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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

    Version: 2.7 | Updated: 04/13/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | |   / _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ ` _ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` |  / _ \/\
    | |__| (_) | | | | | | | | | | | (_| | | | | (_| | | (_>  <
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      | | | | |_) |  __/ |  | | |_| | | | | | |   \ V  V / (_| | |  \__ \  ___) |
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    |____/ \__|_|  \__,_|\__\___|\__, |\__, |  \____|\__,_|_|\__,_|\___|
                                 |___/ |___/                            
    Author: Warfreak
    Version: 2.7
    Date Started: 19/5/07
    NOTE: These statistics are based on the Vanilla unpatched version of the game
    so the recent changes such as the drop in Foxhole prices or the dramitic drop
    in the prices in the Avatar, will not be incorporated. There are notes and 
    some reference to the patched version in the guide as well. Section 44 is 
    for the Patched Version.
    Table of Contents
        [1.01] Introduction
        [1.02] Version History
    GDI Campaign
        [2.01] North Carolina Badlands
    Act I - United States
        [2.02] The Pentagon
        [2.03] Langley Air Force Base
        [2.04] Hampton Roads
        [2.05] The White House
    Act II - Egypt
        [2.06] Casabad
        [2.07] Alexandria
        [2.08] Cairo
    Act III - Eastern Europe
        [2.09] Croatia
        [2.10] Albania
        [2.11] Sarajevo
    Act IV - Northern Europe
        [2.12] Munich
        [2.13] Stuttgart
        [2.14] Cologne
        [2.15] Berne
    Act V - Italian Red Zone
        [2.16] Rome
        [2.17] Ground Zero
    Nod Campaign
        [3.01] Goddard Space Centre
    Act I - United States
        [3.02] The White House
        [3.03] Andrews Air Force Base
        [3.04] Hampton Roads
        [3.05] Washington DC
    Act II - Brazilian Yellow Zone
        [3.06] Amazon Desert
        [3.07] Atlantic Coast
    Act III - Eastern Europe
        [3.08] Slovenia
        [3.09] Sarajevo
    Act IV - Australia [My Home Country + My Home City]
        [3.10] Outback
        [3.11] Sydney City Wall
        [3.12] Downtown Sydney
        [3.13] Ayers Rock
    Act IV - Italian Red Zone
        [3.14] Northern Italy
        [3.15] Italian Hills
        [3.16] Operation Stiletto
        [3.17] Kane's Tower
    Scrin Campaign
    The Invasion - Europe
        [4.01] London
        [4.02] Munich
        [4.03] Croatia
        [4.04] Threshold 19
    The Global Defense Initiative
    GDI Infantry Units
        [5.01] Rifleman Squad
        [5.02] Missile Squad
        [5.03] Engineer
        [5.04] Grenadier Squad
        [5.05] Sniper Team
        [5.06] Commando
        [5.07] Zone Trooper
    GDI Vehicle Units
        [6.01] Pitbull
        [6.02] APC
        [6.03] Predator Tank
        [6.04] Harvester
        [6.05] Rig
        [6.06] Mammoth Tank
        [6.07] Juggernaut
        [6.08] MCV
        [6.09] Surveyor
    GDI Air Units
        [7.01] Orca
        [7.02] Firehawk
        [7.03] V-35 Ox Transport
    GDI Structures
        [8.01] Construction Yard
        [8.02] Power Plant
        [8.03] Crane
        [8.04] Refinery
        [8.05] Barracks
        [8.06] Armory
        [8.07] War Factory
        [8.08] Command Post
        [8.09] Tech Centre
        [8.10] Airfield
        [8.11] Space Command Uplink
    GDI Support Buildings
        [9.01] Watchtower
        [9.02] Guardian Cannon
        [9.03] AA Battery
        [9.04] Tiberium Silo
        [9.05] Sonic Emitter
        [9.06] Ion Cannon Control
    GDI Powers
        [10.01] Radar Scan
        [10.02] GDI Airborne
        [10.03] Sharpshooter Team
        [10.04] Orca Strike
        [10.05] Bloodhounds
        [10.06] Zone Trooper Drop Pods
        [10.07] Shockwave Artillery
        [10.08] Ion Cannon
    GDI Technology
        [11.01] Composite Armor
        [11.02] Scanner Packs
        [11.03] Power Packs
        [11.04] Mortars
        [11.05] Railgun Capacitors
        [11.06] Stratofighter Boosters
        [11.07] Sensor Pods
        [11.08] Advanced Turbines
    GDI Abilities
        [12.01] Call for Transport
        [12.02] Dig In
        [12.03] Jump Jets 
        [12.04] Mine Layers
        [12.05] Bombard Target
        [12.06] Pulse Scan
        [12.07] Deploy Sensor Pod
    The Brotherhood of Nod
    Nod Infantry Units
        [13.01] Militant Squad
        [13.02] Militant Rocket Squad
        [13.03] Saboteur
        [13.04] Fanatic
        [13.05] Black Hand
        [13.06] Shadow Team
        [13.07] Commando
    Nod Vehicle Units
        [14.01] Raider Buggy
        [14.02] Attack Bike
        [14.03] Scorpion Tank
        [14.04] Harvester
        [14.05] Flame Tank
        [14.06] Avatar Warmech
        [14.07] Stealth Tank
        [14.08] Beam Cannon
        [14.09] Emissary
        [14.10] MCV
    Nod Air Units
        [15.01] Venom Patrol Craft
        [15.02] Vertigo Bomber
        [15.03] Carryall
    Nod Structures
        [16.01] Construction Yard
        [16.02] Power Plant
        [16.03] Crane
        [16.04] Refinery
        [16.05] Hand of Nod
        [16.06] War Factory
        [16.07] Operations Center
        [16.08] Secret Shrine
        [16.09] Tech Lab
        [16.10] Air Tower
        [16.11] Tiberium Chemical Plant
    Nod Support Buildings
        [17.01] Tiberium Silo
        [17.02] Shredder Turret
        [17.03] Laser Turret
        [17.04] SAM Turret
        [17.05] Disruption Tower
        [17.06] Obelisk of Light
        [17.07] Temple of Nod
    Nod Powers
        [18.01] Radar Jamming Missile
        [18.02] Decoy Army
        [18.03] Cloaking Field
        [18.04] Shadow Strike Team
        [18.05] Mine Drop
        [18.06] Tiberium Vapor Bomb
        [18.07] Seed Tiberium
        [18.08] Catalyst Missile
        [18.09] Nuclear Missile
    Nod Technology
        [19.01] Tiberium Infusion
        [19.02] Confessor
        [19.03] EMP Coils
        [19.04] Dozer Blade
        [19.05] Laser Capacitors
        [19.06] Signature Generator
        [19.07] Liquid Tiberium Core
    Nod Abilities
        [20.01] Call for Transport
        [20.02] EMP Burst
        [20.03] Explosive Charge
        [20.04] Glider Pack
        [20.05] Booby Trap
        [20.06] Signature Generator 
        [20.07] Reflector Attack
        [20.08] Commandeer Technology
    The Scrin
    Scrin Infantry Units
        [21.01] Buzzers
        [21.02] Disintegrators
        [21.03] Assimilator
        [21.04] Shock Troopers
        [21.05] Mastermind
    Scrin Vehicle Units
        [22.01] Seeker
        [22.02] Gun Walker
        [22.03] Harvester
        [22.04] Devourer Tank
        [22.05] Corrupter
        [22.06] Annihilator Tripod
        [22.07] Explorer
    Scrin Air Units
        [23.01] Drone Ship
        [23.02] Stormrider
        [23.03] Devastator Warship
        [23.04] Planetary Assault Carrier
        [23.05] Mothership 
    Scrin Structures
        [24.01] Drone Platform
        [24.02] Reactor
        [24.03] Extractor
        [24.04] Portal
        [24.05] Warp Sphere
        [24.06] Nerve Center
        [24.07] Gravity Stabilizer
        [24.08] Statis Chamber
        [24.09] Technology Assembler
        [24.10] Signal Transmitter
        [24.11] Foundry
    Scrin Support Buildings
        [25.01] Buzzer Hives
        [25.02] Growth Accelerator
        [25.03] Storm Column
        [25.04] Photon Cannon
        [25.05] Plasma Missile Battery
        [25.06] Rift Generator
    Scrin Powers
        [26.01] Reconstruction Drones
        [26.02] Lightning Spike
        [26.03] The Swarm
        [26.04] Vibration Scan
        [26.05] Statis Field
        [26.06] Phase Field
        [26.07] Wormhole
        [26.08] Mothership 
        [26.09] Rift
    Scrin Technology
        [27.01] Plasma Disc Launchers
        [27.02] Blink Packs
        [27.03] Forcefield Generators
        [27.04] Fusion Core
    Scrin Abilities
        [28.01] Teleport Units
        [28.02] Conversion Beam
        [28.03] Ion Storm
        [28.04] Manipulator Device
    Neutral Entities
    Neutral Units
        [29.01] Mutant Marauder
        [29.02] Visceroids
    Neutral Buildings
        [30.01] Tiberium Spike
        [30.02] Expansion Point
        [30.03] Reinforcement Bay
        [30.04] Subway Hub
        [30.05] Subway Entrance
        [30.06] EMP Control Center
        [30.07] Mutant Hovel
        [30.08] Defensive Tower
        [30.09] Tiberium Silo
    Intel Database
    GDI Database
    GDI InOps
        [31.01] Garrisoning
        [31.02] Calling for Transport
        [31.03] Logistic Crates: Targets of Opportunity
        [31.04] Nod Aircraft
        [31.05] Commandeering Tiberium Spikes
        [31.06] New Nod Flame Tank
        [31.07] Liquid Tiberium Research
        [31.08] EMP Control Center
        [31.09] Nod's Nuclear Arsenal
        [31.10] Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility
        [31.11] Power Management
        [31.12] Nod Ion Cannon Disruption Tech
        [31.13] Nod Avatar Walker
        [31.14] Sonic Weapons and the Invaders
        [31.15] Alien Tripod Captured
        [31.16] Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus
        [31.17] Alien Mastermind
        [31.18] Alien Rift Generator
        [31.19] Alien Control Node
    GDI News Wire
        [32.01] The Ghost in the Machine
        [32.02] Discontinuation of the Mammoth Mk II Walker
        [32.03] The Blunder that Nearly Finished GDI
        [32.04] Kane's Fascination with Eastern Europe
        [32.05] GDI Storm Shelters
        [32.06] Alien Tower Destroyed!
    GDI Eyewitness Accounts
        [33.01] Nod Stealth Technology
        [33.02] Nod Base Defences
        [33.03] GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Cologne
        [33.04] GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Berne
    GDI Weapons, Tactics, and System
        [34.01] GDI Riflemen
        [34.02] GDI Missile Squad
        [34.03] GDI Engineer
        [34.04] Mobile Construction Vehicle
        [34.05] Barracks
        [34.06] APC
        [34.07] Grenadier
        [34.08] Command Post
        [34.09] Sniper Team
        [34.10] Airfield
        [34.11] Orca Attack Craft
        [34.12] Commando
        [34.13] Crane
        [34.14] GDI Base Defences
        [34.15] Predator Battle Tank
        [34.16] Zone Troopers
        [34.17] War Factory Repair Drones
        [34.18] Base Expansion using the Surveyor
        [34.19] Rig Deployment into a Forward Battle Base
        [34.20] Firehawk Attack Jets
    GDI Archives
        [35.01] GDI Base Closure
        [35.02] Tiberium Primer
        [35.03] The Global Defense Initiative
        [35.04] About the Brotherhood of Nod
        [35.05] Red, Yellow and Blue Zones
        [35.06] GDI's Nuclear Weapons
        [35.07] Life in a Yellow Zone
        [35.08] Health Effects of Tiberium Contamination
        [35.09] What is it Like in a Red Zone?
        [35.10] Red Zone Terrain: Tiberium Chasms
    Nod Database
    The Inner Circle
        [36.01] Once Again a Nuclear Power
        [36.02] KANE LIVES!
        [36.03] The Key to the Future: Part I
        [36.04] The Towers Sacrosanct
        [36.05] The Key to the Future: Part II
    Nod Field Intelligence
        [37.01] Tiberium Spikes
        [37.02] Nod Tactical Doctrine
        [37.03] Refinery and Harvesting Operations
        [37.04] Calling for Transport
        [37.05] The Guns of the Amazon
        [37.06] Intercepted Transmission
        [37.07] Black Hand Interrogation Report
        [37.08] Australia-New Zealand Theatre Assessment
        [37.09] An Invasion Global in Scope
        [37.10] Cease Fire Order
        [37.11] Excerpt from Signal Intelligence Briefing
        [37.12] The Alliance is Off
        [37.13] The Towers Begin to Fall
        [37.14] Field Report - Alien Gravity Stabilizer
    Kane's Arsenal
        [38.01] Militant and Rocket Troopers
        [38.02] Fanatics
        [38.03] Saboteurs
        [38.04] Hand of Nod
        [38.05] Nod War Factory
        [38.06] Shadow Team
        [38.07] Venom Patrol Craft
        [38.08] Flame Weapons
        [38.09] Base Defenses
        [38.10] Disruption Tower
        [38.11] Vertigo Bomber
        [38.12] Stealth Tank
        [38.13] Commando
        [38.14] Obelisk of Light
        [38.15] Avatar
        [38.16] Beam Cannon
        [38.17] Catalyst Missile
    Nod Archives
        [39.01] The Brotherhood of Nod
        [39.02] Nod's Place in the World
        [39.03] Ground Control for GDI's A-SAT Systems
        [39.04] Mutant Exodus
    Scrin Database
    Warp Link
        [40.01] All Units Functional
        [40.02] Unexpected Developments
        [40.03] A Campaign of Distraction
        [40.04] Beyond Blunt Force
        [40.05] Retaliation by Hostile Indigenous Population
        [40.06] Premeditated Ichor LQ Detonation
        [40.07] Factions
        [40.08] Attacks by Indigenous Populations Worsening
        [40.09] Threshold Assemblies Under Attack
        [40.10] Threshold Tower Construction
    Strategies, All 3 Sides
    GDI Strategies
        [41.01] GDI v Nod
        [41.02] GDI v Scrin
        [41.03] GDI v GDI
        [41.04] GDI Rush
        [41.05] GDI Turtle
        [41.06] GDI General Strategies
    Nod Strategies
        [42.01] Nod v GDI
        [42.02] Nod v Scrin
        [42.03] Nod v Nod
        [42.04] Nod Rush
        [42.05] Nod Turtle
        [42.06] Nod General Strategies
    Scrin Strategies
        [43.01] Scrin v GDI
        [43.02] Scrin v Nod
        [43.03] Scrin v Scrin
        [43.04] Scrin Rush
        [43.05] Scrin Turtle
        [43.06] Scrin General Strategies
    Patch Notes and My Comments
        [44.01] PatchNotes v1.05
        [44.02] PatchNotes v1.07
        [44.03] PatchNotes v1.09
    [A] Contact Information
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    [D] Sites FAQ is on
    [E] Copyright
    [1.01] Introduction
    This is my 14th guide. One of many that needs a lot of work to be done. A lot
    of work. Anyway, to avoid doing a massive guide, I've decided to do a unit
    guide, on the strengths and weaknesses of each unit. And their upgrades of 
    course. Well, it used to be a unit guide, till I changed my mind, and made it
    a strategy guide. Now, a walking guide in progress, which isn't very quick.
    Might I add that it will be a massive guide, over 500 kb. 
    [1.02] Version History
    Version 0.1 [19/5/07]
    Started this thing.
    version 0.2 [26/5/07]
    Now a strategy guide.
    Version 0.3 [27/5/07]
    Version 0.4 [12/6/07]
    Needs a lot of work. Submit and see what happens. 
    Version 0.5 [18/6/07]
    Finished to the end of Act I. Can't be bothered downloading the massive 100+
    mb patch as of yet. Therefore, I've split the guide basically. Anyway, I'll
    finish the Acts by the end of the month. Or not.
    Version 0.6 [7/7/07]
    Triple 7!!! Anyway, started up again with the patch this time. Alot of stuff
    there. Patch notes are done with the ACT I for GDI done as well. Probably 
    finish ACT II or some units next time. 
    Version 0.7 [8/7/07]
    Finished even more of the GDI Acts. I should be able to finish the GDI 
    Campaign by the next update. 
    Version 0.8 [11/7/07]
    Finished the GDI Campaign. 
    Version 0.9 [12/7/07]
    Finished Nod Prologue, added Intel Database on Table of Contents and reformed
    the Table for it was a massive eyesore. Now, it is even longer. I either will
    finish Nod Campaign or GDI Units and Buildings with the next few updates. The
    units are easier, but more of them, campaigns are harder, but less of them. 
    Intel entries will be long, plenty of them, but no thinking required, except
    for typing properly.
    Version 1.0 [13/7/07]
    Arghhh, Black Friday. Arghhh. Anyway, worked on the Nod Campaign and started
    some more work on other sections. Mental Blank on the GDI Buildings so I
    finished the Neutral Units and Buildings. 
    Version 1.1 [15/7/07]
    Started on the Intel Entries. It is imperative that I should get these out of
    the way since they consist of a major part of the FAQ in the end. 
    Version 1.2 [16/7/07]
    Back to my School tomorrow, so, its more work now before my offical workload
    arrives. Finished up to Act 3 of the Nod Campaign and sections 32 and 33.
    Version 1.3 [17/7/07]
    Survived school to do some more work. I will try to finish this as much as I
    can, but no promises. Finished half of Act 4 for Nod. Section 34 complete.
    Version 1.4 [19/7/07]
    Next update. Finished Act 4 for Nod. Finished Section 35 and 36 in the Intel
    Database entries. Two months have amounted to about 285 kilobytes. Not too
    Version 1.5 [20/7/07]
    CJayC, we'll miss you. Finished some more on Intel. Section 38 complete. The
    other Nod entries aren't very long and the Scrin ones aren't too long either. 
    Version 1.6 [22/7/07]
    Next version. Should finish all the intel entries today. Added intel entries
    available to all Missions. Finished Act V for Nod except for Kane's Tower.
    Section 10 is now complete. 
    Version 1.7 [24/7/07]
    Update. Finished Nod Powers, Section 18. Added in sections in preparation for
    strategies. Section 26 done. Added sections 41, 42, 43 and finished Section
    Version 1.8 [25/7/07]
    Finish the Nod Campaign. Started on Nod Strategies.
    Version 1.9 [26/7/07]
    Finished the Nod Strategies
    Version 2.0 [27/7/07]
    All strategies done. Next on the list is the Scrin missions, and then the 
    units and buildings. After than, upgrade and thats it. Nearly there. 
    Although if another patch comes out, that means more typing. The guide is 
    pretty big already. 
    Version 2.1 [29/7/07]
    Updates will slow a bit. I fear the guide will be far too long before I 
    finish. 3 Scrin Missions done, 1 to go. One more General Strategy for Scrin
    Version 2.2 [14/8/07]
    Updating is back now, with new updates. Scrin Campaign finished, the GDI
    Buildings are now complete. Manual descriptions are removed for copyright
    sake. Don't want EA suing me over stealing manuals now do I?
    Version 2.3 [15/8/07]
    Well, finished all the GDI Sections with the completion of chapters 11 and
    12. Chapters 14 and 15 of Nod are complete as well. Finished the Scrin
    Chapter 21. Chapters to finish off are 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28.
    Then, I finished off Chapter 28, making only 9 chapters remaining. In short,
    the guide is 75% done. 
    Version 2.4 [16/8/07]
    First off, section 22 and 23 are done first. After that, 24 and 25 are done,
    finishing off with 27, which means the end of the Scrin chapters. The only
    thing left before this guide is finished is the Nod chapters, 16, 17, 19 and
    Version 2.5 [17/8/07]
    This is should be the final update as everything else is done. Good luck with
    your game everyone and remember, Peace through Power! and that KANE LIVES!
    Version 2.6 [30/9/07]
    Special Update. Updates on Ground Zero for GDI Missions, Outback and Operation
    Stiletto for the Brotherhood of Nod as well as Patch Notes for v1.7 and the
    future Patch v1.9 Notes as well. 
    Version 2.7 [12/4/08]
    Another special update, saying that the Kane's Wrath guide, the expansion game
    for this game, is up. Just go to the Kane's Wrath page and find it there.
    [2.01] North Carolina Badlands
    Just before I start, note that all missions may seem more fast paced since I
    decided to play the entire campaign, first time through, on Hard, not Easy
    or Normal. So you might not encounter as many forces as I say. Also note that
    every player as a different sort of strategy. Some fire and forget, others 
    rush, etc. My tactic is leave no troops to die unless I really need to. There-
    fore, my strategy is to minimise casualities. 
    "Recent satellite intelligence points to a suspicious level of activity in the
    North Carolina Badlands. InOps is concerned that the Brotherhood of Nod may be
    setting up shop there. Your mission is to investigate and report back as soon 
    as possible. An abandoned GDI training facility is located nearby - use that 
    base as your base of operations in the area"
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Determine the Status of the GDI Outpost
    "This outpost was abandoned many years ago after its strategic value waned. 
    Once your arrive at the outpost it can be reactivated remotely."
    2 - Build a Barracks and 3 GDI Riflemen Squads
    "You'll need a barracks in order to train infantry units. To build a Barracks, 
    select the Construction Yard and then click on the Barracks icon. Once it has 
    finished building, click the Barracks again and then place the Barracks in 
    your buildable area."
    3 - Build a Power Plant
    "Select the Construction Yard and click on the Power Plant icon. Build and
    deploy it just like the Barracks. Because your base has low power, you may 
    want to turn off other buildings. When your base is low on power, all units
    and structures build slower."
    4 - Repair the Command Post
    "To repair the damaged Command Post, use the Repair Button on your Command
    Bar, located on the top right next to the power button. Then click on the
    Command Post."
    5 - Eliminate the Nod Outpost
    "Destroy all the Nod forces, the Hand of Nod and the Nod Outpost. A company of
    Missile Soldiers will be sent to assist you. Their missiles are much more 
    effective against structures than standard GDI fire. 
    6 - Repair the Bridge
    "Two Engineers are en route via V35 Ox Transport. Once they arrive, send one 
    of them into the Gatehouse to repair the bridge."
    7 - Build an Airfield
    "The Nod presence is this region is far greater than we had expected. We will
    need air support. Build an Airfield from the Production Structures Tab to gain
    access to aircraft."
    8 - Destroy the Nod Barracks, War Factory and Construction Yard
    "Devastate this Nod Base by destroying these key structures."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Build a Watchtower
    "Protect your base from Nod infantry by building a Watchtower. To build a 
    Watchtower, click on the Watchtower icon located in the Support Structure Tab.
    Once it has finished building, deploy it anywhere inside your ground control
    area. The white circle marks the range of the Watchtower,"
    2 - Build a second Infantry Queue
    "Build a second Barracks from your Production Structures Tab so that you have 
    a second infantry queue. This will allow you to train infantry in parallel 
    giving you the ability to put more soldiers on the field quicker."
    3 - Build a Tiberium Silo
    "Build a Tiberium Silo from your Support Structures Tab. Doing so will 
    increase the amount of credits you can store at once."
    4 - Capture one of Nod's Buildings
    "Select your Engineer and then send him into an enemy structure. The Engineer
    will capture it, giving you full control of the structure."
    5 - Sell the Captured Nod Structure
    "After you've captured the structure you can then sell it. Use that Sell 
    Button located at the top of your Command Bar. Click on the $ and then click
    on the building you want to sell."
    6 - Capture the Tiberium Spike
    "Many structures, like this Tiberium Spike, can be captured by Engineers and
    put to use. Tiberium Spikes generate extra funds over time by drawing Tiberium
    out of the Earth."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI, Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
     - GDI Riflemen
        + By Training Riflemen
     - Mobile Construction Vehicle
        + When the MCV Arrives
     - Barracks
        + When you place and build a Barracks
     - GDI Missile Squad
        + When your reinforcements arrive
     - GDI Engineer
        + When the Engineers arrive
    GDI Archives
     - GDI Base Closure
        + When you regain control of the GDI Base
     - Tiberium Primer
        + When your are explained about Harvesting
    Anyway, this is your basic introduction, to new players and veterans alike. It
    is semi basic and easy, even on Hard Mode. Your start off with a few squads
    of riflemen. Move east into the abandoned GDI base and while those little Nod
    soldiers are too busy attacking a run down base, use your riflemen to kill
    them. Rather simple, move over and right click. 
    After the battle, you will get one of the intelligence entries into your 
    little database. I will go into depth on said entries later on, I'll just tell
    you how to get them. Collect all your can in a mission to get another little
    tab on your medal. After that, you will get a message about Harvesting and 
    there you have another entry. 
    Along comes that ugly looking MCV and it will deploy itself in the middle of
    your base. Build the barracks and the power plant like told to and train more
    than 3 riflemen squads, cause you'll need more than 3 to complete the mission.
    When prompted, build two watchtowers outside your base on the Eastern side. 
    This is due to the massive amount of Nod infantry moving to swarm your base.
    Use your riflemen if they get too close to your base while you admire your
    watchtowers doing all the work. You will now get some backup with a few 
    missile teams. You can now train them and while you're at it, why don't you
    go build a second Barracks to complete the objective. Build your missile
    squads, about 5 or so and team them with 5 or more riflemen squads. Use Team
    grouping (Ctrl + 1) to team them up. Repair the outpost to full health and
    send your team east to wipe out the two buildings in the outpost. 
    Use the riflemen to wipe out the infantry and use the missile teams to attack
    the buildings. When the two Western buildings are destroyed, you will get a 
    team of engineers and objectives to repair the bridge and capture a building. 
    Capture one of the remaining buildings and sell it off. You will also get 
    another snippet of intel. Build a Tiberium Silo anyway, to spend the cash and
    repair the bridge.
    Move past the bridge to see a Tiberium Spike. These are your sources of cash
    in the game that aren't from harvesting. Capture it with an engineer. You'll
    have to train one to do that. Move your team past the bridge and move West
    too see something your should not be happy to see. Vehicles. Use your missile
    teams to attack the Raider Buggies since they are anti-infantry. After the 
    buggies, target the Scorpion tanks. When you get the prompt to build an
    airfield, retreat your forces, train more missile teams and build the air-
    field. Train two more Orcas and use the Orcas to attack the Nod Base, wiping
    out the buildings and vehicles before infantry. Keep at this hit and run 
    policy until you get to use the GDI Trademark Weapon, the Ion Cannon. Shoot
    the massive cannon in the middle of the Nod Base and watch it blow the thing
    up. End of Mission. 
    [2.02] The Pentagon
    "The Philadelphia is gone, Reykjavik has been overrun, and Nod forces are now
    attacking the only remaining GDI World Command Hub in the Pentagon. If we lose
    the Pentagon, GDI will be thrown into chaos and the war will be lost. Your
    mission is to defend this vital installation. The first priority is restoring 
    power to the building defenses and systems so you can repel the main Nod 
    attack. Then you'll need to get an engineer into the Pentagon to reestablish
    the command and control system links. Your final objective is to 
    counter-attack and drive Nod out of the area."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Bring the Pentagon's defensive power system online
    "The Pentagon is defenseless without its power. Get an Engineer into each of 
    the three Power Plants and bring that power back online!"
    2 - Capture the Pentagon with an Engineer
    "Only an Engineer can get the Pentagon's Command and Control systems online. 
    You must protect
    3 - Garrison each of the Four Guard Towers with GDI Riflemen and hold off the
        Nod infantry wave
    "Nod has destroyed our Power Plants with their Vertigo Bombers. Our only 
    chance to defend the Pentagon against superior odds is to garrison the Guard
    Towers around the perimeter of the Pentagon."
    4 - Eliminate the Nod Central HQ
    "The Brotherhood of Nod has hastily erected a forward Headquarters at the top
    of the hill. Prevent another attack on the Pentagon by destroying this forward
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Eliminate the small Nod base to the North
    "Nod has cut off our ability to bring in reinforcements to the North. 
    Eliminating this base will enable Echo Company's Grenadier Reinforcements."
    2 - Take back the City by clearing 4 Garrisoned Buildings
    "Nod has firmly entrenched troops within the city surrounding the Pentagon. 
    Use our Grenadiers to clear these buildings out."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps 
     - Garrisoning
        + By filling up the Guard Towers with Riflemen
    GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
     - APC
        + When your APC reinforcements arrive
     - Grenadier
        + When a Grenadier Squad exits the Pentagon
    GDI Archives
     - The Global Defence Initiative
        + When Nod is attacking your Power Plants
     - About the Brotherhood of Nod
        + When the Objective to Eliminate Nod is given
    Move your troops East toward the power plants. Use your powerful Riflemen to 
    wipe out the Nod troops and capture the power plants to restore power. Use 
    another engineer to capture or rather, retake the Pentagon. Use your riflemen
    to garrison the Guard Towers and ensure there are at least 1 full tower on 
    each entrance. See your watchtowers turn into useless piece of metal since the
    Vertigos decided to blow it up. 
    Soon, a group of valuable APCs will turn up. Use your grenadiers and move them
    into the APCs. This will allow you to turn the edge on garrisoned infantry,
    buildings and in later campaigns, tanks. Load up your APCs with the Grenadiers
    and fill the towers with riflemen. Move your APCs north of the Pentagon to a 
    little base there. The combination of the Grenadiers is handy, the Grenadiers
    can wipe out buildings with infantry, tanks and buildings and the APC can 
    cover and kill roaming infantry. Attack the base and kill any infantry and
    wipe out garrisoned buildings first before that can do any damage. Use the 
    Grenadier laden APCs to wipe out the rest of the small base. You will get a 
    few more APCs with infantry inside, making your force a sizable one. Join that
    up with your strike force and remove damaged APCs and send them to defend the
    Move the APC convoy into the city and with the grenadiers special hand 
    grenades, watch those infantry cark it. There are four building and bear
    in mind that your APCs can only withstand a small amount of missile fire but
    not a lot. They have slightly less armour than a tank. Finish off those 
    buildings and you will receive two more APCs with infantry already inside. 
    Now you've finished your last bonus objective, move your APCs to the entrance
    of the Nod Base. Attack defenses first, knocking out the infantry. Take out
    the Air Tower in case those Vertigos might do something and take down the
    Hand of Nod to remove further reinforcements. Attack like mad and then take
    down the Crane. By taking down the Crane, Hand of Nod and the Air Tower, you
    have cleared the Pentagon of any further attack.  
    [2.03] Langley Air Force Base
    "Nod forces have overrun all of the major GDI air fields in the region. Your
    mission is to retake Langley Air Force Base, home of the Air Combat Command. A
    small GDI outpost near the coast might be useful as a base of operations.
    We'll drop your team off nearby. Once the outpost is secure, take back our
    airfields, get some Orca scout aircraft in the air, and then drive Nod out of
    the area."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Eliminate the Nod forces attacking the GDI base
    "There is a small GDI base under seige on the coast. Secure it and you will 
    have a perfect platform to launch an assault on Langley Air Force Base."
    2 - Reclaim the GDI Airfields to the Northeast
    "GDI has two Airfields intact with operational Orca aircraft. Reclaim the
    Airfields by eliminating the defending Nod forces, then use the Orca as air
    support for your attack on the base."
    3 - Destroy the Nod base to the northwest
    "This base is the central hub for the Nod forces controlling Langley. It is
    heavily defended against land based attacks."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture the Tiberium Refinery in the city
    "The Tiberium Refinery used to supply the airforce base has been overlooked by
    Nod. Getting it up and running will give us ample supplies for our offensive."
