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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 07/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		K   K  N   N  IIIII   GGG   H   H  TTTTT   SSS
    		K  K   NN  N    I    G      H   H    T    S
    		K K    NN  N    I    G      H   H    T    S
    		KK     N N N    I    G      HHHHH    T     SSS
    		K K    N  NN    I    G GGG  H   H    T        S
    		K  K   N  NN    I    G   G  H   H    T        S
    		K   K  N   N  IIIII   GGG   H   H    T     SSS
    	               OOO   FFFFF    TTTTT  H   H  EEEEE
    		      O   O  F          T    H   H  E
    		      O   O  F          T    H   H  E
    		      O   O  FFF        T    HHHHH  EEE
    		      O   O  F          T    H   H  E
    		      O   O  F          T    H   H  E
    		       OOO   F          T    H   H  EEEEE
    		          N   N  IIIII  N   N  EEEEE
    	                  NN  N    I    NN  N  E
    		          NN  N    I    NN  N  E
    		          N N N    I    N N N  EEE
    		          N  NN    I    N  NN  E
    		          N  NN    I    N  NN  E
    		          N   N  IIIII  N   N  EEEEE
    		        *TES IV: Knights of the Nine*
    The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: Knights of the Nine FAQ/Walkthrough
    For Xbox 360 or PC
    Version 1.05 (7/25/07)
    Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
    (email at the bottom)
    Version 1.0 - got everything I could think of (6/4/07)
    Version 1.05 - updated the contact info (7/25/07)
    Table Of Contents
    Use Ctrl + F to surf around dude! 
    	Section:		Code:
    1. A Brief Foreword  
    2. Controls 			lortnoc  
    3. General Starter Tips 	spitgen
    4. Walkthrough 			rhtklaw 
    	1. Pilgrimage			1001pil
    	2. The Shrine of the Crusader	1002soc
    	3. Priory of the Nine		1003pon
    	4. Stendarr's Mercy		1004stm
    	5. Nature's Fury		1005ntf
    	6. The Path of the Righteous	1006por
    	7. Wisdom of the Ages		1007woa
    	8. The Faithful Squire		1008tfs
    	9. The Sword of the Crusader	1009soc
    	10. The Blessing of Talos	1010bot
    	11. Umaril the Unfeathered	1011utu
    5. Side Quests			stseuqs
    6. Enemies			seimene
    7. Credits/Copyright
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    	Eh, not much to say. A single quest that is relatively short no matter
    how you look at it. A solid addition to the Oblivion family, but there should
    have been a few more of these kinds quests along with it, or something.
    	This is the second step in making my grand Oblivion guide. I'm going 
    backward, and the only thing left is the actually main game itself. This 
    guide and the SI one will be combined with that guide. Hopefully it will be 
    complete before not too long.
    * 2. Controls lortnoc                                                         *
    PC Controls
    Well, for the PC you can't go wrong with any kind of setup.
    Here is mine:
    Activate - E
    Journal - Tab
    Ready weapon - F
    Jump - Space
    Cast - Q
    Attack - Left Mouse 
    Block - Right Mouse
    Grab - Z
    Sneak - C
    Third-Person - Middle Mouse
    Wait - T
    Pause - Esc
    Move - WASD
    Look - Mouse
    Hotkeys - 1: sword, 2: bow, 3: destruction spell, 4: heal spell, 5: summon,
    	and then whatever else
    To make hotkeys, have your mouse over the item in your menu and then press 
    	the number. 
    Caps Lock switches slow and fast moving.
    XBOX 360 Controls
    For all you without books and wanting quick reference for the Xbox 360:
    Activate - A
    Journal - B
    Ready weapon - X 
    Jump - Y
    Cast - RB
    Attack - RT
    Block - LT
    Grab - LB
    Sneak - Click LS
    Third-Person - Click RS
    Wait - BACK
    Pause - START
    Move - LS
    Look - RS
    Hotkeys - Just whatever works for you
    * 3. General Starter Tips spitgen                                             *
    Some advice for playing Oblivion in general, and some helpful tips for 
    entering the Isles.
