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    Strategy Guide by TheMurder

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    Strategy guide
    ----About the author----
    Hey. In case you didn't know, I am TheMurder, a video/computer
    game addict, and, simply enough, a C&C person. Here is a list of all the C&C
    Games I used to/do own
    Command And Conquer 1
    Command and Conquer: Red Alert
    Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
    Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
    Command and Conquer: Generals
    Command and Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour
    Command and Conquer: 3
    And the one of a different genre:
    Command and Conquer: Renegade
    And...that is it. I own nearly every base game, except C&C2, but only expansion
    packs for two games.
    Enough about me, onto the guide!
    ----Table of Contents----
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    O.K, here comes the boring part of this guide. Relax, it's not that long.
    This guide was written by Tyler Ury, on Monday the 15th, 2007,
    This guide is the exclusive property of -redacted-, and may NOT be placed on any
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    Please contact me to ask for permission. I will say yes to those who contact.
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    Thanks to all who ask, and all who report.
    Also, note. This is not a guide for mission strats or a story guide, this is
    for skirmish and online only.
    Please, do not spam my hotmail.com inbox with spam. Also, keep a topic title
    like this:
    C&C3 FAQ Questions
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    Also, do NOT get mad at me if you lose. This is to give you the choice of what
    to do, not telling you what to do.
    Thanks to all who have read this.
    ----Sides, Advantages, Disadvantages----
    Welcome to the backbone of any strategy games. The uniqeness of the sides in
    this is profound, and I hate it when people try to play Nod like GDI or Scrin
    like Nod. Let me just show you a little information to show you which side you
    would like.
    GDI is the rusher side. Most people will play EVERY side like this, even though
    their not supposed to. GDI has powerful units with a slow build rate, and they
    are all efficent for rushing but are all unefficent for cost.
    Nod is the mixed side. Most people attempt to rush with Nod and fail horribly.
    You must be stealthy, harass the opponet, destroy their economy, pick your
    spot, and strike them when the iron is hot and where it will hurt most. Only
    strategists can play this side, which is an important disadvantage.
    Scrin is the turtler side. Luckily, people realize this more often then they
    realize Nod is a mixed side. You must build up defenses, and advance to your
    best tech level before you have a chance at winning. Be careful with this side,
    as it is the hardest to play and usually results in failure when used online.
    GDI Infantry:
    Rifleman Squad:
    Armed (Apparently) with some strange, newfangled weapon,
    Rifleman squads are an important part of any rush.
    Mostly mixed with APCs to create dual-machine gunned tanks. VERY mobile.
    Missle Squad:
    Mammoth tank squash puny infantry!
    O.K, what do you do then? Right, you break out the missile squads and start
    a-shooting. Armed with high-caliber rocket launchers, they are slower, but more
    powerful against tanks then rifleman squads. I mean, which would actually harm
    a tank, a M16 or a rocket launcher? Thought so.
    By the way, these mixed with APC's are even more powerful.
    Been around since the original game, still has the same abilities, except now
    it can repair fallen walkers such as the Avatar Warmech (Nod), the Tripod
    (Scrin), or the Juggernaut (GDI), too. Use it to repair bridges, walkers,
    buildings, and, most
    importantly, capture enemy or neutral buildings. Here's the problem: Ever
    gotten an engineer to a base defense? Don't try to get an engineer close to a
    base defense, and especially don't try to capture one.
    Alright, we've covered the basic units, now to cover the advanced units,
    Command post upwards.
    Grenadier Squad: Requires Command Post
    O.K, those garrisoned buildings over there got your soldiers lying prone? Wish
    you could just sedate or explode all the people in there? Yeah, I thought so.
    Get a grenadier close to a garrisoned building, and target the building, and
    everyone in the building is killed. Half the problem is in getting him there,
    but it's easy if you have a nice diversion. Of course, this is all assuming
    that they have snipers in the building. If they don't have snipers
    garrisoned, it's easy as counting to three to get the grenadier to the
    building. Unless they supress the grenadier squad, in which case you've got a
    Sniper Team: Requires Armory
    Ahh, the classic long-range sniper rifle. Load one of these and two rocket
    squads in a building, you've got yourself the ultimate garrison. Of course,
    they are also useful at the back of an army. These things can take out infantry
    in seconds flat, and they've got a huge range. Also, when a juggernaut is
    backing a Sniper team, using a special spotting ability, anything in the
    snipers range can be bombarded by the Juggernaut. Oh, and these guys are also
    stealth. Can I get a "Useful", please?