    2 - Rescue all 4 Snipers from Bravo Squad
    "The Snipers of Bravo Company have been scattered throughout the city. Find
    and rescue them."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Calling for Transport
        + When you regain control of the Airfields
    GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
     - Command Post
        + When you regain control of the base
     - Sniper Team
        + When you rescue all 4 Sniper Teams
     - Airfield
        + When you regain control of the Airfields
     - Orca Attack Aircraft
        + When you regain control of the Airfields
    You will get a few infantry squads on the beach to support you in taking over
    the base. Use your grenadiers and riflemen to wipe out those Nod units
    attacking your base. Once you've reclaimed your base, garrison your units in
    nearby buildings with Riflemen to build foxholes to garrison in case you
    do not have enough room. Build some APCs and train some infantry to garrison
    both entrances to your base. Train some missile squads and either garrison
    them or leave them to defend your base. Soon, Nod forces including tanks will
    attack your base. Group your forces, APCs to attack infantry and the Missile
    Squads and Grenadiers to attack tanks. Don't forget, explosive grenades kind 
    of hurt against tanks as well. 
    Soon, you will get your first bonus objective. You should capture the 
    refinery but you can wait for a while. The second objective should come in
    as well. Load your APC's with Missile Squads and Grenadiers to go to each of
    the 4 sniper locations. You should encounter infantry but you should be able
    to take them down with relative ease. Gather your infantry and vehicles to 
    reclaim each sniper and cover them. Send them back to the base if need be.
    You will however, need a sniper to reclaim the refinery. Send your attack 
    force to the refinery. You would encounter garrisoned units but nothing those
    Grenadiers can't handle. Capture the refinery with an engineer and move your
    Snipers up. Use the APCs as scouts and look for some turrets. DO NOT ATTACK.
    You will encounter laser turrets which will wipe out your APCs easily. Instead
    you should move them to stop and defend while you look for the turret hub. Its
    the little thing that connects all the turrets together. Follow the lines and 
    you should find it. 
    Move your Snipers so that it the hub is in range of fire but is not under 
    attack. You should see a support power, the Bombard Target thanks to your nice
    battle crusier. Bombard the hub and it should be destroyed. Protect the 
    refinery, build more harvesters and train more units for your attack force. 
    APC all your infantry forces and make sure Grenadier units are near the front.
    Clear all the turret hubs and make sure you have cleared all units. Advance to
    the airfield and soon the fight will start.
    The airfields are raised up so that might be a pain. It is guarded by infantry
    which will be ripped to shreds by APCs while there might be a few vehicles but
    your Bombard Target will take care of that, well, that or the missile squads. 
    Reclaim those airfields. Clear each and every one of them and soon you will
    reclaim those Orcas for yourself. You have 8 Orcas, plenty to finish the 
    mission but there are two approaches to finish. You can easily finish off the
    remaining Nod forces with your Orcas but you can easily finish them off with
    your APCs. If you want to learn a few tactics now, listen up.
    Use your APCs with missile squads to attack and group them as team 1. Orcas 
    will be team 2. Whenever your APCs are in trouble, make sure you have Orcas
    as back up to destroy heavy tanks. This is the basics of Air Support. Shoot
    anything that has a yellow box and anything that can train units. Infantry
    is easy for APCs and tanks are easy for Orcas. Mop up the mess and finish off.
    [2.04] Hampton Roads
    "Cut off Nod reinforcements flowing into Hampton Roads by disrupting their
    port operations. You'll do this from the inside, infiltrating an elite GDI
    Commando into the facility. Take their radar offline by destroying the Nod
    Operations Centre. Once they're blind, take out their nearby stealth bomber
    base. As soon as Nod's bombers are out of action, we'll send in a fleet of
    battleships and you can use sniper units to spot targets for the big guns."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Nod Operations Center
    "Taking the Nod operations Centre offline will disable their radar and sonar
    detection. This will sow confusion among the defenders and therefore enable
    our Battleships to get in closer and lend artillery support."
    2 - Destroy the Bombers harassing our Battleships
    "Vertigo Bombers are preventing our Battleships from getting into Bombardment
    Range. Destroy the Nod Air Tower to eliminate this threat."
    3 - Destroy the Nod production facilities
    "The Brotherhood of Nod is using the Hampton Roads Naval Facility as a supply
    depot for their front line offensive. Destroy their production buildings to
    disrupt the port operations and stop the flow of reinforcements."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Complete the mission using only the Commando
    "Complete the mission without using the reinforcements."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Logistics Crates: Targets of Opportunity
        + By using the first Logistic Crate possible
    GDI News Wire
     - The Ghost in the Machine
        + When given the Third Primary Objective
    GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
     - Commando
        + When you start the mission
    Have fun with the Commando, a one man killing machine. Kill the advancing 
    troops and move North, killing units along the way and destroy the Operations
    Centre. Destroy the thing and move around the city. Your main concern will be
    the garrisoned buildings which require a little explosives to destroy. Keep
    your eyes on the battlefield, and look for crates. These little goodies will
    help you immensely on this mission. Several will heal you, which is really
    useful until your Commando reaches Heroic status while others will promote
    your units. Move north and knock out the power plant, grabbing the crates 
    along the way. 
    You now have to head to the Vertigo base. Those things are actually quite 
    expensive and its such a waste to see them go. Anyway, move from above the
    airfield. You'll understand why. Move carefully and destroy garrisoned 
    buildings along the way. Move from above and shoot the red explosive barrels
    which should destroy the Airfield. Make sure you blow the airfield up either
    way and the surrounding units as well. 
    Once the airfield is down, GDI will grant you reinforcements. These actually
    aren't necessary. It is easy to finish the mission with just the Commando, 
    even on Hard Mode. Just don't get the Commando run over by a tank, by with
    the new patch, you don't have to worry. Your Commando will be extremely hard
    to kill, which reminds me when he won a match against a flame tank, shooting
    at each other. For some reason, he won't die. Anyway, I should teach you
    about the second ability of the Commando besides killing everything. It is 
    the Jump Jet and allows you to virtually jump over anything. Even if is it
    impassible terrain or crates, he can jump over it. 
    Move your Commando towards the Nod base and watch out for vehicles. Keep your
    eye for red barrels to shoot for the destroy them. Even so, the Commando 
    shouldn't die, except when you are extremely stupid. Anyway, advance and knock
    out those buildings with explosive packs and see them burn. 
    [2.05] The White House
    "GDI morale sagged when Nod troops unfurled their red banners over the White
    House. Now you'll turn the tide by retaking this powerful symbol. Since Nod 
    has a staging area nearby, you'll also get a change to wipe out a large 
    stockpile of high-end Nod weapons. Start with a small force to take out Nod's
    air defences. A Firehawk squadron from Langley AFB will turn Nod's parked 
    military hardware to burning junk. Then attack the Nod base right outside the
    White House itself."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Nod air defences
    "We have Firehawk Attack Jets armed and waiting. You need to destroy Nod's air
    defences so that Firehawks can make their bombing run. We also have Ox 
    Transports with reinforcements standing by for deployment."
    2 - Use your Firehawk Airstrike power on Nod's artillery outpost
    "Use your Firehawk Airstrike power to mark the area for our Firehawks to 
    3 - Destroy the surrounding Nod base to reclaim the White House
    "Nod forces have set up a base in front of the White House. Destroy all of 
    their production structures to drive them out of this area and take back the
    White House."
    4 - Destroy the Disruption Towers around the Nod Base
    "Nod is using those Disruption Towers to cloak its base. Destroy them and that
    should make their base vulnerable to our attacks."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Suppress the Nod infantry advances by putting Snipers into the designated 
    "Snipers are extremely effective against infantry. Garrison them in the
    designated buildings for extra protection while they fire on Nod infantry."
    2 - Destroy Nod's Power Plants
    "Commander, Nod appears to have a large number of their Power Plants just
    NorthWest of the White House. Destroying these might bring down their defenses
    and leave them more open to our attack."
    3 - Destroy the Nod Secret Shrine
    "The Secret Shrine provides the ability to produce stealthed units. Destroy it
    to prevent Nod stealth attacks."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI Eyewitness Accounts
     - Nod Stealth Technology
        + By destroying Nod's Secret Shrine
     - Nod Base Defences
        + When you complete the mission
    GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
     - GDI Base Defences
        + When you place a Watchtower or Guardian Cannon
     - Predator Battle Tank
        + When you build a Predator Tank
     - Crane
        + When you build and place a Crane
    Use your missile squads that you recieve to knock out the central hub of each
    AA defence. This completes their first objective. Then, use the Firehawk Bombs
    to destroy the base. Watch as those Firehawks destroy like no tomorrow. Shame
    you actually can't use this in normal conditions. 
    Your reinforcements should arrive with your MCV. Deploy and build Power Plant,
    Refinery, Barracks and then the Armory. Why Barracks after Refinery? Because
    you should still have your original assault force to defend for about 30
    seconds. Heal your injured units at the armory. The armory will replace fallen
    squad members so if you lost 2 men out of a squad, they will return, somehow.
    Once you plop down the Command Post, build 4 Sniper squads. After doing that,
    train 2 Missile Squads. The objective will designate which buildings to 
    garrison so do so. 2 Snipers and 1 Missile Squad in each designated buildings
    to COMPLETELY surpress any attempts. Build a crane and some base defences
    for the intel entrances.
    Build a War Factory and Watchtower to build tanks and surpress infantry
    advances. Once you have the War Factory, build APCs. 6 of them to be exact.
    Place 3 Missile Squads and 3 Grenadiers into those 6 APCs and this will be 
    your attack force. Build a few Predator Tanks as well as a crane for the
    Intel Database. Use Predators as base defence and keep training more of them
    as well as Missile Squads if you have the money. If you want even more base
    security, move twp Sniper Teams and a Missile Squad to a building at the 
    crossroad from their base to your base. This means, where the Nod base has
    roads exiting from the sides, track where the infantry cross and send the 
    Snipers and Missile Squads to a building that could take them out. Do this
    to both sides. Or you can just move your original garrison force up. 
    Move up the Eastern Side of the Map, or left side, and use Grenadiers to 
    knock out the Garrisoned buildings next to the power plants. Once you are 
    clear, destroy the power plants and send your assault force back to base for
    repairs. Then move up the Western side of the map, or Right side to assault
    the Secret Shrine. You should knock out defences first and then attack the
    shrine. By now, Nod will have a sizeable infantry force inside their main
    base. Move your predators up and assault the front. But first, use your APCs
    to do hit and runs on the disruption towers on both sides using the area 
    behind the White House as a short cut of sorts.
    With the towers out of the way, move the predators in and RUN OVER the 
    infantry. It is easier than killing with cannons. Move APCs in through one
    of the sides as a flanking manoeuvre. Once the infantry are dealt with,
    attack the buildings and finish this mess.
    [2.06] Casabad
    "InOps flagged an irrigation plant in Casabad as a possible chemical weapons
    factory. A GDI forward base was established nearby in preparation for a raid, 
    but we've since lost contact with the base. We've also lost contact with a 
    team of Zone Troopers sent to investigate. Get in there, secure the base, and
    then find out what's going on in that factory."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Secure the Barracks by defeating the surrounding Nod forces.
    "The last contact from the Zone Troopers came from this location. Eliminate
    any remaining Nod units to secure the outpost."
    2 - Destroy the Weapons Research Lab
    "Intel believes this Nod structure is instrumental in Nod's effort to 
    weaponise Tiberium in a liquid form. It must be eliminated."
    3 - Destroy the Nod War Factories
    "Nod is reinforcing its war effort in this region from these War Factories.
    Eliminate them."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture all Three Tiberium Spikes
    "Secure additional funding by capturing all three Tiberium Spikes in the area.
    Build additional Engineers to capture these Tiberium Spikes."
    2 - Destroy the Nod Outpost
    "Nod is reinforcing their security of the research labs from this facility.
    Eliminite it to collect extra resources."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Nod Aircraft
        + When you first see Nod Aircraft
     - Commandeering Tiberium Spikes
        + When you capture the First Tiberium Spike
     - New Nod Flame Tank
        + When you first see the Flame Tank next to the Research Lab
     - Liquid Tiberium Research
        + When you destroy the Research Facility
    GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
     - Zone Troopers
        + When your Zone Troopers reinforcement arrive
    GDI Archives
     - Red, Yellow, and Blue Zones
        + When you clear the Nod Troops out of your base
    Advance and retake the base under seige from the Nod forces. Then get an 
    engineer or train one the retake the closest Tibeirum Spike to you. This will
    provide you a little extra boost to your cash, depositing a small sum every
    few second as well as a medium bonus when captured. Nod Venoms will fly over
    head but you can't do anything, now. Tech up and train some Zone Troopers and
    send the original force of Troopers to defend your base. 
    Zone Troopers are a squad of 4 units armed with rail guns and have the Jet
    Pack like the Commando. They do not suffer damage while crossing Tiberium, 
    unlike most infantry. Their railguns will perform basically one-hit kills on
    approaching infantry and will severely damage Vehicles and Buildings. Build a
    few more Zone Troopers and Missile Squads, since Troopers are powerful on 
    land, they cannot combat air. Build the power packs for the Troopers so they
    can heal wounds when they are stationary. Train a sizeable force of troopers
    and Missile Squads and an engineer. Advance to the second Tiberium Spike while
    not leaving your base undefended. Leave a few units to defend the base. 
    Capture the second Spike and train more units that you have the cash. 
    Train another engineer and join him up with the assault force. Capture the
    third Tiberium Spike and advance to the Nod Outpost. If you haven't so already
    yet, shoot down Nod Venoms that approach your squad. Like I said, the Missile
    Squads aren't so much to attack, but rather defend. Your Troopers will make
    short work on the Outpost while the Missile Squads will keep out unfriendly
    units in the air. 
    Reinforce your force with more Zone Troopers and Missile Squads. Retreat the
    units that require healing in the armory if they have a fallen squad member.
    Approach the research facility and you will encounter a new Nod weapon, the
    New Flame Tank. A few squads of Zone Troopers will instantly blow that thing
    up. Imagine a tank being railgunned 10 times and you get the idea. Basic 
    destruction then, attack the production facilities and then any other building
    with the yellow box around them.
    There are more buildings above so advance there or Jump Pack the Troopers 
    up. You should be able to destroy them with ease and without any problems. 
    Remember, if there is a turret, AIM FOR THE HUB.
    [2.07] Alexandria
    "Nod is using the port of Alexandria to export nuclear and chemical weapons.
    Your mission is simple: Shut this operation down. Destroy the loading cranes
    to cripple their port operations, sink their ships to block the docks, wipe
    out their administration and control centers, and obliterate any military 
    units and structures nearby. You'll have Mammoth Tanks at your disposal. Roll
    over them, Commander."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy all Nod Loading Dock Cranes
    "Nod forces are loading weapons onto their ships for export. Destroy these
    cranes to disrupt dockside activity."
    2 - Destroy all Nod Port Authority Buildings
    "Nod's port operations are controlled from these Port Authority Buildings. 
    Take them out to cripple their port for the long haul."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy all Nod ships Docked at Port
    "Destroy the docked ships to prevent them from delivering their hardware to
    other war efforts in the region."
    2 - Capture the EMP Control Center in the City
    "Capture the EMP Control Centre to gain the ability to fire an EMP blast which
    will disable all electronic devices within the blast radius."
    3 - Deploy a Surveyor at the Northern Tiberium Field
    "Build a Surveyor and deploy it by the Tiberium Field to the North. A Surveyor
    unpacks an expansion force at its deployment location and allow additional 
    structures to be constructed around it."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - EMP Control Centre
        + When you capture the EMP Control Centre
    GDI News Wire
     - Discontinuation of the Mammoth Mk II Walker
        + When you research Railgun Capacitors from Tech Centre
    GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
     - War Factory Repair Drones
        + When you place a War Factory
     - Base Expansion using the Surveyor
        + When you deploy a Surveyor to an Outpost
    Nod will send infantry waves at you, so build either APCs or Watchtowers to
    counter it. Note, some of them might be shadow teams who are cloaked. Plop
    down some power plants, a War Factory and a Tech Centre. Once you have the
    Tech Centre, reinforce your army with a few Mammoth Tanks. Upgrade the Tanks
    to have Railgun Capacitors so that Mammoths and Predators have Rail Guns. Soon
    you will get a message to deploy a surveyor in the field, so do so. Move a
    group of Mammoths with Rail Guns to kill things that move and deploy a
    Surveyor in the area. Build a War Factory there so that there is a forward 
    base as well as a repair centre for Mammoths, they are too expensive to lose
    out on the field. 
    You can train a Surveyor on your Support Structures tab. It is strange for a
    Vehicle to be trained by a MCV. Now, train a few APCs and some Predators and
    send them to the EMP station. The APC will remove aerial threats while the
    Predators will dispatch of any land units with their new Railguns. Send an
    engineer to capture the EMP Centre to complete that bonus objective.
    To assault the Nod Base, train about 6+ squads of Zone Troopers, fully
    upgraded. On the Eastern side or Left side of the Nod Base, there should be
    an opening for you to Jump Jet over. Jump over and take down the production
    buildings and Power Plants. By taking down the Power Plants, power the base
    down. This will allow the Mammoths to walk in without sustaining much fire.
    Use your Troopers to create diversions while careful not to lose them. 
    Reinforce the troopers with more Troopers if necessary or send them back to
    base to heal. Use your Mammoths, at least 8+ to walk through the entrance of
    the Nod base. Don't worry about Vehicles, just run over them if need be. This
    is the added bonus of such a large tank. Combine your Troopers and Mammoths
    together since Mammoths have anti-air rockets as well. Destroy the Nod base
    with the MCV first, then production structures and then anything else for
    the veterancy. 
    Advance upon the Docks and use your Trooper/Mammoth assault force to shoot
    anything that moves. Shoot down the ships and cranes. Move up the ramp, which 
    should have powered down turrets if you have destroyed the base properly. 
    Walk in and destroy the Port Authority Buildings and that is the end of 
    [2.08] Cairo
    "Your mission is to take out a massive Nod nuclear weapons facility in 
    northern Cairo, the same base that was used to launch the strike on the 
    Philidelphia. This is now the highest priority GDI target worldwide. Time is
    of the essence: Nod is likely to launch everything they have if they think
    you're getting too close."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Nod Nuke Facility
    "Nod has nuclear missile launch capability with this Missile site. This is the
    same site that launched the attack that destroyed the Philidelphia. It must be
    2 - Destroy the Nod Compound Headquarters
    "Nod controls this Nuclear Launch Site and most of its operations in this
    region from these buildings. Destroy them to completely remove Nod's 
    capability to launch Nuclear Missiles from this site and wrest control over 
    this territory from Nod."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture or Destroy the Nod Power Plants
    "Nod's Nuclear Missile Launch can be delayed if any of the Power Plants 
    supporting the launch facility are destroyed or captured. Be advised, if Nod
    rebuilds or recaptures the Power Plants, the Missile Launch Countdown will
    2 - Destroy all Nod Structures
    "Eliminate all Nod structures to expel them from this region."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Nod's Nuclear Arsenal
        + Destroying a Cylindrical Building near the Entrance
     - Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility
        + When you have destroyed all Nod buildings (Bonus 2)
    GDI News Wire
     - The Blunder that Nearly Finished GDI
        + Move to the SouthEast of the Map until you get it
    GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
     - GDI's Nuclear Weapons
        + When the countdown begins
    This is one of my favourite missions and for me, one of the easiest. Build 
    watchtowers and park some Predators in the northern section of your base to
    repel the Nod attacks. Instantly tech up and train Zone Troopers, you will
    need them. Send the two Squads of Troopers north and keep to the Western side
    of the map. Soon, you will encounter the Nod Base with walls. Jump over them
    with the Troopers and Destroy anything you can. Time it correctly to destroy
    the Hand of Nod and War Factory lying there. Enemy troops will swarm in and
    if you are unlucky, Venoms. Take down a few power plants and retreat to the
    armory if you think it is time to. Exit the same way you entered. Below is a
    very crude map of what you should do. 
    XXXXX---------========  =======---------XXXXXXX
    Imagine that as the map to the base and that is where you penetrate. The X is
    the Rock Formation that you cannot cross. Heal the Troopers and reinforce with
    the Troopers I have told you to train. Build more units, notably, Mammoths
    to repel the attacks on your base. Jump over the same place you entered before
    with your Troopers and move to the back of the base where the power plants are
    lurking. Destroy all three of them, shooting anything that moves along the way
    as well. As soon as that is taken care of, you can breathe a bit easier. Wipe
    out everything that is East of the Nuke Silo, and retreat back to base or 
    harass the troops that might need taking care of.
    Expand your Tiberium operations by claiming more fields and claiming the 
    Tiberium Spike on the map protected with Troopers and Missile Squads. Enter 
    through the place you breached with Troopers since there aren't any anti air
    defences there, unless you didn't destroy them. This should provide you more
    cash to do things. 
    Build up a force of Mammoths and move them near the entrance of the base. Use
    the Troopers to attack from the back and destroy the Turret hubs. This will
    be better for your Troopers to destroy since lasers are powerful against Tanks
    and not Infantry. There shouldn't be any Shredders around but be careful. Move
    the Force through the Entrace and move north-east where the Nod base will be
    lurking. Destroy that first before you can actually continue since with the
    reinforcements, you cannot do much harm. 
    Watch the base go boom, and destroy everything. Even the Civilian structures
    that are red in colour should go Boom since it is technically, a Nod building.
    Destroy the base, and when you have, you should get an Intel entry to your
    After destroying everything, move and kill the compound and level the place.
    Once you have done that, you have finished your final objective and can move
    onto the next mission, in the next act. 
    [2.09] Croatia
    "GDI has a forward operating base in Croatia, but it's been cut off from 
    supply lines and is under heavy attack by Nod forces. Their power is low, 
    their construction yard has been destroyed, and they don't have much in the
    way of firepower. You need to take command of that base and hold out long
    enough for us to send in a reinforcement convoy."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Secure this GDI base until reinforcements arrive
    "Alternate the available power amongst the base defences to defend against Nod
    assault waves."
    2 - Send aid to the reinforcement team ambushed in the city
    "Our fellow soldiers are pinned down by Nod forces garrisoned in the City
    Buildings. Flush them out and clear a path."
    3 - Escort the MCV safely back to the GDI base and deploy the Construction 
    "The MCV must be protected at all costs. We will lose our hold of this region
    if it is destroyed."
    4 - Destroy the Southwest Nod Base
    "This base is the source of Nod's recruits. Eliminating this base will cripple
    Nod's ability to wage war with infantry."
    5 - Destroy the Northeast Nod Base
    "This base is the source of Nod's War Machines. Eliminating this base will
    cripple Nod's ability to wage war with Vehicles."
    6 - Destroy the Southeast Nod Base
    "This base is the source of Nod's air power. Eliminating this base will 
    cripple Nod's ability to wage war with aircraft."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - All Base Defences Survive until the Reinforcement Team arrives
    "Do not allow any of the base defenses to be destroyed to ensure the security
    of the reinforcement team upon their arrival."
    2 - Return the MCV to the GDI base unharmed
    "The sign of an undamaged MCV rolling into the base will provide a strong
    symbol of Valor for the GDI forces and boost morale for our troops."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Power Management
        + When you start the mission
    GDI News Wire
     - Kane's Fascination with Eastern Europe
        + By having all base defences survive until reinforcements arrive
    Your first priority is to train APCs and Predators at the War Factory and
    repair all your structures. Throughout this entire mission until the convoy
    arrives, you must repair these structures right away. Now, you will see that
    the Western Side has 2 Watchtowers as well as the Southern Side. The Northern
    Side as well as the Eastern Side has twin Guardian Cannons. Now, this shows
    you what to expect. The Western and Southern Sides will encounter a large
    amount of infantry, as well as many fanatics. The Northern Side and the 
    Eastern Side will encounter tanks. Most of the will be Scorpions but some
    will be Flame Tanks. 
    Power up both Guardian Cannons on the Eastern Side, Both Watchtowers on the
    Southern Side, one Watchtower on the Western Side and one Guardian Cannon
    on the Northern Side. The 4 Anti Air Turrets will be powered down and will
    only be powered up when Venoms are attacking. Move your pitbulls next to
    the Air Turrets. Park your Predators and Missile Squads on the Eastern Side,
    while your APCs and Riflemen can take the Western Side. But first, use your
    Pitbull to the southern side of your base until you see a few trees with
    crates. Claim them since you WILL REALLY need the money. Load up the infantry
    on the West side into the APCs to ensure more fighting power. 
    Place 3 to 5 Predators on the Northern entrance since it has only one powered
    cannon at the moment while a few APCs outerside the Southern Side. While you
    are attacked, Power down the defences not used to power the defences where it
    is under attack. Once you have about 6 APCs, load 3 with Riflemen and 3 with
    Missile Squads and move out through the southern Entrance of your base and
    move to where the bridge is. Since your APCs will shred infantry and air
    units, this is there the chokepoint is. Use this to your advantage.
    With that covered, pump out tanks and missile squads to defend the Northern 
    and Eastern Side. In particular, the Eastern side will bear the brunt of the
    Nod tanks. This is where you will need your forces to attack. Do not neglect
    the fact that your air turrets will be need since the occasion trio of Venoms
    will come along and attack you. This is probably hard, but seeing I survived
    on hard mode, it should be ok. 
    When the countdown FINALLY finishes, we find that our MCV is ambushed and we
    need to save it. Use the APCs at the bridge and reinforce them with 3 more
    APCs loaded with missiles or Riflemen. Use those to guard the bridge and send
    the orignal force of 6, which should be promoted, to attack. You should use
    the Missile APCs to attack the structures garrisoned by Nod forces while your
    APCs with Riflemen to defend them from fanatics which come in hordes. If you
    can spare a few Predators, send them to help your forces. The Nod onslaught
    should have weaken so send your non-promoted Predators to your APC convoy. 
    They should help in the destruction of the buildings. 
    When you reach the MCV convoy, to the East of it are turrets and some more
    garrisoned buildings. Clear them because you need no enemy to make it easier
    for your MCV. Clear the city and use the original units on the convoy to be
    the advance guard while the APCs will bring up the rear. Use your Preds to
    stop any units to flank the MCV. 
    The second bonus objective shouldn't be too hard if you have protected the 
    MCV sufficiently. With the amount of vehicles guarding it, it shouldn't be
    a problem. However, be wary of straying fanatics that will attempt to blow up
    the MCV. Cross the guarded bridge and move the MCV to your base and deploy.
    Build more power plants to power all defences and a nice Tech Centre. Deploy
    the Tech Centre and purchase the Railgun upgrade. With that upgrade, move your
    Predators together. That includes the ones escorting the MCV as well as those
    defending the base. You'll see why in a minute. Group all the Predators and 
    swarm the NorthEast base. With railguns, the Predators will knock that base 
    out of action relatively quickly. 
    Now, leave your APCs at base and send the Predator assault force to the 
    SouthWest base after you have repaired them. The railguns should be more of a
    match than those infantry. Run over the militant squads and target the squads
    of fanatics. Destroy the turret hubs and destroy the base. This is the 
    infantry base gone, now we need to take down the air base. 
    This is a problem since you will need to call for transport. This requires you
    to gather a large amount of credits with silos. Now you need to think on how
    to remove all those Venoms in the base, some of the promoted to make them even
    harder to kill. One method is to use an Orca to move into their base and lure
    their air force to your base, where the turrets and APCs will shred them.
    Another method is to pick your orignal 6 APCs, which should have some heroic
    status units among them. Move them to the Eastern most Northern point with the
    Call for Transport ability. There should only be infantry and aircraft with a
    few vehicles but that can be dealt with. Missile squads at Scorps and Flames
    while the APC aims for the Venoms. The final method is that you send a large
    force of APCs and Predators but this is extremely costly to you. Either way,
    pick a method and assault the base. When the units are gone, wipe out the
    final base and listen to the sound of sweet victory. 
    [2.10] Albania
    "Recent Sat-Surveillence confirms a significant build-up of armoured vehicles
    amd weapons at a large Nod logistics base in Albania. The sat images show row
    upon row of Stealth, scorpion, and Flame Tanks waiting to be deployed in
    defence of Kane's Temple Prime in Sarajevo. Your mission is about destroying
    this arsenal before it is used against you in combat. You'll start with a 
    small force to clear the way, then we'll send you Firehawk Attack Jets to 
    finish the job."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Clear Nod border defences
    "Use a small tactical team to clear a path through the Nod perimeter and avoid
    alerting Nod forces to our presence in the region."
    2 - Infiltrate the Nod Supply Depot
    "Break through the Supply Depot Checkpoint by accessing the service entrance
    across the Canyon Bridge."
    3 - Eliminate Nod Rocket Bunkers
    "Clear the airspace by neutralising the main Nod anti-aircraft battery so that
    support can be airlifted into the region by GDI Ox-Transport."
    4 - Capture the East Ridge Reinforcement Bay
    "Establish a GDI Staging Area on the East Ridge above the Nod Supply Depot. 
    Captured Nod Supply Bays will be used to deliver GDI Reinforcements."
    5 - Destroy the Nod Supply Depot
    "Destroy the main manufacturing facility and stockpiles of Nod Vehicles."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Survive the Nod Assault Unharmed
    "Succeed with all initial Strike Team Squad Groups intact."
    2 - Capture the Airfield Reinforcement Bay
    "Secure the Reinforcement Bay to receive additional forces from GDI Command."
    3 - Capture the Motorpool Reinforcement Bay
    "Secure the Reinforcement Bay to receive additional forces from GDI Command."
    4 - Arm a Firehawk with a Missile Load Out and Destroy a Nod Venom
    "The Firehawk can be armed with a load out of missile or bombs. The missile
    load out allows the Firehawk to attack aircraft, while the bomb load out 
    allows it to attack ground vehicles and structures."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI Weapons, Tactics, and Systems
     - Rig Deployment into a Forward Battle Base
        + When your Rig reinforcement arrives
     - Firehawk Attack Jets
        + When your Firehawk reinforcements arrive
    Use your beginnging squad and send them north. Target the infantry first since
    they can harm you the most. After they are down, take on the Turret Hub and
    shoot it down. Then destroy the rest of the buildings you encounter. This 
    should not be a problem but you should not lose a single unit in the assault
    since this is the only way you can complete first bonus objective. Try to do
    this since it will promote your infantry squad one level. A nice reward.
    Your reinforcements will turn up which includes a new type of unit, the Rig.
    This Rig can deploy into a Battle Base which is capable of attacking both
    ground and air units while it launches repair drones to heal dented vehicles
    in the area. It can however, repack itself to be mobile. Hence, a mobile rig.
    Anyway, move your Predators to clear the bridge. No matter how hard you try,
    your bridge will come tumbling down. Clear the bridge area and repair your
    Predators at your deployed Battle Base. Move the Predators West and use them
    to wipe out the Nod Base there. Use the tanks to collect any lying crates that
    hang around the place before leaving. If the tanks sustain too much fire, move
    then back to the battle base and repair it. 
    When the base is cleared, you will have 4 engineers to play around with. You 
    CANNOT let any of them die if you want to complete all the bonus objectives. 
    Position your Rig just below the bridge with the Predators above it to make
    sure you are ready. Repair the bridge and watch as the Tanks swarm over. 
    Destroy them with the Predators and make sure they are repaired before taking
    the next form of action. Cross the bridge with the Predators and clear the
    units and the Turret Hub lying there. Move all your forces there and deploy
    the Rig for repairs. Keep the infantry at the rear, or on the bridge to give
    them protection from enemies. Load the APCs with Missiles and Riflemen and
    prepare them for an assault. 
    When you move your group, make sure the Pitbulls are in the centre, since they
    are Stealth Detectors. Move your Preditors, APCs and Pitbulls to the main
    Objective. Move your infantry in front of the Rig and behind the Assault 
    force. Be careful, Nod Venoms will patrol the area. Deploy the Rig at the base
    of the ramp and use your APCs to assault the area. If there are tanks, move
    in the Preditors. Capture that reinforcement bay and for your troubles, you
    can play around with a Mammoth Tank. If you have trouble with your engineers,
    stick them in the APC for protection. 
