How does the Arbiters Rage ability work?

  1. I really want to know because I activate it and it zooms in on Arby and he stops attacking...whenever I make him attack the rage ability goes away again and arby just attacks normally. Just how does this ability work?!

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    marshtomp8 - 8 years ago

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  1. The Arbiters Rage can be a double-Edged sword, as are all the Cov-Leader powers when a match first begins.

    The Arbiters Rage allows you to take actual control of the Arbiter himself, Zooming in on the armor-wearing brusier so you can have a close up view of the carnage (Which is actually very entertaining).

    Depending on your tech level (The level of technology you currently have. This can be upgraded via 'Leader Temple' 'Age of Doubt/Reclemation' and/or Power Generaters.) you can level up and augment the Arbiters powers:
    Lvl 1 Tech: Grants the Arbiter the ability to heal with each kill/Allows damage to be reflected back to opponents
    Lvl 2: Reflected Damage intensifys as well as Damage/Rage costs less to maintain
    Lvl 3: Reflect Damage increases & Arbiter becomes invisible to enemy forces/Rage costs lest and Arbiters power dramaticly increases.

    The Left Thumb stick allows you to move Arby; but keep in mind that the controls are extremely sticky, sometimes causing Arby to get stuck around curves/tall grass/ect. To fix this, just Exit Rage mode (The Y button) and re-enter it.
    The Right Thumb stick allows for attacking. This is even more sticky: If you jiggle and swivle the RTS, the Arbiter will take a flying leap at the nearest enemy and do one of two things:
    Continue to attack with quick, but weak, sword strikes or stop attacking all together.
    Nothing is safe from the Arbiters Rage, not even air units.

    Hornets, Hawks, Banshees, Vultures and Vampires are extremely weak against the Arbiter in 1v1 matches: The Arbiter will leap into the air, latch onto the cockpit of the vehicale and delever a savage, merciless beating until he takes the bird out of the air for good. Now, if you latch onto the flying unit, he'll manually attack, but if you really want to take the flying unit down quick, constantly swivle the RTS, this will cause the Arbiter to hammer the flying unit so hard that it will actually lose altititude and accuracy. Keep in mind, however, that after the flying unit is dead, Arby needs to be on solid ground. If the falling arial unit falls into a casem/mountain/unreachable area, Arby dies with it. Sentinals and Engies are much harder to take down, seeing as for some reason Arby refuses to latch onto them.

    Now, keep in mind that Rage mode drains your cash like no tommorrow. Every single Attack will drain some money, so it's best to have a sizable amount of resoruces before deploying the arbiters Rage, as well as any other cov-leader's ability.

    While Arby is very good against ground/air/any units in rage mode, the UNSC forces each have a nasty little way to spoil your fun. Each have a special ability to drop an EMP sort of weapon that stops Hero abilities for a selected area. When this happens, pull the arbiter out of the blast zone (When dropped, the EMP can easily be seen, as well as the EMP waves it gives off.) and usually, the stupid AI will follow. After you escape the blast zone, you can use your Rage and punish the enemy. The Effect lasts about a minute, or so and takes even longer to reload, so after the EMP is deployed, use the charge up time to seek out the Enemy base with the Arbiter leading a horde of your troops/A Scarab and unleash hell before the enemy has a chance to regain the ability.

    Hope this helps.

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  1. Use the Left Stick on Move Him.

    When enemies are nearby use the right stick in the direction of the enemies to attack.

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  2. Yea its one of the few times you acctually control anything, use the left stick to move the character, and use the right thumbstick to point in the direction for him to jump and attack.

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  3. If you need to take out a base or a few ships and infintry you can move him near a tank for example and all hell will break free on to the tank and take it out quick speed is determind on his upgrades and you can move him around to

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  4. Use the left stick to move him, and use the right stick to attack.

    That is, HOLD the right stick the direction of the enemies. If there are multiple enemies, change targets quickly (move the stick around), as this will cause him to use his jumping attack on them, doing much more damage (I believe it does AOE damage, too). If you stay close to a target and just hold the attack stick, he will stand there and thrash them. Effective, but not as powerful as the jumping attack, which is used when the arbiter is at a short distance.

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  5. Pretty much wat every1 else said except that unsc players can drop a distortion bomb on u so when that happens just grap hum and move him out of the aoe, 1 useful trick is to get his camo, then just move him behind enemy lines and tele all ur troops on him, then engage sum of the enemy troops away from the base. most people and all the ai's will drop a Dbomb on him just move him outa the way, activate rage mode and rip at their base

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  6. The Arbiter's Rage ability allows you to control the Arbiter on a more "personal" level. You move the left thumbstick to move the Arbiter, and press the right thumbstick to attack in that direction. In Rage mode, the Arbiter does immense amounts of damage. However, using Rage mode will continually drain your resources, it's somewhere between 2 and 5 per second and 10 to 25 per attack. If you're out of resources, the announcer will say "out of resources. Power terminated". Also, one of the UNSC leaders (I believe it's Professor Anders) has a support ability that cancels out moves such as the Arbiter's Rage and the Prophet's Cleansing Beam.

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