    "It is worth noting with the sniper team that it has two parts - the Sniper and
    the Spotter. The spotters carbine does the same damage as the Sniper's rifle,
    but has around half the range (just an estimate). Also, should the spotter be
    killed, the team looses the ability to call down Juggernaut fire, whereas if
    the Sniper dies it retains the ability." -Thanks to adam_grif!
    Commando: Requires Armory and Tech Center.
    This unit is a classic, can slaughter infantry in seconds when close, and can
    detonate buildings if it gets close enough. That said, you can only build one
    at a time, they require the money for themselves, the armory AND the Tech
    Center, and are slow. NEVER use them alone, they will get slaughtered against
    tanks. Use them in the perfect combination of a commando, a few sniper teams, a
    few missile squads, and a few rifleman squads, backed by a few juggernauts and
    tanks for good measure, and you've built the perfect army without a single zone
    trooper. These can also detonate bipedals, tripedals, and quadripeds. (As in
    the three walkers.)
    Zone trooper: Requires Tech Center
    These things are fast, powerful, tiberium resistant, it goes on. They have jump
    jets, meaning them and the commando can reach otherwise unreachable locations.
    Be careful, these guys are still slow against structures, which means they will
    STILL get slaughtered by base defenses that are strategically placed. Can be
    upgraded with scanner packs, which make them indefinetly useful.
    Nod Infantry:
    Militant Squad:
    The Nod equivalent of the GDI rifleman squad, except weaker. Two of these
    things match up to one GDI rifleman squad. Remember that, 2:1. That is also
    because they are half the price. Easily massable.
    Militant Rocket Squad:
    These guys are less armored but faster on the battlefield then their
    overbearingly obvious counterparts. Use these guys to take out tanks and
    aircraft, that will result in a nice dent in their incoming airstrike or
    Pitbull rush. But, uh, unless in 10's and 20's, these guys can only moderatly
    hurt mammies, so be careful with that.
    These two guys, and these guys only, can be upgraded with Confessors.
    Confessors don't seem particularly useful, but if you have some extra money, go
    The equivalent to the engineer. He has the same abilities as the engineer, and
    one new one. He can plant bombs on neutral structures and bridges. They are
    proxy bombs, mind you, so you don't need to babysit the bridge untill you want
    it to explode. Also, frendlies passing over the bombs won't set it off.
    Unrealistic, but useful. These guys are NOT tiberium proof, so don't let the
    suit fool you like it did me.
    Now, onto the advanced Nod infantry, Operations center and up.
    Fanatics: Requires Operations Center
    The suicide unit, which have no particular equivalence among units. I believe
    this is the only suicide unit in the game, but I'm not sure. Just get these
    guys sufficently close to a vehicle or infantry and watch some fireworks.
    Stupidly enough, these guys don't explode on death. So, where's the Crazy Ivan?
    REMEMBER! Fanatics and both militant squads can be upgraded with Tiberium
    infusions, making them faster, stronger, and immune to tiberium poisoning.
    Black Hand: Requires Operations Center
    Farthest I can tell, these guys are equivalent to the grenadiers: Close range,
    powerful against infantry, and can clear out buildings instantly. These guys
    don't do much against tanks, but slaughter infantry like pigs to the BBQ.
    Shadow Team: Requires Secret Shrine
    A Mini-commando. Get a few of them into the main base, avoiding defenses using
    the glider, land them outside of general sight, and take out a nearby building.
    Glide off, do it again. If you can take out their powerplants like this,
    they're fried and in perfect position for a preemptive strike. They are
    stealthed, also, and can mow down infantry like nothing.
    Commando: Requires Secret Shrine, Tech Lab.
    This girl is exactly the same as the other commando, except for 6 things:
    1.) She is a girl
    2.) She has a different voice set
    3.) She is stealthed while still
    4.) She has less armor.
    5.) She is faster.
    6.) She has no jumpjets.
    These can also detonate bipedals, tripedals, and quadripeds. (As in the three
    Scrin Infantry (If you can consider these things infantry):
    Remember, All Scrin infantry Heals or is not affected by Tiberium.
    They are mini razors. Seemingly useless against vehicles, but moderatley damage
    infantry. They can clear garrisoned structures as soon as they get there, they
    are fast, and cheap. Though some would be tempted to say they are exactly like
    militant squads, these things are very different in many ways.
