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    FAQ/Walkthrough by elsquanto

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                             COMMAND & CONQUER 3: TIBERIUM WARS
                             FAQ/Walkthrough by elsquanto
                            / TABLE OF CONTENTS \
    | Chapter | Section |   Detail                    Abbreviation  |
    |  1.00 Version History                                 (VI)    |
    |  2.00	Game Info                                      (GINFO)  |
    |         > 2.01 - Basic Game Information                       |
    |         > 2.02 - Achievements                                 |
    |  3.00 - Basics                                        (BAS)   |
    |         > 3.01 - Controls                                     |
    |         > 3.02 - The Heads up Display                         |
    |         > 3.03 - Tutorial                                     |
    |         > 3.04 - Advanced yet Simple tips                     |
    |   4.00 - GDI Walkthrough                              (GDIW)  |
    |         > 4.01 - North Carolina Badlands                      |
    |         > 4.02 - The Pentagon                                 |
    |         > 4.03 - Langley Air Force Base                       |
    |         > 4.04 - Hampton Roads                                |
    |         > 4.05 - The White House                              |
    |         > 4.06 - Casabad					|
    |	  > 4.07 - Alexandria					|
    |	  > 4.08 - Croatia					|
    |	  > 4.09 - Albania					|
    |	  > 4.10 - Sarajevo					|
    |	  > 4.11 - Munich					|
    |	  > 4.12 - Stuttgart					|
    |	  > 4.13 - Cologne					|
    |	  > 4.14 - Berne					|
    |	  > 4.15 - Rome						|
    |	  > 4.16 - Ground Zero                                  |
    |   5.00 - Contact Info/Legal Stuff                     (CILS)  |
    Chapter /==================\
    /=======\  VERSION HISTORY  \
    |  1.00  \==================/
    |                        Version .51 - (5/19/07)                 /
    |       - Old guide accidentally deleted, starts from scratch   /
    |       - Added Cool Header                                    /
    |       - Added Table of Contents                             /
    |       - Added the text you're reading now                  /
    |       - Added Game Info                                   /
    |       - Added Game Basics                                /
    |       - Added Walkthrough up to Hampton Roads           /
    Chapter /===================\
    /=======\  GAME INFORMATION  \
    |  2.00  \===================/
    /=======\ 2.01 /================\
    | GINFO  \====/ Basic Game Info  \
    Title: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
    Developer: EA Games
    Publisher: EA Games
    Release Date: 5/08/07
    Genre: RTS, Sci-Fi
            Xbox 360
            Command and Conquer (1995)
            Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun (2000)
            Command and Conquer: Renegade (2003)
    /=======\ 2.02 /================\
    | GINFO  \====/ Achievements     \
                                  /    Achievements     \
    |Gamerscore Awarded                  Details                            |
    | (20) |        Gather 100000 tiberium in MP                            |
    | (100)|        Scrin Campaign Finished with Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon|
    | (20) |        GDI Campaign Finished with Bronze medal and Bonus Ribbon|
    | (80) |        Complete the GDI campaign                               |
    | (25) |        GDI Campaign Finished with Silver medal and Bonus Ribbon|
    | (0)  |        Lose to someone Ranked 20 places below you              |
    | (0)  |        Skipping the tutorial suggestion from SP                |
    | (100)|        Play MP for 100 hours                                   |
    | (20) |        Nod Campaign Finished with Bronze medal and Bonus Ribbon|
    | (80) |        Complete the Nod campaign                               |
    | (25) |        Nod Campaign Finished with Silver medal and Bonus Ribbon|
    | (5)  |        Completing the GDI TOW: Washington D.C.                 |
    | (20) |        Complete Boot Camp Mission                              |
    | (20) |        Scrin Campaign with Bronze medal and Bonus Ribbon       |
    | (25) |        Scrin Campaign with Silver medal and Bonus Ribbon       |
    | (20) |        Press the A button 2047 times                           |
    | (0)  |        Lose a single player game 3 times in a row              |
    | (220)|        Complete all of the single player campaigns             |
    | (0)  |        Lose 5 MP games in a row                                |
    | (100)|        GDI Campaign Finished with Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon  |
    | (100)|        Nod Campaign Finished with Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon  |
    Chapter /===================\
    /=======\        BASICS      \
    |  3.00  \===================/
    /=====\ 3.01 /=========\
    | BAS  \====/  Controls \
    A - Your context sensitive, do-everything command
    B - Cancel action
    L - Select all units on battlefield
    R - Open mini-menu
    D-Pad - Navigate mini-menu
    CLS - Back to original view
    CRS - Back to your base
    Really, these are all the controls you need. If you need more help with the
    controls, I would suggest completing the tutorial mission. This will go over
    everything you need, from gathering resources to commanding troops and using
    their special powers.