    While en route to capture, avoid the main base AT ALL COSTS. There are Obelisk
    of Lights there that will fry anything that gets too close. Your Preditors 
    should lead the way since they can bear the most punishment and you can repair
    at the rig.  
    When you have capture the main reinforcement bay, you get airfields with
    Firehawks. Keep one firehawk with Anti-Air missiles to be ready to destroy
    a Nod Venom when you see some. Use your Mammoth Tank and APCs to assault the
    next reinforcement bay, the Motorpool Bay. This is the closest one to the 
    airfield. Meanwhile, have infantry killers on the southern side of the ramp
    since infantry will advance from there. 
    Advance on the Motorpool Bay and when it is clear, capture it. You'll get a 
    few more tanks and a Rig for your troubles. Now, use your Firehawks carefully
    to bomb the Obeliskes of Light. Destroy them to ensure a wandering unit does
    not get blown up due to be a bit too close. Also use the Firehawks to clear
    main obstacles in the path of your Assault Force, which should consist of 
    APCs, Predators and Mammoth Tank.
    Move through the city, destroying all the unmanned vehicles along the way.
    Ignore Kane's threats of actually acutally arming the vehicles. Aim for the 
    red explosive barrels near the vehicles to destroy them utterly. Use your 
    Assault force since they are better for dealing with it than the Firehawks.
    Use the Firehawks to clear units around the North West reinforcement bay or
    the Airfield Reinforcement Bay. Destroy them with Firehawks since they can 
    escape the Anti-Air fire if there is any. Use your motorcade to assault the
    Reinforcement Bay and capture it for a Pitbull and a few more Predators. 
    Now what is left is to destroy the Nod base. This is best done by first, if
    you haven't already done so, destroying the Obeliskes of Light that surround
    the base. Your Firehawks should do this since the Obelisk can't target air
    units. When this is done, see if you can try to attack the base with the
    Firehawks, if not, leave it. Since the Obeliskes are gone, use your assault 
    force, which by now is quite large, to attack the base. This should not be
    a problem, target the production buildings then the other buildings. Make
    sure you have cleared all the stockpiles of tanks that are lying around.
    I won't be surprised if you try to do this after failing. This is actually 
    quite hard on completing everything. Also, I did this on hard mode and if you
    are playing Easy or Normal, there shouldn't be as many forces to fight. 
    [2.11] Sarajevo
    "Kane is making his last stand at Temple Prime at Sarajevo. Your mission is to
    take out his defending forces, destroy the surrounding compound, and disable
    the ion disruption towers protecting the temple complex from energy weapons.
    Knocking out the disruption towers will open up options for GDI Central
    Command now that the Ion Cannons are nearly back online. However, be aware 
    that Kane and his Science Ministers have been working on a Liquid Tiberium 
    device of considerable destructive power within Temple Prime. It is imperative
    that you do not use the Ion Cannon on Temple Prime yourself without 
    authorization. An Ion Cannon strike could detonate the Liquid Tiberium in the
    Temple and set off a chain reaction in the large Tiberium Fields found
    throughout this Yellow Zone - the resulting blast would be massively 
    destructive and may kill millions. This is a decision that will have to be 
    made at the highest levels of the GDI Command Structure."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy Ion Disruption Field Generator 1
    "This generator supplies energy to the forcefield protecting Temple Prime.
    Destroy it to weaken the forcefield and allow an Ion Cannon strike."
    2 - Destroy Ion Disruption Field Generator 2
    "This generator supplies energy to the forcefield protecting Temple Prime.
    Destroy it to weaken the forcefield and allow an Ion Cannon strike."
    3 - Destroy Ion Disruption Field Generator 3
    "This generator supplies energy to the forcefield protecting Temple Prime.
    Destroy it to weaken the forcefield and allow an Ion Cannon strike."
    4 - Build an Ion Cannon Control Centre
    "The Ion Cannon Control Centre is used to relay surface Strike Conditions to
    the Ion Cannon that's orbiting the planet in space."
    5 - Destroy Temple Prime with the Ion Cannon
    "Now that the forcefield has been neutralized, GDI Command has ordered that 
    Temple Prime be destroyed by the Ion Cannon."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture Nod's Science Ministry Building
    "Capturing this Building will provide important intel on Nod Tiberium Research
    and further insight into Kane's mysterious plans."
    2 - Capture the Mutant Hovel
    "Capture the Mutant Hovel with an Engineer. This will allow the recruitment of
    Mutants to fight for our cause."
    3 - Capture the Liquid Tiberium Factory
    "Capturing this facility will provide important intel on Nod's Tiberium 
    Liquidification Process and restrict their ability to use this technology 
    against us."
    4 - Destroy an Avatar with the Commando
    "Use the Commando to attack the Nod Avatar. The Commando is an expert at
    taking down large walkers by planting an explosive pack on their hull."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Nod Ion Cannon Disruption Tech
        + When you start the mission
     - Nod Avatar Walker
        + After destroying an Avatar with a Commando
    GDI Archives
     - Life in a Yellow Zone
        + When you capture the Mutant Hovel
     - Health Effects of Tiberium Contamination
        + By capturing the Tiberium Chemical Plant
    Just use your initial force to destroy the Nod forces and then deploy the
    base. Construct the usual Power Plant, Refinery and so forth. Place the Rig
    on the Eastern Entrance to your base and guard it with your tanks. All other
    units will guard the other entrance. Get another harvester to harvest more
    credits and deploy Watchtowers and APCs on the Northern side of your base 
    since Nod will send infantry at you. Once you tech up quickly, train a 
    Commando and park him there, to train his skills so that we can finish one
    of the bonus objectives later.
    Once you have the Tech Centre, upgrade to Railgun Capacitors and train as 
    many Mammoths as you can. Get some Firehawks to bomb the Obelisk of Light
    as in the last mission or you can use the Juggernauts in replacement of them
    but I prefer the Firehawk. Anyway, build some anti air defences in the 
    Northern side of your base near your watch towers since the Nod commander
    likes to bomb you with some Vertigos. 
    Use your Firehawks as a more expensive scout unit and find the Mutant Hovel.
    Capture it with an engineer and train some Marauders. Compared to your forces,
    these guys are useless as such and Nod will attempt to overrun this area. Use
    the Mutants as a cheap for of defence. This is mainly for the objectives.
    When you think you have enough Mammoths, support them with a Rig or two.
    Use your Firehawks to scout the area they will move off to. Advance to the
    South West corner to destroy the Obeliskes hiding there. You want to attack 
    the Eastern side of the Nod base. This is done in the Eastern most path. Just
    camp outside the base where the War Factory is. Just train off the units that
    Nod would swarm at you but do not destroy it. Keep training off them and train
    a few engineers. 
    While you were advancing through the passive I've told you to, use your 
    Commando next to the Mammoths to look for a Avatar. When you see some, they 
    should be in a group and distract them with the Mammoths. Just your Jump
    Jet ability to jet next to then and explode them with the explosive charges. 
    But then, get the hell out of there since their lasers is more than a match
    for the Commando. 
    Make sure your Mammoths are ready before you assault the base. At least have 
    some Heroic Mammoths to lead the way. Train a few engineers and have them
    waiting in transport to complete the other objectives. 
    Assault the base and this has to be done quickly. Once you knock out the War
    Factory you have been training off, Kane will have a Temple of Nod with a 
    Nuke charging. Advance your Mammoth Army through his base, ripping anything
    that is an enemy to shred. Destroy the Generators that you will encounter
    throgh your base destruction. Clear the area around the Science Building and
    the Liquid Tiberium Factory and send in the engineer through the route that
    you undertook with your Mammoths, knowing that the way is clear. Capture the
    buildings with your engineers to complete the bonus objectives for this
    Use your Mammoths to destroy the Temple of Nod, but make sure you destroy the
    Obelisk of Lights that surround it first as to not damage the Mammoths too
    badly. Clear the Temple if any and make sure you have cleared all the 
    disruption fields generators. Once that is done, Cutscene.
    Boyle is mad and build the Ion Cannon Uplink now. Charge up the cannon with
    7 minutes that it takes to charge. Since the expert in Brazil has been 
    captured, the insane Director of GDI wants you to fire on the Temple Prime
    with the Ion Cannon. Don't worry how close your troops are, just fire the 
    Cannon on Temple Prime. Watch as millions lose their lives due to Boyle's
    And for the Temple of Nod thing, it may be a Hard Mode item only since I 
    completed this mission on Hard Mode first. 
    [2.12] Munich
    "The savage, unexpected attack on Munich by the invaders has taken the city's
    garrisoned GDI forces completely by surprise. The battle was over before it
    began. As the invaders ruthlessly wipe Munich from the face of the Earth, you
    must marshal the remaining GDI forces and fight a desperate rearguard action,
    holding off the enemy just long enough to all the GDI F-T Lab engineers to
    escape in armored transports. These engineers have key information about our
    new enemy, and must reach safety."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Protect the Civilian Transports
    "These Civilian Transports contain what is left of the GDI F-T Lab engineers.
    Protect them at all costs - at least one must survive."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture the GDI Future Tech Lab
    "This GDI Lab contains vital research. Send in an Engineer, capture it and 
    obtain the information, or GDI F-T research may be set back five years or 
    2 - Capture the Power Plant
    "This abandoned Power Plant is hooked into a dormant Sonic Emitter array. Get
    these Engineers in there and get the thing working ... we need all the help
    we can get."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Sonic Weapons and the Invaders
        + Capture the Power Plant with an Engineer
    GDI News Wire
     - GDI Storm Shelters
        + By capturing the Future Tech Lab
    This mission is virtually insane. The amount of Scrin units flying all over
    the place, it is insane. Munich is gone, it is destroyed. Collect and group
    all your GDI units and follow and guard the Civilian Transports as they 
    travel down the road. Once they cross the first bridge, guard the Rig with 
    your units until they proceed to the river area where you will have changed
    Some GDI survivors reinforce your position. In this bundle are several 
    engineers at your disposal. Send two engineers off to the Future Tech lab in
    case one of them gets killed. Send the last engineer off to capture the power
    plant to activate the Sonic Emitters. These things will crush those Scrin
    land units for good. Group all your forces into a team and keep guarding the
    Watch as the Sonic Emitters crush the annoying Land units but you still have
    to be careful of the air units. Guard the transports with all your forces,
    they must survive. As long as one transport makes it to the Subway, you will
    win the mission. I just survived this mission myself with one Transport on
    red health. The rest were destroyed. I believe this is toned down a little
    in the patch. It is hard but is a relatively short mission. 
    [2.13] Stuttgart
    "While Stuttgart is ostensibly under complete alien control, GDI has received
    several distorted transmissions from within the city incidating there are 
    survivors either in hiding or pinned down by alien forces. One of these
    surviving units - an elite Commando - has managed to evade his attackers. You
    will work with this Commando to round up as many other surviving units as
    possible, then use the resulting force to take out the alien base dominating
    the city. Keep an eye out for a GDI combat engineering team - they are capable
    of reactivating both GDI's Stuttgart base and the city's defensive grid, which
    would make the mission far easier."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Capture or Destroy the Alien Structure
    "This structure appears to be the focus of Alien efforts in the area. Marshal
    your forces and capture or destroy it."
    2 - Rescue the Combat Engineers
    "This is the only available engineering detail south of Danzig. Keep it alive
    at all costs."
    3 - Capture the Eastern Power Plant, Activiting the GDI Base
    "This GDI base was damaged during the attack, but appears to be semi-
    functional. Get the Power Plants back online and you'll be able to build new
    combat units and Engineers. Lose all your Engineers before capturing the base
    and you will fail - it is essential to our success."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Rescue the Zone Troopers
    "Alien air units have trapped this Zone Trooper Squadron in the Stuttgart
    rubble. Destroy the aircraft and the Troopers are yours to command."
    2 - Rescue the Snipers
    "Dispatched to scout the area, these Snipers are now pinned down by Alien
    infantry. Kill the infantry to rescue them."
    3 - Rescue the Infantry Squad
    "An infantry platoon took shelter in these structures during the attack, but
    found themselves surrounded by Alien Disintegrators. If the platoon moves, 
    the drones will notice them, enter the building and kill them all. Eliminate
    the Disintegrators in order to free the platoon."
    4 - Destroy a Tripod with the Commando
    "Use the Commando to attack the Alien Annihilator Tripod. The Commando is an
    expert at taking out large walkers such as the Tripod."
    5 - Capture the Northern and Western Power Plants to activate the Sonic 
        Emitters array. 
    "As our experience in Munich showed, Aliens are weak against Sonic Emitters.
    Capture both Power Plants and get the arrays back online."
    6 - Capture the Southern Power Plant to Activate the Command Post
    "Stuttgart's Command Post appears to be mostly intact. Get its Power Plant
    functional to regain radar information."
    7 - Capture the SouthWest Power Plant to Activate the Armory
    "Given the weakened state of our forces, this Armory should prove to be 
    invaluable. Use your Engineers to capture the Power Plant and get it back 
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus
        + Finish and complete the Mission
     - Alien Tripod Captured
        + Glitched, Bugged. Should be when you destroy an Avatar with a Commando 
          and then capture with an Engineer.
    Use your Commando to rescue the engineers that are South West to your 
    Commando's current position. Kill the Scrin units pinning them down to rescue
    them. Once they are rescue, let them follow BEHIND the Commando and rescue the
    Missile Squads under attack. Again, once you have rescued them, send them 
    behind your Commando do that the Commando can fire at incoming hostiles. Soon,
    you will see an ugly tripod and just like you did with the Avatar in the 
    Sarajevo mission, detonate the Walker and watch it collapse. You should get an
    intel entry but it is bugged. Garrison the Missile Squads in a building to 
    destroy the other Vehicles pinning down your Commando. 
    Now, head west some more and you will spot 2 Power Plants facing the enemy
    base. If you capture it now, not only will it complete the Bonus Objective
    but it will be able to effective stop any reinforcements in the city for the
    Scrin. You can also target the Defences by force firing the Emitters short of
    the Defences since the range isn't far enough. Still, the Emitter Wave will
    destroy the defences if you aim correctly. Now that we can breath a bit 
    easier, move your forces to join up with the Zone Troopers. En route, rescue
    another another Missile Squad by killing the units pinning them down. Use your
    missile Squads to knock down the Stormriders in the area to let the Troopers
    join up with you. Now we have some serious firepower. And garrison the Missile
    Squads in the building to avoid enemy fire. 
    Time to move to the next objective, the trapped infantry squad. Kill the 
    units that are pinning them down and kill them, rescuing the Riflemen. And
    then advance your sizable force to the Snipers and rescue them. Now that our
    rescue mission is done, capture the GDI Base, the Command Post and the Armory.
    Use remaining engineer to capture neutral structures and construct a nice
    army to attack. If you still have remaining engineer, you can use them to 
    commandeer fallen Tripods. Use the enemy's weapons against them.
    Now, load up your infantry in APCs after healing them at the Armory. This will
    let you to attack Vehicles. Attack any vehicles and advance to the Sonic
    Emitters you've captured earlier. Use your forces to lure out some of the
    Scrin defenders and slaughter them. Keep distracting and eventually, kill
    all the base defences and then use the Commando to detonate his explosives 
    on the Drone ship to finally end this mission. 
    [2.14] Cologne
    "Cologne is under attack by the invaders and the city is in its last throes.
    However, initial recon has revealed that the GDI base in Cologne was left 
    relatively intact by the enemy after it was abandoned by the garrison force
    when the alien attack started. An advance team is being dispatched to 
    determine the size and scope of he alien presence in the city and you'll be
    in command. Once you determine what you're up against, we'll send you an
    engineering team to get the GDI base up and running again. Protect the 
    engineers until they can reach the base, the build up a strike force and drive
    the aliens from Cologne altogether. It's not too late to save the city."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Scout the Alien Structure
    "GDI Intelligence has located an unknown Alien structure to the north of the
    city. Investigate and confirm."
    2 - Protect the Engineers
    "This is the only available engineering detail south of Danzig. Keep it alive
    at all costs."
    3 - Capture the NorthEastern Power Plant
    "This Power Plant is the center of the GDI Power Grid. Capture it and restore
    power to the base."
    4 - Destroy the Alien Command Center
    "We cannot establish a forward base until we have eliminated the Alien Command
    Center. Without direction, the Alien threat is significantly reduced."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture the Reinforcement Bay
    "Capture this Reinforcement Bay in order to gain access to Juggernaut 
    2 - Capture the NorthWestern Power Plant
    "This Power Plant runs the Sonic Emitter array on the West side of the city.
    Capture it and the array will come back online."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI Eyewitness Accounts
     - GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Cologne
        + Capture the Power Plant (Primary Objective 3)
    Take your detachment through the city to investigate the Alien Structure. Use
    your Commando in this mission. The Scrin will send massive amounts of Scrin
    Infantry and Tripods in your direction and not much in vehicles. So you'll
    see a lot of Buzzers and Disintegrators. Since said Commando is good against
    Infantry, he should lead the assault. 
    Investigate the structure and move across the Power Plant and cross the bridge
    that is there. This will, in essence, finish the first objective. Now, head 
    to the engineering detachment. Use the reinforcements to help relieve the 
    Engineering detail. Use your Commando to Jump Jet there to make him wipe out
    the Scrin before they wipe out your Engineers. After you have saved all your
    little units, send them up to the GDI base and re capture it. Send one of the
    Engineers to capture the Reinforcement bay for the three or so Juggernauts.
    Once you have recaptured the base, you will need one of two things. You either
    have to train APCs with Missile Squads or deploy a Surveyor to the bridge you
    cross and build Anti Air Turrets with Sonic Emitters. There is a reason for
    this. The Scrin, especially on the Hard level, will send swarms of units at 
    you. For land, they won't send many Buzzers but will send Disintegraters,
    Seekers and GunWalkers. This is why you will need some form of land defence,
    and more Sonic Emitters will do the job. There is not the least of your
    worries. The Scrin will also send Planetary Assault Carriers and Devestator
    Warships to you. And the worst thing is, the Devestators can attack OUTSIDE
    your range. So either way, you will need some form of mobile Anti-Air
    You should recapture the Bonus Power Plant but with my knowledge on the hard
    mode, the Sonic Emitters will easily be overrun. So it will delay their wave
    a little, but won't stop them. Now there are several ways to finish the 
    mission. You can use Snipers to use their ability to spot for the Juggernauts
    to bombard the building back to the Stone Age. You can use your Commando for
    hit and run missions and when you have disabled the defences, you can Jump
    Jet at the building and detonate it before they kill the Commando. Or you can
    use the simplist method and that involves about a dozen Mammoth Tanks 
    swarming, crushing and running over the enemy. Either way, you need to destroy
    the building somehow. Its up to you how many units you want to lose and how
    much you are willing to spend on them.
    [2.15] Berne
    "After launching a costly but successful counterattack against the Alien
    invaders, the newly-reconstituted GDI is finally in a position to push the
    Aliens out of Europe once and for all. The key is the invader's central base 
    in Berne, Switzerland. The invaders have turned Berne into a brutal, urbal
    wasteland, a vast staging area for the invasion of Northern Europe. The Alien
    encampment is spread across the ruined city and split into three sections. A
    heavily-defended central base to the NorthEast of the city and two adjacent
    support bases, one armour and one air, all ringed with what seems to be 
    newly-seeded Tiberium fields. This is going to be a tough one. Destroy the
    main base. No survivors. This is [should be one's] personal."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Primary Drone Platform
    "This appears to be the central coordinating base for all Alien operations in
    Europe. Destroy it and we'll turn the tide."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Armour Base Drone Platform
    "The Aliens have constructed an additional outlying base focused on armoured
    units. Destroy it and their forces will be significantly weakened."
    2 - Destroy the Alien Signal Transmitter
    "The Aliens appear to be using this structure to summon something large and
    presumably, dangerous. Destroy the Signal Transmitter before this happens."
    3 - Destroy the Alien Mothership
    "This Aliens have summoned what appears to be some kind of Mothership, and 
    it's heading right for our base. It must be stopped!"
    4 - Destroy the Air Base Drone Platform
    "The Aliens have constructed an additional outlying base focused on aerial
    units. Knock it out and you'll have a much easier fight on your hands."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI Eyewitness Accounts
     - GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Berne
        + By destroying the secondary Scrin bases
    GDI Archives
     - What is it like in a Red Zone?
        + By completing the mission
    Once you have battle control online, move your Predators to protect the North
    East side of your base, the others defending the North West. Build a War 
    Factory next to the Predators for healing. You will need some more Power 
    Plants and a Tech Centre. Immediately upgrade the Turbines when you plop down
    the Tech Centre and build Sonic Emitters. Meanwhile, train Mammoth Tanks and 
    a Rig. You will need about 6 Mammoths at the least. 
    If you haven't already, plop down some Anti-Air defences to knock out the form
    of Scrin aircraft. When the recent 1.05 patch, Firehawks have become extremely
    useful since they launch their Anti-Air missiles in a volley. Anyway, if you
    want some versatile air defence, use Firehawks. Once you have built the 
    Emitter, you want the first two at least next to the War Factory and Preditor
    Tanks. A few Anti-Air turrets couldn't hurt but then again, the Firehawks 
    should be able to take down air threats. Build two emitters to support your
    forces on the North Eastern side and 2 Emitters next to your Tiberium Field
    since they will be sneaky and send a force there. Once you have adequately
    defended your base with buildings, get an Ion Cannon Control as fast as 
    possible, you'll need it later. Make sure you have Space Command Uplink as 
    well. In fact, if you want to hurry this up, build a Crane to help relieve
    the building time.
    Your Mammoth detachment with their shiny Railguns should easily rip apart
    any incoming forces and get them promoted. When the Tripods come, and they
    will, they should fall with the combined force of Railguns and Sonic Emitters.
    Once they fall, send your Engineers to commandeer them. Or rather, borrow. 
    They would reinforce your position when the Mammoths are gone. By now, your
    Ion Cannon is charging up. If you really want an Ion Cannon, straight after
    you are in command, build the Crane before the War Factory. That would help
    you immensely. Anyway, when your Ion Cannon is charged, hopefully, bonus
    Objective 2 about the Signal Transmitter has not turned up. Now, scout the
    area around the Central Drone Platform, behind it a little and look for the
    Signal Transmitter. If it hasn't popped up, it will now. Ion Cannon the 
    damn thing. It is easier than suiciding 8 Firehawks there. If the S.O.B is
    not deal, Shockwave Artillery it. It should be dead then. You only have 
    half a minute or so to deal with the damn Signal Transmitter, so be quick. 
    With the Transmitter down, it is one major obstacle overcome, since the ugly
    Mothership can do a large amount of damage if not shot down. If you didn't
    manage to blast the transmitter, the Mothership is powerful but is it 
    extremely slow and if you have decent AntiAir Defence, it should be easy to
    shoot it down. Once you are confident that you can repel any attack on your
    base by the Scrin, you will move out our Mammoths and the Rig. 
    The first thing we should attack this the Air Base. Vehicles are extremely
    easy to take care of thanks to the Sonic Emitter. Use your Scan power to know
    what you're up against. The Air base will free up more resources and you can 
    use your Firehawks to Firebomb. Anyway, there will be defences such as Storm
    Coloums, Photon Cannons and such, so use Juggernauts or Firehawks to bomb the
    building back to the Stone Age. Once the defences are gone, repair your
    Mammoths before you can assault the base. If you Mammoths has adequate
    experience, they should be all at least Veteran, with some on Heroic. This 
    should be no problem for the Mammoths, if they get on critical health, retreat
    back to the Rig. 
    By now, the Ion Cannon should be recharged and from now on, pummel the Main
    Base with the Ion Cannon, using the Scan to find out where targets of
    opportunity are lurking. Now, repair the Mammoth cluster, build some more if
    you need them, reinforce the main group and advance to the Armour base. Build
    another Rig to reinforce the column. 
    Now that there are no more aereal threats that are significant, use your
    Firehawks to bomb the Storm Columns in the next base and wait for the Storm
    to subside before invading with the Mammoths. Same thing, just search, seek
    and destroy. Once that is taken care of, you should be able to see that the 
    Scrin assaults are weaker with no secondary bases and having to repair the
    damage of the Ion Cannon.
    Now know this before you advance to the Main Base. Near the Drone Platform,
    even your Mammoths will sustain significant losses if they attack the Drone
    Platform since there are large amouths of Anti-vehicles defences near the
    Platform. Best to Ion Cannon the area. If you can't wait for the Ion Cannon,
    deploy a sizable squad of Zone Troopers and attack. They should do the job if
    you support them with the Mammoths. Watch out for the Tripods and Planetary
    Assault Carriers near the platform. Use the Ion Cannon carefully and you 
    will be able to wipe out tens of thousands of credits in a single shot. If
    you still can't win, just build a large amount of Firehawks, Startofighter
    Boost and bomb the Drone Platform. 
    [2.16] Rome
    "It's time to take the fight into the Red Zones and destroy the giant towers
    under construction by the invaders. Central Command isn't keen on waiting 
    around to find out what those things are actually going to be used for ... the
    answer is sure to be one that we won't like. You're the test case; you're 
    going to take down the tower near Rome. You will deploy into the Italian Red
    Zone and set up shop behind a large Tiberium chasm that is not connected to 
    the main landmass. While this provides a natural defense, you'll have to 
    utilize jump jets, call-for-transport, and aerial units to move across the
    chasm and create expansion bases. Scanners indicate several spatial anomalies
    in the area and Alien entities are flooding into the region at an alarming
    rate. To make things worse, Nod has set up camp in the NorthWest. Given Nod's
    erratic behaviour since the arrival of the invaders, you should be prepared
    for anything. The situation is crazy and getting more so by the minute."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Three Alien Phase Generators
    "Three Alien Phase Generators are protecting the Alien Tower. Destroy them to
    make the Tower vulnerable."
    2 - Destroy the Alien Tower
    "The Alien Tower is surrounded by Storm Columns which will complicate a direct
    assault. Once the Phase Generators are down, utilizing the Ion Cannon may be 
    your best bet to destroy it."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Alien Mastermind teleporting the forces
    "The Alien Mastermind appears to be teleporting attack forces across the
    Tiberium Chasm. Locate and eliminate the Mastermind to stop the attacks."
    2 - Prevent the Aliens from using the Rift Generator
    "The Aliens are preparing to use their super weapon. Destroy the weapon before
    they are able to use it on your base."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Alien Mastermind
        + By killing the enemy Alien Mastermind
     - Alien Rift Generator
        + By destroying the Rift Generator
    GDI Archives
     - Red Zone Terrain: Tiberium Chasms
        + When you start the mission
    Build up your base, the basics. Use your Zone Troopers to defend the right 
    side of the chasm since that is where your forces are needed to fight. You
    might need to reinforce your position with more forces if the teleporting is
    getting out of hand. After you have built up your base, build an airfield and
    a Firehawk squadron. Use your Firehawks to search and destroy the really
    annoying Alien Mastermind. 8 Firebombs should be enough to blast the little
    critter back to mommy. Build an Ion Cannon when you can for blasting purposes.
    Build up a Surveyor, a sizeable amount of Zone Troopers and build a War
    Factory and Sonic Emitter. Jump jet the Troopers over the chasm and airlift
    your Surveyor over the chasm and deploy. When it is finished, plop down the
    War Factory and Emitter and start building more. Harvest the wonderful blue
    Tiberium and crank out some Mammoths. 
    Depending on the difficulty, there may be a large amount of Scrin forces
    down the ramp and this is where the Ion Cannon is extremely handy in wiping
    out a large number of Tripods. Make sure you have some engineers ready to
    commandeer some. Use your Scan powers to see where you should Ion Cannon. 
    Use your original Zone Troopers to move out of the expansion base and 
    destroy the Scrin defence structures there. Jump jet past the ramp and use
    their powerful Railguns to destroy the Rift Generator. For this, you might
    need to reinforce their assault force with more Zone Troopers or even a
    Commando if need be. 
    Churn out those Mammoths like no tomorrow and watch the Nod and Scrin
    attack each other. You might however, build a few Anti-Air turrets since
    Nod might send a few Vertigo Bombers to harass you. Support your Mammoth
    force with Rigs. A good ratio is 4 to 6 Mammoths to a Rig. If you have 12
    Mammoths, you should use 3 rigs, 2 at the least to repair. The Scrin base
    is to the North East, the Nod to the North West. The Nod base might churn
    out a Temple of Nod, therefore, nuke, but you can just ramming their base
    with a large amount of Mammoths. Take care of the Nod base since they will
    regenerate their Superweapon, the Scrin won't. 
    Soon, Scrin Aircraft will attack you, mainly Stormriders but they are easily
    shot down. Shoot those suckers down and move on. Now, attack the Phase 
    Generators with your Mammoth. With the amount of Mammoths you have, no amount
    of defences can really contain you. Build more Mammoths to reinforce your 
    Mammoth position. If you think you have the guts, attack the Scrin base and
    destroy them, making your life so much easier. 
    Anyway, the task at hand is to destroy the Phase Generators and wipe them
    off the map. Your Mammoths have no problem with this. When all three are 
    down, you can't actually attack the tower with land forces, point the Ion
    Cannon on the Tower and destroy it. Then we move on to the last mission for
    the GDI, for now.
    [2.17] Ground Zero
    "Right at the heart of Ground Zero is a unique alien structure that [the] GDI
    scientists are calling the Control Node. It appears to be channeling Tiberium
    radiation to the alien forces all over the planet. If you can destroy the 
    Control Node, there is a good chance that all of the aliens units will cease
    functioning and the invasion may be stopped dead in its tracks. Yet again, 
    Nod forces have arrived ahead of us and they appear to have engaged the 
    aliens. The two sides are currently fighting over a central hill near Ground
    Zero and will likely use this location to stage attacks or construct super
    weapons. You'll have to improvise. Try capturing enemy structures for your own
    use. Wipe out the Nod and alien forces that get in your way. Also be advised
    that we have intel on an unidentified alien entity en route towards the 
    Control Node."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Alien Control Node
    "General Granger believes the Alien Control Node is channeling Tiberium 
    radiation to the entire alien force. Destroy it and the aliens will be 
    defeated once and for all. Expect heavy resistance."
    2 - Defeat the Nod forces
    "Nod is in the area and poses a threat to our operations against the alien
    Control Node. Eliminate their base to the North."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture an Enemy Superweapon
    "The aliens and Nod are vying for a positon along the chasm. They will likely
    use this strategic location to construct Superweapons. Capture an enemy Rift
    Generator or a Temple of Nod"
    2 - Divert the Alien Mothership to the Nod Base
    "An Alien Mothership has been summoned to the battle and is headed towards our
    base. You may temporarily divert the Mothership to Nod's base by taking out 
    the Disruption Towers in front of their base. Whether or not you divert the
    Mothership, eventually you will need to destroy it."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    GDI InOps
     - Alien Control Node
        + When approaching and attacking the Control Node
    GDI News Wire
     - Alien Tower Destroyed!
        + When you start the mission
    Build up your base like usual. You will need an Airfield and Firehawks as well
    as several Harvesters. Since the Rift Generator is closest to your base, send 
    a few engineers, Railgun Mammoths and a Rig to the Rift Generator and capture
    it. You should be able to those it against Scrin attacks but in Hard Mode, it
    is extremely hard to hold this position and you will be forced to abandon the
    position and the Rift Generator.
    In the mean time, there is a Mothership needing divertion. Hope for some Good
    Luck and hope that the Mothership blows up the Temple of Nod for you. If not,
    just do it yourself. It should be destroyed before the counter finishes since
    the Scrin will sooner or later overpower the position. Use your Firehawks to
    bomb both disruption towers to hell and watch the Mothership attempt to kill
    Nod's base. If the Mothership after a while attacks you, you should know that
    the Nod base is practically gone.