    Suprisingly, in my opinion, they are not that useful against infantry and I
    would prefer a swarm of buzzers. These things do damage to tanks, just like
    rocket soldiers. Unlike other infantry, when this thing is crushed, unlike
    regular infantry, it explodes, damaging dramatically what it was smashed by and
    other nearby units.
    Other than looks, speed, and armor, these things are the exact same thing as
    the GDI engineer. Oh, they are stealthed when standing still too.
    Next come the advanced...infantry...things...aliens. Nerve Center and up.
    Shock Troopers: Requires Nerve Center, Statis Chamber.
    Shock troopers are useful when used against vehicles, but do a lot of damage
    towards infantry too. Very useful.
    Mastermind: Requires Statis Chamber, Technology assembler.
    If this thing is equivalent to anything, it would be Yuri from RA2. Except it
    is an alien, has different armor and speed, and can teleport other units. It
    can control buildings, vehicles, and infantry. Once again, this is a very
    useful unit.
    That's it for infantry. Now, who wants to talk about vehicles?
    GDI Vehicles:
    This thing can fire missiles against ground and air. That said, it is useless
    going head to head with anything that isn't infantry, and even useless against
    some infantry. It's too lightly armored to matter, though it makes a decent AA
    defense. Can detect stealth.
    Predator Tanks:
    This thing has an anti-armor tank cannon, so it is preferrable for tank-to-tank
    combat. Its turret can take on infantry, but that is expected of most tanks,
    yes? Use this thing for an earlybird rush, if needed.
    "You should note that the GDI Predator tank also benefits from the railgun
    upgrade, not only the mammoth tank, making it instantly kill an infantry unit.
    This makes the predator useful late game as they are more mobile, and crank out
    of the war factory faster than their overbearing counterparts." - Thanks to
    Using this thing with the right squads can result in some serious pain towards
    the enemy. Infantry can shoot out of the APC, this thing can lay minefields,
    It's fast and efficent, and can hold its own for awhile too.
    "APC's are great for a rush, or even as late game support. APC's attack air
    units as well as infantry, and when combined with a rocket squad, they can
    handle Air units doubly well (rockets + AA machine gun) as well as tanks
    (rockets) and infantry (machine gun). Oh, and put a grenadier squad in it, that
    way it is the bane of any civilian position held by your enemies. It solves
    their "durability" problem (a direct result of the grenadiers slow movement).
    They can also lay minefields, which are fantastic for blocking off choke
    points." - Thanks to adam_grif!
    Harvester: Requires Refinery (Duh.)
    One comes free with the refinery, but you can build extras if needed. It has a
    light machine-gun on the top of it, but don't let that fool you: this thing can
    only hold it's own if the infantry is shooting eachother. It harvests tiberium,
    obviously enough, and gives you the money you need to build infantry, vehicles,
    more harvesters, aircrafts, and buildings.
    This unpacks into a construction yard. It is heavily armored, but useless if
    you are trying to raid a place or something. Don't leave this lying around;
    It's costly and useful.
    Surveyor: It is a MCV that is less armored and costs less. Unlike other
    vehicles, you'll find this under the "Support structure" tab. Thats the shield,
    if you were wondering. This creates a build area you can build stuff in. But,
    you still need to keep your construction yard defended, as the outpost (Which
    is what the Surveyor deploys into) is not self-sufficent, as it cannot build,
    it only provides an area to build.
    Now, onto the advanced vehicles, Command post and up.
    Rig: Requires command post
    This expands into a battle base, a land and air defended base. The battle base
    can be deployed anywhere that has moderatley flat terrain and no structures or
    anything in the way. This doesn't create a build area, but if you pair it with
    a surveyor you can create a defended little outpost. Oh, and the battle base
    can detect stealth. It also can repair vehicles. The exact specifics for a
    Battle Base are:
    Two Guardian Cannons
    One missile launcher
    Stealth detection scanners
    Repair drones (Same ones that are featued at the War Factory.)
    Mammoth (Synonms: Mammy, Mammie) Tank: Requires Tech Center
    The mammie tank over here is the ultimate vehicle after being upgraded with
    Railguns. It is slow, but can actually crush smaller tanks! It is the
    equivalent of the Nod avatar, except stronger. Probably the most used unit
    online. By the way, Vertigo bombers can take this thing out, so be careful.
    It's walking artillery. Not that useful on it's own, but can bombard anywhere
    that is in a sniper's line of sight. That means, if you have a sniper across
    the map, and you just built a Juggy, do some bombardment. Have fun destroying
    the opponets base!