    General Tips
    *I like to have Armorer, Blade, Conjuration, Destruction, (your favorite) 
    	Armor, Marksman, and Sneak, all as my major skills.
    *Armorer because as you progress through the game you will pick up magic items,
    	and until you reach 50 skill points for Armorer you will not be able to
    	repair them on your own; you can just take them to a local smith, but
    	the Isles tend to send you on long quests.
    *Blade, Heavy/Light Armor, and Marksman because all three are skills you need.
    *Conjuration and Destruction because those are tools you must take advantage of
    	in this game. Conjuration gives you an extra buddy in every fight, and
    	Destruction because you will always want magic as a weapon.
    *I am always partial to Sneak, mainly because it will often get you a free 
    	attack worth X3 the damage; and then you stand up and start fighting
    	with your sword and whatever. Also, you can avoid some encounters and
    	you need to sneak in some quests anyway.
    *You level up by furthering these (or whatever) major skills you choose.
    *Each time you level up, your health increase is relative to your Endurance 
    	stat. Basically, get your Endurance high early and the health will rise
    *Intelligence and Willpower contribute to your Magicka, so increase those as
    *Breton is a good starter race, and The Lady is a solid starter birthsign; 
    	whatever you do as a new player, don't choose the Atronach!
    *It matters a little which gender you choose, but don't worry, it's okay if you
    	want to watch a little girl run around fighting orcs, at least 
    	someone's years of fantasy fiction will come to life...
    *When taking on any of the numerous dungeons, you don't really want to explore
    	the whole thing, there is little need to. You only need to get the 
    	quest done as quickly as possible and retreat. The rewards for all the
    	time and fighting you spend will be small. Just finish quests as 
    	quickly as possible if you want to move onto more, and this game is
    	pumped full of plenty of quests.
    *Make sure to repair your things with Repair Hammers often, and consider making
    	it a habit after every decent battle.
    *Save often no matter what. The computer game glitches up a lot for me, and the
    	only solution I've found is to save often and when a save doesn't load,
    	I just keep going back in my saves until one works. Also, I find it
    	best to save in four blocks for each game, and just overwrite the 
    	oldest ones first.
    *You can (by default) press the T button to fast-forward time. 
    *For you PC players out there, don't play for too long or you might run into
    	crashes like I did. Learn to limit gameplay to avoid messups.
    KotN Tips
    *Just one, if you do this quest, you will either need your own armor set, or 
    	you should have a level 50 skill in Armorer so you can repair the 
    	items you get. If you are unable to repair magic stuff, then you should
    	keep your own armor and weapons along with the Crusader equipment.
    * 4. Walkthrough rhtklaw                                                      *
    This is for the main quest only, on default difficulty settings.
    For all the quests, I will assume you have the quest selected as your active
    quest. Those arrows pointing you along makes my job possible.
    It's not my intention to spoil the game, and if I can I'll try to avoid it
    altogether, but I might slip up here and there. 
    Pilgrimage	1001pil
    The add-on quest starts in Anvil. You can talk with people to hear the rumors,
    or you can just go to the Chapel of Dibella. Approach the guard and then go
    talk with the Prophet across the street; you may want to listen to some of 
    his preaching, but it ain't important.
    **Enter the chapel if you like.**
    Disregard your progress in the game and tell him you have no claim to fame when
    he asks you. You will get a map containing the locations of nine wayshrines of
    the Nine Divine. 
    I will provide a brief rundown of where to go, but use the map you were given
    when in doubt. 
    Arkay - almost directly north of the Brina Cross Inn, which is north of Anvil.
    Mara - a bit northwest of the Cursed Mine, which is west of Skingrad.
    Dibella - a bit south of Chorrol.
    Akatosh - south of Bruma, near the Orange Road.
    Julianos - to the north of the Yellow Road, which is southeast of the Imperial
    Kynareth - on the east side of the world map, where it says "Nibenay Basin"
    	look for the shrine between the 's' and the 'i'.
    Stendarr - northwest of Fort Redman, across a bridge.