    In the mean time of the mean time, you need to build up your base defences
    with Sonic Emitters and AntiAir to target down enemy Nod and Scrin attacks
    on your base. Build up a massive Mammoth Army, upgraded with Railguns of
    course and support with Rigs and Firehawks. If that stupid Temple of Nod is
    still not gone, and the Timer is ticking, advance with the Mammys and attack
    the Temple and wipe it off the map. Repair quickly and attack the Nod base if
    the Mothership didn't do the job properly. Now lies your next problem.
    How to attack the Control Node. By now, Boyle should have popped up and 
    offered you an interesting propositon. You can now use the Liquid Tiberium
    Bomb, but Granger will insist that you don't. Anyway, use an Ion Cannon on the
    Scrin base if you have it to assist you significantly. Invade with you large
    amounts of Mammoths but still, you will suffer losses and keep a sharp eye to
    ensure your Mammoth attack force isn't killed.
    However, there is a easier solution in destroying the Control Node after 
    wiping Nod off the map. You will need about 15 or so minutes. It involves
    using the Ion Cannon twice on the Node. The Scrin shouldn't repair the damn
    thing and after two Ion Cannons, watch that Node go bye-bye. Now, depending
    whether or not you used the LT Bomb, you will get the cutscene. If you want to
    know what, read below. 
    If you used the Liquid Tiberium Bomb, Boyle will be nice and happy with you 
    and promote you in essence. However, Granger will resign since he cannot work
    the an organisation that is uses tactics that is grossly inhumane, with the
    LT fallout causing millions of deaths. If you do not use the LT bomb, Granger
    will congratulate you for acting for the people and standing up for them,
    essentially saving millions of lifes. Boyle, however, is forced to resign 
    since if word got out that he authorised the use of the LT bomb, he will be
    charged with war crimes, mainly Crimes against Humanity. Watch as the video
    show the Scrin suddenly stopping.
    <End Spoiler>
    Here is a strategy sent in by PsychicShadow92 which makes, according to him,
    Ground Zero impossible to finish. 
    Is to first off play it on Hard Mode of course. Right at the start, send the
    commando to blow up Nod's stealth towers (this doesn't always work but it 
    doesn't matter) and LEAVE the deployed NOD Emmissary alone. Take care of the 
    Rift Generator to get the Bonus objective. Then just defend your base with 
    whatever you got (I used Mammoths in the late game) until Boyle offers you the
    LTB. Use it on the Alien Control Node immediately. If you did it right, the 
    NOD base and their deployed Emissary is still extremely active. As soon as 
    the Control Node is destroyed by the LTB, the Brotherhood of NOD will start 
    going insane like hell. They will set up an outpost near the Emmissary 
    which will have a Hand of NOD and like a 100 base defenses (there was so 
    much Obelisks of Light that not even my attack force of 22 Mammoths couldn't
    get through).
    [3.01] Goddard Space Centre
    "You will be taking an elite team of Nod's best soldiers into Goddard Space
    Centre to stage a lightning strike on the ground control systems for GDI anti-
    missile defence system. With the A-SAT Systems offline, GDI assets in Earth
    orbit will be vulnerable to a missile attack. Your raid will start with the
    base Command Post: Capture it to disable their communications. That will give
    you a 20 minute window to destroy the A-SAT control system."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Wall
    "Use the Fanatics' attack to destroy the wall and allow passage for the
    2 - Capture the GDI Command Post. DO NOT DESTROY THE POST INSTEAD
    "The GDI Command Post must be captured to prevent a GDI Distress Call. Capture
    it with a Saboteur."
    3 - Destroy the Secondary Power Plants
    "These structures provide power for the GDI Watchtowers. Destroy them to 
    power-down the Watchtowers."
    4 - Destroy the Primary Power Plants
    "These structures provide power for the GDI Watchtowers. Destroy them to 
    power-down the Watchtowers." [Lazy EA]
    5 - Destroy the Ground Control for the GDI's A-SAT System
    "GDI's A-SAT defences are controlled by this building. It must be destroyed to
    begin the Third Tiberium War."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Use these Shadow Teams to destroy the final Power Plant
    "Nod's Shadow Teams are excellent at infiltration, using their hang glider
    ability to get past obstacles and their Plant Explosives ability to destroy
    2 - Capture the Reinforcement Bay
    "Capturing the Reinforcement Bay will give you access to additional
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Fanatics
        + When you complete the First Objective
     - Saboteur
        + When told to Capture the GDI Command Post
     - Militants and Rocket Troopers
        + When your Reinforcements arrive
    Nod Archives
     - The Brotherhood of Nod
        + When you complete the First Objective
     - Nod's Place in the World
        + When having destroyed the GDI Power Plants
     - Ground Control for GDI's A-SAT Systems
        + When told to destroy the Ground Control System
    You now have control of the Nod units. The Saboteur is your basic engineer
    units while the Fanatic is considered the suicide bomb. Effective against
    tanks and structures but horrible against infantry, anti-infantry and air.
    Use your bombers to destroy the portion of the GDI Wall, which you can never
    build and bomb it. Send in your Saboteur through this new hole and capture 
    the Command Post, just lying there.
    Once your plane dropped reinforcements arrive, collect all of them and send
    them to the GDI Barracks and destroy it. Then proceed to bomb the walls off
    the Power Plants. Don't worry, if any of your units die, they are instantly
    "revived", back from the dead through the reinforcements. Move your forces
    to the GDI War Factory. The Pitbulls should be eliminated through the Rocket
    Squads. Destroy the Pitbulls and enemy Infantry and destroy the War Factory.
    Then, destroy the next two power plants for the bonus objectives and the
    final Primary Objective. 
    You will now get a few Shadow Teams and a Saboteur. Send your Militant Squads
    and Rocket Squads to clear out enemies on the way to the Reinforcement Bay and
    send in the Saboteur to capture it. Add the new units to your assault force 
    then proceed to wipe out the enemies on the path to the A-SAT system. Careful,
    some Watchtowers are still active, so send your Shadow Teams to the last
    Power Plants through their Hang-Glider ability and land out of reach of the 
    Watchtowers and bomb the Power Plant. That should complete the last of the 
    Bonus Objectives.
    Now, send all your forces, including the Shadow Teams, to the A-SAT System and
    attack it. Relatively simple isn't it? Use your Shadow Teams detonation 
    ability to reduce the health of the structure relatively quickly to ease 
    things up. The Third Tiberium War has started. 
    [3.02] The White House
    "An attack on the White House will simultaneously deal a terrible blow to GDI
    morale and serve as a distraction from more important targets. We've
    infiltrated a strike team into downtown DC and they are standing by for your
    orders. Take command of your force and proceed with your mission."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the GDI Logistics Centre
    "Assemble a force and destroy the GDI Logistics Centre just north of your
    position. This should cause GDI to respond with forces that are currently
    guarding the Pentagon, leaving it open for attack."
    2 - Destroy the remaining GDI Forces guarding the White House
    "GDI has setup a small base in front of the White House. Destroy their
    production structures and Command Post and take the White House for the
    Brotherhood of Nod!"
    *Bonus Objective*
    1 - Capture the two Tiberium Silos to fund this mission
    "The Tiberium Silos in the area should fund your fight here. Capture them with
    your Saboteurs."
    2 - Capture the two Tiberium Spikes to fund this mission
    "Supplies are limited for this mission. Capture two Tiberium Spikes to bolster
    your funds."
    3 - Destroy 5 Ox Transports
    "Make sure those Ox Transports don't reach their Landing Zone Destinations. 
    Use your Attack Bikes and Militant Rocket Squads to bring them crashing to the
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - Tiberium Spikes
        + When you capture both Tiberium Spikes
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Hand of Nod
        + When you start the mission
     - War Factory
        + When you start the mission
    This base should be achieved through sheer numbers and not tactics. Sorry bout
    that, since, you don't have any major toys to play with. Pump out the Attack
    Bikes and the Raider Buggies. The Bikes are good for hitting Vehicles and the
    Buildings and the Buggies can hit infantry and air units. This is the time 
    you should capture the Spikes and the Silos since the map hasn't been enlarged
    yet and now is a great time to build up your forces. 
    Build up a large force of Buggies and Bikes and when you think you have get a 
    large force, attack the Logistics Centre. There aren't a lot of GDI forces, 
    yet. Before you finish, pump out some more Buggies, Bikes and Rocket Squads
    for something later. Use those units to line the bottom of the map, ensuring
    there are three groups, one for the left, right and centre. This is for later.
    Destroy the Logistics Centre. 
    The map enlargen and you will get a message of incoming Ox Transports. The
    reason for the Bikes, Rockets and Buggies is to counter this. You need to
    destroy about 5 to ensure that GDI stops sending reinforcements. Don't let
    any through to ensure you have an easier fight up ahead. Once they are gone,
    the Oxs I mean, send your vehicles together into one bunch and move towards
    the GDI base.
    Send your Vehicles into the base, crushing the Pitbulls and Missile Squads
    first since they are the best units currently against your squad. Bear in
    mind that the Bikes and Buggies have light health, so they can't take a lot
    of damage. Then take down any other form of defence and then crush the base
    to finish the mission. 
    [3.03] Andrews Air Force Base
    "Our Theatre Command Cell has ordered a coordinated attack on all GDI air 
    bases in this region to take out GDI's air support. Your target is Andrews Air
    Force Base in Washington DC. You'll take command of a strike force near the
    base entrance. Start by clearing GDI troops in the surrounding area, establish
    an outpost, and then infiltrate the base itself. Once you're inside the base,
    job one is to destroy the airfields used by Orca ground attack aircraft. Your
    very presence inside the base will also shut down GDI's use of military
    aircraft capability."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the two Airfields at the rear of the Air Base
    "GDI is providing air support to the rest of the Eastern Seaboard from this 
    air base. Eliminite these two Airfields to cripple their ability to respond to
    our attacks."
    2 - Eliminate the GDI Patrols and Destroy the GDI Outpost
    "In order to build a base at this location, you must clear out all GDI patrols
    and buildings. There is a Fuel Depot in the Outpost, if you blow it up the
    entire outpost will go up in flames."
    3 - Disable the GDI Defences
    "There is a Power Plant situated on top of the cliff powering those defensive
    turrets. Your Shadow Teams can use their hang gliders to reach it. Destroy the
    Power Plant."
    4 - Destroy the Control Tower
    "In addition to hampering GDI's ability to coordinate air attacks, eliminating
    the Control Tower will also clear the way for Attack Bike Reinforcements."
    *Bonus Objective*
    1 - Capture the two Tiberium Spikes to fund this mission
    "Supplies are limited for this mission. Capture two Tiberium Spikes to bolster
    your funds." [Lazy EA, copy and paste]
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - Nod Tactical Doctrine
        + When you attack the GDI Outpost
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Shadow Team
        + When your Shadow reinforcements arrive
    Collect your ragtag bundle of troops and make them move West towards the 
    GDI Outpost. Before attacking the base, scout the area and clear out the 
    unfriendly GDI forces in the area. There are several patrols so keep a sharp
    eye. When you are sure they are down, attack the massive Cynlinder shape fuel
    depot and watch as it makes the base turn into beef burgers. When the GDI base
    goes boom, reinforcements have arrived.
    Build up your base, or rather, watch as they do it for you. Train a sizable 
    force of Raider Buggies, due to an absense of Bikes, a train a Saboteur. Send
    a few Buggies and the Saboteur to the first Tiberium Tower in case there are 
    still patrols in the area. Move one of the Buggies close to one of the base
    defences and wait till they fire on you for the next objective.
    You now have to disable the Defences, which is done through the Shadow Teams.
    Two teams should be dropped near you base so move those guys West, roughly
    below the Power Plant and use their Hang Glider ability to fly towards the
    Power Plant. Careful, you don't be to be targeted by an AntiAir Turret so make
    sure what you're flying into. Anyway, land and deploy the bombs and blast down
    the Power Plant.
    This is the tricky part. See if you can move your Shadow Teams towards the 
    Control Tower and quickly bomb it. If you can, well, thats good and retreat
    the teams if you can. If you can't, this will be hard on you. A conventional
    attack, which happens to be your only form of attack at the moment, will be 
    hard since there are garrisoned GDI forces. Your best bet is probably having
    your own forces garrisoning buildings supporting them will Rocket Squads. 
    When that tower goes poop, you will get a reinforcement of Attack Bikes. Send
    them back if they get attacked and reinforce their force with more Attack
    Bikes. Group your Bikes and Buggies together and head towards the second 
    Tiberium Spike and then send a Saboteur to capture it. Capture is and then
    send all your forces to attack the GDI airfields. Destroy them both, making 
    full use of the Red Explosive Barrels. Also, don't use fanatics, too easy to
    shoot down.
    [3.04] Hampton Roads
    "You're going to seize the largest naval base in North America and destroy one
    of GDI's Aircraft Carriers in the process. With the Brotherhood in control of
    Hampton Roads, we can start bringing in supplies and reinforcements in bulk to
    feed our growing offensive in this Blue Zone. The plan for this operation is a
    masterstroke. A Commando has been smuggled into the port via cargo container.
    Use this elite troop to take out a GDI Aircraft Carrier at its dock. Once the 
    carrier is out of the equation, we'll send in some forces to help you take the
    rest of the port. One final note: we also smuggled in a Saboteur but lost 
    contact with him a few hours ago. If you can find him, put his talents to 
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the GDI Aircraft Carrier
    "with Langley under attack, the GDS Pathe is the sole provider of air defense
    for GDI on the Eastern Seaboard. Destroying it will ensure Nod air superiority
    and enable The Brotherhood to reinforce by air."
    2 - Destroy the GDI Port Authority Building
    "The Port Authority Building gives GDI Command over this naval port. Destroy
    it to end GDI's control of the port."
    *Bonus Objective*
    1 - Find the Lost Saboteur
    "We have lost contact with a Saboteur that we infilrated into the port. All
    we know is that he was hiding in a Shipping Container, probably stamped with
    the GDI logo."
    2 - Capture the GDI Command Post
    "Capturing the GDI Command Post will give the Brotherhood valuable 
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Venom Patrol Craft
        + When you destroy the Carrier and Venoms arrive
    In the GDI Hampton Roads, we played around with a GDI Commando that retook the
    port, so in this Hampton Roads, we will muck around with a Nod Commando that
    originally took the port. Like her counterpart, she is an infantry killer with
    her laser gun, like the GDI Commando's Railgun. Send the Commando north 
    through the amount of shipping containers, keeping an eye for Logistic Crates.
    Kill the poor GDI chaps in the way. Between your start location and the 
    Carrier, there will be 2 Veterancy crates, promoting your unit to Elite very
    Move up the wall of containers will you reach an APC and a Predator. Normally
    we are in trouble, but blow up the nice red barrel next to them to remove
    them. Now, the funny thing is, the GDI will play Commando and will send their
    Commando to block off the Carrier. However, your advantage is in the Veterancy
    crates which should let your kill him. Poor GDI, nothing is going right for 
    them at all. Use your explosives on the carrier to remove the Carrier and 
    finish that objective. 
    Reinforcements have arrived. This includes a large number of fanatics and some
    Venom Attack Craft. These guys are useful, since they can attack land and air
    units as well as detecting stealthed units. Use your Commando to babysit the
    Fanatics and send your Venoms eliminate the Snipers. In case of vehicles, if
    there is a shiny red barrel, shoot it. Move your Venoms to the last known 
    location of the Saboteur. Look out for Missile Squads and kill them, quick.
    You will have to eliminate the units around the Saboteur, the Snipers and
    the Vehicles. When all units are gone, the Saboteur will join you.
    Swap the Venoms with the Commando and start to clear the city. Protect the
    Saboteur and use your Commando to destroy Garrisoned buildings since the
    Bomb ability will destroy the building and the infantry, but keep one Venom
    overhead to ensure you can shoot down Snipers. Send your Commando to the 
    GDI base, killing all the infantry that continuously flows from the Barracks.
    Destroy the rest of the base and kill all infantry that moves in on your
    location. Vehicles will swarm into the area, use your Fanatics to bomb them
    back to the Stone Age. This is south of the Command Centre. 
    When the vehicles are gone, send in your Saboteur, with your Commando as 
    escort, and capture the Command Post. Then, send in your Commando towards the
    Port Authority Building, killing everything in the way. Kill them, and bomb
    the building with your Commando, or fanatic if you will.
    [3.05] Washington DC
    "With GDI forces on the rope and a flood of reinforcements pouring into our
    new base at Hampton Roads, the Brotherhood is now poised to take Washington
    DC. You have been given the honour of striking this blow. We've set up a base
    on the outskirts of the city and we're now bringing in supplies. You'll need
    to build an army, take out the GDI defenders, and claim this city for Nod."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Primary GDI Base
    "The main GDI base is to the NorthWest. It seems to contain GDI's main vehicle
    production facilities. Destroy it and you'll cripple their ability to produce
    *Bonus Objective*
    1 - Build a Shredder Turret Base Defence
    "GDI Presence in the city is massive. We'll need to build some base defences
    to ensure our base is not over run. Shredder Turrets are strong against
    2 - Build a Laser Turret Base Defence
    "GDI Presence in the city is massive. We'll need to build some base defences
    to ensure our base is not over run. Lasers Turrets are strong against
    3 - Capture the Subway Hub
    "Use a Saboteur to capture the Subway Hub. The Subway allow infantry to move
    quickly around the city."
    4 - Destroy the Tiberium Silos
    "Spread Tiberium through the city by destroying those Tiberium Silos!"
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - Refinery and Harvesting Operations
        + When you start the mission
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Flame Weapons
        + When you start the mission
     - Base Defences
        + When you build the Shredder Turrets
    Build the War Factory and the defences and more at the intersection. I say 
    you will need a good ratio of about 3 Lasers to 2 Shredders. This is all 
    around the base since the GDI will attack from any direction. Build more Power
    Plants to sustain the power needed to keep things running. Build a Flame Tank
    and torch the Garrisoned building near your base. This is similar to the 
    Grenadiers ability to touch a building. 
    You can either build massive amounts of Raider Buggies and Bikes to attack
    the base, but if you do that, it doesn't require a hell lot of tactics. Its
    call spamming and doesn't require much skill. You can, for one, click and
    forget when you do this. Build about a Dozen Flame Tanks, supported with Bikes
    for attack Vehicles and move them through the city. Torch any garrisoned
    building and burn the infantry to a horrible death. 
    As you move North through your base, you are told to capture the Subway
    Hub. Send in the Saboteur and capture it. This allows you to place infantry
    units in a Subway Station and transport them to another one, provided you
    can access it. Send in your forces to clear out the Tiberium Silos and clear
    out any defenders to the area first. The reason why I chose flame tanks is
    because on Hard Mode, there are a hell of a lot of Garrisoned Buildings and
    the Flame Tanks make my job far easier. 
    Send your forces back to base and repair all your Flame Tanks and Bikes. 
    Reinforce the group with more Bikes and Flame Tanks and move towards the 
    main base. Take care of the Tiberium Silos along the way. Before wiping
    out the base, destroy the Silos. Then proceed to wipe out GDI's base with
    the Flame Tanks. The Flame Tanks are used for Anti-Infantry while the Bikes
    are for Anti-Vehicle and Anti-Building. 
    [3.06] Amazon Desert
    "The Brotherhood has two secret labs working on Next-Generation Tiberium
    Weapons Research. The main lab in North Africa was recently captured by GDI.
    The remaining lab is located in Brazil, in a stretch of desolate terrain 
    called the Amazon Desert. GDI has two forward bases and a large army in the
    region and they are mounting attacks on the small defensive forces we have
    deployed around the lab. You need to defend the lab against GDI forces until
    you can build up an army of your own. Then take the fight to GDI and knock
    out their bases. The lab facility must be kept intact at all costs."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Protect the Nod Laboratory
    "The research being conducted at this lab is vital to the war effort. Protect
    the lab facility until you can build up a force large enough to counter-attack
    and destroy GDI's local Base of Operations."
    2 - Eliminate the GDI Expansion Base to the North
    "Destroying this base will further prove your usefulness to Nod. You will be
    rewarded with reinforcements and new tech."
    3 - Destroy the GDI Construction Yard, Command Post and Tiberium Refinery
    "This base is threatening the lab. Cripple it by destroying these key
    structures. This will buy us enough time to move critical weapon components
    from the Lab to a safer location."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture the Reinforcement Bay
    "Capturing the Reinforcement Bay will give you access to additional 
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - Calling for Transport
        + By building an Air Tower
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Disruption Tower
        + When you start the mission
    When you see your initial base, it is pretty stuffed up. Repair all the 
    damaged buildings and move all your initial forces to your base entrance.
    Take hold in the Civilian Structure with some Rocket Squads, that will help
    repel the APC and Predator attacks for a while. Within starting, GDI will
    send Riflemen, Missile Squads, APCs and Predators at you so use all your 
    units available to defend and repel the invaders. Reinforce your troops
    with more Rocket Squads, out in the open if necessary and Buggies to attack
    infantry targeting your Rocket Squads.
    Soon, you will be relieved a bit by being able to build Scorpion Tanks.
    Sort of like the C&C: Generals Scorpion Tank or your Allied Grizzly Tank
    for RA2 Players. Build up an force of Scorps with Buggies and some Bikes
    as Escorts. Counter Attack the GDI invasion force and once you have the
    ability, counter attack and attack the GDI Expansion Base. Target the
    defences first, then production structures, then the rest. Don't bother
    with expansion. Build an air field for novelty purposes. Or intel if your 
    wishing to complete your Intel Database (Not Possible). 
    Move your attack force back to base for repairs and reinforce their 
    position if they have lost numbers. Added more units to the group and
    train a Saboteur. Send the Saboteur to the Reinforcement Bay while you
    attack the GDI Forces stationed there. Keep an eye out for Garrisoned
    buildings that can attack your Saboteur. Once you have finished that
    bonus objective, add in your new forces and attack the GDI base, and
    target the defences first or you will find it harder to attack all three
    buildings. Defences first, then Production Structures, then the rest. 
    [3.07] Atlantic Coast
    "The Tiberium weapon components from the Amazon Desert Lab must be airlifted 
    to Temple Prime immediately. Unfortunately, GDI is using Massive Artillery
    Emplacements near the coast to block the evacuation routes to our Landing
    Zones. Your job is to take out these Big Guns as quickly as possible. We've
    established a Forward Base near the first Emplacement and our forces are
    awaiting your command. Two Vertigo Stealth Bombers have been assigned to you
    to help complete this mission."
    *Primary Objectives* 
    1 - Destroy the GDI Artillery Emplacement
    "This Artillery Emplacement just North of your position is one of three
    Emplacements threatening our escape route. Use your Vertigo Bombers to fly in
    and destroy it."
    2 - Destroy the GDI Artillery Emplacement to the East
    "This Artillery Emplacement to the SouthEast of your current position 
    threatens our evacuation routes. Recon reports that the defences are mainly
    Anti-Vehicle, but watch out for additional Anti-Air after the destruction of
    the First Emplacement."
    3 - Destroy the GDI Artillery Emplacement to the NorthEast
    "The last Artillery Emplacement is to the NorthEast. Recon reports show that
    they've called in Firehawk Support to cover the air, along with Orcas and
    additional Pitbulls in an attempt to thwart our Stealth Capabilities."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the GDI Construction Yard
    "Destroy the Construction Yard centered in this GDI Base in order to
    temporarily disrupt their operations."
    2 - Destroy the Rig before it can reach the Artillery Emplacement
    "GDI is attempting to bolster the defences of the Artillery Emplacement to the
    NorthEast with a Battle Base. Destroy the Rig before it can reach its 
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - The Guns of the Amazon
        + When you destroy the First Emplacement
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Vertigo Bomber
        + When you destroy the First Emplacement
     - Stealth Tank
        + When the Stealth Tank Reinforcements arrive
    Here is the hint for this mission and the next missions and the previous ones.
    There are triggers in this game and it won't start being hard until you 
    destroy the First Artillery Emplacement. Therefore, you can build up a massive
    army before you destroy the First Emplacement. Build more harvesters to get
    more credits to build an army. I personally like bombing by afar and bombing
    everything with Vertigos, but the most effective and brutal method is using a
    large amount of tanks. 
    Whenever you think your Grand Army is ready, use your Vertigos to blow up the
    First Emplacement. The Messiah is pleased and Kane will reinforce you will
    the new and improved Stealth Tank. You can also build them if you wish. Either
    build more of them or send in your Grand Army into the GDI base. Destroy all
    the defences you see, and clear out Anti Air Defences to greenlight bombing
    by Vertigos. Take out the Construction Yard and all production facilities and
    this should help you since there will be reduced amounts of GDI reinforcements
    and thus, making you life far easier.
    When a message of a Rig pops up, your best bet is to mobilise your ground
    forces to ambush it. If you cannot do this, use your Vertigos to bomb the
    Rig dust. Of course, you could lay mines using your powers or Fanatic rush
    it. Either way, make sure you get rid of the Rig since it would be another
    obstacle to remove on the way to the Third Emplacement.
    Move your forces towards the Second Emplacement and destroy the defences 
    there. You can always clear it using Vertigos but you will encounter Anti
    Air fire along the way. Clear out the second Emplacement. Repair your 
    forces and you might need to reinforce since you will encounter heavier
    opposition, more if you haven't cleared the Rig, or now, Battle Base. Anyway,
    advance your forces North towards the last Emplacement and then destroy the
    defences. After that, crush the last Artillery Platform and finish this 
    mission and give Kane his little tinker toy. 
    [3.08] Slovenia
    "GDI's raid on our primary North African Weapons Lab continues to make life
    difficult for us. The transport carrying the weapon components from the 
    backup lab in Brazil has been shot down in Slovenia. Nod troops recovered the
    components and were about to take them to a nearby Nod base when they were
    attacked by GDI. Now it's up to you. Use an elite Commando to infiltrate the
    area, find the Crash Site, and secure the Weapon Components. We'll fly in some
    reinforcements at that point. Then escort the transport to the base and 
    restore the facility to working order. GDI has a large force in the area, so 
    you're going to get hit hard. You need to hold out until we can get you Heavy
    Armour that you can use to break through the GDI Cordon and escort the Weapon
    Components to Temple Prime."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Investigate the Crash Site
    "A plane carrying the Liquid Tiberium device to Temple Prime has been shot 
    down by GDI forces. Investigate the crash site and secure the device."
    2 - Escort the Device into the Nod Encampment
    "There is an abandoned Nod outpost to the NorthWest. Escort the Device into
    3 - Protect the Device until the Avatars arrive
    "Kane has diverted Avatars from Kilian's operation to our own. Protect the 
    Device until they arrive. 
    4 - Move the Device to the Evacuation Point
    "We must move the device to the main road in order to evacuate it. Take the
    Device through the GDI Encampment on the Northern Path. 
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Anti-Air Guns to Obtain Reinforcements
    "GDI Anti-Air Defences are preventing us from landing our Ground Support to
    gain additional forces. Each pair of Anti-Air Defences when destroyed will
    bring in additional reinforcements."
    2 - Build and Maintain Three Obelisks of Light
    "The Obelisk of Light is the ultimate Nod base defence. Construct and maintain
    three of them to defend your base."
    3 - Upgrade an Avatar Warmech
    "Avatars can commandeer other Nod Vehicles. Upgrade an Avatar using Flame 
    Tanks, Stealth Tanks or Attack Bikes."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Obelisk of Light
        + By completing the second Bonus Objective
     - Avatar
        + By upgrading the Avatar
    You are now in charge of an "elite" Commando. Use her to kill any GDI infantry
    forces in the area. Use your Laser Rifle to attack any form of infantry but
    don't shoot the shiny, red barrels. You'll be needing those soon. Soon, you
    will have to face some unfairly APCs and the way to deal with them lies with
    the red barrels. Explode them to destroy incoming vehicles. The APCs will
    approach through the northern road so thats where you should lay in wait.
    There are plenty of crates in the area, so collect them for some money which
    will come in handy later. Others will be healing crates, useful when you are
    not Heroic yet, but other crates will be Veterancy crates, extremely useful.
    Anyway, blow up those Anti-Air turrets along the way for some more 
    reinforcements to help fight. Also, be careful since there could be some
    Watchtowers, they are definitely there in hard mode. You need to use the 
    barrels to help topple them. Destroy all the AA guns to complete the first
    Bonus Objective
    Continue your attack on the enemy and move swiftly towards the Crash Site.
    Once you reach the Crash Site, you will get a Liquid Tiberium Transport
    to protect and some reinforcements. Move them East to cover yourself from
    GDI reinforcements. Move your Transport and Commando towards your new
    base. Gather all the crates along the way, the money will be really handy
    to protect the transport. Once that Transport reaches the base, you will
    be given command of the base. 
    After you get the base, repair all the buildings, get more harvesters and 
    build as many Obelisks of Light as you can afford. You will need two on the
    West side, two on the East side and 3 on the North side. You should deploy
    them evenly since this will enable you to support your forces. GDI forces 
    will come in through all three directions, except for South, and they will
    come in massive amounts. Through the north, they may even send in Mammoth
    Tanks. This is why you should have many Obelisks of Light. 
    During the GDI attacks, you should keep all your buildings repaired, 
    especially those Obelisks. Your units should help guard the towers and serve
    as a distraction. Meanwhile, you should move your Commando to the Eastern
    entrance, since we shall have some visitors.
    Your EVA will inform you of an unidentified force approaching from the 
    Eastern GDI base. Wait for this force to move closer to your base and you 
    will see that it is a force of Juggernauts. The reason why you have move
    the Commando is to plant explosives on all the Juggernauts and then use
    your Saboteurs to recapture them for your side. 
    By now, your Avatars should have arrived and you can build some as well. Do
    so, and train up a force of Avatars. To complete the third Bonus Objective,
    build an Attack Bike. Then select an Avatar and use the Commandeer Technology
    ability and click on the Attack Bike. The Avatar will crush the Bike and 
    destroy it, but will take the Stealth Detector off it. Anyway, use your nice
    Avatars to clear a path along the Northern path. There will be defences along
    the way but your Avatars should outrage them easily. After you have cleared
    all the units in the area, and doubled-checked, send your Transport and give
    that toy to Kane. So much work for one transport. 
    [3.09] Sarajevo
    "Job One is to escort the Weapon Components from Brazil to Temple Prime so 
    Kane can finish his work on the Liquid Tiberium Device. This mission will be
    tricky because GDI has a large force in the area preparing for an assault on
    the Temple. Your route will run right through a massive GDI forward base. 
    You can't take on GDI directly with the small escort force, so you'll have to
    think of something clever. Once the Weapon Transport has reached the Temple,
    you can focus your efforts on defending Temple Prime, building up an army, and
    then clearing GDI out of our most sacred site. Also, be advised that a Nod
    force from Kilian's detachment is being airlifted out of Australia in spite of
    their dire situation there. They might be headed for Sarajevo; if so, maybe
    they can help you out."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Escort the Transport Truck back to Temple Prime
    "It is vital that the Transport Truck be protected at all costs. It contains
    the Liquid Tiberium Device which is the key to ultimate victory in the war."
    2 - Eliminate the GDI Blockade by destroying all GDI forces
    "Cleanse our sacred lands of the GDI Infestation."
    3 - We've Been Betrayed! Destroy the Forces of the Traitors!
    "These are Nod forces that threaten us. How can Brother fight Brother? The
    Righteous must prevail. Destroy those traitors!"