    Nod vehicles:
    Raider Buggy:
    This thing isn't the fastest to build, but it's fast once it gets there and, if
    massed, is powerful. Useful for it's price. These also have EMP field once
    Attack Bike:
    Quick, armed and deadly. It can detect stealth, is fast, and can destroy
    aircraft easily. Cheap and efficent.
    Scorpion tank:
    Fast and deadly. It's equipped with an armor piercing cannon and can withstand
    fire for a little while. Dozer blades make it so it can't be destroyed by mines.
    Harvester: Requires Refinery
    Same as GDI Harvester, but has stealth instead of turret.
    Same as GDI MCV, but looks a lot cooler and unpacks to a Nod Conyard instead.
    Same as GDI Surveyor.
    Now, onto the advanced vehicles. Operations center and up.
    Flame Tank:
    Not very useful for taking out vehicles, but can make a juicy steak out of any
    infantry. It can also clear out garrisons and can take out buildings somewhat
    Stealth Tank: Operations Center
    Is stealthed, but has light armor. Moves pretty fast. Is invisible untill it
    Beam Cannon: Tech Lab
    Only use this when mopping up scraps of enemy forces or charging Obelisks. It's
    basically useless otherwise.
    Avatar Warmech: Tech Lab
    Is way underpowered. Similar to the beam cannon, only use it when mopping up
    scraps of enemy forces. This thing can smash tanks, and I'm hoping this thing
    will get fixed in the patch. It can upgrade itself with stealth, a
    flamethrower, a second beam cannon, and stealth detection. I sometimes use this
    to back an army or superweapon, but nothing else.
    Scrin Vehicles: Keep in mind that Seekers, Gun walkers, Devourer Tanks, and
    Annihilator Tripods can all combine with Buzzers to create a kindof close-range
    It's a hovertank, but it doesn't really matter whether or not you can move it
    over water (I haven't tried yet), because there is rarely any water in this
    game! Anyway, it has decent power against aircraft and vehicles, and isn't too
    bad against infantry.
    Gun Walker:
    This thing tears through light armor, infantry, and aircraft. I use it whenever
    I play as Scrin, and always back it with buzzers and shock troopers.
    Despite it's name, it has no guns, it has energy-launching weapons.
    Same old, same old, except instead of stealth or a turret, if it is full, it
    will explode into an Ion storm when destroyed. Useful? Yes. Practical? No.
    I only use these to set up close to blue tiberium, and only if my economy is
    big so I can set up my occasional HSC (Harvester Suppory Charge).
    It's just a surveyor, we've went over the premise before.
    Now, onto the advanced vehicles. Nerve center and up.
    Devourer Tank: Nerve Center
    It has a energy cannon, and can "Harvest" tiberium to get stronger. Extremely
    useful when filled, and makes a good weapon when not filled too. Use it to back
    up corrupters and Tripods to create a Scrin vehicle force.
    Corrupter: Requires Nerve Center
    Pretty useful against units, and can damage structures and vehicles within
    reason. Keep this thing backed up: It won't hold it's own against an army.
    Annihilator Tripod: Tech Lab
    Alright. You can crush vehicles underfoot, and has powerful beam weapons. It's
    the ultimate weapon, and a few of these, in my experience, can usually take out
    some base defences to lead the rest of the army in. Wooh!
    GDI Aircraft:
    Useful, no tech required, and relatively cheap for what you can do with it. Few
    of them can take out a powerplant relatively easy, making it a fools move not
    to build AA if they are up against GDI.
    "I find GDI's Orca much weaker compared to Nods/Scrins low-tech aircrafts.
    Because it needs to reload, can't attack Air-targets and you can only fit 4 of
    them on one airport (Scrins too, but oh well)." - Thanks to Chih-Wei Wen.
    Firehawk: Requires Tech Center
    Even better than the Orca, but requires tech and is more expensive. If
    stratofight boosters are used, you can send out a scout to locate any area to
    strike, preferablly the con yard, stratofight it in armed with the Hellcat
    Firebomb, and drop it! If you can do the same with, say, 8 of them, you can
    probably wipe out one or two buildings, depending on what buildings you target.
    "Firehawks also have the "switch loadout" ability, so they can do both anti air
    and anti building. They are perhaps more efficient at the anti air role, and a
    group of 4 can destroy a Planetary Assault Carrier, as long as they do not
    summon an ion storm."
    V35 Ox Transport:
    It's a transport, it can't be used otherwise of using the "Call for transport
    command", and you wouldn't want to use it anyway. It's fast, but it is weak
    towards any enemy fire and you could lose your precious zone troopers or
    commandos if you attempt to get them into a protected area. Be careful!
