Review by Leuie12

Reviewed: 01/05/10

Not the greatest

When I first bought Halo Wars I thought I was in for a fun and detailed game, I was wrong. Ensemble Studios latest RTS game tells the story of the UNSC "Spirit of Fire" and their first battles with the Covenant (A merciless group of aliens hell bent on the destruction of Humanity), set about 24 years before the events of Halo CE.

Game play: 6/10
The problem with this game is that it is not very in-depth. I mean there are 20 base units (10 to a side) and 12 leader units while in other RTS games there are like 20 units to a faction at least. Base building is refreshingly different from Command and conquer or Supreme Commander with only a limited amount of build sites for each base site and some very effective upgrades that actually make a difference and a population limit prevents lag. The leader units are fairly good but will not usually turn the tide of a game.

Controls: 10/10
The Controls is where Halo Wars truly shines is the extremely simple controls. Most RTS game on the Xbox 360 so far had complicated controls but Halo Wars hopefully set the standard for any future RTS games for the Xbox 360.

Graphics: 8/10
With a high level of detail and stunning environmental and background graphics along with great attention to detail of units Halo Wars scores strongly in graphics and details.

Story: 6/10
An engaging but eventually dull story seeing as it is only told through the UNSC. Had it also been told by the Covenant it would have made for a far better story because there would have been two sides to the same story with different parts. A redeeming feature is the pre-rendered cut-scenes.

Campaign: 8/10
Enjoyable but on many levels there are repetitive objectives. Again, like the story it would have been awesome to play as the covenant and would have offered a challenge if we could play as the flood but they didn't. The flood levels made the campaign different but they were actually far easier than I expected. The coop option was nice a nice additive. Hopefully this will be fixed if there is a sequel.

Multiplayer: 5/10
average is all I can say

Overall: 7/10
I would recommend this game to players are willing to try an RTS and have never played one before or players who like RTS games on the Xbox 360 but don't like the complicated controls of the PC converts.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Halo Wars (AU, 02/26/09)

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