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Return the Transport Truck back to Temple Prime unharmed
    "Keeping the Transport Truck completely safe from enemy fire will increase the
    chances that Kane's vital Weapon Components arrive unharmed."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - Intercepted Transmission
        + By delivering the Transport unharmed
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Beam Cannons
        + When the Beam Cannons reinforcement arrive
    For those mission, set your units to Hold Fire. Do not let them attack or you
    will lose a part of your escort force. Group your forces together and head to
    the left side of the map, as far left as possible and advance along the 
    ridge there. Use your Avatar as a means of protecting the Transport. Use it
    to attack the Guardian Cannon along the outer walls of the GDI base. This 
    should, hopefully, keep the truck unharmed. If you find that that doesn't work
    for you, you can use your fanatics to scout and bomb the Cannon while your 
    Tanks finish the job. This should work, otherwise these is going to be a lot
    of restarting and reloading. Remember, the Transport is easily the slowest
    moving unit, so protect it well.
    Once the Transport is past the GDI base, break attack and move on towards the
    Nod base. Move up to the North West part of the map, past the Mutant Hovel 
    and you will witness the GDI forces attacking friendly Nod forces. Use your
    forces to wipe out the GDI forces there before your Transport gets a scratch
    on it. Continue moving your Transport convoy and continue until you reach
    Temple Prime itself. Kane himself should take care of it. Once delivered, you
    get control of the Temple Prime defences and you'll be under attack by
    GDI forces. 
    Build up and tech up until you can build Obelisks. Start building two Obelisks
    in the entrance you come into, the Southern Entrance and the Middile Entrance.
    If you don't know where they are, build the Obelisk and plop down where the 
    GDI attack. Meanwhile, build up a force of Vertigos, because we'll will need 
    them against others. The alternative to the Vertigos is to use Avatars and
    Stealth Tanks. Either way, build them, but don't bother using them to defend.
    We have the Obelisks to defend. Also, build some SAM Turrets to protect the
    Obeslisks from Orcas. 
    Don't bother to attack the GDI, because the above mentioned reinforcements 
    will attack the GDI and bomb everything in the way. Its amazing how the 
    Vertigo can hold so many bombs. Don't bother putting any forces under them, 
    they aren't friendly bombs. Anyway, you will get your soldiers telling you
    those Nod forces aren't too friendly. What? They're hhhostile? Anyway, this
    is why I told you to build Vertigos or Tanks. 
    The first base we should crush is the one to the West. Now, they have Obelisks
    at the from of the base, but that is no problem for our Avatars and the 
    Vertigos. Once those Obelisks are down, move in your forces and wipe out the
    base, erasing all those traitors. Meanwhile, build more tanks or bombers to
    fight for Kane. 
    Team up the Vertigos and bomb the Obelisks guarding the second base to the
    South when you finish the first base. Bomb the power plants first, they are
    to the back to the base. Once the plants are gone, attack the units that are
    hanging around the base. Cluster mine them for some fun. After destroying 
    those units, destroy the rest of the base and that should be the end of that,
    with those traitors destroyed, the question remains. Who were they?
    [3.10] Outback
    "GDI is moving nuclear warheads from one of their bases on the edge of the
    Australian Red Zone. If we can intercept the convoy, destroy the escorts, and
    capture the warheads, then we can make the Brotherhood of Nod into a Nuclear
    Power once again. You need to recover at least one transport but more is
    better. Once you've secured the warheads, the Brotherhood will dispatch a 
    Carryall evacuation team. Be aware that the warheads are highly volatile and
    may explode if fired upon. Tread carefully."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Capture the Convoys
    "Destroy each Nuke Transport's Truck escort. With its escorts eliminated, the
    Nuke Transport will switch to your control. At least one Nuke Transport Truck
    must survive."
    2 - Escort the Convoys to the Evacuation Point
    "The Evacuation Zone has been marked with flares. Escort each captured truck
    to this zone. Once all surviving Nuke Transport Trucks have arrived at the 
    Evacuation Zone, our Carryalls will transport them from the Battlefield."
    3 - Wait for the Nod Carryalls
    "Nod Carryalls are inbound. Await their arrival and keep the Nuke Transport
    Trucks alive."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Tiberium Tower
    "This towering mass of Tiberium is structurally unsound. Firing at the Tower
    will cause it to crumble, blocking the Convoy's escape route."
    2 - Capture the GDI Research Facility
    "If we can get a Saboteur inside this Research Facility, we can form a 
    Tactical Assessment of the Australian Treatre of War."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    The Inner Circle
     - Once Again a Nuclear Power
        + When you complete the mission
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - Black Hand Interrogation Report
        + When you start the Mission
     - Australia-New Zealand Theatre Assessment
        + When you capture the GDI Research Facility
     - An Invasion Global in Scope
        + When the Scrin invasion starts
    Seriously, Hard Mode is Hard, so even I had to play Normal mode, after failing
    Hard a few times. Anyway, you start off with a group of Heroic Troops. There 
    are three convoys. First, Send your Ground forces to the Tiberium Tower and 
    destroy it. This ensures the Convoys cannot escape. There are three Convoys,
    the worst of which has a Heroic Mammoth Among them. This is bad. On Hard mode,
    there are TWO HEROIC MAMMOTHS! Its horrible. Seriously, use your Venoms to 
    move south and clear out the Mutants surrounding the Hovel and send your 
    Saboteurs there. Move your Venoms south along the map, with the Saboteurs. 
    Be careful for the GDI Patrol around the area that can kill your Saboteurs.
    Move them along and examine the GDI base. Attack the Watchtower near the 
    Lab without being attacked by the Anti Air Turret. Note that the area north
    of the Watchtower cannot be covered by the Turret. Knock down the turret and
    capture it with a Saboteur. Thats both Bonus Objectives done.
    Meanwhile, have your Ground forces ambush the two APC Convoys. There have
    some firepower, with Zone Troopers inside the APCs and most units are at the
    Heroic Status, but so are yours. Move your Venoms around the map to destroy
    any other Pitbull and Orca convoys, Pitbulls first since they can fight back.
    Attack the Orcas as well. 
    Your Ground forces shouldn't have a problem with the two APC convoys, however,
    they move fairly quick, but since you've destroyed the exit, they aren't going
    anywhere fast. Knock them out and capture the Transports. Send them to the
    Evacuation point ready for an Evac. 
    The third convoy is going to be a pain in the rear end. The Mammoth is a hard
    one to take down, so you are going to have to use your Stealth Tanks for this.
    Use your Stealth Tanks to go from behind the convoy and attack the Predators
    first. Attack the Small guys and basically, do hit and runs. You cannot win in
    a Direct fight, so kill off the Predators first, so you can fight the Mammoth
    on even ground. Once the Predators are alone, you should use your Scorps and
    the Stealth Tanks together and attack from the rear of the Mammoth, taking 
    time to turn its turrets. If that doesn't work for you, use your Stealth Tanks
    and attack from the rear, and then run. This should be done before the Mammoth
    can turn around, therefore, you can keep doing this. Do this, destroy the 
    Mammoth and capture the last convoy. This should be all the convoys. Send them
    back to the Evac Point and you gain control of the War Factory. By now, the
    Scrin have invaded. 
    Build more Scorpion Tanks, you will need them. Send your Ground Convoy back
    to the base, as well as the Venoms. The Stealth Tanks, the Venoms and the 
    SAM Turret should easily take care of any aerial threats. Set your Stealth
    Tanks to aggressive to let them attack air units without direction. Move your
    Scorpions to attack the incoming waves of Seekers and Disintegrators. Don't
    run them, even if you are really tempted to. They do damage when they are 
    crushed. You have to keep the base for 1 minute and 10 seconds with at least
    one Nuke intact. In Hard Mode, you have to keep it for 2 minutes and 20 
    seconds, one of the hard points. 
    This is not going to be easy on hard mode by any stretch of the imagination,
    but you are going to attack and defend against large numbers of Scrin 
    Invaders. The Air Units have to be eliminated since they will target your 
    Nukes after a while. Look after your turrets, so they don't get destroyed. 
    Defended for the required amount of time and then relax when you finish the
    mission. That was probably the only Hard Mission I couldn't finish the first
    time round. 
    Kick of Legend has sent in a strategy that enabled him to finish Hard Mode on
    the Outback:
    It appears that when you've destroyed the Tiberium Tower, the escort vehicles 
    can either stay at the blocked roads area but some can come back near to the 
    base in the west and return to the exit route again. I did not attack them 
    but instead I went directly to capture the GDI base there and the Research
    Centre. So I needed more engineers and trained some and captured the Tiberium
    Refinery just in the north of it and trained a lot of Rocket Soldiers and 
    Riflemen.  Clear some of the Sonic Defenses and I went to garrison all the 
    structures that are garrisonable.  I trained a lot of infantry and went to
    destroy the tanks and all and got the nukes.  I posted all my army in front 
    of my war factory.  Whoever came was dead.  
    [3.11] Sydney City Wall
    "While the Nuclear Warheads are secured, the Brotherhood still lacks launch
    codes and delivery systems. GDI has what we need in the Sydney Blue Zone,
    currently under heavy Alien attack. With GDI's forces under duress, Kilian
    has reached out to the local GDI Commander and offered to "help" in Sydney.
    GDI Accepted. We have committed to the elimination of three key Alien
    structures, the Portal, the Gravity Stabiliser and Gateway, giving GDI the
    leverage they need to turn the tide of battle. Unoffically, we need to ensure
    that the Gravity Stabiliser does not go down too fast; the Brotherhood's 
    primary target is a GDI facility in Sydney, which, when captured, should
    provide the location of the codes and missiles. That building is within 
    Sydney's City Walls, and nothing penetrates those faster than an Alien
    Devastator Warship.
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Eliminate the Three Alien Targets for GDI
    "GDI need us to disable or destroy these three targets in the main Alien base:
    the Signal Transmitter, the Warp Sphere and the Portal."
    2 - Capture the GDI Lab
    "Inside the GDI Lab you'll find the release codes for our Nuclear Warheads and
    a map of where GDI is storing the Warhead Delivery System."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture the Two Tiberium Spikes
    "The Brotherhood is running short on funds. Capture both of these Tiberium
    Spikes and rectify the situation."
    2 - Destroy the Ion Control Centre
    "We have received an additional objective from an unidentified source. You are
    ordered to destroy GDI's Ion Cannon Control Centre."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - Cease Fire Order
        + When you start the mission
     - Excerpt from Signal Intelligence Briefing
        + When the Scrin breaks through the wall
    You cannot attack the GDI, so don't worry about Friendly Fire. I suggest you
    build an Air Tower and train two Saboteurs straight away. Use the two 
    Saboteurs, Call for Transport and use one on the GDI Ion Cannon, and the other
    one OUTSIDE but do not capture the Lab. Now, build a Temple of Nod and a 
    Tiberium Chemical Factory. Now that you have the Ion Cannon, Nuke and the 
    Vapor Bomb, it should help you eliminate the Scrin quite easily. 
    For base defence, build Obelisk of Lights all over the entrance of your
    base to prevent the Scrin attacks. Then build some SAM Turrets to stop the 
    Scrin attacking from the air. Build up a fleet of Vertigos and a few Venoms.
    Send your Venoms to scout the area around the Tiberium Spikes. By now, you
    should have a few Superweapons ready to fire. Now, fire both the Nuke and
    the Ion Cannon at the Scrin base, destroying a large amount of their base. 
    Don't have to such target the Objective Buildings, but the Drone Platform
    and their harvesters. If you can see their production structures, see if 
    you can launch the Vapor Bomb, but it is highly unlikely to succeed since
    the enemy Anti-Air will still be there in the form of units. 
    Use your Air Force to help the GDI base. It should be under siege from a 
    fair amount of forces. Use your Vertigos to attack the enemy Tripods and
    other Tanks while your Venoms should take out the Disintegrators. There
    are a fair amount of Scrin forces there, so just stay calm and attack them
    Get your Venoms and scout the area surrounding the Tiberium Spikes. One of
    them will be undefended while the other might be guarded. If it is guarded,
    send in the Vertigos and pound them. That should tell them to go away. 
    Train 4 Saboteurs and call for Transport for all of them. Send two to each
    location to ensure that you can capture them. After you have captured them
    both and completed the Bonus Objective, you can now do as you well, destroy
    them for all I care. 
    Build up your defence and watch GDI crumble. Their base shouldn't be 
    operational for a while after the large Scrin onslaught but I don't know, they
    might have survived. They were wiped out in my game, but that was Hard Mode,
    so they might stand a chance in normal. Anyway, sooner or later, the Scrin
    will break through the wall, or attempt to. Quickly sell the Ion Cannon
    for the second Objective for the control will change after the Ion Cannon is
    gone. Otherwise, simply send in a Saboteur and capture it. However, the
    Attack force might attack your Saboteur, but they should destroy the Ion
    If you haven't already, keep firing the Superweapon[s], into the Scrin 
    base. Destroy the targets that the GDI want down. Take them all out, then
    sell the Ion Cannon. After that, send in the Saboteur and capture the 
    GDI Lab to finish the mission. 
    [3.12] Downtown Sydney
    "With the destruction of their Ion Cannon Control Centre, GDI Commanders in
    Sydney find themselves in dire straits. The city is all but lost, with GDI
    Central Command issuing an evacuation order for civilians. You must
    coordinate with GDI to carry out their exodus. Defend against the Alien 
    assault to protect the Ox convoys moving the city's residents to safety,
    while at the same time, taking steps to ensure our own survivl with a large
    scale Tiberium harvest."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Help GDI hold out against the Aliens for ten minutes
    "GDI is under heavy attack from the Aliens and the city is almost lost. Help
    them survive a bit longer."
    1 - Destroy GDI
    "We now have what we need from GDI. The alliance of convenience is terminated.
    Eliminate them from the area."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Help GDI Protect their Ox Transports during the Evacuation Period
    "Assist GDI forces in evacuating as many military personnel and civilians as
    possible. Protect the Ox Transports being used to airlift people out of the 
    2 - Mine 25,000 Tiberium
    "We need to establish a war chest."
    1 - Use Nukes on the GDI Base
    "You are now authorised to use Nuclear Weapons. Destroy the GDI Base in a bath
    of Nuclear Fire."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    The Inner Circle
     - KANE LIVES!
        + When the Messiah Returns
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - The Alliance is Off
        + When you Nuke the GDI Base, when told to.
    The GDI should be able to hold out by themselves. Don't bother assisting them
    or their Ox Transports. What you need to do is to establish some base defences
    to protect your base. Build some Obelisks of Light and some SAM Turrets to 
    cover your base from Scrin attacks. Now, we have to establish another 
    harvesting operation for furfill our next objective. The Tiberium Field next
    to you looks good for a harvest. Build an Emissary, deploy the outpost and
    establish a refinery. Now that looks nice. Build a Temple of Nod so we get a 
    shiny Nuke to play with. Anyway, defend yourself against the Scrin attacks and
    build a Fleet of Vertigos. We'll need them later.
    After the countdown is over, and the amount of Ox Transports shot down number
    in the millions, our Leader will return. Since when was he dead. Our faith has
    been tested, and we have passed. You should have mined enough Tiberium by now
    and have the Nuke and Vertigo Fleet Ready. Since we have to eliminate the GDI,
    we should use the Nuke first on the Construction Yard. A nuke there would not
    be enough to destroy it, therefore, we have to end in the Vertigos and finish
    off the crumbling Construction Yard. You can either now send in Tanks if you
    have any, or keep flying the Vertigos to destroy the remaining buildings that
    GDI has. Or you could just wait for the Nuke and Nuke their buildings. Note
    that their units will not fight you, since they are more preoccupied with 
    defending themselves against the Scrin. Destroy the GDI base by any means 
    you feel like, and end this mission. 
    [3.13] Ayers Rock
    "This is a sad day when Brother must fight Brother. Use a small force to 
    capture the Southern Rebel Base and then use the resources you've acquired to
    secure Kilian's Headquarters Facility on Ayers Rock. Kill anyone who gets in
    your way by leave Kilian alive to face Kane. Note that GDI is deploying a 
    Forward Base to the East and they are none too happy about what happened in
    Sydney. Except a large GDI Assault shorter after the Battle for Ayers Rock
    goes down as GDI moves in for the kill."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Capture Kilian's Southern Base
    "Escort your Saboteurs into Kilian's Southern base and capture the Operations
    Centre and the Construction Yard. Do not allow your Saboteurs to die."
    2 - Capture or Destroy the Temple of Nod
    "Capture or Destroy the Temple of Nod in front of Kilian's Headquarters to 
    gain control of her base on Ayers Rock. Do not destroy Kilian's Headquarters."
    3 - Prevent GDI from using the Ion Cannon
    "GDI has deployed an Ion Cannon. Eliminate the Ion Cannon Control Centre 
    before they use it on Kilian's Headquarters. If they destroy Kilian's
    Headquarters, our mission will be a failure."
    4 - Eliminate the GDI Base
    "Destroy the GDI base to the NorthEast of Ayers Rock. Do not let them destroy
    Kilian's Headquarters."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture the Three Tiberium Silos
    "Capture the Tiberium Silos to the North to fund your operations. Beware of 
    the Mutants."
    2 - Recruit Five Mutant Marauder Squads
    "Recruit Mutant Marauders from the Mutant Hovel to support your army. Capture
    the Mutant Hovel with Saboteurs."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Nod Archives
     - The Mutant Exodus
        + When you complete the second Bonus Objectuve
    Once you start the mission, there will be a convoy of three Scorpions to 
    attack your Avatar. The best way is not to stand and fight. Your best option
    is to top on them. It saves part of the Avatar's health. This is the tricky 
    part. You will send and suicide your Avatar by charging at the Defensive Hub 
    that will kill your Saboteurs. Your Avatar will draw the fire of the Shredder 
    Turrets. Meanwhile the second squad of Flame Tanks and other Vehicles will be
    incoming, and Crush them. While this is happening, send in all of the
    Saboteurs, and as they can run, move past the Turrets and the units and 
    capture the Operations Centre and Construction Yard.
    Use one of the remaining Saboteurs to capture the Mutant Hovel. First, send
    your Flame Tank to clear out the mutants, and kill them all. Capture the Hovel
    and train the Marauders. I personally don't both with them. They can attack
    land and air, but their usefulness is marred with basic defences. Train them
    and send them somewhere in your base. 
    Kilian might attack you, and to prevent this, you have to build SAM Turrets
    near your refinery to destroy incoming Vertigo Bombers. Build a few SAMs and
    Raider Buggies near your Construction Yard to ward off enemy Venoms. Then,
    Kilian will send an Attack Force, consisting of Flame Tanks and Avatars as
    well as the occasional Commando. Build the Obelisk of Light en masse outside
    your base to protect it. Send in your Saboteurs to develop a large army of
    Avatars, that you don't pay for. In fact, but the end of the mission, out of
    the 10 Avatars that I had, I stole 8 of them. 
    Now, for those wanting a quick fix, you should use the Vertigo bombers to
    bomb the Temple of Nod, effectively giving you control of Kilian's base and
    her units. If you use this method, skip the next few paragraphs until you see
    one beginning with GDI. 
    The conventional method is a land assault. For this, you will need to build 
    the Temple of Nod. And also, a land assault will train up your troops, in
    comparsion to an Air Bomb, which only promotes your Vertigos. Use your Nuke,
    when ready, to attack the main base. Aim for the Construction Yard. After 
    that, you should send in your force of Avatars. Move towards the back of
    Ayers Rock and destroy the Turrets that are there. Your Avatars should
    easily outrange the turrets. While this is going on, send a Commando near the
    Tiberium Silos. This should help you eliminate the unfriendly mutants that 
    guard the Silos. Capture the Silos and wallow in the money.
    Use your Avatars to battle through the base and destroy the Temple of Nod 
    after you have done a few things. Do not, however destroy the SAM Turrets. 
    They are extremely important to the next part of the mission. Also, you will
    need some Stealth Tanks, near the road entrance to your main base. About a 
    force of 6 should do. You will need a Commando as well as a fully charged 
    Nuclear Missile. Move your Commando past the Mutant Hovel and to the East 
    edge of the map. Destroy the Temple of Nod.
    GDI will now appear on the map, with two main forces. The reason for the 
    Nuke should now be clear. Use the Nuclear Missile on the Southern Base, the
    one with the Ion Cannon. Use the Nuclear Missile on the defences guarding the
    Ion Cannon Control. Use it in a way that will disable the Sonic Emitters and
    the Turrets in the front, but you don't have to disable the next two Sonics.
    Look at the diagram below.
       S          II
     o            II
    You should know by now that the Nuclear Missile cannot destroy the Ion 
    Cannon, therefore, you have to Nuke the defences and use your Commando to 
    charge through and destroy the Ion Cannon Command. Meanwhile, your Stealth 
    Tanks should be set on Aggressive to shoot down the Orcas that GDI is sending
    to attack Kilian's HQ. The SAM Turrets from the beginning is helpful at this
    Now lies to problem of the next GDI base. The main one. This should be done
    by using your Avatars to attack from a range and destroy the main base. You
    can do that, or decide to Nuke the main base and send Vertigos to bomb the
    remaining structures. Or send in the Commando. I prefer the Vertigos since
    I detest losing units. The choice is up to you. Destroy the base defences
    if you are going to use a ground assault. Anyway, good luck and destroy the
    GDI base by any means. 
    [3.14] Northern Italy
    "Kane foresaw the arrival of the Visitors and knew a great weapon would be 
    needed to help channel the invasion in a productive direction. Kane ordered
    a research facility at this Northern Italian location to produce the Catalyst
    Missile. The weapon is ready to use, however, the Visitors are behaving 
    capriciously and are beginning to attack on the facility. Stop the isitors
    from destroying the Missile Silo and then repair the facility. At that point,
    you'll be able to turn the tide of battle with the new weapon."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Capture the Catalyst Launch Facility
    "Our Mission is to recover Kane's secret weapon against the Alien Invaders - 
    the Catalyst Missile. Capture the Catalyst Launch Facility with a Saboteur
    before the Aliens destroy it."
    2 - Repair the Catalyst Launch Facility to Full Health
    "You must repair the Catalyst Launch Facility to full health before we can
    launch its missiles. Watch out for Alien Attacks on the facility. The
    Catalyst Launch Facility must not be destroyed."
    3 - Destroy the three Alien Gravity Stabilizers
    "The invading Alien Base must be eliminated. You now have the ability to 
    launch Catalyst Missiles against the Gravity Stabilizers."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture the Reinforcement Bay
    "Stealth Tank Reinforcements are available by capturing the Reinforcement 
    2 - Destroy all three Alien Gravity Stabilizers without using the Catalyst
    "Prove your worth to Kane - destroy all three of the Alien Gravity Stabilizers
    without resorting to the newly gained Catalyst Missile."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Kane's Arsenal
     - Catalyst Missile
        + By recapturing the Second Nod Base
    Right off the bat, build an Air Tower and train three Saboteurs. Once they are
    trained, use the Call for Transport ability and send the Saboteurs to the 
    base. There are going to be a few Stormriders around, so capture the 
    Reinforcement Bay first. Use the Stealth Tanks and set them on Aggressive to
    ensure they will target and kill the Stormriders. Send the second Saboteur
    to the Construction Yard to regain control of the base and send the third into
    the Catalyst Launch Facility. Note that if you capture the MCV first, the
    Launch Facility will be under your control. In that case, don't use the
    Saboteur. Repair the Facility manually but DO NOT REPAIR TO FULL HEALTH. This
    is the most important break you will get.
    In your newly acquired base, build two Harvesters and send them to the Blue
    Tiberium Field to the south. This should provide you with the funds to do
    something. Build SAM Turrets in your original base, facing the North and 
    some in the second base to prevent those Stormriders from annoying you. You
    should also build some Obelisks of Light to attack the enemy troops that
    attack your second base. Build a Temple of Nod for the Nuke and a Tiberium
    Chemical Plant for the Vapour Bomb. Build a group of 6 Avatars in your 
    original base and let them face the Western most point. Destroy the bridges
    that serve as entrances to your bases to prevent Scrin land attacks. This 
    should be supplemented with Obelisks of Light to destroy the bridges if they
    are rebuilt by the Scrin. Built up a force of Vertigos to bomb and wait for
    the Nuclear Missile to be ready to finish building. Now, we have a force to
    defend ourselves with.
    When you finish repairing the Facility, use the Nuke one of the Gravity
    Stabilizers except for the one West of your base. For that one, send in your
    Avatars to destroy the base. There won't be many defences, a few Buzzer 
    Hives but your Avatars can easily take care of that. Destroy the Gravity
    Stabiliser before it can produce aircraft. Destroy the rest of the base
    to ensure there won't be any nasties invading your base.
    If you have done what I said, you should have only one Gravity Stabiliser
    remaining. Don't bother with the Catalyst, its a waste of time. The 
    Scrin can only attack via air since there is no land entrance. They will
    send in their Devastator Warships and Planetary Assault Carriers, but the
    SAM Turrets you have built should take care of them. Wait up for the 
    minutes need for the second Nuke, and Nuke the remaining Gravity
    Stabilizer to finish the mission. 
    You could to this via a land attack or sending Vertigos, but that would
    result in a large casuality list. And by not fully repairing the Launch
    Facility, it gives you time to stage a massive attack without resorting to the
    use of the Catalyst Missile, giving you the ability to finish the bonus
    [3.15] Italian Hills
    "Kane wants to gain access to the towers being constructed by the Visitors. 
    When they are finished, these huge structures will become intersteallar 
    gateways, opening up a path to the stars for the Brotherhood. The key that
    unlocks our destiny takes the form of a code embedded in a Crystal Lattice,
    somewhat like the Tacitus. Your mission is to storm an Alien Relay Node 
    structure in Italy to acquire one of these keys. What little information our
    sensors can give us indicates there is an abandoned construction facility in
    the area. We can't drop in any heavy equipment, so use the Construction site
    as a base of operations to build up an attack force. Ultimately, you need to
    get a Saboteur into that Relay Node and he'll do the rest. Expect heavy
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Retrieve the Mapkey from the Alien Relay Node
    "The Mapkey is stored in the Alien Relay Node. Retrieve it for Kane."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the Gravity Stabilisers on the North Ridge
    "These Gravity Stabilisers are where the Visitors are bring the majority of
    their air forces to the planet. Taking them out will cripple their aerial
    2 - Destroy the Statis Chamber
    "The structure we're calling the Statis Chamber seems to provide the Visitors
    with some sort of Shielding Technology. You must destroy it and deny them
    this advantage."
    3 - Capture 3 Alien Tiberium Extractors
    "Capturing the Alien Tiberium Extractors will enable us to analyse their
    refining process."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    The Inner Circle
     - The Key to the Future: Part I
        + You will get this by starting the mission and waiting for a while
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - The Towers Begin to Fall
        + Just continue the mission for this one
    Build up your base. Build the Power Plant, Refinery, Barracks ..., etc. As 
    soon as you get your Barracks, train a Saboteur and capture the Tiberium
    Spike. Build a War Factory and then a second Tiberium Harvester. As soon
    as you can, build two Obelisks of Light to your base entrance to prevent
    Land attacks. When you finish, build a Temple of Nod as soon as you can for
    the Nuclear Missile. Build an Air Tower and 4 Vertigos as well. After that,
    build Disruption Towers to cover your base completely. This comes in handy
    since the Scrin can't hit what they cannot see. Now, you have a base and
    you are pretty well defended. 
    Use your Vertigos to take out the 4 Buzzer Hives to the North of your base.
    Your our Venom to scout out the other 2 Extractors that are in the middle 
    of the map, one on the West side of the map, one in the centre. Do you see
    the Three Warp Spheres in the Centre and the One in the West? They are the
    main production structures for the Scrin. You want to knock those out as
    soon as possible. Build another Air Tower and 4 more Vertigos to knock out
    those Warp Sphere. You might want to knock out their reactors first however,
    since it will stop the enemy Anti-Air structures firing at you. 
    What should you do with the Nuke? Well, use the Nuke to destroy all three
    Gravity Stabilisers on the North Ridge. This will help you since there will
    no longer be air units to harrass you. Continue to remove all 4 Warp Spheres
    on the Map. There is also a Portal move your base. Destroy all the Spheres
    and Portal to deny the Scrin to train any more forces. Now, they can only
    fight with what they have. 
    Train three Saboteurs right after you have knocked out the Production 
    buildings. Have them ready in the Carryalls and wait for the Nuke. Use it
    on the Statis Chamber, knocking that out of the fight as well. Send the
    Carryalls to each extractor on the central level of the map, the ones we 
    have just cleared. Capture it with the Saboteur and place an Obelisk to 
    prevent any future attacks on your base. The extractors will provide you 
    with a large cash boost to build up your forces. We have now finished 
    the Three Bonus Objectives. If you have a spare nuke lying around, use 
    it on the area, beneath the Ridge to the Relay Node. There is a Drone
    Platform there. Nuke it, send in the Vertigos to destroy it. That is the
    end of the Scrin basically.
    Before you assault the Relay Node, there are several forces lying around
    the Relay Node, a Carrier and elite Shock Troopers. Your best bet is to
    use Stealth Tanks to wipe out the Carrier, if any, and use Flame Tanks or
    Buggies to attack the Shock Troopers. Now that they are out of the way,
    send in a Saboteur and capture it. End of the mission. Remember, build
    Disruption Towers, since the Scrin don't have good sensors. 
    [3.16] Operation Stiletto
    "GDI is advancing through the Italian Red Zone more quickly than anticipated
    and will soon threaten every Visitor installation in Italy. We need to slow
    them down. The largest danger comes from a large GDI force currenting routing
    the Alien forces on the East bank of the Tiber. Given our small number of
    true believers, direct engagement is not an option. Instead, use a Commando
    to lead an infiltration force comprised of Shadows and Saboteurs. Seize 
    control of both GDI Construction Yards, then eliminate our most hated enemy
    with their own forces. Then capture both Alien Drone Platforms. Only then
    will Kane's plan be allowed to come to fruition. Destroy anyone and anything
    that gets in your way, GDI, Nod, or Visitor."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Capture both GDI Construction Yards
    "GDI does not regard the Brotherhood as a threat, and will not attack us until
    we provoke them or capture one of their Construction Yards. All captured 
    Construction Yards must survive."
    2 - Capture or Destroy all GDI Barracks, War Factories and Airfields
    "The more of these we claim or destroy, the weaker GDI will be. We will need
    their captured forces to achieve victory."
    3 - Capture both Alien Drone Platforms
    "The Aliens do not appear to regard the Brotherhood as a threat. They will not
    attack us until we provoke them or capture on of their Drone Platforms. All
    captured Drone Platforms must survive."
    4 - Capture or Destroy all Alien Gravity Stabilizers, Portals, and Warp 
    "Without their production structures, the Alien war effort will collapse.
    Claim what you can, destroy the rest."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    These bonus objectives are special. They will only appear if you capture or
    build a Warp Sphere or War Factory. Only then will their respective bonus
    objective appear. If you don't capture them, then it won't appear but you
    still will get perfect for it. 
    1 - Build a Mammoth Tank
    "The Mammoth Tank is the pride of GDI's land forces. With these vehicles in
    our hands, GDI's destruction is assured."
    2 - Build an Annihilator Tripod
    "The Mammoth Tank is the pride of GDI's land forces. With these vehicles in
    our hands, GDI's destruction is assured." [EA cannot copy and paste at the 
    right times.]
    *Intel Database Entries*
    The Inner Circle
     - The Towers Sacrosanct
        + When you Capture a Drone Platform
    Nod Field Intelligence
     - Field Report - Alien Gravity Stabiliser
        + Capture or build an Alien Gravity Stabiliser
    First of all, make sure all your units are set to Hold Fire. This is to ensure
    your Commando and Shadow Teams to not attack GDI or the Scrin until they get
    hostile. Once you attack either side, they will treat you as hostile straight
    away. So be careful. 
    Move your original force of Saboteurs into the GDI main base in the SouthWest.