    Zenithar - should be able to see this one to the north of Bravil.
    Talos - Follow the coast from the last shrine and keep looking west and you 
    	will eventually see it.
    **You may have run into a Sir Roderic and his sidekick along the way.**
    Watch the scene after you finish the quest (may want to allow subtitles if you
    want to know what he says). 
    The Shrine of the Crusader	1002soc
    You can just walk to the destination from here. Put on any waterwalking and 
    waterbreathing items. Get to the spot and dive under to the sunken shrine.
    About three monsters before you reach the first 'door' in the wall. Be sure to
    pick up the welkynd Stones and check for any small treasures. The button is on
    the wall to the left. Another monster and then make your way to a fork where
    you have a dead-end on the right, so take the left way. And now it's just a 
    matter of fighting your way to the shrine area.
    Proceed until there is a hole in the wall on the left, jump up, fight, and keep
    going until you reach the main room. Check the skeleton for a key, book, and
    a ring. Kill any nearby monsters that may be onto you. Now go back to the dead
    guy. Look to the west to see the broken pillar. Jump up and you should be able
    to jump to the ledge on the wall to the west. You can jump along this and over
    the railing ot easily reach the helmet, and the other treasures near it. Go 
    through the door to the south, kill a monster, and get a chest before you exit.
    You're back in the first area, and you'll have a trio of monsters to fight. Get
    the chest behind the altar on your way to the big room and get the chest to the
    right. Now drop down and follow your trail of destruction to the outdoors.
    Breath the fresh air and then make your way to one of the inns (or where ever
    you have a close marker) and make your way to the priory. 
    Priory of the Nine	1003pon
    This quest pops up when you check Sir Amiel's skeleton. The chapel will heal 
    any afflictions and diseases. Enter the priory. 
    Turn to the left and spot the big circle in floor. Touch it to reveal the 
    steps to the basement. Now enter the undercroft.
    Save before you move forward and get ready for gladiator-style combat. Go to 
    the cuirass and the fight will begin. You face all nine, one by one, and you
    will have a small window between duels to heal and repair. The ghosts aren't
    that tough, so just fight. 
    After you defeat Amiel, the cuirass is free for you to take. Now speak with 
    each knight to learn of the other relics, and be nice to them.
    You'll now have four quests to tackle in any order. Let's start small and then
    get into the more difficult.
    Stendarr's Mercy	1004stm
    Travel to Chorrol and enter the chapel. You'll be unable to grab the gauntlets
    and go. So turn around and enter the chapel hall under the steps. 
    Find the priest of the chapel by the name of Areldur. Speak with Kellen and
    he will whip you back to Areldur. Now go to the big altar and agree to pray 
    for the power to lift the curse. You get the Lay Hands power. Put it on and go
    meet the poor soul. Good for him, and now go get the gloves to finish the 
    **You will have a bit of damage to your fatigue, but nothing big.**
    Nature's Fury		1005ntf
    The Shrine of Kynareth is a bit west of the Imperial City, and it resembles a 
    Daedric Shrine. 
    Speak with Avita. The 'test' is to the west, walking distance.
    When you get to the circular area, get to the top of some large rock and look
    to the east for a bear to pop. Don't shoot, don't slash, don't cast, don't do 
    anything except not attack the bear. The thing hopefully won't reach you, and
    if it does, just run and block. Eventually you will pass the test and the bear
    will turn neutral and the door opens. Don't worry, the Spriggans are not going
    to attack you. Grab the boots and you're free.
    The Path of the Righteous	1006por
    Travel to Leyawiin and enter the chapel. You will be approached by a man named
    Carodus Oholin. Talk with him about whatever, and then go into the undercroft.
    Kill the ghosts and make your way to the tomb of Saint Kaladas. Now put on the
    Boots of the Crusader to reveal the path.
    When you get into the main chapel you will be attacked by a group of a new 
    enemy called Aurorans. Accept Oholin into the order after the fight and you are
    free to continue. Well, all I can say about the Aurorans is that they are much
    tougher than the ghosts you fought a little while ago.