    /=====\ 3.02 /=================\
    | BAS  \====/  Heads up Display \
    Your Heads up Display, or HUD, looks something like this (Warning: Bad ASCII
    art coming)
            This is your monitor - |_|
            This is your toolbar, on Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
    |=#==========#-| J |
    | #          #C|========|
    |A#    (B)   #D|        |
    | #          #E|    K   |
    | #          #F|        |
    | #          #G|==========
    | #==========#H| | L |
    XXXX - Tiberium Available
    A - Unit limit
    B - Mini-Map/Vid. Screen
    C - Groups Tab
    D - Powers
    E - Infantry
    F - Vehicles
    G - Aircraft
    H - Structures
    I - Support
    J - Currently Selected Unit's Upgrades (up to four)
    K - Picture of said unit
    L - Powers/Things for unit to do
    *Note that not all of these options will be available at the same time.
    /=====\ 3.03 /=================\
    | BAS  \====/      Tutorial     \
    /=====\ 3.04 /=================\
    | BAS  \====/  Advanced Tactics \
     \      > Garrisoning                  \
      \     > Building Hopping             /
       \    > Blitzkrieg                  /
        \   > Raiding                    /
         \  > Attrition                 /
            > Garrisoning
    This doesn't really qualify as an advanced tactic needed to develop, but it
    deserves to be mentioned here, mainly due to how powerful it can be and how it
    serves as the foundation for the rest of the tactics listed here. To garrison a
    unit, it must be infantry. Simply select it, and bring it to a garrisonable
    structure, signified by an arrow pointing down into three circles.
    Garrisoned structures will fire upon any enemies in range with their
    respective weapons. There is normally room forthree squads within a  garrison,
    and a well balanced one will destroy all but the largest armies. I try to
    garrison a sniper squad as soon as there is room available, because they will
    take out two thirds of an infantry unit right away if they even decide to
    venture near them. I follow that up with either missle squads or Zone troopers,
    to fend off any vehicular attacks, then a riflemen squad, in case the garrison
    is swarmed by enemy infantry. But still, a garrison can be absolutely
    annhilated by large groups of enemy aircraft or tanks.
    However, this is a tactical advantage for YOU now. What happens when you have a
    dozen tanks focusing on only three of your infantry units? You've distracted
    the enemy to the point where you can get a decisive win right there. Flank the
    enemy tanks with some of your's, or better yet, call in the aircraft, and
    decimate any opposition. A dozen tanks take a lot of resources to build, and
    now your enemy should be scrambling to muster together another army. Skip down
    to the blitzkrieg section to figure out how to win the rest of this battle.
            > Building Hopping
    Building Hopping uses garrisoning to quickly clear occupied cities. Let's start
    a scenario, say NOD has occupied a large section of a city ahead, all
    garrisoned with enemy troops. How the heck are you going to clear that out, or
    better yet take it over. You could always send in a bomber squad, but that
    would just level the city, and you would have no buildings to take for
    yourself. This tactic quickly eradicates any enemy troops in a city while
    barely damaging any of the structures. Think of it as a poison gas or a Halo
    ring.  To start off, build a Grenade squad. Send them into an unoccupied
    building somewhere in the city, but be careful to keep them out of sight from
    the buildings with enemies garrisoned inside them. For a visual representation,
    let's start with a street made out of...er... backslashes and lines.
    l      l
    l  NOD l - Building garrisoned by NOD forces
    l      l
    l      l
    l  NOD l - Building garrisoned by NOD forces
    l      l
    l      l
    l emptyl - Ungarrisoned building
    l      l
    Start out by garrisoning your grenadier squad in the empty building
    l      l
    l  NOD l - Building garrisoned by NOD forces
    l      l
    l      l
    l  NOD l - Building garrisoned by NOD forces
    l      l
    l      l
    l GDI  l - Building garrisoned by GDI grenadiers.
    l      l
    They will immediately proceed to throw grenades at the NOD occupied buildings,
    in one toss, they will completely clear it of enemies
    l      l
    l  NOD l - Building garrisoned by NOD forces
    l      l
    l      l
    l emptyl - Ungarrisoned building
    l      l
    l      l
    l GDI  l - Building garrisoned by GDI grenadiers.
    l      l
    Now, take your units into this now empty building. They will repeat the process
    as they did before,and before long...
    l      l
    l emptyl - Ungarrisoned building
    l      l
    l      l
    l GDI  l - Building garrisoned by GDI grenadiers.
    l      l
    l      l
    l emptyl - Ungarrisoned building
    l      l
    All NOD presence in the area has been completely eradicated.
            > Blitzkreig
    Ah Blitzkreig, the fighting style of Germany during WWII. Blitzkreig focused
    on Lightning warfare, or warfare which basically eliminated any opposition
    before it could defend itself. It led off with bombing raids from the air, then
    followed up with tank columns, and the infantry ran in to mop up the rest.
    What you do for this is simple. Bomb the crap out of the enemy's defenses.
    Their turrets and tanks should be destroyed right where they stand, and just do
    this for a while. Eventually, the enemy will try to get smart and build some
    anti-air defenses. What wins in a battle when there are three anti-air buggy's
    fighting a pair of mammoth tanks. You guessed it. Keep the assault going with
    the tanks, then bring in the riflemen to flood the area. You should be able to
    rapidly take out enemy structures and entire bases just with this tactic.
