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"Halo Wars, A Great Console RTS"

Halo Wars is a console RTS (Real Time Strategy) where you either play strategically, or fail miserably. In Halo Wars you can pick from either the Covenant or the UNSC. Covenant are the "aliens" and are controlled by 3 heroes that you can choose from. They are the Arbiter, Brute Chieftain, and Prophet of Regret. UNSC are the marines, like spartans and other units, also with 3 heroes you can choose from. They are Captain Cutter, Sergeant Forge, and Professor Anders.


Ok, it's not too common that you come across a good console RTS (Real Time Strategy) game often, yet alone any console RTS game. Halo Wars sets the standards for console RTS games to come. It contains an amazingly created campaign mode, and a skirmish mode for players who just want to head right into the battle and have fun. There's 2 game modes, deathmatch and standard, and lots of maps to choose from. The difficulty ranges from Easy - Normal - Heroic - Legendary. Easy is great for beginners and helps you start off well, while Legendary will test your every skill to beat the computer. The controls are great and you can always adjust the camera to your liking, making gameplay a breeze to get used too.



There are 15 missions in campaign. Each mission is incredibly different with multiple tasks to perform to get the job done. It always gives you variety to choose from and you can play it differently everytime. There are side-goals on every mission that you can choose to do them or just pass, doing them will increase your score a bit at the end but they take a little more time. There is also a collectible on each mission level, called a Black Box. It will unlock a point on the Halo Timeline for you to see on the main menu. There is also a skull on each map, that you can achieve by doing a side-goal then finding the skull hidden somewhere on the map. The campaign isn't too long, but it's fun while it lasts and has a bit to do.


Graphics / Sound

To start out, the graphics are amazing. Every unit and hero has their own way of fighting that differs on how you use them. The covenant hero's perform jaw dropping combos that are so cool to watch too. Explosions look amazing, training units is incredible, and watching a base fly in to help expand is just awesome. The sound is nothing short of great too. Everything sounds perfect to fit the unit, structure, power, etc. This game looks amazing, feels amazing, and sounds amazing.



With skirmish, campaign, online, and all the collectibles you can get, this game will be in your disc tray for a while. There's so much to do, and with planned DLC in the future we can look forward to more. If you have friends that own this game, and an Xbox Live connection you will have loads of fun either playing against them in a private match, or with them against other players online for a spot on the leaderboards. This is a great console RTS and will be played for a long time.


I would recommend this game to any Halo fan, and to any RTS fan that owns a 360 and is looking for a new game. There's so much to do, the graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth, and all together it's an experience you won't want to miss out on. As said earlier, this is a game that will set the standards for future console RTS games for sure. So go out, and fight (strategically) for the title of Halo Wars king.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/09/09

Game Release: Halo Wars (US, 03/03/09)

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