    Wisdom of the Ages	1007woa
    If you fast travel to Fisherman's Rock and travel east, you will run into a 
    Daedric Shrine that may be helpful later, or however you want to get to the
    green marker is fine.
    Take the first left and then another left so that you are looking south. Go 
    until you find a big double-door on the right. Open it and follow the path all
    the way to a room where two conjurers guard a lever. Kill them and turn the 
    lever to open a door back a bit. Now follow the opened path to another lever 
    and turn it to lower the bridge and open a gate. Now go all the way back to the
    bridge that you still can't open and take the opposite path to the next area.
    You will face a quick puzzle. There are 12 tiles on the ground and you must
    step on four of them in a certain order to open the gate. Here is the solution:
    	X	O	O
    	O	O	X
    	O	X	O
    	X	O	O
    Step on the X's to open the gate. Enter the next area.
    Go forward to the second cell and turn the handle to let the guy out. Sir 
    Thedret gives you small advice on the coming task. Anyway, keep going north 
    through the double-door. Head west and then through a door, and then follow
    the path until you reach the room with the bridge. Walk up the stairs and turn
    one of the handles. You will have to cross the bridge between the volleys of 
    the trap darts from the ceiling; they shoot continuously so just move when you
    see an opening. Hide behind the next handle as you lower the bridge, and then
    cross over safely. Now you will arrive at a big room where the prisoner's words
    will come into play. Kill the two mages and then make all four statues look 
    at the pressure pad in the middle. Step on it when the statues are looking and
    the door nearby will open. 
    Now you will arrive at one of the more memorable puzzles in the game. Here is 
    the solution: 
    (from left corner and around in a circle)
    Rodgar's Gem
    Rodgar's Skull
    Rodgar's Hammer 
    Rodgar's Book
    Rodgar's Sword
    Rodgar's Goblet
    Rodgar's Helmet 
    Rodgar's Stone
    (or it's random everytime)
    The puzzle works like this: you open the chest, grab the item, step on the 
    pressure pad, one item's location is reveal (not the one you have), and you
    are to figure which chest on the wall needs your item. It's a memory puzzle, 
    but also a bit of luck is involved, as you can just start putting items you 
    know nothing about in any chest and hope you got it.
    Go and grab the shield along with all the other crap around it. And you're free
    to leave. 
    Return to the priory to complete the 'Priory of the Nine' quest. 
    **Accept all the 'promising' knights into the order.**
    The Faithful Squire	1008tfs
    You'll meet Lathon, the sidekick of Sir Rodric you may have met along the way
    to the shrines. He tells you about his master and gives you the greaves; only
    one item remains. 
    **If you don't want to risk losing Lathon along the way, tell him to stay 
    	put in the priory.**
    You most likely won't have a quick way to reach Underpall Cave, so make the 
    trip as quick and painless as possible.
    The Sword of the Crusader	1009soc
    When you're in the cave, just sneak all the way to the next area.
    The path to the next area is extremely simple. Go forward, turn left, turn left
    when you can, and then follow the path straight to the next area. But watch for
    the falling ceiling when you pass a double-door.
    In the caverns, go straight and keep going until you can go right; be sure to
    sneak the whole time. Follow the path until you enter a large cave and you see
    a blue ghost in the distance. If your sneak and bow skills are good enough, 
    follow the wooden plank up to a stone ledge. Now snipe the spectre and any 
    minions that join him. But hopefully they ultimately can't see you after a 
    while (some chameleon helps). If this doesn't work, then the simple hack and
    slash with Lord Berich Vlindrel is in order. Grab the quest sword from his 
    remains and you are free to exit. Just sneak your way back to the Great Forest;
    it's that easy.
    **Also, if I remember correctly, don't put the sword in your hands.**
    Now take the sword to Cheydinhal. Inside the chapel you will, of course, be 
    attacked by another trio of Aurorans. When the dust is settled, go to the altar
    to purify the sword. And now you have every piece of the Crusader's outfit.
    Return to the priory.