            > Raiding
    Raiding is a very simple, yet effective way to defeat the enemy. The enemy will
    have to respond very quickly if they even want to stop your raid, and if not,
    it will cripple their economy and ability to produce units for a while. One of
    the drawbacks to the Command and Conquer series in my opinion is the presence
    of only one resource. While in other RTS's, if you could not gather one
    resource, you could easily use one of three or so other resources to compensate
    for that lack. However, here, every single race is entirely dependent on
    You can use this for your advantage however. With one well placed artillery
    strike, coordinated with an air offensive, you can destroy the players refinery
    or harvester. He will no longer gain income, and if he had been massing units
    at the time, some will not be built, and he may go bankrupt because of it. It
    is because of this same principle that I recommend targeting this area whenever
    you have an Ion Cannon or other weapon of Mass Destruction at your disposal.
            > Attrition
    Occasionally, the battle will become a stalemate. Both sides are on defense,
    and they're simply waiting for the other side to attack just so they can
    counterrattack. They probably have numerous defense systems set up and traps
    ready to be set off. You are one of these. What do you do? Imagine a perfectly
    balanced army facing you. No matter what you throw at them, they are set up
    for. This is a war of Attrition, WWI style, the side that lets up first even a
    little bit will win.
    The best solution for this is an ion cannon right into the middle of their
    army, but if that's unavailable, you may need to pursue different means. Make
    sure all of your forces are set to "defensive", and all of your infantry is
    garrisoned if possible. You want to make your enemy leave his defenses. For
    this, you need something that will make him want to attack you. An AI opponet
    will not get riled up, but a human enemy will become frustrated while you put a
    Juggernaut- just out of reach of any of his weapons. Just keep slowly wearing
    him down, until you get them out of formation. Then charge with your own army
    and quickly mass more to keep him from building more. Never get into this
    situation while you're NOD.
    Chapter /===================\
    /=======\  GDI WALKTHROUGH   \
    |  4.00  \===================/
    /======\ 4.01 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/  North Carolina Badlands/
    Briefing   /=========================/
    "Recent satellite intelligence points to a suspicious level of activity in
    the  North Carolina Badlands. InOps is concerned that the Brotherhood of Nod
    may be setting up shop there. Your mission is to investigate and report back
    as soon as possible.  An abandoned GDI training facility is located nearby -
    use that as your base of operations in the area."
    Objectives List  /
            > Determine the status of the abandoned GDI outpost
            > Build a Barracks and 3 GDI Riflemen squads
            > Build a Power Plant
            > Repair the Command Post
            > Eliminate the Nod Outpost
            > Repair the Bridge
            > Construct an Airfield
            > Eliminate Remaining Nod Presence in the Area
            > Construct a Watchtower
            > Construct a second Infantry Queue
            > Build a Tiberium Silo
            > Capture a NOD Building
            > Capture the Tiberium Spike
    Walkthrough     /
    Don't be fooled by its label as the first mission of the game. This is the
    normal RTS introductory mission that's been in almost every game of the genre
    ever. This one is executed pretty well, so get cracking on it so you can get to
    the really fun stuff. You start out with a small squad of riflemen, but it will
    be plenty to take into the base in the East and annhilate the NOD infantry that
    oppose you. You can even garrison them in the tower if you want.
    Your Mobile Construction Vehicle will arrive shortly and unpack itself. Build a
    barracks, followed by three riflemen squads, and build the watchtower that
    you're told to build. Build a second barracks to get the second secondary
    objective, and you'll get some missle soldiers. Bolster your ranks with some
    more infantry from the barracks, then assault the NOD outpost.
    After mopping up the NOD forces there, make sure not to destroy the power
    plant. You will recieve two engineers, use one to repair the bridge and waste
    the other capturing the NOD building and thus fulfilling another secondary
    objective. Sell said NOD building for yet another, and build a Tiberium Silo to
    keep racking them up.
    Just North of the bridge is a spire-ish object aptly called a Tiberium spike.
    These are nuetral structures which can be captured by engineers from either
    side. Capturing this with an engineer is also the last secondary objective you
    The rest of the war is a war of Attrition, but you can use Raiding to your
    advantage when you're told to build an Airfield. When you can convince High
    command that the battle is a stalemate through repeated offensives, they'll
    authorize the Ion cannon. Aim it for the middle of the base and watch the
    sparks fly!
    					Act 1
    ======\ 4.02 /========================\
    GDIW   \====/       The Pentagon       \
    Briefing   /==========================/
    "The Philadelphia is gone, Reykjavik has been overrun, and Nod forces are now
    attacking the only remaining GDI world command hub in the Pentagon.  If we lose
    the Pentagon, GDI will be thrown into chaos and the war will be lost. Your
    mission is to defend this vital installation.  The first priority is restoring
    power to the building defenses and systems so you can repel the main Nod
    attack.  Then you'll need to get an engineer into the Pentagon to reestablish
    the command and control system links. Your final objective is to
    counter-attack and drive Nod out of the area."