    Nod Aircraft:
    Venom Patrol Craft:
    Useful, as it doesn't need to return to the airfield. It has rapid machine guns
    (2?) that fire fast enough to kill infantry, can destroy most non-Scrin
    aircraft, and can harm some vehicles that don't have AA. Can be upgraded with
    Vertigo Bomber: Requires Tech Lab
    A very useful unit, if it weren't for the fact that half of everything on GDI
    or Nod can detect stealth. It can sneak into enemy bases, pummel a building and
    get out FAST. Most turtles will micromanage it so it will steer around all
    defenses, finding every single flaw in your defense if they have a strong
    enough defense to hold out, so watch out for insane micromanagers! Oh, by the
    way, these things have a small A.A gun, which is weak, but in groups can take
    out orcas and transports. (They'll lose those commandos in no time!).
    This thing is exactly the same as the Ox, except it has less armor and more
    Scrin Aircraft: Remember, Scrin rules the sky! Keep a firehawk or a VPC (Venom
    Patrol Craft) or two around incase they strike with airforce, but, if you are
    facing Scrin, load out with the AA.
    Drone Ship:
    These things look freaky. Oh, yeah, they are the Scrins MCV's.
    If I'm thinking of the right aircraft, these things are armed with a plasma gun
    and is improved by Ion storms.
    Devestator Warship: Requires Tech Lab
    This thing rules. It can destroy ANYTHING that is below it with It's
    plasma-based weapons.
    Planetary Assault Carrier:
    This thing is more of a base defense, it's too slow for anything else. Set a
    few up at the base of your...base, put them on Ion Storm, and send everything
    you've got through. I also once set up PAC's, after I destroyed the Con yard
    and AA defenses, at the barracks' of my opponet, and all units they sent out
    were fried, so if you have time and money, send a few out to fry infantry.
    The ultimate weapon. A superweapon that you don't have to build. You set up a
    signal transmittor, which gives you the ability to call in a mothership. I
    don't think you can build this at the gravity stabilizer, or maybe It's just a
    glitch in my game. This thing can level entire bases, just fry something and
    watch the explosion. A catalyst missile without the tiberium, really. If a base
    is cramped, this will destroy it in one hit, because it triggers a chain
    reaction if anything is close enough to whatever it hits.
    GDI Buildings:
    Construction Yard:
    Welcome this building. You get it at the beginning, and it builds all
    buildings. Protect it like you would protect your case from lawyers. As in
    "Efficently and deadly."
    Power Plant:
    It makes power, which is another necessity, along with tiberium, for base
    Adds an extra build queue. I'm not sure how many of these things you can
    This thing provides you with a free harvester, so don't worry about running out
    of money when you build one. This is where harvesters return to dump their
    money. Don't worry about micromanagment, in my experience, harvesters always
    return to the closest refinery.
    Barracks: Requires Power Plant
    Trains infantry. Simple enough.
    Armory: Requires Barracks
    Has upgrades, a medical bay, and allows the training of snipers.
    War Factory: Requires Power Plant, Refinery
    Builds vehicles. Also has repair drones, which repair vehicles.
    Command Post: Requires Power Plant, Refinery.
    It allows you to radar scan areas, revealing all buildings and units. It also
    is required for some structures and units.
    Tech Center: Requires Command Post.
    Another tech building. Provides upgrades and is required for some buildings and
    Airfield: Requires Command Post
    Builds Air units. Simple, right?
    Space Command Uplink: Requires Tech Center.
    This allows you to send Zone troopers from orbit, and also opens up Shockwave
    Artillery ability.
    Nod Structures:
    Con Yard:
    Same as the GDI con yard, except it builds Nod structures.
    Power Plant:
    Same thing as GDI equivalent, but different look.
    Same as GDI equivalent.
    Same as GDI equivalent.
    Hand of Nod:
    Same as barracks, trains Nod infantry.
    War Factory:
    Same as GDI equivalent, builds Nod vehicles.
    Operations Center:
    Equivalent to the Command Post, has Radar Jamming missile and cloaking field.
    Secret Shrine:
    Same as Armory, I believe. Used to train advanced infantry, and also has
    Tiberium Infusion and Confessor upgrades. It can't heal infantry, though.
    Tech Lab:
    Same as GDI tech lab.
    Air Tower:
    Equivalent to the GDI Airfield.
    Tiberium Chemical Plant: Requires tech lab
    Basically, the same thing as the Space command uplink, except it only has
    upgrades, it is not required for any buildings.
