Review by jalora

Reviewed: 04/24/07

With the right set of sliders, it's actually playable!

There's a lot to like in MLB 2k7, the main point being that it's not MLB 2K6. Last season's game was totally unplayable, full of bugs and beset with control issues. Thankfully, the designers managed to produce a solid game this time out. It's lacking any real innovation and needs a little help before it plays close to an honest simulation, but the very pretty graphics help a lot and they have a solid foundation to work with in the future.

GRAPHICS: Spectacular. This is the best-looking baseball game I've ever seen. My semi-delusional father-in-law thought he was watching an actual broadcast for about three innings.

SOUND: John Miller is one of the best play-by-play men in the game, and his voice is soothing an unobtrusive. He will occasionally repeat himself or get a fair/foul call wrong, but I've yet to see a sports game that didn't have these issues. Joe Morgan, the color commentator, is well-known as a fountain of convential baseball wisdom (most of it dead wrong, unfortunately). A lot of the advice he offers is laughable, but he seems like a nice old guy and his voice isn't too annoying. Music is okay, if a bit dated. I think at this point everybody just turns these tracks off and plays there own beats, don't they?

CONTROLS: Decently implemented. I must admit, I don't care much for the Swing Stick feature. It seems silly to me to base your hitting ability on the timing of your step in the batter's box. The pitching controls (both options) are well-implemented and fun to use.

DIFFICULTY: This game needs a little help before it plays like real baseball. Fortunately, there are a number of fan-made sliders available that can correct it's out of the box arcade-like gameplay (playing on ANY of the default difficulty setting will result in sluggers shattering Barry Bonds single season home run record... before the All-Star break). With enough tinkering, I've been able to make the game play fairly and realisticly, which is all you can hope for with a baseball sim.

BUGS & GLITCHES: There are a few, most having to do with statistics and record-keeping. This seems like something that would be easy enough to address with a downloadable patch in the future, and I hope 2K takes that route.

In summation, this game is the first baseball sim since EA Sports' MVP Baseball 2005 to be worth your purchase. Let's hope that 2K takes the next step and adds in all the great features that we came to know and love in EA games (complete minor league teams, expanded franchise options, a real manager mode, etc.) to this great-looking game next year.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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