    The Blessing of Talos	1010bot
    Enter the chapel to see that your merry ol' band of knights has grown in size
    and strength, and now you have your own prophet, the Prophet! Talk to him. 
    Yeah, that needed it's own quest. Oh well, good job!
    Umaril the Unfeathered		1011utu
    Make sure to enlist any of the people in the crowd of the prophet's speech. 
    The knights will all wait for you at the battle's location. You, in the 
    meanwhile, can rest up and do whatever you need to gear up for battle.
    When you reach Garlas Malatar on the Gold Coast, save, and then tell someone of
    your army that you are ready to fight. Before you enter your team will 
    encounter a couple of Aurorans, who have good loot on them too. Now enter the
    Rush the next room to fight a few more monsters. Now take a breather and go
    around and collect the loot all around (if you master in Blunt weapons, these
    Aurorans have some good weapons). Press the button on the bottom level when
    you're ready to begin the next assault. Follow the team on the bottom level.
    They encounter a huge fight in a throne room. So long as the Aurorans even 
    double-team on you, the fight should be won without losing anyone, but don't 
    be surprised if someone doesn't make it. Don't even stop to heal or loot the
    place, just go (heal with potions). You can get the two chests before you
    Now, you basically condemned the other team to perish, but maybe most of them
    made it. Size up your forces, heal, repair, and gather yourself. Press the
    button and rush in. Don't even fight, just summon a monster to help the group,
    and you run around to the right side and past everything. Follow the path all
    the way up to the orb. Time has frozen. Now head north to the door and be
    sure to grab the treasures before you exit the area.
    Go forward to fight two last Auroran guards. Heal up and proceed into the big
    room for the final fight. Summon a buddy if you can and get ready for the 
    physical form of Umaril. Shouldn't be too tough of a fight, so long as you 
    are wearing all your Crusader stuff. After the fight, heal/repair, grab his 
    sword if you can, and then cast the Blessing of Talos.
    Don't even try to summon a friend to help you; no telling where they end up.
    It's an all-out slug fest with the evil lord. Just beat him to death, watch 
    your health, and you will win. Good job. Yeah, that would suck if you actually
    fell like that. 
    After the spirits depart, talk with Sir Berich. You're done! And hopefully in
    time for dinner. Place all the crusader relics on the stand, unless you want
    to lug them around. That Umaril's sword is pretty awesome.
    Exit and you will be met with a familiar face and an interesting epilogue to
    this entire quest.
    **Your curse is now lifted too.**
    * 5. Side Quests stseuqs                                                      *
    These will be for all the other add-ons that came with the PC KotN box. These
    are also available on the XBox Live Marketplace for a small fee.
    **I go with the names on the back of the box for the quests.**
    Horse Armor
    Speak with Snak gra-Bura at the Chestnut stable near the Imperial City. If you
    got a horse tagging along, you can put some armor on it. It's just 500 gold, 
    may as well.
    Spell Tomes
    Well, this is not a quest. This add-on places spell tomes randomly within the 
    normal loot in the game. Some are pure crap, and some are cool. When you find
    one, be sure to read it and add the spell to your list, even if you can't 
    use it at the moment; you might be able to later.
    The Orrery
    Camp Ales lies far north of Kvatch.
    As you approach the camp, two bandits will attack and one has a dwarven cog
    and a list of all the other parts you need. There are four and its doesn't
    matter what order you get them in. You can either get the two on the west or 
    east side, and then you can return to the camp and get the other two. The 
    hardest part is just finding each camp, and then doing it three more times and
    over such a large area. And some of the fights can get wild too. 
    With all four pieces in hand, travel to the Arcane University and present your
    goods to Bothiel. Move time forward a day and enter the door. Go up the stairs
    and turn on the thing; be sure to turn around to watch the show. The powers 
    depend on the phases of the moon. So ... good job!
    Wizard's Tower
    It's called Frostcrag Spire. It's a little east of Bruma, on top of a mountain.
    At least you can fast travel right off the bat.
    Go inside and pick up the book. Wait a bit for the big door to open and reveal
    the main room of the tower. You can't do much here but drop items (I drop mine
    in the three circles in the center). 