    What you want to do is to capture the 2 War Factories and the 2 Barracks right
    there and then. Use the Planning mode to ensure all Saboteurs will reach their
    target. Once you capture the 2 War Factories and Barracks, GDI will turn 
    hostile against you, but do not fear. What can they attack you with? Sticks?
    Anyway, churn out 3 APCs and 3 Predators. Use your APCs to deal with the 
    infantry and use the Predators to deal with the base defences. Destroy all the
    defences in the base, you might lose a building or some units, but that 
    initial force is enough to attack GDI from the inside. 
    Once the defences are taken care of, we can slowly take over the GDI base. Use
    your GDI Barracks to train Engineers to take over the base. Take over the 
    Construction Yards, Power Plants, anything you can see. When you approach the
    Refinery, wait for the Harvester to be unloading Tiberium to capture it. This
    will net you the Refinery and the Harvester in one go. Anyway, build up the
    GDI base, Tech Centre, and get some Mammoths and the Ion Cannon. Nod gets to
    use GDI's iconic weapon against them.
    By now, the second GDI base will be under attack by the Invaders. This is good
    for you since they won't target the Construction Yard. You can tell when the
    base is gone when the second Objective is complete. Since you have captured
    all the production facilities in the first base, the second Objective is 
    complete when they are down in the second base.
    By now, if you are unlucky, the remaining GDI units will have destroyed your
    Nod base. This doesn't matter, since the GDI weaponry is more effective 
    against the Scrin. We now have the firepower. Build an Airfield and send an
    Engineer in the Transport to scout out the second base. If it is empty, 
    capture the Construction Yard, deploy Sonics and defend that base. If is it
    still operational, send in your Mammoths, with Railgun Capacitors from the
    Tech Centre, and crush them. Capture the Construction Yard and defend. That
    is the GDI part done. 
    Now, we have to deal with the Scrin. When I played, the GDI has already 
    destroyed the third base, attack the Drone Platform. However, if it is still
    there, you should send in your Mammoths to attack it. This is done provided
    you have defended the first and second GDI bases from enemy attacks. This
    is done through the Sonic Emitter, a better defender than the Obelisk of 
    Light, since it can attack multiple targets depending on how the enemy lines
    up on you. If there are Air Units, send in Firehawks with the Anti-Air 
    missiles to destroy them. Your Mammoths should take care of the base and then
    you send in an Engineer to capture the platform. Now, deploy Sonics and Anti
    Air defences to protect your new base. 
    Build up the Scrin base either in your new GDI base, your Secondary GDI base
    or your original Nod Base, if it is still standing. Build up and build the
    Gravity Stabiliser. This should give you the Intel Entry. Also, build up and
    get the Tripod, for the last, glitched, bonus objective. 
    What should you do with the Ion Cannon? Fire it into the Scrin base, at their
    marked production structures. This should stop the flow of units. But you
    should be able to stop them with your Sonics at the Third base since the
    Scrin will constantly attack it. 
    Scout the base, check for survivors, kill them, and send in your units to
    capture the last remaining Drone Platform. This should be the end of the
    mission, and there is only one more to go for the Nod Campaign, and probably,
    the hardest.
    Note that you don't have to build the Mammoth and Tripod if you don't capture
    the respective factory, but I recommend that you do, at least for the GDI
    since the Mammoth will help you greatly to complete the mission, and it is
    probably handy since by capturing the War Factory, it depreives GDI of 
    valuable reinforcements. 
    Diablo65/Spelfreak65 has sent in an alternate strategy he used to complete 
    this mission. 
    At the start of the mission, upgrade all your existing power plants with 
    Liquid Tiberium Cores. Then select the barracks and create 12 more Saboteurs. 
    Now move 5 of them to the nearest GDI base, 3 to their Air Base, 5 to the 
    far Scrin base (the one with the portals) and 3 to the Air Base part of the 
    Scrin base. Place every saboteur one "square" (as close to as possible) away 
    from each structure.
    Now enter Planning Mode (Ctrl + Z). Select one Saboteur at a time, order it 
    to enter the building next to it, and once they've all got their orders, exit 
    Planning Mode. You should capture all 16 target buildings at the same time, 
    and win the mission.
    [3.17] Kane's Tower
    "Your main objective here is to protect the final Alien Tower by annihilating
    the GDI forces that are assaulting it. It won't be easy. GDI has had plenty
    of experience knocking these things down and is attacking the Alien Base
    surrounding the final tower with relentless determination. The Phase
    Generators that protect the tower itself are GDI's primary target. Do not let
    GDI destroy them. GDI is also employing Juggernauts to bombard the base. Use
    your Commando to snipe their crews, then use a Saboteur to take them over. 
    Also, there is a small airbase to the North - best to destroy it."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Defend the Alien Phase Generators
    "You must protect the Alien Phase Generators while their Tower is still under
    2 - Destroy the GDI Base
    "GDI has set up a base to the NorthWest. You must wipe them out before they
    destroy the Alien Phase Generators."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Capture 3 GDI Juggernauts
    "These Juggernauts seem modified to shoot farther than the standard 
    Juggernaut. These would make an excellent addition to our arsenal."
    2 - Destroy the GDI Ion Cannon Control Centre
    "That Ion Cannon Control Centre could swing the battle in GDI's favour, take 
    it out immediately!"
    *Intel Database Entries*
    The Inner Circle
     - The Key to the Future: Part II
        + When you start the mission
    This mission is insane, one wrong move will cost you the mission. This is the
    hardest of the Nod campaigns, harder than all the GDI missions combined. So
    when you first get battle control, you would want to make the most of the
    limited resources that you have. 
    First off, build an Emissary, a Tech Lab and another Harvester. The Emissary
    will come first. Use it and deploy next to the Blue Tiberium Field to the
    East of your base. By the time it has deployed, you should have plopped down
    the Tech Lab. Immediately upgrade all existing power plants with the Liquid
    Tiberium Core, build a Secret Shrine and an Obelisk of Light. 
    Put down the Secret Shrine and build an Air Tower and place that. Meanwhile,
    train a Commando while you build the Air Tower. Place the Obelisk once it is
    done at your new Outpost, and build another one. Build a Refinery and place
    it at the new Tiberium Field. Move your Commando to the secondary base and
    soon, it will be under attack. Place your Obelisk down and build a third
    one. Before the Third one can be placed, it will be attacked by GDI infantry,
    Predators, Pitbulls and if you're unlucky, Mammoths. Use the Commando to 
    destroy infantry and use the Obelisks to attack the Tanks. You should be 
    able to survive, but it will be hard to keep the buildings, especially the
    Outpost, alive. 
    Now that you have done that, you need another Air Tower, Power Plant, Temple
    of Nod, Saboteurs depending on the amount of Juggernauts. Anyway, move your
    Commando towards the ridge where the Juggernauts are. Make sure your Obelisks
    can target that far to stop Predator tank reinforcements to the Scrin base.
    Use your Commando to kill all the Zone Troopers, and destroy the Power Plant,
    AA Turret and the Juggernauts. Call for Transport your Saboteurs and capture
    the Juggernauts. Keep your Commando there to ward off infantry. Now, if you
    haven't already, place all the Air Towers full of Vertigos, more if you could.
    Also, build a Tiberium Chemical Plant. You have to keep an eye on the Scrin
    base all the time. It will fall, it is just a matter of how long. 
    Use your new Juggernauts to destroy the GDI Airfield. Now, must your screen
    towards the main GDI base. You should be able to see where the War Factories
    are. They are in the area below the Airfield. Once you capture the Juggernauts
    for the Bonus Objective, you will get a brief glimpse of the map. You will
    see the War Factories. With your Juggernauts, target the War Factories. If
    need be, use Force Fire to target them. You must stop the GDI reinforcements
    as soon as you can. Meanwhile, use your Vertigos to bomb the Mammoth Tanks
    that assault the Scrin Base. 4 Vertigos are needed to bomb a Mammoth into a
    piece of scrap metal. 
    When GDI deploys the Ion Cannon, use your Juggernauts to target the Ion
    Cannon. Keep the Juggernauts alive as long as you can. Also, you see the
    Blue Tiberium Field outside the GDI base. DO NOT LET GDI EXPAND THERE. This
    will give them a large amount of funds, to assault the Scrin base. Do not
    let this happen.
    By now, you should have the Nuke all ready. Use it on the War Factories in
    either base if they are still standing, the Southern one is not as important
    as it does not pump out Mammoths. Attack the Northern base with the Nuke and
    wipe out the War Factories. If they are gone, aim for the Power Plants to
    handicap them. Their Tech Centre is near there. 
    Still GDI is persistant and keeps attacking the Scrin base. Vertigos are
    not enough, therefore, build Scorpion Tanks with Raider Buggies with the
    Laser and EMP upgrades. This will help you. Build a swarm of Scorpions as
    they will do the attacking with Raiders to attack infantry and use the
    EMP to shut them down for easier attack.
    Keep reinforcing the Scrin base with your units, do not let the Generators
    fall. For some reason, only the Vehicles attack the Phase Generators so
    the infantry doesn't pose much of a problem. If your Commando is still alive,
    send her to deal with them. Use the Catalyst Missile often to wipe out the
    enemy Refineries and Harvesters. I have discovered an interesting tactic
    that I used to good effect.
    Do a mine drop outside the GDI base. Not near the AA turrets, outside that
    area. Therefore, you can use it as a Scout to know when they will attack.
    When they do attack, send in the Vapor Bomb. You should have plenty of
    money due to the Blue Tiberium Field, therefore, no real problems. When
    they get the Vapor Bomb, if they aren't destroyed, they are crippled pretty
    bad and your Scorpions can deal with team. 
    By now, GDI is on its last legs, its just a matter of time, Nukes, Vertigo
    bombs and such. When you are done with them, must them out of their
    misery and finish them. Destroy them all and Kane will deliver your 
    ascension, into the Inner Circle.
    Remember, the key to the mission initially is speed and then it is a matter
    of how long you can keep the Scrin fighting. Use Vertigos to bomb, use your
    own units to reinforce. Do not attack the Scrin, even through they will
    attack you. Use your Nuke once you get it.
    [4.01] London
    "Foreman, you've been commissioned a small army to begin attacking the major
    indigenous population centre on the island near Continent Three. This attack
    will proceed in concert with other assaults on all significant population 
    centres. The intent is to distract the indigenous population from initial
    Threshold construction and intimidate them to the point where they will not
    threaten ongoing construction efforts. Assess defensive and offensive 
    capabilities. Eliminate all life forms you come across."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Destroy 15 civilian buildings in the City
    "A small force has been dispatched to this population centre. Begin disruption
    operations immediately by destroying structures. Eliminate any resistance from
    the indigenous population."
    2 - Destroy the GDI Presence
    "The indigenous population has dispatched its military to try to stop our 
    force. Destroy any hostiles you come across along with any of their 
    production structures. A Droneship has been assigned to this zone. Use it to
    establish a base and build up the force you need."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the structures known as "Parliament" and "Big Ben"
    "Based on the frequency of appearance in images transmitted through the 
    airwaves, these structures seem important to the indigenous population. 
    Destroy them."
    2 - Destroy "Buckingham Palace"
    "The humans seem fond of defending this structure. Perhaps destroying it will
    send them fleeing in fear."
    3 - Construct Growth Accelerators at each of the Ichor Fields
    "Ichor concentration in this area is extremely low and contained. Construct
    Growth Accelerators at each Ichor field to increase its spread."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Warp Link
     - All Units Functional
        + When your Droneship arrives
     - Unexpected Developments
        + When you have constructed the three Growth Accelerators
     - A Campaign of Distraction
        + When you finish the mission
    Get your Disintegrators and Seekers together and destroy the Civilian 
    Buildings as soon as you can. You want to finish them quickly to avoid the
    GDI response of APCs and Pitbulls. You would want to destroy the buildings 
    SouthEast of the Tiberium (Ichor) field for something later. Once you get
    to 9, a GDI air patrol will fly overhead. Now demolish the necessary 15 
    buildings to complete the first objective. 
    When your Droneship arrives, move it closer to the Ichor field. Deploy the 
    Droneship and destroy the walls surrounding the field. You will need the
    Reactor, Refinery and then the Portal. Place some Buzzer Hives to the north
    of your base to protect against infantry and Hives and Photon Cannons to
    the South East where I told you to demolish the buildings. You will need
    about 3 Photon Cannons there to destroy the incoming Pitbull and APC
    attacks. Build a Warp Sphere and get another Harvester. Build three Growth
    Accelerators and place in each of the fields, the Build Radius doesn't apply
    to these Accelerators. Sell after you get the intel entry to avoid losing
    them to GDI attacks. 
    To destroy both Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, you need a group of Gunwalkers.
    Your inital force is too small, so a group of 15 seems like a good amount. 
    The reason for the Gunwalkers is to attack the infantry guards. You should 
    attack the Missile Squads first, Riflemen next. Send in your Seekers or use
    the Gunwalkers to destroy the buildings. By destroying both of them, you
    get a nice cash boost. 
    Now, we need to attack GDI. For this, I recommend you build a force of 
    Seekers, about 25 of them. Yes, 25 Seekers. Then, train 25 Buzzers. You
    will need them. Use the Buzzers to combine with the Seekers to provide them
    with that little bit of firepower and defence. First, attack the biggest
    threat, the Southern GDI base. 
    Send your Seekers across the bridge, destroy the Pitbulls and APCs along
    the way. You will need to use the Reconstruction Drones often to avoid losing
    your Seekers. Destroy the Guardian Cannon as well as enemy vehicles. Then
    destroy the Construction Yard, destroying the enemy vehicles along the way.
    After that, take down the War Factories. By now, you should have the 
    Reconstruction Drones ready and repair your forces. Replace your fallen
    Seekers and combine with Buzzers, because attacking the Infantry base is 
    hard for takes.
    When you have a large Seeker group, attack from the Southern side of the
    GDI base. Attack and destroy the Barracks to stem the reinforcements that
    GDI gets. Once they are both down, the Guardian Cannons and the Barracks
    if they pop up again. Destroy them and then finish off the Construction 
    Yard. Wipe out the rest of the base to finish the mission. 
    [4.02] Munich
    "The hostile indigenous population is more advanced than expected and 
    represents a critical threat to our forces. During diversion attacks on the
    major population centre of Sector 2-5, Continent Three, two of our scout ships
    were disabled in-flight by hostile indigenous forces. These ships were 
    carrying data nodes that are critical to Threshold construction activities.
    The nodes are now stranded in enemy territory. Heavy local activity is 
    reported near the scout ships and this activity is distributed over a wide 
    area - but energy for their forces seems to be coming from a localised source.
    Eliminate this source and you'll secure the area and clear the way for
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Plant the Mastermind's manipulator device on the GDI Barracks and train an
    "Foreman, guide the Mastermind to a small outpost East of your position and 
    plant a manipulator device on their Barracks, taking control of it. Then
    construct an Engineer for disabling the power source."
    2 - Use the GDI Engineer to shut down the Defence Grid for the city
    "We are transmitting the location of the power station. Guide the Engineer to
    this location and shut this structure down."
    3 - Destroy the GDI base
    "With their defences down, the only remaining threat in this area is the GDI
    presence North of your location. A large reinforcement army has been sent for
    you to destroy GDI."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Keep your Mastermind alive throughout the entire mission
    "Foreman, Masterminds are not inexpensive units. Keep your Mastermind alive
    until all hostile forces are eliminated."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Warp Link
     - Beyond Blunt Force
        + By starting the mission
     - Retatilation by Hostile Indigenous Population
        + When you finish with Mastermind Alive
    Take control of your Mastermind and beward of the approaching Grenadier Squad.
    Let your Mastermind run around like crazy until you can take control of the
    squad. Guide your Squad east until you see a garrisoned building. Clear it and
    move further east and continue to clear the garrsioned buildings. If you see
    a turret, place the Grenadier squad into a nearby building to demolish it 
    since the defences cannot take down a building.
    Now, GDI will start sending more Grenadiers and Predators towards you. This
    will be a problem. You should take advantage of the veterancy crates and the
    healing crates in the area. Anyway, take control of a Predator and destroy the
    Watchtowers in the area. If you can, destroy the Watchtowers surrounding the 
    GDI Barracks. If your Predator encounters Grenadiers, run them over as this
    is the simple way. If it encounters other Predators, just take command of the
    Your Mastermind is quick at running around, so it can avoid the Grenades 
    thrown by the Grenadiers and dodge the shells from Predators. It cannot avoid
    being hit by a Watchtower. When you have cleared both Watchtowers around the
    Barracks, capture it, or rather, manipulate it and train an Engineer. You 
    don't have much time and ignore the Devourer Tanks. They will not be too
    useful if you can dodge everything with the Mastermind. I had mine run around 
    in circles before using the Manipulator device to take over the attacker. GDI
    continues to send Predator units at you so be careful.
    Anyway, train the Engineer needed and use your teleportation device on the
    Mastermind. To use it, you have to select the unit first so click it first
    under the Engineer. Then, you have to select target and therefore, you should
    select the Power Plant. Use click next to the plant and since there shouldn't
    be defences, capture it. With that done, your army should arrive, consisting
    of Shock Troopers, Devastator Warships, Planetary Assault Carriers and the
    most important one, the Tripod.
    Send your Mastermind to garrison a building, try the Church that you went
    past in the beginning of the mission. Garrison it and GDI won't be able to
    kill your Mastermind. Thats the bonus objective done. You don't really need
    tactics here, but you want to mininise the losses so you can still win the
    day. Move your army towards the GDI base, but slow down so the Tripods can
    keep up. Use your Tripods to attack the base defences and crush the enemy
    GDI tanks. Send in your Air units to start attacking. 
    Use the PAC's Ion Storm to heal your Devastators if need be. Other than that,
    decimate the base. I didn't use tactics, I sent in the entire force and 
    attacked. Not such a good idea since I had a PAC and 4 Tripods remaining
    after the attack. Still, I finished. The next mission is a bit more 
    interesting though. 
    [4.03] Croatia
    "Foreman, the humans' databases for their Ichor-LQ technology are being stored
    in to facilities in this region. These databases may hold the key to
    understanding how and why the signal that brought us here prematurely was
    generated. Capture these structures and secure them from threats by any means
    necessary. We've issued you access to our Corrupters. They should prove very
    useful in this region."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Capture the two Nod Information Facilities
    "Foreman, the indigenous population has two information facilities which
    contain their data on Ichor-LQ. Capture these structures so we may ascertain
    how much the humans have discovered about Ichor-LQ."
    2 - Destroy the defences around the Information Facilities
    "There also appears to be advanced weapons guarding the information 
    facilities. Destroy these defences so our units may acquire the information
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the GDI Base
    "Destroy GDI's base in the NorthEast of this region."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Warp Link
     - Premeditated Ichor LQ Detonation
        + Start the mission
     - Factions
        + Take out the GDI base
     - Attacks by Indigenous Population Worsening
        + Finish the mission
    This mission is one of my favourites for the Scrin, out of four. You have
    to deploy your Droneship to start, but move it closer to the Blue Ichor Field
    so you have more credits to play with. Build a reactor, then an Extractor to
    harvest the Blue Crystals. We need more, so tech up to the Technology 
    Assembler. Once down, we need some Tripods. 
    By now, Nod and GDI will notice you can start to send units at you. Use the
    minimap to know when. Keep pumping out more Tripods and upgrade then with
    the Shielding Technology at the Tech Assembler. Also, train a few Assimilators
    as well. You will need them, as well as the Mastermind, to take out Nod's
    ability to fight. Use a few Assimilators and teleport them next to the Nod
    Refinery. Capture the refinery and sell it. This will deprive Nod of money
    to fight with. You want to do the same with GDI. However, there are Snipers
    all over the place.
    Good thing is, use the Statis Field to freeze all units near the Tech Centre.
    Train about 5 Assimilators and teleport them right next to the Refinery and
    capture it. This will easily deprive GDI's fighting ability. This might take
    a few tries to get right and you'll lose the Assimilators in the process,
    but learn from your mistakes. Anyway, capture the Refinery and sell it, and
    this will deprive GDI of its fighting ability. The computer shouldn't rebuild
    the lost refineries, making life a whole lot easier for you.
    You have no air units to play with, therefore, no Devastator Warships and
    Planetary Assault Carriers to play around with. The good thing is that Nod
    is deprived of their VTOL Venoms and their Vertigos while it stops GDI
    from using their Orcas and their Firehawks. However, this is a downside for
    your since the bulk of Scrin power is with their Air Force.
    During this, your Tripods should be growing in number. You should have a 
    group, of about 9 Tripods by now. Use them to take out the Flame, Stealth
    Tanks and Avatars that Nod has sent and destroy the Pitbull, APC, Predator,
    Mammoth and Juggernaut waves. Always choose the Mammoths and the Juggernauts
    over the Avatar since they hurt more. Take the down. Nod will attack from
    the West, GDI will attack from the East, but note one thing, you have 
    complete visual of the battle, therefore, you know when the enemy is 
    attacking you. 
    You should repair your Tripods, and you need your Mastermind for this. A
    frontal assault is far to dangerous, there are Sonic Emitters ahead and this
    will slaughter your Tripods. Instead, use your Mastermind to teleport some
    Tripods to the back of the GDI base. Destroy the War Factories, Construction
    Yard and Tech Centre. This is first. Then, move and destroy all 6 Power Plants
    that GDI has. Destroy the rest of the GDI base and don't worry about the
    defences as there is no power to power them.
    Next is the Nod base. This is harder to avoid since there are Obelisks 
    everywhere. Therefore, you need to use your Mastermind and teleport them 
    right next to the Power Plants. Your Tripods will have to bear some damage
    for the while, but destroy all the Power Plants to power down the Obelisks.
    Destroy the Obelisks and the rest of the Nod base, train two Assimilators and
    teleport them to capture the Information Facilities. 
    You see, by teleporting the Assimilators to capture the sell the Refineries,
    both teams have nothing to fight with. This however, does not make the 
    direct assault easier, it just makes defending easier. When no one to fight,
    you can attack unopposed. 
    [4.04] Threshold 19
    "Foreman, you must protect the tower at Threshold 19 until its construction is
    complete. Everything hangs in the balance: The success of your overall 
    mission and the fate of the Race depends on Threshold 19 twower activation and
    phasing. You now have access to all our offensive and defensive capabilities. 
    Take command of the base that is established there and keep the hostile 
    indigenous population from destroying the tower at all costs."
    *Primary Objectives*
    1 - Defend the Tower
    "Foreman, GDI has a strong force to the north. They appear to be intent on 
    destroying the Tower. Overwhelming forces on their part suggest difficulty in 
    removing them from the region but they must be stopped at all costs from 
    destroying the Tower."
    2 - Construct a Signal Transmitter and summon the Mothership
    "The Tower is complete and imprevious to GDI's attacks. Focus on constructing
    a Signal Transmitter so the Mothership may be summoned to your location for 
    evacuation off the planet. Hold out against any hostile activity from GDI."
    3 - Guide and protect the Mothership to the Tower
    "Foreman, guide the Mothership to the Tower for evacuation and continue to 
    hold off GDI's attacks."
    *Bonus Objectives*
    1 - Destroy the GDI base
    "Destroy GDI's base in the northeast of this region."
    *Intel Database Entries*
    Warp Link
     - Threshold Assemblies Under Attack
        + By starting the mission
     - Threshold Tower Construction
        + When the Tower is complete
    This mission is crazy, to the max. There is going to be a lot of GDI attack
    on your base. Use your 3 Seekers to destroy the bridge north of your base to
    stop one of the entry points for GDI forces. Straight away, you will need to
    build some Storm Columns and place one near your tower and place the next in
    your base. Build more Columns to protect all of your base and then when you
    can, build a Rift Generator. 
    While you do this, build a lot of Devastator Warships as well and send some to
    your Tower. Research the Shield upgrade for your warships and place them in 
    the Ion Storms generated by the Columns. Build up your defences, as money 
    should be no problem, and defend your tower base. That base will come under
    heavy attack from the north, destroying the bridge will force them to come
    from the south east. 
    You should now be able to defend properly. The Devastators should hold 
    themselves in the Ion Storms and as long as your repair the Columns, should be
    able to repel GDI attacks on your base. When you have enough Warships to guard
    both of your bases, build a group of Tripods and the Mastermind and if you 
    haven't done do already, build a Rift Generator. 
    Reinforce your tower base with more Warships and Planetary Assault Carriers to
    protect the tower till is has finished. Meanwhile, use your Tiberium Vibration
    scan to locate the GDI base. See the Tiberium Refineries near the bridge 
    on the centre North of the Map? Thats where we want to be. When your Rift
    Generator has done charging, use it on that location and then use the 
    Mastermind to teleport the Tripods to that location. Make sure you have the 
    Shield upgrade before sending them, it will be needed for that extra life that
    it provides them. 
    Teleport your Tripods into that exposed area of the GDI base and watch them 
    wipe out GDI with ease. It may suffer problems in relations to the Missile 
    Squads since the Plasma beams aren't to strong but you can prevent this by
    summoning some Buzzers and attack with some, combine with the Tripods for
    the others. Now, destroy the Barracks of the base as the Tanks that come along
    are easily dealt with. Use your reconstruction drones if you think that they 
    are taking too much damage. Destroy the GDI base from the inside and wipe it
    My reason against sending a fleet of Devastator Warships and Planetary Assault
    Carriers is that the base has plenty of AA defense and while they are 
    pretty weak, a large number of them, couple in with APCs and Missile Squads 
    can turn your fleet into a pile of rubble. You should only do this if you have
    the overwhelming numbers to do so. 
    Build the Signal Transmitter once the little Tower is done if you haven't done
    so already. Clear out the rest of the GDI base and summon the Mothership. The
    cost is not too bad since you have more credits after the construction of the
    tower. Summon the Mothership and move slowly towards the target zone. Escort 
    with Warships and Carriers if you are worried about the remaining GDI units
    that are left. I had 3 Firehawks remaining, but that was no real problem since
    the Mothership has a large amount of HP. Move towards the Tower and complete 
    the campaign. You have now finished the 3 Campaigns for Tiberium Wars. Pat 
    yourself on the back for your achievement. 
    [5.01] Rifleman Squad
    Cost             : 300 Credits
    Requires         : Barracks
    Abilities        : Dig In, Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Composite Armour
    Role             : Anti-Infantry
    Squad Size       : 6
    Construction Time: 3 sec
    These guys are your basic men with guns. Armed with a GD2 rifle, these guys
    are your basic anti-infantry units. They can kill other infantry units from a 
    respectable distance but don't do any damage at all against armoured units and
    have no anti-aircraft capabilities. Their special ability to dig in is a 
    useful one. Costing a small amount of 300 credits, you get a durable 1 unit
    garrisonable structure. Leave that for your missile squads or your sniper 
    teams as they generally are weaker in terms of health. Arming those little 
    foxholes with missile squads surrounded by a sniper team or two can give your
    opponent more difficulty to pass through than they expected. 
    [5.02] Missile Squad
    Cost             : 400 Credits
    Requires         : Barracks
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Composite Armour
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air
    Squad Size       : 2
    Construction Time: 4 sec
    The basic rocket launcher man. These guys are the opposite to your Riflemen,
    they are better against those pesky tanks and aircraft. When use in groups, 
    they can do a lot more damage when they are a single pair. They do virtually
    no damage to infantry units and are vulnerable against infantry assaults 
    against them. They can hold their own against any aerial units as their 
    rockets can target air units. Both units will fire their rockets at targets.
    As you should have learnt in the White House mission, 2 Snipers and a Missile
    Squad is perfect for infantry killing while 2 Missile Squads and a Sniper is
    good as a fort. Of course, place in a Civilian Building. 
    [5.03] Engineer
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Barracks
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : capture Buildings
    Squad Size       : 1
    Construction Time: 5 sec
    Your little man out to capture the buildings. These guys capture neutral or
    hostile buildings, reapair bridges and take over the fallen walkers, such as
    the Juggernaut, Avatar and Tripod. They have basically no health so just a few
    shots to this guy will end in his death. Only use when you have cleared danger
    in front of them. In your missions, protect these guys because they need to
    survive to ensure mission success.
    [5.04] Grenadier Squad
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : Command Post, Barracks
    Abilities        : Call for Transport, Clear Garrisoned Buildings
    Upgrades         : Composite Armour
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Buildings
    Squad Size       : 4
    Construction Time: 8 sec
    They guys are extremely handy. Of course, they suffer as much as infantry 
    does, with their health extremely weak. Of course, their grenades do great
    amounts of damage against infantry and does a respectable amount to the
    buildings. Of course, never send these guys to the front, they don't soak
    a lot of damage but their ability is handy. Their rockets have an inbuilt
    AI system to target buildings. This means, when one grenade from the squad
    lands on the building, all units inside are wiped out, regardless of health
    and veterancy. Your best bet is to stick them inside the APC. This way, you
    have some extra armour between your units and the guy outside shooting at you.
    They are also quite strong against vehicles at things, as long as they are
    stationary and don't move. Their greatest weakness is their speed, they move
    pretty sluggish, probably the slowest infantry GDI unit
    [5.05] Sniper Team
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : Armory, Barracks
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Infantry
    Squad Size       : 2
    Construction Time: 10 sec
    Your main anti-infantry infantry unit. Of course, these guys are no match for
    a tank. But their skill in infantry removal is excellent. When they spot a 
    infantry unit, they will kill a squad member. That means, they are highly 
    effective against units such as rocket teams, engineers, but are less 
    effective against Riflemen squads as they have more members to shoot. It one
    shoot kill for each squad member. Their range will compensate for their firing
    as both squad members shoot at targets with a high powered sniper rifle. These
    guys are best when they are teamed with Missile Squad. When you have a ratio 
    of one sniper to about 3 missile squads, your enemy will be hard pressed to 
    defeat you. In a building, one sniper and two missile teams will be enough to 
    turn it in a nice defense against enemy assaults. Missiles will take down air 
    and vehicle threats while snipers take down infantry attacks. 
    [5.06] Commando
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : Armory, Tech Centre, Barracks
    Abilities        : Jump Jets, Call for Transport, Explosive Charges
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Building, Anti-Walkers
    Squad Size       : 1
    Construction Time: 20 sec
    Your one man team squad. Of course, the entire point of the Commando is for
    stealth missions, but in reality, they are poorly armoured for an elite unit.
    But they still have their uses. They can attack infantry with one hit kills 
    and rapid fire. They can demolish buildings and walkers, but there is one side
    effect. They will be suppressed when they demolish, which is pretty annoying 
    but its not such a big deal. Their jump jets are extremely useful in escaping.
    They can just jump to a usually inaccessable part of the terrain and wait for
    the heat to die down. But there is one weakness to this walking army, he is 
    has defence against air units. A couple of Venoms can just stroll along and 
    this 2000 credit unit is dead. Of course, he is useful if you know when to
    use him and how to use him. For example, if you just send his guy directly
    into your opponents base, hoping he survives, you shouldn't use him. 
    [5.07] Zone Trooper
    Cost             : 1300 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Centre, Barracks
    Abilities        : Jump Jets, Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Scanner Packs, Power Packs
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Building = Anti-Ground
    Squad Size       : 4
    Construction Time: 13 sec
    These guys are my favourite GDI unit, it even says so my stats. Why is the
    Zone Trooper my favourite unit? Simple, they are walking tanks in infantry
    suits. Their railguns is basically a one hit kill to infantry and deal some 
    serious damage to vehicles. About 3 squads can cause some real damage if they
    are not dealt with. Buildings just crumble under their railguns, just like
    everything else. Their scanner packs remove the option of hidden nasty stuff
    like some shadow teams or not finding the enemy's superweapon when it is 
    hidden under stealth. Their power packs will heal all the squad members over 
    time, but bear in mind that it cannot resurrect fallen squad members, so don't
    think the power packs do that. Jet packs will give them a little speed boost
    but the inability to fire on targets. After you use these guys, you will find
    them useful. If the enemy is nice enough to let you train these guys en masse,
    about 15 squads is enough to kill a entire base, even armed with anti-infantry
    defences. However, they suffer one weakness, air units. The worse thing about
    sending 15 squads to an enemy is to see them getting killed to about 5 venoms
    just hovering, so protect them with some missile squads, just in case. 
