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"If this is fast food, The King would be doing hit-and-runs, not sneaking up on people"

Burger King has always been Number 2 in the Fast Food Wars, as McDonald's remains unphased from the likes of obesity opponents, anti-big business groups, etc. So what is Burger King to do? Why, do what McDonald's didn't by snagging popular endorsements like Star Wars, Spongebob Squarepants, the NFL and making crazy commercials with The King, The Subservient Chicken, Whopper Jr, the annoying rock band, Ugoff the Pointing Guy, etc. Oh yeah, for Christmas season '06, Burger King made Xbox 360 games. Yeah, McDonald's has nothing on Burger King now (McKids doesn't count). You can buy any of the three BK games, or you can HAVE IT YOUR WAY ™ by buying all three…

Sneak King is Burger King's “adventure” game, in which you play as the infamous Burger King and sneak around, delivering food to hungry pedestrians. Start the game up and check out the awesome main menu, in which your only option is to start the game or watch the intro movie with the King rising up from the bottom of the camera (ooo, scary). This exaggerated stealth game has you wandering around, sneaking up behind hungry folks and avoiding their vision cones. Yeah, the people in this game are really “stupid,” but you may get caught somehow. If you are spotted, nothing really “bad” happens; just that the spotter loses his craving and you miss out on valuable points. Yeah, this certainly isn't a groundbreaking game, but the pure fact that you play as The King makes the whole game charming to say the least.

There's four levels in the game—a saw mill, a cul-de-sac, a construction zone, and a downtown place. Each level is split up into twenty missions, and by beating missions, you will unlock the latter levels. Although the missions differentiate in minute ways (i.e. feed five people in less than a minute, only feed women, feed people that are near starvation, etc.), each mission works pretty much the same—you must sneak up behind people and press A to give them food. The King does a little dance, the surprised citizen cheers, the food is delivered. Just like in the commercials, except without the raspy-voiced guy telling you to buy food.

However, high achievers may want to try for A-ranks by getting high scores. You're scored depending on certain factors. The first and most obvious would be the “flourish” you do everytime you deliver food. Everytime you press A, a little meter comes up and you have to time it so the bar is filled—the higher it is, the better your score multiplier. The second would be the hunger of the target. Little thought bubbles over the target's head will change color from green to yellow to red—the closer to “starvation,” the greater multiplier you get. The third would be proximity—walk closer to the target to boost this multiplier. The last would be a chain multiplier—by delivering more food without getting caught, you'll get more points for each delivery.

There's one additional factor, per se, and that is a “hiding” delivery. Basically, around the level, there are places and things you can hide in (doors, garbage cans, boxes, bales of hay, etc). When a hungry person walks by, you can climb out of the hiding spot in a stupid fashion (no “boo” or anything) and give the person the food. This hidden delivery gives five times as many points as a normal delivery, but you have to be exceptionally patient since you have to wait as the starving person walks by.

Really, this game isn't really complex but it's not that bad. It's rather charming to watch the King deliver meals, but the real flaw in this game is that it's way too repetitive. Regardless of the mission, you're handing out food and waiting for people to get hungry before you feed them and whatnot. Yeah, there's eighty missions to get A-ranks on, but there's no free play mode, nor is there any multiplayer. Just missions, and that's not HAVING IT YOUR WAY...

The graphics are good but not spectacular. It was designed for the Xbox at best, except it has a dose of shininess and lighting effects. The King looks good but the rest of the environments don't look very detailed. For instance, the houses in the cul-de-sac don't have much other than a garbage can, a water hose, and the occasional tree house. However, the game runs smoothly with hardly any lag. The sound effects are rather limited. There's a few ditties here and there, as well as a royal tune everytime you make a delivery. The people talk in Simlish when you deliver meals, but that's about all there is for sound. However, for a four-dollar game, this game looks and sounds exceptionally well.

If you like stealth games, you'll probably like this, in some weird way. If you want a Burger King game, this is probably the worst of the three, especially since it doesn't have multiplayer. Still, for just four bucks at most (which is slightly less than the average fast food meal), it makes for some cheesy fun and a great collector's item.

Presentation: 7/10 – It's a Burger King game with The King in a little movie, but yeah, the menu looks cheap.
Gameplay: 6/10 – You deliver food to people and rack up points. It's simple in both a good and bad way.
Graphics: 7/10 – Looks good; it's pretty cheap but it's a lot of effort for an el-cheapo game.
Sound: 6/10 – Blahhh, generic music and sound serve as placefillers at best.
Replay Value: 6/10 – Just a lot of food delivering. A ton of missions but not a whole lot of variety.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/22/07, Updated 07/09/09

Game Release: Sneak King (US, 11/19/06)

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