    Scrin Structures:
    Drone Platform:
    Equivalent to GDI/Nod construction yard, except it builds Scrin buildings.
    Equivalent to the powerplant of other sides.
    Equivalent to the refinery.
    "With one Extractor, the Scrin can have infinite amounts of tiberium. No need
    for silos."- Thanks to Chih-Weh Wen for this!
    It is a barracks, except it only can teleport certain Infantry.
    Warp Sphere:
    Is the equivalent of a war factory.
    Nerve Center:
    Same as the operations center, basically.
    Gravity Stabilizer:
    Equivalent to the airfield, but instead builds the Scrins overlydominant air
    Statis Chamber: Requires Portal
    It teleports heavy infantry, like the Shock Trooper and Mastermind.
    Technology Assembler:
    Same as the Tech Lab.
    Signal transmitter: Requires Technology Assembler
    Can summon the Scrin mothership. It can also open wormholes.
    I believe this is the equivalent to the crane.
    GDI Defenses:
    You read me right. Riflemen. They can dig in to create a bunker, thereby
    creating a building that anyone can shoot out of if they leave. You could have
    a riflemen dig in, leave the foxhole, and put a rocket launcher member in if
    you want to. Of course, the foxholes are weaker, but they can withstand a lot.
    Riflemen are an excellent defense when placed into foxholes.
    Watchtower: Requires Powerplant
    A tall tower, with a machine gun mounted on the top. It is anti-infantry, and
    works moderatley at destroying vehicles.
    Guardian Cannon: Requires Barracks
    Guardian Cannons are equpped with an anti-armor gun that will automatically aim
    at tanks and blast through them. Also does moderate damage to infantry.
    AA Battery: Requires Command Post
    Targets air. Is very deadly and powerful against air units, but can't target
    anything else because it is only meant for air.
    Sonic Emitter:
    These things are tough. They can rip through nearly anything, and are popular
    for the powerplants to the base method.
    Nod Defenses:
    Shredder Turret: Requires Power Plant
    All Nod defenses, other than the Obelisk of light, come in packs of threes, and
    a central hub. Guard the central hub if you want to keep your turrets alive, as
    they contain the aiming system and the turrets are useless without it. This
    thing tears through all forms of infantry, and all turrets respawn untill the
    central hub is destroyed. Also, if the central hub is under repair, all the
    turrets become under repair, too.
    Laser Turret: Requires Hand of Nod
    Same thing as the Shredder turret, but is instead inclined towards vehicles.
    SAM turret: Requires Operations Center
    Same thing as Laser/Shredder Turret, except can only target air.
    Disruption Tower: Requires Secret Shrine
    Makes all buildings other than itself invisible. Extremely useful when used
    with outposts, as you can place these by outposts around the map, and put
    defenses under them. Use only as many as you need, as these aren't very cost
    Obelisk of Light: Requires Tech Lab
    This is a very powerful defense. Can fry everything, and can be made
    unstoppable by being charged by Beam Cannon Vehicles.
    Scrin Defenses:
    Buzzer Hives: Requires Reactor
    Although not really defenses, these recreate destroyed buzzers. Very useful.
    Growth Accelerator: Requires Extractor
    Although not really defenses, when placed on Tiberium fields, they create more
    Storm Column: Requires Technology Assembler
    This constantly creates an Ion storm above it. Also, when enemy ground units
    get close, they are shocked by a bolt of lightning.
    "The great thing about this one is, that its the only hi-tech defence tower,
    that is also effective against air units. (Compared to Sonic Emitter and
    Obelisk)" - Thanks to Chih-Weh Wen!
    Photon Cannon: Requires Portal
    These things are insane. Infantry don't take direct damage, but this will
    effortlessley destroy tanks.
    Plasma Missile Battery: Requires Nerve Center
    I don't think this can target ground units, but I'm not sure. Anyway, this will
    incinerate aircraft either way.
    ----Superweapons, and their effects----
    Behold, the ultimate message of superweapons...
    Might over right.
    These things can incinerate your opponet, but one thing here...
    They are under the "support" tab for a reason. They will SUPPORT your attack,
    not instantly win. Thank you for paying attention to this paragraph, anyway. I
    will describe these very dangerous weapons.