    Objectives List  /
            > Bring the Pentagon's Defensive Power system online
            > Capture the Pentagon
            > Garrison all four watchtowers and defend from the NOD assault
            > Eliminate the NOD central HQ
            > Eliminate the small base to the North
            > Clear four garrisoned buildings
    Walkthrough     /
    You'll start out this mission with plenty of engineers and plenty of Riflemen.
    Immediately march your riflemen to the east and destroy the NOD infantry, who
    are too busy pumping rounds into the power plants to notice your army shooting
    them. When the coast is clear, send in the engineers to retake the power plants
    and another to retake the pentagon itself once you are told.
    As soon as you've done that, all of your watchtowers will be destroyed in one
    NOD bombing run. Looks like you'll have to do this the old fasioned way. Send a
    rifleman squad or two to garrison inside each of the watchtowers. As soon as
    you finish off the opposition, you'll get a present, a formation of APC's and
    some Grenadiers. You should now be working on the bonus objective to destroy
    clear four garrisoned buildings. And what better tactic to use then building
    hopping? Send your grenadiers into the city, and guide them on a path of
    destruction as they eradicate all the NOD's in the area.
    There's a small NOD base to the North which you only kinda need to destroy, but
    with all of your forces, you should simply annhilate them. The NOD base is up
    the stairs behind the highway. Sneak some Grenadiers into one of the buildings,
    and hop your way until you're a stone's (or a grenade's) throw away from the
    base. Quickly flood the area with Riflemen loaded APC's afterwards. The
    missions still aren't difficult... for now.
    /======\ 4.03 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/ Langley Air Force Base   \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "Nod forces have overrun all of the major GDI air fields in the region. Your
    mission is to retake Langley Air Force Base, home of the Air Combat Command.
    A small GDI outpost near the coast might be useful as a base of operations.
    We'll drop your team off nearby.  Once the outpost is secure, take back our
    airfields, get some Orca scout aircraft in the air, and then drive Nod out
    of the area."
    Objectives List  /
            > Capture the base on the shore
            > Reclaim the GDI Airfields
            >Destroy remaining NOD presence
            > Capture the Tiberium Refinery in the city
            > Rescue all four snipers
    Walkthrough     /
    You'll be making a beach landing for this mission, so be sure you've brought
    your barf bag. The GDI base on the shore is besieged and if you take it, you'll
    be able to use it for the rest of the mission. As soon as you've cleared the
    base, load up some riflemen and missle soldiers into the nearby bunkers for
    base defense.
    The Tiberium Refinery is in the Southwest corner of the city, further West down
    the road which you landed adjacent to. If you can, send a lot of grenadiers,
    bolstered by riflemen as cannon fodder, to head towards the refinery. There are
    numerous garrisoned buildings nearby - A perfect opportunity to building hop.
    Send a missle squad to take out the turret, making it safe for your engineer to
    move into the refinery. You may as well clear the entire section of that city -
    you'll find two sniper squads.
    There is also a very small section of the city just across the street from
    where you landed. Use the grenadiers to clear the section, freeing up your last
    two sniper squads needed. Only one thing stands in your way from continuing
    into the base - A rather well defended turret cluster. This will be pointed out
    to you, but I'll state it anyway. Select the battleship in the water, and
    bombard the hub of the turret cluster with it. Quickly send some sniper and
    missle squad units to garrison in the structures in the center, and they'll
    pick off any enemy that ventures out of NOD's base of operations.
    Use APC's to clear out the raised platform where the Airfields are, and use
    these airfields to make yourself some Orcas. Spam as many Orcas as possible,
    and they should be able to finish the rest of the mission on their own. Just
    keep raiding their base, which is on a raised platform at the North part of the
    map, and finish them off. If you're really fancy, you can use blitzkrieg
    /======\ 4.04 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/      Hampton Roads       \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "Cut off the Nod reinforcements flowing into Hampton Roads by disrupting their
    port operations.  You'll do this from the inside, infiltrating an elite GDI
    commando into the facility.  Take their radar offline by destroying the Nod
    Operations Center.  Once they're blind, take out their nearby stealth bomber
    base. As soon as Nod's bombers are out of action, we'll send in a fleet of
    battleships and you can use sniper units to spot targets for the big guns."
    Objectives List  /
            > Destroy the Nod Operations Center
            > Destroy the Stealth Bomber airfield
            > Destroy even more NOD crap
            > Complete the Mission using only the Commando
    Walkthrough     /
    Your Commando is a flat out animal when it comes to destroying NOD things. He
    is the definition of an army of one, and you can see that as he single-handedly
    cuts through an enemy squad of riflemen like a hot knife through butter as the
    scene opens. Jump jet towards your first objective, and destroy the enemies
    there as well.
    This entire mission is basically the Commando running around destroying stuff.
    Remember to pick up the yellow flashing crates along the way, and that the
    Commando can detonate an enemy structure in a matter of a second or two. When
    you reach the last base, a flame tank may come at you. Be prepared to run, Jump
    jet away, and shoot the arbitrarily scattered fuel barrels in its path. This
    shouldn't be anything harder than a cakewalk.