    Go to the Imperial City and go meet Aurelinwae in the Mystic Emporium. Scroll
    her list of goods until you find the Frostcrag stuff, and then go down some 
    more and pick up both boxes of candles. 
    Return to the home and place the candles on the altars of Spellmaking and 
    Enchanting; now you can do just that. Congrats and a job well done!
    You have: Spellmaking, Enchanting, alchemy lab (where you can do it much better
    by standing there), a garden full of stuff, and you can teleport to any of the
    mage's guild buildings (why? not sure). And there's a basement, but it doesn't
    seem to have anything but crap.
    Vile Lair
    It's called Deepscorn Hollow. Click on the quest and travel to that spot. You
    have to go underwater if you hadn't figured that. 
    Don't worry, no monsters to fight. Read the book and you learn where to go
    next. Nothing to do but exit, but take the west path to the Cloister. Go a bit
    north and follow the left path to a trap door where you can exit.
    Travel to Wawnet Inn, or get there yourself from the west side of the Imperial
    City. Talk with Rowley on the steps and scan his goods for all seven items you
    need, and the Ichor at the bottom; make sure you haggle a bit first.
    Now zap back and take a look at your new pad. Eh, it's a dark beauty. This 
    place is for vampire players and evil monkeys. You can cure yourself of 
    vampirism at the font of renewal (I think). The Deepscron Prisoner will provide
    all vampires with a free meal. Some books will add to a few of your stats. 
    You get cool coffin to sleep in, and who didn't want one as a kid? Go to the 
    shrine to see the real prize you get. Place the Ichor in the basin, but best
    leave the sword in the box, unless you really want it. I don't remember what
    the thing does, but if you're evil you can have the benefits.
    Thieves Den
    It's called Dunbarrow Cove. It's just under the castle of Anvil. Enter the cave
    and make it to the main area.
    Oh great, pirates! Take out your frustration for the crap-tacular PotC series.
    You must kill the skeletons. Just hunt down the green arrows on your compass
    (I guess it does know what you really want... zing!). And then the captain in
    the ship section up high. 
    Now go back outside and visit the Clarabella on the Anvil dock. Speak with
    Dahlia and buy everything she's got. You actually hire pirates! How pathetic!
    Oh well, go back and scope out your new crew. You can send them off to do your
    bidding and return once a week to collect your share, but who has time for 
    that? You got a fence, and that's pretty much it. Good job!
    Mehrunes' Razor
    The closest location I had was Fort Grief, so yes, the journey will be one
    to remember. 
    Inside, you should encounter a pretty tough and newly-named enemy. Curious. Go
    to the door and look to the right for a sack, and grab the diary (too bad you
    can't grab that spear). Open the door with the 'Chimer' option and fight two
    more Drothmeri. Make your way to the bottom and you will find two more guards.
    Should be about three more in the big room with the fire. Enter the next area.
    Proceed until you reach the big village area. Kill the two guys by the fire and
    anyone else that joins the fray, and then just enter the nearby door to the
    next area. 
    Squeeze through the rocks and you're in the commune area. The patrolling
    soldier needs to be killed; don't be surprised if he goes berserk and kills one
    of his own guys. Cross the bridge and enter the house. 
    Lots of good stuff in here. Read the journal and take it. Exit (the iron is not
    worth taking).
    Now cross the street and enter the other house (forget the laborer in the back
    of the house). If you know how to sneak you can slip right past the guy if he
    he is punching, and you can grab the gem and leave. Now back across the bridge
    and take the ramp to below. Take this bottom door to the village area.
    **The way you entered the commune might be safer.**
    Sneak by the trainin area if you can, and take the far right path to enter the
    open. Cross the open and take the path of least resistance to get to the door
    on the other side. 
    Follow the path (either way) and you'll arrive at a door leading to the mines.
    Follow this path until you hit a well populated area. Go left along the canyon
    when you can. Now take the path up the hill and follow this path until you get
    to the second level of the canyon (you might not be as lucky as I was, but 
    many of the goons killed each other, and I don't know how or why). Cross the
    series of bridges and through a camp to take the path to the next area.