    GDI Superweapon: Ion Cannon
    Activated by:
    Ion Cannon Control: Requires Tech Center
    This will destroy most buildings, and severely harm others. It will destroy
    EVERY infantry or vehicle in one blow, so this is potent. 7 minute recharge is
    a killer, so don't use it on incoming attacks, strike where and while it will
    Nod Superweapon: Nuclear Missile
    Activated by:
    Temple of Nod: Requires Tech Lab
    This Nuke is basically the same as the Ion Cannon, but I believe this has a
    small chance tiberium will start growing there. I saw this happen once, so I'm
    not sure if it was a glitch or not...
    Scrin Superweapon: Rift
    Activated by:
    Rift Generator: Requires Technology Assembler
    Opens up a hole that sucks in everything. I think this is more potent at
    destroying structures than the other two, as I've seen it destroy most
    buildings in one shot (The con yard was already damaged).
    O.K, we are on the french fries of this guide. After this is the meat and
    In my opinion, Skirmish is basically training for the online game, in my
    opinion. You see, Easy is the equivalent of the newbie over there that
    continued to forget how to train soldiers, build buildings, and move the
    soldiers that he did by luck build.
    Medium is the equivalent to the guy that just started playing a few days ago,
    and got used to the controls faster than the other guy.
    Hard is equivalent to the guy that spent a week playing this game.
    Brutal is the equivalent to a series vet since he was young (For example: Me.).
    To beat any of these skill levels, you have to be once step better than them.
    If your fighting Easy, try to level yourself as a medium or above. If your
    facing a medium, try to be a hard or above. If your facing a hard, try to be a
    brutal. If your facing a brutal, match this guy toe to toe. Here are some skill
    level classifications:
    Easy= Build slow, frequently forgets controls, uses default harvester and spams
    the same unit to rush.
    Medium= Builds at a nice pace, Remembers controls 80% of the time, manages 2 or
    3 harvesters and spams 2 or 3 units to rush.
    Hard=Builds Fast, Remembers Controls almost all of the time, Manages up to 5
    harvesters and spams up to 5 units for a rush.
    Brutal= Builds Extremely fast, Remembers controls consistently, Manages up to
    10 harvesters and uses all units for a rush.
    Ahhah, try to keep yourself on one of these levels for awhile, then train up.
    As soon as you can beat any of the AI levels, you know you are one level ahead.
    Now, some A.I. Personalities.
    Balanced are the hardest kind to tackle. It'll take awhile to beat these guys
    if your not good, or facing a brutal. Usually, online, people are inclined one
    way or another, and are rarely balanced.
    Rushers are one of the only things found online. You have to build a string of
    defense and offense to win against these guys.
    Turtles hole themselves up with tough defenses, and are the hardest one to
    beat. Not because they are balancing offense, because you won't be able to get
    into their base. You'll barely ever find guys like these online.
    Guerillas are just insane. They'll do everything, like using stratofighter
    booster to bomb the spunk out of you, or using a swarm of vertigo bombers, or
    rushing you from behind or all that. This seems to be a subordinate of rusher,
    so you'll probably find this online too.
    Steamrollers build tons of tanks and try to destroy your base and everything in
    it. This seems to be more of a subordinate of rusher, so you'll probably find
    this online too.
    Now, onto the strategies for specific sides.
    Nod is a stealth, hit and run kindof thing. Here are some strategies I use:
    Economize, Destructionize:
    Load up your economy, while building surveyors and outposts across the map.
    Build Disruption towers, and build base defenses under them to keep the opponet
    under lock & key. If done succesfully, this will castrate there ability to
    Hold your weapons high!
    Use some default infantry to take out their harvester, then sneak a commando in
    to destroy their refinery. If possible, make a break for the con yard and take
    that out. This will castrate their ability to an economy.
    No more ______!
    Send in a major force, but make sure this is just a diversion. Let them be
    slaughtered if need be. As soon as they strike, make sure the opponet focus all
    their forces on that one area. Now, fly in your commando with a carryall, land
    them in a unguarded corner of the base, and cause as much general havoc as
    possible. Make sure you take out the Con yard first, as that will castrate
    their ability to recreate the buildings you destroyed.
    Yes, I love that word. If you do all of the above, you will crash their
    economy, infantry and vehicles if possible, and they won't be able to retaliate
    with what they have left.
    I have nothing to say about this side but get all the units possible, and send
    them straight at the enemy base. If you keep a constant stream, you should keep
    them distracted long enough to keep the mammies in, at which point, they will
    be doomed!
    Power to the base! (Literally...?)
    Build tons of cranes when your economy is high enough, and then build one power
    plant for each crane. On the defense tab, build sonic emitters for all cranes.