    					Act II
    /======\ 4.05 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/    The White House       \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "GDI morale sagged when Nod troops unfurled their red banners over the White
     House.  Now you'll turn the tide by retaking this powerful symbol.  Since Nod
     has a staging area nearby, you'll also get a chance to wipe out a large
     stockpile of high-end Nod weapons.  Start with a small force to take out Nod's
     air defenses.  A Firehawk squadron from Langley AFB will turn Nod's parked
     military hardware to burning junk.  Then attack the Nod base right outside the
     White House itself."
    Objectives List  /
            > Destroy the Nod Air Defenses
            > Use your Firehawk Airstrike power on Nod's artillery outpost.
            > Destroy the surrounding Nod base to reclaim the White House.
    > Suppress the Nod infantry advances by putting Snipers into the
    	> Destroy the Power Plants
    	> Destroy the Secret Shrine
    Walkthrough     /
    In order to get yourself some reinforcements, you'll need to destroy the Air
    defenses Nod has set up. Using missle squads, aim for the hubs of the turrets,
    it should look like a small ball with three turrets connected to it by wires.
    As soon as that happens, go into your powers menu and turn on the "Firehawk
    Airstrike" on the target marked for you. This will take out the entire base.
    As soon as reinforcements arrive, build up your base quickly. Remember to build
    a refinery, infantry and vehicle producing structures, and most important, an
    armory. As soon as that's done, send a sniper squad and a rifleman squad into
    the little marked building east of the Tiberium. This will fulfill the first
    bonus objective, and you'll be well on your way to defending your harvester,
    since NOD should only send Infantry. *Note - It is important to do this as soon
    as possible, if NOD destroys your harvester during a crucial moment, you may
    spend a lot of time trying to rebuild your economy. I learned this the hard way.
    Build the support structures neccesary to defend the North side of your base,
    and get ready for some blitzkreig. Load up some missle squads into some APC's,
    and get some predator tanks if neccesary. Bring them all to the East side of
    the map, around where you're being attacked, and then swing up North. Your
    objective is the secret shrine which allows NOD to build stealthed units.
    Afterwards, garrison all of your infantry in the buildings overlooking their
    base, and send some predators to demolish whatever is left. Once the
    battlefield has been turned into a wasteland, it's mission accomplished.
    /======\ 4.06 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/         Casabad          \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "InOps flagged an irrigation plant in Casabad as a possible chemical weapons
     factory.  A GDI forward base was established nearby in preparation for a raid,
     but we've since lost contact with the base.  We've also lost contact with a
     team of Zone Troopers sent to investigate.  Get in there, secure the base, and
     then find out what's going on in that factory."
    Objectives List  /
    	> Secure the barracks
    	> Destroy the Weapons research lab
    	> Destroy the War factories
    	> Capture all three Tiberium spikes
    	> Destroy the NOD Outpost
    Walkthrough     /
    For this mission, you'll get nothing but Infantry. It's a shame, but a real man
    can do it, so why can't you? You'll start with a few zone troopers and some
    riflemen, which you should immediately use to take the base to your North. Send
    an engineer to take over the Tiberium spike which is right INSIDE the base.
    You'll be getting some money from this transaction, so use the extra funds to
    build yourself some extra zone troopers and maybe another engineer. The troops
    that you started with should be sent North to what will become a constant
    battery of Attack Bikes. Send another engineer to capture the spike to the
    North. This spike will allow you to rake in the dough and buy whatever you want.
    Send another engineer, flanked by some riflemen or zone troopers, to take the
    spike to the east. This spike will become immediately attacked, so spam a bunch
    of Zone troopers. You should have more than you'll ever need once the tiberium
    spikes start to rack up the dough. When you feel ready, send some zone
    troopers, a few missile squads, and some riflemen to act as cannon fodder to
    the East side of the map. Destroy the Weapons research spike first, and look
    out for the Flame tank. Then, send them all North towards the cliff. Send you
    riflemen up the ramp to distract the tanks and get wiped out, then jump jet
    your Zone troopers around to the West side and flank the enemy.
    /======\ 4.07 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/       Alexandria         \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "Nod is using the port of Alexandria to export nuclear and chemical weapons.
     Your mission is simple:  Shut this operation down.  Destroy the loading cranes
     to cripple their port operations, sink their ships to block the docks, wipe
     out their administration and control centers, and obliterate any military
     units and structures nearby.  You'll have Mammoth Tanks at your disposal.
     Roll over them, Commander."
    Objectives List  /
    	> Destroy the loading dock cranes
    	> Destroy all NOD Port Authority Buildings
    	> Destroy all NOD ships parked at port
    	> Capture the EMP Control Center in the city
    	> Deploy a surveyor at the Northern Tiberium Field
    Walkthrough     /
    This mission may seem familiar, and that's because it was in the demo, if you
    played it. This is the first mission where you get to use your friendly
    neighborhood Mammoth Tanks, and it's also one of the most open missions in the
    game. Make sure you build some watchtowers, as they will detect stealth and
    many NOD advances will feature this. While you defend your base, utilizing Zone
    troopers, watchtowers, and some bunkers that your riflemen can build, build a
    War Factory and a Tech Center. Having both of these buildings will allow you to
    use Mammoth Tanks. Make sure you upgrade them with Rail Guns at the tech center.
