now.

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    PhilR1 - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. When you pause the game during gameplay it is under the skulls section, just activate them and it should work

    User Info: Electrix13

    Electrix13 - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. What do you mean he downloaded it to your hard drive? If he downloaded it for you on his console with your hard drive, you may have to sign into live in order to access the content.

    User Info: AzOnez87

    AzOnez87 - 8 years ago 0 1

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