    [6.01] Pitbull
    Cost             : 700 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Mortar
    Role             : Scout Vehicle, Anti-Air, Anti-Vehicle, Stealth Detection
    Construction Time: 7 sec
    These guys are lightning fast across the battlefield, I'll give them that. 
    They are however, too lightly armoured to survive combat with vehicles. Their
    armour is weak, making it like an infantry unit. However, their mortar upgrade
    is useful, giving them an extra, long-ranged attack to use against their 
    enemies. Leave them at the back of any combat convoy, they are just too weak
    to go head front, but of course, their speed will leave them to the front.
    Its a missile squad, just faster. Their use in any attack force will depend
    on who you're fighting, these guys can mean the difference into a battle or
    an ambush. After all, you don't want Avatars and Stealth Tanks popping up
    behind your attack force. 
    [6.02] APC
    Cost             : 700 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory
    Abilities        : Call for Transport, Mine Layer
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air, Infantry Support
    Construction Time: 7 sec
    This is probably one of the best GDI units. The APC itself is handy, stopping
    fanatics dead in their tracks and dealing good amounts of damage against those
    air units. However, their next ability kicks in, the garrisoned infantry can
    shoot out of it. That means that if you have Riflemen are inside, you get a 
    better anti-infantry result, Missile Squad means better anti-tank and anti-
    air support, Grenadiers will let you clear buildings with one grenade, snipers
    will give long range infantry killing, Zone Troopers will give good close
    quarters destruction, and so on. Of course, this makes them have a second
    attack while providing protection. Both the APC and garrisoned unit can gain
    veterancy while attack enemies. They can also drop mines at a price, slowing
    down the enemy at vital choke points, such as bridges and narrow gaps if the
    area is mined. Very useful, cheap and dangerous. Be careful because if you
    have infantry inside when the APC is destroyed, the infantry goes down with so
    eject the troops when it is in red health.
    [6.03] Predator Tank
    Cost             : 1100 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Railgun Capacitors
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Building
    Construction Time: 11 sec
    These tanks are underrated to their bad brother, the Mammoth Tank. These guys
    have good health and can withstand a good beating. Of course, their original
    roleis anti vehicle and anti building, but that upgrade called Railgun
    Capacitors can change all that. The railgun capacitors changes the weaponry
    from tank shells to railguns, making them lethal to everything on the ground.
    Imagine a single Zone Trooper with a lot of health and thats it what it is. 
    However, like their Zone Troopers cousins, they have no air defence, so make
    sure you protect them. They do however, provide speed and agility that the
    Mammoth cannot, but of course, 3 Predators cannot run over tanks now can they?
    [6.04] Harvester
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : Refinery, War Factory
    Abilities        : Harvest Tiberium
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Harvesting Tiberium
    Construction Time: 10 sec
    What do these guys do, harvest of course. Their piddly machine gun does little
    to no damage, just warding off infantry, who shouldn't be in Tiberium fields
    in the first place. Of course, building them early game might drop your 
    initial credit count but when they get busy, you'll get the annoying message,
    "Silos needed." When you purchase a harvester, it will cost 1000 credits, 
    while building a refinery, selling it for the harvester will also cost 1000
    credits. Basically the same, so if your war factory queue is full, just build
    a refinery and sell it. 
    [6.05] Rig
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory, Command Post
    Abilities        : Deploy into Battle Base
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Support, Defence
    Construction Time: 20 sec
    This is a brillant form of frontline defence. While it doesn't seem to be 
    much, it is a great way of securing land before estalishing a base there.
    Its deployment will deploy 2 Guardian Cannon, the same ones that you find on
    the Anti-Tank ones. There is also a dual missile launcher, used to deter the
    aerial threats that you may receive. It also deploys some repair drones, the
    same one from the war factory, to repair vehicles that have been damaged. When
    you deploy the battle base, you cannot build around it, but if you team that
    up with a Surveyor, you can have a well defended forward base, but you can
    also place a rig outside your enemy's base along with a few APCs and a few
    Mammoth Tanks, just in case. Don't forget, you can repair your Battle Base 
    like any other normal structure.
    [6.06] Mammoth Tank
    Cost             : 2500 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Centre, War Factory
    Abilities        : Crushing Tanks
    Upgrades         : Railgun Capacitors
    Role             : Anti-Tank, Anti-Buildings, Anti-Air
    Construction Time: 25 sec
    Mammoth Tank Assembled. Ah, the Mammoth Tank, the best of the best. A few of
    these bad boys is more than enough to destroy a base left unchecked. To defeat
    these, you'll need some tactics rather than build and hope for the best. Your
    base defences will not hold long enough as the armour of the tank is far too 
    thick to penetrate with a few rockets. The tank is originally armed with a
    dual cannon for ground targets and rocket pods to assist on ground assaults 
    and to defend against aerial units. Upgrade to the railguns and those cannons
    turn into a non-stop killing machine. And of course, if any moron decides to
    stand in your way, just run it over. However, be wary that sending an army
    just of Mammoth Tanks, that isn't tactics and a seasoned player can remove
    that threat without much trouble. For example, a Nod player can do some 
    serious damage by using Vertigos and Fanatics while a Scrin player can use
    Masterminds, Tripods or Carriers. Other GDI players will just counter with
    more Mammoths, or Firehawks. The funniest thing is against Nod computers. Park
    the Mammoth Tank in their Tiberium field and watch as they are crushed by the
    Mammoths who cannot see them.
    [6.07] Juggernaut
    Cost             : 2200 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Centre, War Factory
    Abilities        : Bombard Target
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Heavy/Artillery Support
    Construction Time: 22 sec
    These Juggernauts are walkers, one of the three different walker units in the
    game. These are long range bombarders who can attack anything within their 
    large range with 3 cannons. Of course, if you have sniper teams, you can
    bombard land within the range of the sniper teams. Normally, you use these
    to soften up the defence of your opponents, after all, who wants to walk into
    a base with heavy defences pointed at you? It is up to you whether you want
    them as a forward offence role or a support role. When these things go kaput
    or are destroyed, they will leave a husk for you. Whoever gets an engineer 
    unit into the husk commandeers the walker, so if you lose one, either get an
    engineer to take it back or destroy it so your enemy doesn't get it. 
    [6.08] MCV
    Cost             : 2500 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory, Command Post
    Abilities        : Deploy 
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Building Structures
    Construction Time: 25 sec
    Building this has been more of a moot point compared to the previous games.
    Since you only need the Surveyor/Outpost to expand and not the MCV, you don't
    really need it. Of course, if your paranoid that you might lose your original
    MCV and have no cranes, than a backup somewhere safe, maybe behind your ally's
    base, somewhere safe, as a backup or spending it on something useless if you
    have too many credits. Of course, what this does is basically deploy into a 
    construction yard, to construct buildings. 
    [6.09] Surveyor
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Construction Yard
    Abilities        : Deploy into Outpost
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Expansion
    Construction Time: 15 sec
    The Surveyor is a new addition to the game. To build in a remote area, you
    need to have a surveyor deployed into an Outpost to expand. By deploying an
    outpost, you get a build zone where you can build around it. Read the manual
    if you aren't sure. However, when you deploy these guys, they aren't armed at
    all so you might want to team the surveyor up with a rig for a nice little
    battle base. 
    [7.01] Orca
    Cost             : 1100 Credits
    Requires         : Airfield
    Abilities        : Deploy Sensor Pods, Pulse Scan
    Upgrades         : Sensor Pods
    Role             : Scout, Anti-Vehicle
    Construction Time: 11 sec
    The Orca is your basic air unit. They are effective mostly against vehicle 
    units. That makes them good for a counter attack against tanks, or just to
    destroy some Harvesters, provided their not your own. Of course, they are also
    good support for your own tanks, a few provided as escorts will ward off tank
    threats as well as infantry problems. However, their weakness is obviously
    Anti-Air fire, that would really destroy the Orcas. When you get the Sensor
    Pod upgrade, you can use your sensor pods on the ground to be a little land
    revealer and stealth detector. Also, you can just use the pulse scan when you
    suspect that there might be something lurking, but not sure what. The infantry
    however, can be a problem if they move, since missiles aren't guided. However,
    I prefer to use the next air unit better.
    [7.02] Firehawk
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Airfield, Tech Centre
    Abilities        : 2 Air to Ground Missiles or 4 Air to Air Missiles
    Upgrades         : Stratofighter Booster
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air, Anti-Structure, Air Support
    Construction Time: 15 sec
    Ah, the Firehawk. This is your bomber units, armed with a selection of 
    weaponry which includes the 2 Hellcat Firebombs or the 4 Rattlesnake Missiles.
    Obviously, the Firebombs are for land and the Rattlesnakes (a parody of the
    Sidewinder Air to Air missiles, snakes you see) Missiles are for air. And you
    can't have both, its one or the other. Their armour leaves much to be desired
    but their upgrade is one to watch out for. Within seconds, you can have a
    large squad of bombers dropping firebombs all over your base, knocking out
    your defences pretty quickly. Of course, using your boosters on your way in
    means that you have to fly your way out due to the cooldown on those boosters.
    That means flying over a line of AA defence if you haven't knocked it out
    already. If you're using them as an Anti-Aircraft defence, a group of 
    Firehawks with 4 Anti-Air missiles each is more than a match for any air
    unit. A nice squadron can easily dispatch of a unwanted Vertigo assault or a
    shiny Mothership. Oh, please don't use them to knock out tanks or infantry,
    the bombs drop slowly so unless you are targeting in front of them, you won't
    hit them at all. 
    [7.03] V-35 Ox Transport
    Cost             : 500 Credits per Unit
    Requires         : Airfield
    Abilities        : Transports transportable units to wherever your wish
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Transport
    Construction Time: Cannot be Constructed
    Once you have the airfield, for the cost of 500 credits, you can airlift a 
    unit to wherever you want. However, the transport, which replaces the Carryall
    from Tiberium Sun is not very durable and has no form of assault. Also, it has
    to be a unit that can be carried, so no dropping units like Mammoth Tanks
    next to someone's MCV. If the Transport is destroyed, the unit dies along with
    it. So don't carry something valuable if you want it to live. 
    [8.01] Construction Yard
    Cost             : Free from MCV
    Requires         : MCV
    Abilities        : Allows you to Build
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : None
    Construction Time: N/A
    This is the most important building for you. Until you can build the Crane,
    this is the only way you can build structures. Note that the Crane cannot
    build Surveyors so your MCV is quite important. Protect it since enemies will
    target this first. It is however, unable to be destroyed by a Superweapon 
    [8.02] Power Plant
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : Construction Yard
    Abilities        : PROVIDES POWER!
    Upgrades         : Advanced Turbines
    Energy Produced  : 20 Energy
    Construction Time: 8 secs
    What do power plants do I wonder? It a really hard question. Anyway, GDI power
    is extremely ineffective. They provide the least amount of power when upgraded
    compared with the Scrin and Nod. Therefore, you need more of them. The funny
    thing is, for the enemy to disable your power, they need to destroy more power
    plants than they will fighting Nod or Scrin. 
    [8.03] Crane
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Construction Yard
    Abilities        : Provides another Build Queue
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 10 Energy
    Construction Time: 15 secs
    These are very handy, it saves you purchasing another MCV. Cranes allow you
    basically to have another MCV with the exception of build another Crane or
    training a Surveyor. Therefore, you basically have two build queues for normal
    and support structures. Therefore, you can build two buildings and two support
    buildings all at once. Generally the first structure I would place. 
    [8.04] Refinery
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : Construction Yard
    Abilities        : Processing Tiberium
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 6 Energy
    Construction Time: 20 secs
    Get this, they give you money. Wow. Anyway, you will definitely need this to
    get income and this is where Harvesters drop off their collected Tiberium. 
    After the Crane and Power Plant, it is this one. You will need this, even if
    you are rushing. 
    [8.05] Barracks
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Power Plant
    Abilities        : Produces Infantry
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 5 Energy
    Construction Time: 5 secs
    The barracks is your main building to build and train infantry. You will need
    this if you even consider to use infantry. They are cheap and easy to 
    maintain, and often, never used online since people use tanks. Of course, 
    infantry has it uses, including your capturing units. 
    [8.06] Armory
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : Barracks
    Abilities        : Heals Infantry, Provides Upgrades, Access to Infantry
    Upgrades         : Composite Armour, Scanner Packs, Power Packs
    Energy Consumed  : 7 Energy
    Construction Time: 10 secs
    This is your must have if you wish to use Snipers to fight for you. This 
    allows you to train Snipers, upgrade your infantry, especially the Zone 
    Trooper units and if units are wounded, it provides recovery for infantry, 
    replacing fallen squad members. You can do this by using the garrison function
    with your wounded infantry. 
    [8.07] War Factory
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : Refinery
    Abilities        : Produces Vehicles, Repair Vehicles
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 7 Energy
    Construction Time: 20 secs
    This constructs your main land units, vehicles. This is absolutely necessary
    if you wish to last beyond the early rush. The more of these you build, the
    more vehicle queues you can operate but the initial cost is rather expensive
    to build more of until later. You should send home your damaged vehicles for
    repairs for free with the automated drones. Also, the first building you 
    should build after plopping this down is the Harvester. 
    [8.08] Command Post
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Refinery
    Abilities        : Provides Radar Scan
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 9 Energy
    Construction Time: 15 secs
    You will definitely need this if you wish to access the higher tech levels and
    get Mammoth Tanks. If you are a turtle, this should be built as soon as you
    have the chance. Of course, it provides the Radar Scan ability which is 
    discussed at length further below this little waffle. 
    [8.09] Tech Centre
    Cost             : 4000 Credits
    Requires         : Command Post, Barracks
    Abilities        : Unlocks Units, Provides Upgrades
    Upgrades         : Stratofighter Booster, Rain Gun Capacitors, Sensor Pods, 
                       Advanced Turbines, Mortars
    Energy Consumed  : 15 Energy
    Construction Time: 40 secs
    This is extremely important if you want powerful GDI weapons to play around
    with. It is quite expensive but the weapons that you will get will be pretty
    powerful. If you want more cheap units or less expensive units, its really
    up to you. Also, the upgrades are expensive. Again, up to you. 
    [8.10] Airfield
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : Command Post, Barracks
    Abilities        : Provides Aircraft, Repairs Aircraft
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 8 Energy
    Construction Time: 10 secs
    The airfield is the structure that gives you access to Orcas and Firehawks. If
    you want air support, then you will need this. You can hold up to four 
    aircraft ONLY, no more. They also repair the units and re-arm them. You can 
    also change Firehawk loadouts here. 
    [8.11] Space Command Uplink
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Centre
    Abilities        : Access to GDI Support Powers
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 12 Energy
    Construction Time: 30 secs
    This is the best tech structure that GDI has to offer, and at a high price
    tag as well. Why bother? Because it provides access to powerful GDI powers 
    which include Shockwave Artillery and Zone Trooper Drop Pods. For more on 
    those powers, read below, but you should build this if you have credits to
    spare and / or need those Zone Troopers in someone elses base quick. 
    [9.01] Watchtower
    Cost             : 600 Credits
    Requires         : Construction Yard
    Abilities        : Anti-Infantry Defence, Detects Stealth
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 5 Energy
    Construction Time: 6 secs
    These are insane against infantry. These can slaughter them from a fair 
    distance but do squat to vehicles that move. They don't have too much health
    and easily overwhelmed in large numbers. It can easily quash an infantry or
    Engineer rush quickly. 
    [9.02] Guardian Cannon
    Cost             : 1200 Credits
    Requires         : Barracks
    Abilities        : Anti-Vehicle Defence, Detects Stealth
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 8 Energy
    Construction Time: 12 secs
    Double the time for these Cannons compared to Watchtowers but do some fair
    damage against Tanks. They take a long time to reload and do ok damage, so you
    should use them in numbers or with other defences, tanks in particular. On a 
    one on one fight, it would win, but against a group, it stands no chance. 
    [9.03] AA Battery
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : Command Post
    Abilities        : Anti-Air Defence, Detects Stealth
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 8 Energy
    Construction Time: 8 secs
    This is the worst of all the factions anti-air defences. It fires quickly at
    a sustained rate, but each shell does hardly any damage. It does good damage,
    but requires a large amount of batteries to do any damage to air. You are 
    better off using Missile Squads, APCs and Pitbulls since they will do more
    damage, get promoted and can be repaired. Also, they can move unlike the 
    turret. Avoid and replace when you can. 
    [9.04] Tiberium Silo
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Refinery
    Abilities        : Stores Tiberium
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : None
    Construction Time: 5 secs
    These are silos that, funnily enough, store Tiberium. You should only use 
    these if you are too busy fighting and need the Tiberium later, possibly to
    build another force. They are cheap, consume no power at all. But a good
    commander should control their finances and should have nothing to waste at
    all. Still, if you keep getting bugged, silos needed, then build some. 
    [9.05] Sonic Emitter
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Centre
    Abilities        : Attacks Land Units, Detects Stealth
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 15 Energy
    Construction Time: 20 secs
    The ultimate in GDI base defence. These are extremely powerful, and I really
    mean it, It doesn't target just one unit, it locks onto one unit and fires a
    sonic wave, attack that units and any others behind it. These are excellent
    against rushes since they have a large attack radius and can do damage to 
    multiple targets. However, they are expensive to build, drain a fair amount of
    power off your grid and their reload fire is pretty slow. And place these in
    the front of your base. Their wave is capable of friendly fire so placing them
    at the rear is going to damage your own buildings. In the rear of your base, 
    use Watchtowers and other defences instead of the Emitter, its too dangerous.
    [9.06] Ion Cannon Control
    Cost             : 5000 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Centre
    Abilities        : Ion Cannon
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 20 Energy
    Construction Time: 50 secs
    This gives you access to the precision weapon of death, the Ion Cannon. Of
    course, you would want to avoid being hit by this thing at all costs. It is
    expensive to build but fire this at an enemy's base, rush in with a group 
    of supported Mammoth Tanks and it is hard not to win from then on. Of course,
    this is a juicy target for enemy forces and will show up on the minimap with
    the fog of war removed. Therefore, use it carefully. Superweapons don't win
    the game by itself. 
    [10.01] Radar Scan
    Cost             : 250 Credits
    Enabled By       : Command Post
    Power Type       : Intelligence Power
    A very handy auxillary power. This allows you to see what's going in a certain
    location. It doesn't matter where, this scan will let you see. It is useful 
    since you can scout out an enemy base. Generally use this to spot for your
    other powers, or to find out where to Ion Cannon. By far, the cheapest and 
    the best power of all factions. It allows you to keep an eye on the enemy,
    scout for expansions, and to see if there are ambushes ahead of your attack
    [10.02] GDI Airborne
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Enabled By       : Armory
    Power Type       : Reinforcement Power
    This drops in two Veteran Riflemen and Missile Squads to the position. It 
    isn't all that handy, but useful if you are trying to defend a base under
    siege. There are must better units out there through. 
    [10.03] Sharpshooter Team
    Cost             : 2500 Credits
    Enabled By       : Tech Centre
    Power Type       : Reinforcement Power
    This drops in 3 Veteran Sniper Teams. They aren't too handy, but are useful
    in surpressing an infantry rush. They are also handy if you need a spotter
    for Juggernauts. It is upgraded to 3500 credits with the newest patch.
    [10.04] Orca Strike
    "Orca aircraft are always standing by to deliver a payload of InfraRed-Guided
    Air-to-Surface Missiles precisely where needed."
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Enabled By       : Airfield
    Power Type       : Offensive Power
    An extremely weak attack, and this almost always has to be grouped with 
    another ability to ensure it is useful at the least. It cannot take down any
    valuable buildings, a probably a turret or two, if you're lucky. Its power
    needs to be stronger to be useful, at the least. However, if used in 
    combination with an Ion Cannon or Shockwave Artillery, it can do some damage
    and destroy several units or structures.
    [10.05] Bloodhounds
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Enabled By       : Airfield
    Power Type       : Reinforcement Power
    This drops in two Veteran Pitbulls and APCs into the battlefield. It is useful
    in itself, as the Pitbull can scout and provide some reinforcements to a 
    badly defended position. Couple this in with the GDI Airborne ability to 
    ensure its usefulness. The Missile Squads and Pitbulls can attack the Vehicles
    and the APC and Riflemen can attack infantry with APCs dualing with an Air
    attack. Couple of this with Zone Trooper Drop Pods and this can be a useful,
    small attack force. 
    [10.06] Zone Trooper Drop Pods
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Enabled By       : Space Command Uplink
    Power Type       : Reinforcement Power
    An extremely handy ability for the GDI. The usefulness of it declined since 
    the Drop Pods cost 4500 credits in patch v1.05, but its power is still 
    relatively decent. It provides you with 3 Veteran Zone Trooper squads and
    deploys them. Before using it, use should have upgraded them with the Scanner
    and Power Packs. They are effective against all but air, so drop down the 
    Bloodhounds for the Anti-Air ability. Since they don't arrive in a transport,
    they are handy for dropping into a relatively undefended part of your
    opponents base and causing some damage. Use after an Ion Cannon strike for 
    maximum effectiveness. 
    [10.07] Shockwave Artillery
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Enabled By       : Space Command Uplink
    Power Type       : Offensive Power
    A decent power, since it is good against Vehicles as well as buildings. It
    launches an Artillery Barrage at a certain location, damaging all it hits as
    well as powering down Vehicles and Structures in the blast radius. It is 
    useful as it can target a land convoy heading towards your base, providing you
    time to attack the convoy and build more defences. It is also good against
    the masses of defences the enemy will build, so called "Turret Farms" as 
    well. Once the defences are down, you send in your attack group. It is useful
    only when you couple it with an attack or combine with another ability. 
    [10.08] Ion Cannon
    Cost             : Free
    Enabled By       : Ion Cannon Control
    Power Type       : Superweapon
    The Iconic GDI Superweapon. As Iconic as the Obelisk of Light. It does a large
    amount of damage in a large blast radius, rougly the same size and power as 
    the Nod Nuclear Missile and the Scrin Rift Generator. It can wipe out most
    structures, except for some, including the Construction Yard and enemy
    SuperWeapons. If you are going to take down the Construction Yard or Super
    Weapon, always send in Firehawks to finish the job. Note that if you are
    going after the Construction Yard, be sure to demolish the crane and the 
    War Factory to prevent any further bases popping up. 
    [11.01] Composite Armor
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Researched At    : Armory
    Research Time    : 20 secs
    Units Effected   : Riflemen Squad, Missile Squad, Grenadier Squad
    If you use any of these infantry, the composite armour upgrade is a must have
    to ensure that these units survive a tad bit longer. The price is not too
    high but the life of these units is extended. It provides more resistance
    against cannon attacks and and protection against anti-infantry fire. Still,
    it doesn't mean you send them against Watchtowers or the like as they will
    die, just last a bit longer. 
    [11.02] Scanner Packs
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Researched At    : Armory
    Research Time    : 30 secs
    Units Effected   : Zone Troopers
    If you are fighting Nod and use Zone Troopers, theses are a must have. This
    allows them to detect stealth, which makes it great for harassing missions 
    against Harvesters which are cloaked. It also allows them to see further, 
    giving them more line of sight, which can mean a fair amount on the 
    [11.03] Power Packs
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Researched At    : Armory
    Research Time    : 60 secs
    Units Effected   : Zone Troopers
    A must have for Zone Troopers. Their cumbersome speed doesn't effectively 
    allow for them to run back to the Armory for healing. The Power Packs will
    allow them to recover health while they are stationary and not moving. This
    will recover the health of the Troopers but will not replace fallen Squad
    members. A definite must have for the Troopers. 
    [11.04] Mortars
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Researched At    : Tech Centre
    Research Time    : 30 secs
    Units Effected   : Pitbull
    You should get this if you use the Pitbull unit since this is a cheap method
    of getting a second attack. This allows for the Pitbull to launch a longer-
    range attack from distance and is effective against vehicles and structures.
    There is no real reason why you shouldn't get this since it basically doubles
    their attack except it cannot fire on air units. 
    [11.05] Railgun Capacitors
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Researched At    : Tech Centre
    Research Time    : 90 secs
    Units Effected   : Predator Tank, Mammoth Tank
    A must if you are going to fight with Mammoths and Predators. It gives them
    a massive boost to their attack, nailing most infantry in a single shot and
    dealing massive amounts of damage to vehicles and structures. It gives the
    Mammoth powerful attacks and makes the Predator, the often overlooked unit,
    many times more powerful. If your enemy has this, you will look to the skies.
    The only problem is the fact that there is a hefty price tag, and with the
    patch v1.05, it is now 5000 credits. Expensive, but worth it if you use those
    units, and most GDI players do. 
    [11.06] Stratofighter Boosters
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Researched At    : Tech Centre
    Research Time    : 60 secs
    Units Effected   : Firehawk
    The Boosters make the Firehawk very deadly to say the least. With this, you
    can teleport your Firehawks, while in flight, to any part of the map, whether
    there is fog or no fog of war. This makes them great for the unconventional
    drop of 8 Firehawks to a Superweapon or MCV. This often makes other players
    shudder with fear since any form of anti-air defence is useless since they are
    bypassed by this. However, there is a recharge time and often, if they have
    good defences, you won't get much out alive. 
    [11.07] Sensor Pods
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Researched At    : Tech Centre
    Research Time    : 15 secs
    Units Effected   : Orcas
    This is often overlooked, since the Airfields are usually containing Firehawks
    rather than Orcas due to their usefulness. However, this upgrade allows Orcas
    to drop little pods all over the battlefield which detect stealth and reveals
    the land around it. They can be redeployed and good at choke points. Only get
    them if you use Orcas though. 
    [11.08] Advanced Turbines
    Cost             : 300 Credits
    Upgraded At      : Power Plant after you have Tech Centre
    Upgrade Time     : 5 secs
    Building Effected: Power Plant
    This is useful as it provides an extra 10 power for each power plant that
    you upgrade. It is cheaper as two turbines are cheaper than a new power plant.
    However, when upgraded, these are the least efficient of all the Power Plants
    of all factions cost-wise. Use it as space in your base will sooner or later
    run out. 
    [12.01] Call for Transport
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Airfield
    Units Effected   : Riflemen Squad, Missile Squad, Engineer, Grenadier Squad,
                       Sniper Team, Commando, Zone Trooper, Pitbull, APC,
                       Predator Tank
    The Call for Transport is mighty useful, if you have the credits. This allows
    you to call in the Ox Transport and transport one of your favoured units to
    wherever you wish. The transports can withstand a bit of damage but are 
    easily destroyed. If they are destroyed, any unit that is carried will die 
    with the transport as well. Make note that it is the best method of moving 
    units from one part of the battlefield to another and handy to drop
    Engineers in unexpectated places. 
    [12.02] Dig In
    Cost             : 300 Credits
    Requires         : Riflemen Squad
    Units Effected   : None
    The Dig In function allows the Riflemen Squad to build a foxhole to allow
    infantry to garrison within. This is effective if there are no good buildings
    to garrison on the map and is repairable. Use it as a early sort of defence
    that is cheap, but is later replaced with Mammoth Tanks and Sonics, however,
    it provides vital protection for infantry as they are extremely fragile 
    against most weapons and this will give them a bit more protection but if the
    foxhole is destroyed, they will fall with it. 
    [12.03] Jump Jets 
    Cost             : Free
    Requires         : Nothing
    Units Effected   : Commando, Zone Troopers
    The Jump Jets are extremely useful got getting out of trouble. It provides a
    short boost of distance between the unit and the attackers. I would generally
    use this with my Zone Troopers when an incoming Venom comes along since they
    are the only air unit that can do real damage. It allows them to escape and 
    access areas that are normally unaccessable, such as little mesas on the
    battlefield, which is only accessed by Transports and Jets. It provides them
    time to heal their wounds and then re-engage. 
    [12.04] Mine Layers
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Centre
    Units Effected   : APCs
    It is quite useful for its price tag. These mines are stealthed and do damage
    to infantry and vehicles and if there aren't any stealth detectors, there is
    going to be some damage. It is effective at choke points as it can easily stop
    and ruin an attack convoy or a patrol. It shouldn't be underestimated since
    most convoys neglect detectors as GDI doesn't have stealthed units. 
    [12.05] Bombard Target
    Cost             : Free
    Requires         : Juggernaut, Sniper Team
    Units Effected   : None
    This is a great method of attack from range. It allows for Juggernauts to 
    attack the ground within the line of sight of a Sniper Team. Therefore, only
    your Snipers need to be in danger, not your valuable Juggernauts. It will do
    good amounts of damage but will reveal your Juggernaut's location when they
    fire and bombard their targets. 
    [12.06] Pulse Scan
    Cost             : Free
    Requires         : Orca
    Units Effected   : Orca
    This is wonderful since it allows the Orca to maintain its role as a scout
    aircraft. It reveals the battlefield, removing the Fog of War and detects any
    stealth units that may lurk there. It is useful, but overshadowed by the next
    [12.07] Deploy Sensor Pod
    Cost             : Free
    Requires         : Tech Centre Upgrade
    Units Effected   : Orca
    Read the explaination given in 11.07, it is the same deal. You have an 
    unlimited supply after you purchase this, so have fun with them. 
    [13.01] Militant Squad
    Cost             : 200 Credits
    Requires         : Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Confessor, Tiberium Infusion
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Cannon Fodder
    Squad Size       : 9
    Construction Time: 2 sec
    If you ever use these, you are either rushing or desperate to do something.
    They are cheap and serve as one thing, cannon fodder. These are relatively
    useless on the battlefield save the confessor upgrade that makes them a tad
    stronger. In fact, the only time you should use these is after a building has
    been destroyed. 
    [13.02] Militant Rocket Squad
    Cost             : 400 Credits
    Requires         : Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Confessor, Tiberium Infusion
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air
    Squad Size       : 4
    Construction Time: 4 sec
    These guys are Nod's Anti-Air, Anti-Vehicle unit. The same as the GDI Missile
    Squad, these guys have massive rocket launchers that deal good damage against
    tanks and air units. These are great as a defence against the early game rush
    against you, but other than that, late game provides better units such as the
    Stealth Tank. Use with the confessor upgrade to add it a great attacking unit
    that will confuse the enemy.
    [13.03] Saboteur
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : Call for Transport, Booby Trap
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Capture Buildings
    Squad Size       : 1
    Construction Time: 5 sec
    These guy is a far better counterpart than the GDI Engineer and the Scrin
    Assimilator. Their booby traps are so much fun to play around with. Destroy
    a bridge, booby trap the gatehouse and watch as the enemy tries to figure out
    why their Engineer died. Placing them on the Civilian Strucutures can easily
    make a bad day for an urban battle. Of course, there lies a problem, the lack
    of bridges in skirmishes and multiplayer. Shame that. 
    [13.04] Fanatic
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : Operations Centre, Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Tiberium Infusion
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure
    Squad Size       : 5
    Construction Time: 6 sec
    They will die for Kane. They are devoted suicide bombers that attack anything.
    And by anything, I mean anything. They are devastating against vehicles and
    structures, provided they aren't killed along the way. In a large group, they
    will demolish anything, even a convoy of Mammoth Tanks and Tripods. Don't
    send them against Anti-Infantry units or buildings, the reason is done through
    common sense. Of course, use them in conjunction of Call for Transport to blow
    up the back of your opponent's base. 