    To build a surveyor, use your support tab. Then send the thing up to the field
    and use the power "Deploy" on the field. Once you have a few more Mammoths,
    send them up North to defend the surveyor, and you may even want to build an
    entire new base there. Send an engineer, flanked by Mammoth tanks, east to the
    EMP Control Center.
    Build an airfield, and you should be able to make some Orcas which will fly
    virtually untouched all the way through, destroying all of the cranes and all
    of the ships in the port. However, the rest of the base has far too many
    anti-air defenses to bomb. However, the base still isn't a match for ten
    mammoth tanks. Hell, four will cut a swath of destruction throughout the entire
    /======\ 4.07 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/         Cairo            \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "Your mission is to take out a massive Nod nuclear weapons facility in northern
     Cairo, the same base that was used to launch the strike on the Philidelphia.
     This is now the highest priority GDI target worldwide.  Time is of the
     essence:  Nod is likely to launch everything they have if they think you're
     getting too close."
    Objectives List  /
    	> Destroy the NOD Headquarters
    	> Destroy the NOD Nuke Facility
    	> Destroy the NOD Power Plants
    	> Eliminate ALL NOD Structures
    Walkthrough     /
    Uh oh, this mission is giving you a countdown, so you don't have much time.
    You're going to have to speed build, which isn't the best tactic for GDI. But
    let's put things in perspective. That cliffside with all of the NOD equipment
    on it?, it's fortified to the teeth with anti-air, anti-armor, and especially
    anti-infantry. Those power plants behind the equipment?. You'll need to destroy
    one of those in eighteen minutes. Following this strategy right here, you
    should be able to stop the countdown in five minutes.
    Start off by building a War Factory and Tech Center. Send the units you got at
    the start to the North side of your base, and flank them with some Watchtowers
    to see any stealth that my come up. When your War Factory is done, build a
    Harvester first. Turn to the Tech Center and research the Rail Gun upgrade.
    Build an engineer from your barracks and an airfield chock full of Orcas.
    You're now ready for a daring raid.
    Towards the West side of the base, there's a cliff. Have your engineer call for
    transport and take this route all the way to the NorthWest where there's a
    Tiberium Spike. Consider this a practice run. Follow that with your Orcas. This
    time however, take them East when you reach the end of the line. There's a
    turret hub of SAM's that you should take out, then try to take out the Power
    Plant next to them. When they're done, immediately recall them back to your
    airfield. With any luck, one or two may survive, but best of all, the Countdown
    will be reset and paused for awhile.
    The countdown may restart soon, but that doesn't matter, just repeat the
    process you did to stop the last one. In the meantime, spam Mammoth Tanks. If
    you can, and you should be able to with enough Silos, build a dozen. When
    they're completed send them North, where they will batter down the gate and
    destroy everything in their path. Make sure to destroy every last structure and
    getting the "Objective Complete" sticker before going to the North-East and
    finishing them off.
    /======\ 4.08 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/       Croatia            \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "GDI has a forward operating base in Croatia, but it's been cut off from supply
     lines and is under heavy attack by Nod forces.  Their power is low, their
     construction yard has been destroyed, and they don't have much in the way of
     firepower.  You need to take command of that base and hold out long enough for
     us to send in a reinforcement convoy."
    Objectives List  /
    	> Secure GDI Base until reinforcements arrive
    	> Send aid to reinforcement team
    	> Escort the MCV safely back to GDI base
    	> Destroy Southwest NOD base
    	> Destroy North-East NOD Base
    	> Destroy the South East NOD base
    	> All base defenses survive
    	> Return MCV to base unharmed
    The first thing that you should do for this base, is to repair EVERYTHING. The
    person who built this base decided not to give it enough power and apparently
    couldn't figure out that watchtowers could be built from behind walls.
    Basically, you'll be blocked from creating anything, and will soon be assaulted
    by NOD forces and you won't have enough power. This is a situation that can
    only be explained in bad ASCII
      ________G	G______
      l		      l
      l A		    A l
      l		      l
    W l		      l G
    W l		      l G
      l		      l
      l A		    A l
      l______	______l
    	W	W
    G=Guardian Cannons
    A=Air Batteries
    Luckily, you'll have plenty of support in the form of a few Predator tanks and
    some assorted Infantry. Power up the following structures to start out - The
    South Watchtower on the west side. The West watchtower on the South side, and
    all four Guardian Cannons. Move one Predator to the North Side, and two to the
    East side. Have your riflemen build Pillboxes (Dig in ability) right in the
    doorways in between the watchtowers. Keep on the lookout for aircraft, and have
    your pitbull take them down as neccesary.
    After you're given a new objective, wait for the remains of NOD's forces to
    throw themselves upon you, and then build yourself some APC's and a few
    Predators. Fill up the APC's with riflemen and one with missile squads and send
    them across the bridge to the Southwest. Steer them through the city, staying
    clear of the base and destroying garrisoned buildings as you go by. Eventually,
    you'll reach the clearing with the buildings in them, and from there simply
    destroy the turret hub and surrounding buildings with your Predators. You'll
    get control of the MCV now...