    (This is going to be fun...) Build the power plants to the base, and deploy all
    your sonic emitters! Then, build  a barracks and have tunsoffun using engineers
    to conquer their base.
    Just build many, many defenses, and tech up untill you finish teching, then
    build the top tier units. Finally, build a mothership, bomb the base with it,
    and, when it gets destroyed, send in your top tier units to finish the scrap.
    If you want, use a superweapon too.
    If you practice against Brutal Rushers a lot in skirmish, you'll know what your
    up against when you go online. Don't worry, not everyone is that good. Just
    remember, practice makes perfect. I can't tell you what to do, because every
    game is different. No-one builds the exact same things in the exact same place
    twice, so practice, practice is the only thing I can tell you about online
    strategies. Develop your own strategy, something that hasn't been seen before,
    and you'll take the world by suprise when you come marching in.
    "Give credit where credit is due."
    Thanks for Westwood for starting off the amazing Command and Conquer Series.
    Thanks for E.A. for publishing this great game.
    Thanks for E.A.L.A. for making this game. (Several members of E.A.L.A. are
    Westwood members, thank god.)
    Thank me for making this guide.
    Thank Gamefaqs.com for (Hopefully) hosting this guide.
    Thank the reader for reading this guide.
    Thank adam_grif for submitting the first strategy and multiple corrections.
    Thank coathangers for no specific reason.
    "The Commando (for GDI or NOD) greatly benefits from the "Call for transport"
    ability, allowing it to traverse terrain quickly, however it will die with a
    single shot from any Anti Air weapon, so you should usually restrict your use
    of the ability until you find a safe route into the back of the enemies base.
    Then you get a front on attack going with a few units (just a few scorpions or
    predators) to distract the enemy while you get in there and do the real damage
    with the C4. Oh, and you know how the commando goes prone after a C4 detonation
    and starts crawling? With the GDI commando, you C4 a building then immediately
    use the jumpjets to destroy 2 buildings in quick succession. It can be
    especially devastating when you take out their Construction Yard and Tech
    Centre with a quick one-two." - Thanks to adam_grif!
    "NOD militant squads, when upgraded with the confessor sometimes turn infantry
    units rogue (the enemies, that is), which is the bane of a zone trooper mass.
    assuming a single confessor can get a grenade off, one zone trooper squad will
    start shooting the others, and the others will start shooting it. The GDI
    player also temporarily looses control of them." - Thanks to adam_grif! (Once
    "Orca aircraft are perhaps most useful in a stealth detection role as they are
    too fragile for front line use. Make good use of their "deploy scanner"
    ability, and post them in areas that you don't have forces, as well as in front
    of your defenses to detect vertigoes early and increase the odds of blowing
    them up before they re-cloak." - Thank you, adam_grif!
    "Build (with multiple tabs) multiple base defenses (Obelisks of light, sonic
    emmiter, scrin equivalent) with the support tab, and a baracks and war factory
    with the building tabs. Infiltrate an engineer into the enemies base, and
    capture *any* building. It doesn't matter what you capture. As soon as you
    capture it, place all buildings, and immediately start building Zone Troopers
    with GDI and Fanatics as NOD, as well as scorpions or predators. Have your army
    on standby to finish them off for good." - Thanks to adam_grif for this one!
    "Construct a crane, in addition to a surveyor/emissary/scrin equivelent at the
    outset of the game (assuming there is a secondary source of nearby tiberium).
    Send the surveyor/emissary/scrin equivalent to the nearby tiberium field and
    set up.
    Immediately place the Crane near your construction yard, and have one of them
    build a power plant while the other builds a refinery. Place the power plant
    and cue a 2nd refinery. Place the initial refinery and cue a third refinery
    (bear with me for a moment). Place the 2nd refinery, pause for a moment, and as
    soon as the harvester appears, sell the refinery. Cue a war factory. Place 3rd
    refinery, cue 4th refinery. Place war factory, cue power plant and 2 tanks+2
    buggies (or scrin equivalent), place 4th refinery in secondary base, as well as
    possibly some base defenses.
    The economics of this is simple; a refinery costs 2000, a harvester costs 1000.
    When you sell the refinery, you get the 1000 refunded, allowing you to
    construct harvesters without a war factory, and you also get a rifleman
    squad/militant squad/buzzer squad for free, to scout the immediate area as well
    as fend off infantry rushes." - Thanks to adam_grif.
    If you need to contact me about tips, corrections, strategies, or reports of
    this guide on non-authorized sites, please contact me at

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