How do I beat iron monger?

  1. I think its the last mission and i have to fitght obadia.

    User Info: Unklerayray

    Unklerayray - 8 years ago


  1. The way I did it was I just hide behind any building and shot him with your repulsors and aux weapon. I found that the best time to shoot him was right after he shoots all those missiles at you; Wait for him to stop shooting the missiles, come out of hiding and hit him with everything you got for a few seconds, then go back to hiding. Repeat this until you beat him five or six times then Jarvis will tell you that his power core is down and he recommends a melee attack. When he says this, charge at Stane and hold the B button to grapple him. After you win the grapple, he is pretty much beaten. Note: Make sure you have at least one extra life before you attempt to grapple him; its pretty much guaranteed he will kill you before you get to him.

    User Info: WarmachineX727

    WarmachineX727 - 7 years ago 0 0

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