    Lead with your APC's, and form a protective barrier around the path of the MCV.
    There are two parallel streets, so just keep your APC column in between the MCV
    and the base. Remember to destroy the garrisoned buildings too. If your MCV is
    damaged, it's likely from Fanatic attacks, so watch out for those by keeping an
    APC nearby at all times. Once you bring your MCV back, it will deploy, and
    hopefully you'll earn the bonus objective.
    Build a Tech Center and research Rail Guns, and spam a lot of Predators.
    Mammoth Tanks aren't effective nor neccesary for this mission. Send your
    Predators North-East first, and you'll get rid of that pesky vehicle problem if
    you destroy all of the buildings. Next, airlift them to the cliff on the
    South-East edge to take care of those damned Venoms. Finally, group them with
    your APC's and charge the Southwestern base. It shouldn't be hard, as you'll
    only find infantry.
    /======\ 4.09 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/         Albania          \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "Recent sat-surveillance confirms a significant build-up of armored vehicles
     and weapons at a large Nod logistics base in Albania.  The sat images show row
     upon row of Stealth, Scorpion, and Flame tanks waiting to be deployed in
     defense of Kane's Temple Prime in Sarajevo.  Your mission is about destroying
     this arsenal before it is used against you in combat.  You'll start with a
     small force to clear the way, then we'll send you Firehawk attack jets to
     finish the job."
    Objectives List /
    	> Clear NOD Border defenses
    	> Infiltrate NOD supply depot
    	> Eliminate NOD Rocket bunkers
    	> Capture East Ridge reinforcement bay
    	> Destroy NOD supply depot
    	> Survive defenses unharmed
    	> Capture airfield reinforcement bay
    	> Capture motorpool reinforcement bay
    	> Arm a firehawk with a missile to destroy a NOD venom
    This will be one of those covert, only get a few units to start with mission
    that are more common with NOD, but GDI can do it too. You'll start out with a
    pair of Grenadier squads and a pair of riflemen squad. You are in a desert
    square that is blocked by an invisible black wall of death. You need to get
    your squads to destroy all of this unharmed. That's three turrets and a
    riflemen squad. Start out by sneaking around the far-right turret. The lasers
    will fire at you, but they're meant for vehicles and won't do anything. Have
    your riflemen kill theirs and then take out the turret hub. Finish it off with
    the barracks and accomplish your firt primary as well as your first secondary
    You'll receive a few friendly Predators/APC's as well as a friendly Rig. Deploy
    your rig right under the bridge, and send your predators up to the cliff to
    destroy the NOD Rocket bunkers. Have them return and heal, and you'll receive
    five engineers. Now let's do the math. You have four engineers, you need one to
    capture the bridge, and three to complete every objective, you can't afford to
    lose them. Before you rebuild the bridge, plant your Predators on the other
    side to destroy anything that might come across. Send the four predators across
    the bridge to destroy the defensive hub, then follow it with your rig, which
    you should then have deploy.
    Load up two APC's with Missile squads, one with riflemen. Leave the rest of the
    infantry to the south. Build yourself a mini wall around the rig with (starting
    from left), an APC filled with Riflemen, an APC with a Missile squad, a Pillbox
    filled with riflemen, two Predator tanks. Put your pitbull just nearby where
    your riflemen have dug in, and the remainder of your squad will be left to take
    out all of the NOD forces. Sounds fun right?
    Start off by sending them along the cliffside to the East, staying way clear of
    the base and the big mean scary obelisks. You're looking for the reinforcement
    bay to the south, you'll probably need a couple go's at it. I would save before
    you send your units out. Lead with the predators so they can barge their way in
    and destroy the turrets, then bring up your APC behind them. Keep your pitbull
    out of harms way for now, in fact, just leave it behind until you see aircraft.
    When your units get too damaged, feel free to retreat back to the warm confines
    of your rig for a minute or so. Eventually, your units will gain levels and
    reach veterancy, which will allow them to heal on their own. Anyway, when you
    level the base (except for the reinforcement bay), retreat your units back to
    your rig to repair, and replace the missile squad in the APC with an engineer.
    Drop the engineer off to capture the bay, and you'll get a nifty Mammoth tank
    and two airfields filled with firehawks.
    Arm four firehawks with missiles and send them to the North-west, where they'll
    likely find a Venom and accomplish a bonus objective. Arm the other four with
    bombs and level the base just under the cliff, then send in your tanks to
    establish ground control. Retreat back with your APC to grab an engineer and
    claim the base for yourself. You'll get a pair of predators and a Rig, though
    the rig is kinda useless. You may as well deploy it here to heal your units.
    Don't let it get too close to the obelisks or it'll be even more useless.
    Take an APC around and destroy all of the dormant vehicles which are...
    everywhere. Meanwhile, send your firehawks to level the base to the North-west
    too. Eventually, lead your assault force, which should be bolstered by
    everything you got from your reinforcement bays. When you capture it, make sure
    you send a pitbull out too. There are probably stealthed units there which are
    just waiting for your engineer to get out of the APC.