    Now you're in the previous area, but this time under the path. You can sneak
    around the first two sets of enemies. When you finally reach the tent you 
    should kill the forgemaster and the goon, and be sure to take his valuables. 
    Enter his tent, grab the gem, grab any treasures, exit, and leave the area 
    by taking the passage to the north and opening a rock door. 
    Back at the village, take whatever path you want to enter the commune; you 
    should take a path with the least enemies in the way. 
    Now take the ramp and get to the bottom. There should be about three guards in
    your way to the door to the west. Place the orbs in their spots and you can
    now enter Varsa Baalim.
    In the Excavated Ruin section there are no enemies. So just follow the only
    path to the right all the way to the next door.
    You're now in the Ayleid city. Sneak along the edge to the left and watch the
    battle in the background. Thanks to some good jumping, I was able to sneak 
    along this ledge all the way to the door leading to Cava Beldameld. 
    Just one enemy in here and you will take a door right back into a different
    part of the room you came from. You'll pop out right in front of a fight 
    between some a few Drothmeri and Vampires. There is a camp behind a broken wall
    if you need it. Now follow the path until you can drop down, hug the wall to
    the left, and enter Cava Marspanga. 
    You'll find one of the biggest fights you've seen yet. There are the Drothmeri,
    vampires, and a bunch of either summons, or monsters. Grab all the loot and go
    up the stairs to get out of here. 
    Back in the big cave, move up and look to the left to see a small fight. Go
    up the ramp as the two go at it. Follow the stone pathway until you fight a 
    matriarch and find a big chest. Drop down to the door that leads to the 
    You're now in the main dungeon, at last! Sneak down, past a few flights of 
    dead guys, and you'll enter a room with the big boss. Snipe him and finish him
    off, which can be tough. Then loot his corpse and read the journal near his 
    bed. You have a few options. Either eat the heart in the champion's body, which
    will give you two diseases and some infamy points, or you can try to open the
    gate yourself (if you are to 90 it will open). All options require you to fight
    with the awakened champion. He is tough, but you can survive the fight. When 
    he is dead you are free to claim your prize, Mehrunes Razor.
    Now take the door behind it. A small tunnel leading to some water and leading
    to the outside. What a quest! You're free at last. Have fun with that sword.
    **You can save the heart for later if you want to become a vampire.**
    **The ability for the razor to kill people in one hit is a spell. So watch out
    	for reflect spell items on enemies.**
    * 6. Enemies seimene                                                          *
    Aurorans - apparently the only new monster you deserve for this entire add-on
    quest. They are some sort of minotaur/elf thing. They are pretty tough compared
    to most enemies. And watch out when they switch hands on you!
    Reward: Minimal to extremely good
    Drothmeri - the enemy involved in the Mehrunes' Razor quest. They come in a 
    few flavors: recruit, soldier, veteran. Not much different from bandits and
    whatever else. 
    Reward: Mixed
    Vampires - met in Varsa Baalim. Use fire, and try to avoid being hit too much
    by these guys, unless you want to contract the vampire disease. If you do get
    the disease, be sure to cure it before you take a nap.
    Reward: Vampire Dust and other
    Umaril - the fight goes down in two rounds. Neither of which can be considered
    difficult. If you have all the Crusader gear on, then you should make him 
    flinch backward quite a bit. Also, his considerable size will make him miss you
    every once and a while. It's really not a tough fight by any means. The second 
    part is cool because you are way up high. And I could never manage to snag
    that second sword of his as I was free fallin'.
    Reward: His two-handed sword, if you pick it up
    * 7. Credits/Copyright                                                        *
    Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to praise me, if you want
    to talk, or if you want to ask a question. And if you must send a flame, please
    be nice so that I'll consider it. Also, if you have a cool trick or comment 
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    You will have to present it well and I will have to like it a lot!
    Please have 'KotN' in the title.
    My email: 
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    	good reason (lazy, heard it a million times, it's stupid, etc.).
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