    Once you capture this, destroy everything. Have your firehawks take out the
    obelisks and then move in your assault force to take out all of the production
    buildings, which will complete the mission. Go you.
    /======\ 4.10 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/       Sareajevo          \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "Kane is making his last stand at Temple Prime in Sarajevo.  Your mission is to
     take out his defending forces, destroy the surrounding compound, and disable
     the ion disruption towers protecting the temple complex from energy weapons.
     Knocking out the disruption towers will open up options for GDI Central
     Command now that the Ion Cannons are nearly back online.  However, be aware
     that Kane and his Science Ministers have been working on a Liquid Tiberium
     device of considerable destructive power within Temple Prime.  It is
     imperative that you do not use the Ion Cannon on Temple Prime yourself without
     authorization.  An Ion Cannon strike could detonate the Liquid Tiberium in the
     Temple and set off a chain reaction in the large Tiberium fields found
     throughout this Yellow Zone - the resulting blast would be massively
     destructive and may kill millions.  This is a decision that will have to be
     made at the highest levels of the GDI command structure."
    Objectives List /
    	> Destroy Ion Cannon Disruptor Field generator #1
    	> Destroy Ion Cannon Disruptor Field generator #2
    	> Destroy Ion Cannon Disruptor Field generator #3
    	> Build an Ion Cannon control center (combo breaker)
    	> Destroy Temple Prime with the Ion Cannon
    	> Capture NOD's Science ministry buildings
    	> Capture the Mutant Hovel
    	> Capture the Liquid Tiberium factory
    	> Destroy an Avatar with the commando
    Walkthrough     /
    Use your infantry as a barrier for this mission, they'll be good for destroying
    the enemy infantry coming at you. Park your favorite mobile defense platform to
    the North, and put all of your vehicles around it. Build everything neccesary
    to create a successful base. You'll want to build yourself a Commando, and some
    Mammoth Tanks too. Purchase the rail gun upgrade, and make sure your base is
    completely lined with watchtowers. Build a pair of firehawks, and use it to
    take out the obelisks which are... everywhere. Some avatars will come at you in
    the later stages, distract them with your mammoths and have a Commando jump jet
    behind them to destroy them and accomplish a secondary objective.
    The Mutant Hovel is on a cliff on the southwest. Train an engineer (you might
    want to train a few), and transport him up there to accomplish yet another
    bonus objective. As soon as possible, you'll want to expand your base towards
    the North. Send a rig, flanked by Mammoth Tanks, (lots of 'em) and park them
    just above the ramp going down towards the NOD base. Make sure you've destroyed
    the obelisks with Firehawks first. Just park your Mammoths there, and if you
    need some bait, send some Juggernauts up to the cliffside. NOD will start
    sending everything they've got, and your Mammoths will have no problem
    completing their veterancy.
    Once they do, just ease them into the NOD base, they'll obliterate everything
    in their path. Feel free to fly in reinforcements, and engineers. The engineers
    will capture the two bonus objectives, and you'll be in good shape. Once your
    Mammoth Tanks have destroyed the three disruption towers, you'll get the order
    to use the Ion Cannon. Use it, and open up an entirely new chapter in the story.
    						ACT IV
    /======\ 4.11 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/          Munich          \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "The savage, unexpected attack on Munich by the invaders has taken the city's
     garrisoned GDI forces completely by surprise.  The battle was over before it
     began.  As the invaders ruthlessly wipe Munich from the face of the Earth, you
     must marshal the surviving GDI forces and fight a desperate rearguard action,
     holding off the enemy just long enough to allow the GDI F-T Lab engineers to
     escape in armored transports.  These engineers have key information about our
     new enemy, and must reach safety."
    Objectives     /
    	> Protect the civilian transports
    	> Capture the GDI Lab
    	> Capture the Power Plant
    This mission is epic, chaotic, but very easy. You have more than enough
    firepower to take down all of the enemies, even though some don't even
    register. Just keep your forces on top of the trucks the entire time and
    they'll take down anything that comes to close. Eventually, you'll get some
    engineers. When you get them, just use 'em to take control of the two
    buildings. (The engineers should be untouched). You only need one truck to
    survive, thank god. Once you activate the power plants, the mission will get
    much easier, as it will activate the Sonic Emitters, which completely annhilate
    all of the Scrin ground forces.
    /======\ 4.12 /========================\
      GDIW  \====/       Stuttgart          \
     Briefing  /==========================/
    "While Stuttgart is ostensibly under complete alien control, GDI has received
     several distorted transmissions from within the city indicating there are
     survivors either in hiding or pinned down by alien forces.  One of these
     surviving units - an elite Commando - has managed to evade his attackers.  You
     will work with this Commando to round up as many other surviving units as
     possible, then use the resulting force to take out the alien base dominating
     the city.  Keep an eye out for a GDI combat engineering team - they are
     capable of reactivating both GDI's Stuttgart base and the city's defensive
     grid, which would make the mission far easier."
    Objectives     /
    	> Capture or Destroy Alien Structure
    	> Rescue Engineers
    Chapter /==========================\
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