    [13.05] Black Hand
    Cost             : 900 Credits
    Requires         : Operations Centre, Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Clearing Garrisoned Structures
    Squad Size       : 6
    Construction Time: 9 sec
    Apparently, these are Nod's elite troops. They aren't really useful on the
    battlefield to tell you the truth. Sure, their ability to clear Garrisoned
    structures are useful, but that can be replaced by the Flame Tank that can
    sustain a fair deal more damage. Like all infantry units, they are useful if
    there are a large amount of civilian structures, but come along a group of
    Grenadier APCs or Corrupters, the job is done. Don't bother with them unless
    you are really bored. 
    [13.06] Shadow Team
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : Secret Shrine, Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : Call for Transport, Glider Pack, Explosive Charge
    Upgrades         : Tiberium Infusion
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Structure
    Squad Size       : 4
    Construction Time: 8 sec
    These truly are Nod's elite troops. They are extremely useful with their
    Hang Gliders since they can fly over defences. They can take out infantry
    pretty well and their explosive packs can do a fair amount of damage against
    structures. A group of these can easily demolish a good portion of a beginning
    base. They are always stealthed, making them more deadly but matched with the
    best troopers of GDI, the Zone Troopers and the Scrin's Shock Troopers, these
    aren't that strong. 
    [13.07] Commando
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Lab, Secret Shrine, Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Structure, Anti-Walker
    Squad Size       : 1
    Construction Time: 20 sec
    The one woman army. She can easily destroy a base left unguarded with nothing
    more than explosives and a Laser gun. The GDI Commando has the Jump Jet so
    her special ability is that she remains cloaked while she is not moving. The
    problem is inserting her into an enemy base. She has to go straight pass 
    defences while the Commando can Jump Jet around and the Mastermind has the
    ability to teleport around here and there. You can only train one at a time
    and I suggest that unless you have nothing to play around with, don't bother
    with the Commando. 
    [14.01] Raider Buggy
    Cost             : 400 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Laser Capacitors, EMP Coils
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air, Scout
    Construction Time: 4 sec
    The Buggy is the staple diet of the Nod Vehicle forces. An APC without the
    transport capability is what the Buggy is. It is good against infantry and 
    air units. It is dirt cheap, the cost of two Militant Squads, is quick across
    the battlefield and has two great upgrades. The Laser Capacitors allow it to
    do increased damage against air units and infantry. However, the best by far 
    is the EMP Coils. It allows them to disable any non-infantry, non-air unit
    within a respectable radius. It is useful has it disables anything from
    buildings to tanks, which is handy against a convoy of tanks, making them 
    sitting ducks for your units to wipe them out. With the price of the unit, the
    Buggy is a real threat on the battlefield. 
    [14.02] Attack Bike
    Cost             : 600 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory
    Abilities        : Detect Stealth, Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air, Anti-Structure, Scout
    Construction Time: 6 sec
    An upgraded Rocket Squad. For an extra 200 credits, it can detect stealth and
    zoom across the battlefield like lightning. However, the problem lies with
    its weak health. Any anti-vehicle unit can easily destroy this. Its stealth
    detection is useful and with a good player, two fully promoted Bikes will be
    able shoot down a Carrier. Use it in a swarm to make it effective, but this is
    prevent against by the cost. The Buggy is a cheaper, more viable alternative
    making the Bike best against land units, which isn't all to great. 
    [14.03] Scorpion Tank
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory
    Abilities        : Call for Transport
    Upgrades         : Laser Capacitor, Dozer Blade
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure
    Construction Time: 8 sec
    This is the light tank of the game. It is not all that strong, withstanding
    a few hits at most before it is destroyed. The tanks move fast and can easily
    run over infantry, helping with the Dozer Blade Upgrade, allowing it to run
    over heavy infantry such as Zone Troopers, clear minefields and provide a 
    bit more armour. The Dozer Blade for running over infantry is really novelty
    though. Zone Troopers can easily demolish a group of Scorpions trying to run
    it over. Their Laser Capacitors allow them to deal more damage against units,
    making it more effective against Infantry, but the problem still is that it is
    relatively weak. However, they are cheap and quick to produce, making it one
    of the most common rushes online, the ST rush. 
    [14.04] Harvester
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory, Refinery
    Abilities        : Harvest Tiberium, Cloaked
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Harvesting 
    Construction Time: 10 sec
    What do these guys do, harvest of course. Their special ability is that they 
    are cloaked when harvesting Tiberium, so a careless commander may start to 
    wonder where his Tiberium went. Of course, building them early game might drop
    your initial credit count but when they get busy, you'll get the annoying 
    message, "Silos needed." When you purchase a harvester, it will cost 1000 
    credits, while building a refinery, selling it for the harvester will also 
    cost 1000 credits. Basically the same, so if your war factory queue is full, 
    just build a refinery and sell it. 
    [14.05] Flame Tank
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory, Operations Centre
    Abilities        : Clears Garrisoned Structures
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Infantry
    Construction Time: 10 sec
    This unit, has many uses in the campaign mode, some in skirmishes but are 
    relatively useless online since not many use infantry to start with. Although
    it can clear out garrisoned structures relatively easily and are excellent 
    against infantry, they come with their weaknesses. They have to be in close
    range of the infantry to actually spew flames at them, giving them a very
    limited range. Also, their health isn't all that great given their range, 
    making Missile Squads an easy target. Their flame weapons are hopeless against
    vehicles, who are dealt with reduced damage against flame weapons. Given that
    they are weapons of fear, they don't inspire fear into enemy commanders. 
    Rather, a chance to promote their units. 
    [14.06] Avatar Warmech
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory, Tech Lab
    Abilities        : Commandeer Technology
    Upgrades         : Stealth Generator, Stealth Detector, Flamethrower, Extra
                       Laser Cannon
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Infantry, Anti-Structure, Walker
    Construction Time: 30 sec
    With the recent patches, the cost is reduced and build time as well, making it
    more possible Nod players can use it. It is a walker, and like the Mammoth
    Tank and the Tripod, has the ability to walk over smaller vehicles. They are
    walkers, making them targets to Commandos destroying them. A group of 3 
    Avatars were up against my GDI Commando, Jump Jet and they were down. They
    can commander technology from other vehicles, but this destroys them and is
    relatively expensive, totally up to 6000 credits for a top Avatar. And when
    they are destroyed, an engineer can walk up to them and capture it. For the
    Stealth Detector, commandeer an Attack Bike, for a Stealth Generator, get a 
    Stealth Tank, for a Flamethrower, go get a Flame Tank and for the Laser 
    Cannon, get the Beam Cannon. It isn't worth it, however, a group of Avatars
    popping out of nowhere comes as a great ambush token. 
    [14.07] Stealth Tank
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory, Operations Centre
    Abilities        : Stealthed
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Ambush, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air, Anti-Structure
    Construction Time: 10 sec
    They are the Predator Tanks of the Nod forces. They are your usual tank, using
    missiles against their enemies, which also target air. They are cloaked when
    they are not moving, making them the best for ambushing. They are quick 
    across the battlefield, making them perfect tools for hit and run tactics,
    especially against enemy Harvesters. The enemy cannot fight what they cannot
    see. By then, its too late. They are still cheaper than the GDI Predator and
    miles ahead of the Seeker. However, their weakness lies with their health,
    making them vulnerable to a few lucky shots from an enemy unit. 
    [14.08] Beam Cannon
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory, Tech Lab
    Abilities        : Reflector Attack
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Artillery Support, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure
    Construction Time: 10 sec
    The Beam Cannon serves as Artillery for Nod. Their beam cannons, en masse, 
    can do damage. Alone, they do respectable damage, but against units like a 
    Mammoth Tank, it is hardly noticeable. They are extremely long ranged, 
    attacking beyond the other players Fog of War. Also, they can reflect their
    beams off Venoms, but this is hardly useful since the Venoms will be shot
    down pretty quick. They can also charge Obelisks of Light, extending their
    range and damage output, charging them up. They are quick, and in a large
    group, can take down a Mammoth Tank with ease. 
    [14.09] Emissary
    Cost             : 15 Credits
    Requires         : Construction Yard
    Abilities        : Deploy into Outpost
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Base Expansion
    Construction Time: 15 sec
    The Emissary is a new addition to the game. To build in a remote area, you
    need to have an Emissary deployed into an Outpost to expand. By deploying an
    outpost, you get a build zone where you can build around it. Read the manual
    if you aren't sure. However, when you deploy these guys, they aren't armed at
    all so you might want to send some units, in particular, Stealth Tanks or
    Turret Farm them. 
    [14.10] MCV
    Cost             : 2500 Credits
    Requires         : War Factory, Operations Centre
    Abilities        : Deploy into Construction Yard
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Base Expansion
    Construction Time: 25 sec
    Building this has been more of a moot point compared to the previous games.
    Since you only need the Emissary/Outpost to expand and not the MCV, you don't
    really need it. Of course, if your paranoid that you might lose your original
    MCV and have no cranes, than a backup somewhere safe, maybe behind your ally's
    base, somewhere safe, as a backup or spending it on something useless if you
    have too many credits. Of course, what this does is basically deploy into a 
    construction yard, to construct buildings. Of course, Nod being Nod has 
    decided on some more scary look, making the MCv move like a giant spider. 
    [15.01] Venom Patrol Craft
    Cost             : 700 Credits
    Requires         : Air Tower
    Abilities        : Detects Stealth, Signature Generator
    Upgrades         : Signature Generator, Laser Capacitors
    Role             : Scout, Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air
    Construction Time: 7 sec
    Its a scout helicopter, a quick flying unit that has decent capabilities 
    against infantry and interestingly enough, can attack other air units, giving
    it an advantage over the GDI Orca. They do not consume space at the Air Tower
    so you don't have to worry about Venom/Vertigo management. The Lasers upgrade
    provide them with the extra power that they need en masse while the Signature
    Generator is kind of pointless. Anyway, en mass, or in a large swarm, of
    about 40 to 50, they can wreak havoc on any players day. Of course, it would
    be hard to surpress, making it ideal for rush. Consider it the airborne 
    cousin of the Scorpion Tank. 
    [15.02] Vertigo Bomber
    Cost             : 1800 Credits
    Requires         : Air Tower, Tech Lab
    Abilities        : Stealthed
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Structure
    Construction Time: 18 sec
    The Vertigo is the Stealth Bomber for Nod, making them much stronger than the
    GDI Firehawk. The Bomber is stealthed until it decides to drop the massive
    bomb that it carries. The bomb does large amounts of damage and since it is
    a single weapon, it is faster to reload at the Air Tower. There are problems
    through with the bomber. It does not carry too much health since it relies on
    not being caught unlike the Scrin units which can have a frontal assault 
    without any problems. It also has to face defences which most likely detect
    stealth, giving the Firehawks a boost with their Boosters. 
    [15.03] Carryall
    Cost             : Cannot be Built
    Requires         : Air Tower
    Abilities        : Transports Infantry Units and Small Vehicles
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Transport
    Construction Time: Cannot be Built
    Once you have the airfield, for the cost of 500 credits, you can airlift a 
    unit to wherever you want. However, the transport, which replaces the Carryall
    from Tiberium Sun is not very durable and has no form of assault. Also, it has
    to be a unit that can be carried, so no dropping units like Avatar Warmechs
    next to someone's MCV. If the Transport is destroyed, the unit dies along with
    it. So don't carry something valuable if you want it to live. 
    [16.01] Construction Yard
    Cost             : Free from MCV
    Requires         : MCV
    Abilities        : Allows you to Build
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : None
    Construction Time: N/A
    This is the most important building for you. Until you can build the Crane,
    this is the only way you can build structures. Note that the Crane cannot
    build Surveyors so your MCV is quite important. Protect it since enemies will
    target this first. It is however, unable to be destroyed by a Superweapon 
    [16.02] Power Plant
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Construction Yard
    Abilities        : PROVIDES POWER!
    Upgrades         : Liquid Tiberium Core
    Energy Produced  : 15 Energy
    Construction Time: 5 secs
    What do power plants do I wonder? It a really hard question. Anyway, Nod power
    is extremely efficient. They provide the most amount of power when upgraded
    compared with the Scrin and GDI. Therefore, you need less of them. The funny
    thing is, for the enemy to disable your power, they need to destroy fewer power
    plants than they will fighting GDI or Scrin. 
    [16.03] Crane
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Construction Yard
    Abilities        : Provides another Build Queue
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 10 Energy
    Construction Time: 15 secs
    These are very handy, it saves you purchasing another MCV. Cranes allow you
    basically to have another MCV with the exception of build another Crane or
    training a Surveyor. Therefore, you basically have two build queues for normal
    and support structures. Therefore, you can build two buildings and two support
    buildings all at once. Generally the first structure I would place. 
    [16.04] Refinery
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : Construction Yard
    Abilities        : Processing Tiberium
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 6 Energy
    Construction Time: 20 secs
    Get this, they give you money. Wow. Anyway, you will definitely need this to
    get income and this is where Harvesters drop off their collected Tiberium. 
    After the Crane and Power Plant, it is this one. You will need this, even if
    you are rushing. 
    [16.05] Hand of Nod
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Power Plant
    Abilities        : Produces Infantry
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 5 Energy
    Construction Time: 5 secs
    The barracks is your main building to build and train infantry. You will need
    this if you even consider to use infantry. They are cheap and easy to 
    maintain, and often, never used online since people use tanks. Of course, 
    infantry has it uses, including your capturing units. 
    [16.06] War Factory
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : Refinery
    Abilities        : Produces Vehicles, Repair Vehicles
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 7 Energy
    Construction Time: 20 secs
    This constructs your main land units, vehicles. This is absolutely necessary
    if you wish to last beyond the early rush. The more of these you build, the
    more vehicle queues you can operate but the initial cost is rather expensive
    to build more of until later. You should send home your damaged vehicles for
    repairs for free with the automated drones. Also, the first building you 
    should build after plopping this down is the Harvester. 
    [16.07] Operations Center
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Refinery
    Abilities        : None
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 9 Energy
    Construction Time: 15 secs
    This is the necessary building before you can access the more powerful Nod
    units, and they aren't to powerful. It takes up more space than the GDI and
    Nod Varient though, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. 
    [16.08] Secret Shrine
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : 2 Upgrades for Infantry
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 8 Energy
    Construction Time: 10 secs
    This building allows you access to the better Nod Infantry units, in
    particular, the Shadow Teams and the Commando. It also provides two vital 
    upgrades for infantry that will definitely help the battle if you use such
    [16.09] Tech Lab
    Cost             : 4000 Credits
    Requires         : Operations Centre
    Abilities        : Provides 4 Upgrades, Upgrade for Power Plants
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 15 Energy
    Construction Time: 40 secs
    Very expensive and unlocks the most powerful abilities and units for the Nod
    forces to play around with. The price tag may force you to wait for a little
    bit, but still, the upgrades really powerup your units and make them close to
    level with the other factions. 
    [16.10] Air Tower
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : Operations Center, Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : Provides Aircraft, Repairs Aircraft
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 8 Energy
    Construction Time: 10 secs
    The Air Tower is the structure that gives you access to Venoms and Vertigos, 
    the mainstay of the Nod air force. They have drones that allow you to repair
    the aircraft, including Venoms, as well as loading bays for 4 Vertigos to
    repair and rearm. 
    [16.11] Tiberium Chemical Plant
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Lab
    Abilities        : Access to Support Powers
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 12 Energy
    Construction Time: 30 secs
    This allows you to construct the Chemical Plant, which allows for use of the
    Tiberium Vapor Bomb and to seed Tiberium. See the part on the support powers
    for more on that but the problem with such powers is that they are show down
    by anti-air forces. The Catalyst missile however, is useful, by pricey. 
    [17.01] Tiberium Silo
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Refinery
    Abilities        : Stores Tiberium
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : None
    Construction Time: 5 secs
    These are silos that, funnily enough, store Tiberium. You should only use 
    these if you are too busy fighting and need the Tiberium later, possibly to
    build another force. They are cheap, consume no power at all. But a good
    commander should control their finances and should have nothing to waste at
    all. Still, if you keep getting bugged, silos needed, then build some. 
    [17.02] Shredder Turret
    Cost             : 600 Credits
    Requires         : None
    Abilities        : Repair Turrets
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 6 Energy
    Construction Time: 6 secs
    The first of the three turrets. I have ready explained how these things work
    in the campaign, but again, I'll repeat myself. When you build the turret, 
    there are 4 buildings, 3 Turrets, placed where you choose to do so after you
    have placed the Hub. The hub is what controls the turrets and if they are 
    destroyed by attacking forces, the hub will rebuild the turret. If the turrets
    are damaged, the Hub should be repaired instead of the turret. If the Hub is
    destroyed, all the turrets are destroyed. Think of it as the foundations of a
    building, if the foundation is destroyed, then everything falls. The Shredder
    is your Anti-Infantry turret, it acts like a giant shotgun, firing flak and
    sharpnel at infantry. With three of them, they are cheap and effective. 
    All turrets detect stealth as well. 
    [17.03] Laser Turret
    Cost             : 1200 Credits
    Requires         : Hand of Nod
    Abilities        : Repair Turrets
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 10 Energy
    Construction Time: 12 secs
    The Laser Turret is the most effective against the vehicles except for the
    powerful one, in particular, the Mammoth and the Tripod, The Laser Turret
    deals a fair amount of damage, but is multiplied by three since they have 
    three of them. A good deal of them will protect your base. Don't try these
    against Tripods or Mammoths, they will either outrange you or crush you. 
    [17.04] SAM Turret
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : Operations Centre
    Abilities        : Repair Turrets
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 6 Energy
    Construction Time: 8 secs
    The most effective Anti Air defence is the SAM turret. This is basically three
    turrets firing missiles at air units. The cost and the damage done makes the
    SAM Turret better than the Plasma Missile Battery and far superior to the
    GDI AA turret. A group of these will take down any air threats, even the Scrin
    Warships and Carrier. Although they are outranged, they are powerful and will
    shoot down Carrier fighters quickly. 
    [17.05] Disruption Tower
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Secret Shrine
    Abilities        : Stealth Field
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 15 Energy
    Construction Time: 15 secs
    A really useful tower. Even for its price, the usefulness is not stopped. It
    basically creates a stealth field over a certain area, which means that you
    cannot see anything with this field unless it attacks you. However, it is
    stopped by stealth detectors but effectively deters your enemies from using
    any sort of Air attack or land attack without detectors. The best thing to 
    have under the tower is a nice turret farm. 
    [17.06] Obelisk of Light
    Cost             : 1800 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Lab
    Abilities        : None
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 15 Energy
    Construction Time: 18 secs
    The Icon of the Nod forces. Imagine a massive, powerful laser that can shred
    units. It does severe damage against vehicles and can cut infantry squads into
    two. The only problem is that the damage is only done to one unit, unlike the
    Sonic Emitter which can damage multiple targets in a line while it also cannot
    attack aerial units. This is practical, imagine a powerful laser firing at 
    fast air units, and this makes it weaker against the Scrin Storm Column. As 
    you do, just plop down a field of SAM Turrets and this will easily cover the
    weakness. Also, don't use just one since this won't be powerful enough to deal
    with a large convoy. Just place some Shredders and Laser Turrets in front of
    the Obelisks, leaving them at the back, to provide support. It can also be
    charged up with Beam Cannons, similar to the Tesla Coil and the Tesla Trooper
    in RA2. Powering it up with Beam Cannons will give it more range and damage,
    hitting everything except air. 
    [17.07] Temple of Nod
    Cost             : 5000 Credits
    Requires         : Tech Lab
    Abilities        : Nuke
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 20 Energy
    Construction Time: 50 secs
    This is where the Nukes are stored. It basically provides the Superweapon and
    other than that, it just looks cool. It is the religious building of the Nod
    forces, hence the world, Temple. Once the missile is launched, wait again. One
    question is, who stores Nukes in Temples? Kane. 
    [18.01] Radar Jamming Missile
    Cost             : 750 Credits
    Enabled By       : Operations Centre
    Power Type       : Intelligence Power
    Normally, this is the perfect power just to annoy someone, using their lack of
    radar with hit and run tactics. However, this is the perfect time where the
    enemy cannot hit you back. Most of the time, people will play with the volume
    on, minimising the damage done. However, without sound, you won't get the EVA
    announcement that you are under attack. So, this is the perfect time to 
    initiate a bombing run with the Vertigos or send in a sneak attack. After all,
    if you can't see, how would you know that your Power Plants have been 
    crippled? This is the time when they won't attack, since they are now unsure
    what they face. This is wonderful if they are going to attack an area under 
    a Disruption Tower.
    [18.02] Decoy Army
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Enabled By       : Operations Centre
    Power Type       : Intelligence Power
    This power isn't that handy, but if you think about it, it can be. Lets say
    you have a large army. You can use the decoy army to "attack" one side of 
    your enemy's base, while your real army attacks the other side. With two 
    armies attacking at the same time, the defenders won't know who to attack
    until some real damage has been done. This is basically a bluff ability as
    well, after all, who actually knows how many Avatars you have lying around?
    However, these decoy units cannot do any sort of damage at all, cannot pick
    up any crates that many be lying around and can only take a few hits before
    they are vanquished. However, it is a scouting power after all. 
    [18.03] Cloaking Field
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Enabled By       : Operations Centre
    Power Type       : Utility Power
    Even though several of Nod's vehicles can cloak, such as the valuable Stealth
    Tank, most cannot however. You might hide a group of Avatars but that is 
    pretty costly. This gives some of Nod's units with a hit and run ability but
    generally doesn't last long enough to effective damage the base of the 
    enemy. However, this is another use to the cloaking field. That is that it
    can be used to attack infantry. This is like the Soviet Iron Curtain from RA2.
    If this is used on infantry, they will take damage. With the patch, the price
    is increased, but the damage done to infantry is increased massively. As such,
    if you are under heavy attack by infantry, like I was with Rocket Squads, this
    Field will remove some of the attackers while you build up your defences. 
    [18.04] Shadow Strike Team
    Cost             : 1600 Credits
    Enabled By       : Secret Shrine
    Power Type       : Reinforcement Power
    Wonderful power, since the Shadows are extremely useful in their own right,
    You get a cheap, upgraded unit onto the map. However, I strongly recommend 
    against using this inside an enemy's base. Unlike the GDI Drop Pod, the Shadow
    Teams come in through gliders, therefore, vulnerable to AA fire, especially
    from turrets since they detect stealth. And even if they do land, the enemy
    would be onto you, and you don't stand much of a chance. Use it behind an
    enemy's base, where they can't see. Also, you get control of them once you see
    them, so you can alter their route if you don't want them dead. Don't send 
    them over structural defences, that will end their life. 
    [18.05] Mine Drop
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Enabled By       : Air Tower
    Power Type       : Defensive Power
    This is a handy power, which I normally use for harassing. Anyway, this will
    call in the long range bomber to drop mines onto the battlefield. This is
    invisible unless the enemy is using stealth detectors. This will hamper your
    efforts. Use this in choke points or buildings that you don't want to be 
    destroyed to a Commando attack. If spotted, they are attacked and destroyed
    pretty easily. However, you can drop this directly on units and they will 
    take damage if they are on any mines and if they long in it. Useful if they
    have light infantry or light vehicles lying around that need to be 
    destroyed. Note that the mines will not attack friendly units. 
    [18.06] Tiberium Vapor Bomb
    Cost             : 3500 Credits
    Enabled By       : Tiberium Chemical Plant
    Power Type       : Offensive Power
    This is one heck of a powerful bomb, second to the Nod Nuke. This does
    however, suffer from a single flaw. It is dropped from a plane that has the
    health of a Vertigo. Although there is the flaw, this bomb is powerful. It
    cannot take down structures like Construction Yards, War Factorys or the
    Superweapons, it can, however, take down Power Plants and other minor 
    targets. This is best when followed up with a Vertigo strike, a ground 
    assault, whatever. This is the perfect suppliment to the Nuke, since the
    main structures are critical and their units are in disarray. This is the
    time where you finish them off. However, it is quite easy to shoot down and 
    is not stealthed, making it a easy target and as such, harder to deliver the
    bomb and as a reminder, the effect is not as massive as you would think. 
    [18.07] Seed Tiberium
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Enabled By       : Tiberium Chemical Plant
    Power Type       : Resource Power
    In interesting ability to say the least. This will allow you to spawn a nice
    little Tiberium patch right where you want it. You can use this for harvesting
    but then again, if you are low on cash, why can you afford this? However, the
    most natural use for this is for the Catalyst Missile. If you use this 
    correctly, you can have a nice patch of Tiberium to detonate to say the least.
    If you really must use it, use it on production areas or areas where there 
    are units around. Immediately follow up with the Catalyst Missile if you 
    succeed. This the mine drop, this is done from the long range bomber that is
    about the same health as the Vertigo, so you must be mindful of enemy AA 
    [18.08] Catalyst Missile
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Enabled By       : Tiberium Chemical Plant
    Power Type       : Offensive Power
    You might have played the Nod campaign and found that the Catalyst Missile
    is extremely powerful. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You could use this
    to severely cripple their economy. Imagine a large amount of harvesters on a
    single Tiberium patch. Catalyst Missile later, their Harvesters are dead. If
    you fire this on Tiberium, anything on the field is as good as gone. This also
    works on Refinerys interestingly enough. If you are lucky, you might strike
    down a few Harvesters and the Refinery at the same go. This will almost always
    take down the Refinery. A good trade, the Refinery probably had some credits
    in it. Other than that, unless that have a nice army moving across a Tiberium
    Field, there is no other use for this. 
    [18.09] Nuclear Missile
    Cost             : Free
    Enabled By       : Temple of Nod
    Power Type       : Superweapon
    Nuclear Launch Detected. The classic Starcraft quote. Anyway, this Nuclear
    Missile is about the same as the GDI Ion Cannon and the Scrin Rift Generator
    but doesn't look as cool. Its just your standard Nuke dropping in uninvited 
    into an enemy base. Like the other Superweapons, it will never finish off
    a Construction Yard, Superweapon alone, you should follow up with a nice
    Vertigo attack run or a ground assault after the Nuke has been launched. Still
    you could steal another Superweapon and use a DOUBLE ATTACK. Muhahahahaha. 
    Follow up with an army of Stealth Tanks, or a capturing spree or even use the
    Avatars to destroy the crippled base. There are infinite ways to finish this. 
    [19.01] Tiberium Infusion
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Researched At    : Secret Shrine
    Research Time    : 20 secs
    Units Effected   : Fanatics, Militant Squad, Militant Rocket Squad
    This infusion is increased to 2000 credits due to the sheer usefulness of this
    towards Nod infantry. It basically makes them take no damage while they travel
    on Tiberium, making them useful for Fanatics to suicide against an enemy's 
    harvester. The fact that most people don't use infantry though is a problem 
    and as such, this infusion isn't that useful. However, it isn't going to be
    good for the soldier's health though. 
    [19.02] Confessor
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Researched At    : Secret Shrine
    Research Time    : 30 secs
    Units Effected   : Militant Squad, Militant Rocket Squad
    One of the best weapons against infantry provided that it is used. The 
    Confessor is an upgrade, giving the militant squads an experienced Nod leader
    that increases the attack of the units and throws grenades that on impact,
    make enemy infantry to attack each other. This is really useful since I've had
    a battalion of 15 Zone Troopers get wiped out to 9, a few others on critical
    due to a Confessor throwing upgrades. A nasty shock when a building is 
    [19.03] EMP Coils
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Researched At    : Tech Lab
    Research Time    : 30 secs
    Units Effected   : Raider Buggy
    One of the most useful upgrades, that makes the Raider Buggy a real threat to
    be reckoned with. This allows the Buggy to activate an EMP blast when your 
    order it to, disabling all units, except for infantry in the sphere of the
    blast on the ground. The makes the enemy units sitting ducks on the 
    battlefield, making them fodder for your units. Get it and use it. 
    [19.04] Dozer Blade
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Researched At    : Tech Lab
    Research Time    : 30 secs
    Units Effected   : Scorpion Tank
    This upgrade is rather cheap in terms of cost and relatively useful, if you
    are against the computer or a player who uses infantry, in particular, heavy
    infantry such as Zone Troopers or Shock Troopers. This upgrade gives the
    Scorpion tank the ability to run over heavy infantry, making them more useful
    and provides a bit more armour. It can also go through minefields without 
    taking damage. Relatively useful but the odds of Scorpion Tanks running over
    a Zone Trooper is relatively slim, as their railguns do a fair amount of 
    [19.05] Laser Capacitors
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Researched At    : Tech Lab
    Research Time    : 60 secs
    Units Effected   : Raider Buggy, Venom, Scorpion Tank
    A useful upgrade for your units as it makes them do more damage in combat. The
    lasers provide more damage against infantry and is mildly effective against
    vehicles. You should use it if you use those units, which most players would
    or they would use the Stealth Tank, a useful unit in its own right.
    [19.06] Signature Generator
    Cost             : 100 Credits
    Researched At    : Tech Lab
    Research Time    : 10 secs
    Units Effected   : Venom
    An utterly useless upgrade. Unless your enemy is too stupid to check and look
    at your "massive" attack force on the map, this has absolutely no use at all.
    Really, it is for novelty purposes and really serves no purpose, making it a
    waste of 100 credits and 10 seconds. 
    [19.07] Liquid Tiberium Core
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Researched At    : Power Plant after you have Tech Lab
    Research Time    : 10 secs
    Building Effected: Power Plant
    This is where Nod power shines over the rest of the factions. For the cost of
    500 credits, this will provide 30 energy for your base. In comparsion, GDI
    has 300 for 10 energy and the Scrin has 400 for 20 energy. This makes the GDI
    Power Plant the most expensive and inefficient out of the three power plants.
    Why cannot GDI embrace Tiberium?
    [20.01] Call for Transport
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Airfield
    Units Effected   : Militant Squad, Militant Rocket Squad, Saboteur, Fanatics,
                       Black Hand, Shadow Team, Commando, Attack Bike, Raider 
                       Buggy, Scorpion Tank
    The Call for Transport is mighty useful, if you have the credits. This allows
    you to call in the Carryall and transport one of your favoured units to
    wherever you wish. The transports can withstand a bit of damage but are 
    easily destroyed. If they are destroyed, any unit that is carried will die 
    with the transport as well. Make note that it is the best method of moving 
    units from one part of the battlefield to another and handy to drop
    Saboteurs in unexpectated places. 
    [20.02] EMP Burst
    Cost             : None
    Requires         : EMP Coils Upgrade
    Units Effected   : Raider Buggy
    By using this ability, it shuts down all land structures and vehicles. This
    makes it an easy target for your little units. A must have for Nod as it is
    the most effective way to destroy a Mammoth or Tripod convoy. 
    [20.03] Explosive Charge
    Cost             : None
    Requires         : Shadow Team
    Units Effected   : Shadow Team
    The most deadly weapon in the Shadow Teams arsenal. This basically is a mini
    explosive on a building. It isn't as powerful as the Commando's explosive
    charge, but for their price, the Shadow Teams are definitely worth it. Of 
    course, this would reveal their stealth, but a group of 6 Shadow Teams can 
    wreak havoc on an enemy base before they can react. 
    [20.04] Glider Pack
    Cost             : None
    Requires         : Shadow Team
    Units Effected   : Shadow Team
    This is what makes the Shadow Team so good. This Glider allows for you to
    control when the Teams take to the air in their little gliders. While 
    airborne, you can still control them, making them an air unit at the same
    time. Also, they remain stealthed so unless your opponent has any detectors,
    the Shadow Teams can escape to the back of their base and do some damage. 
    [20.05] Booby Trap
    Cost             : None
    Requires         : Saboteur
    Units Effected   : Saboteur
    An interesting ability for the Saboteur. This allows him to set trap bombs on
    bridges and civilian buildings. When an enemy unit walks over or enters the
    building with the bomb, it will explode, most likely damaging them or killing
    them in the case of solo units. This is useful for maps with bridges as this
    will allow you to destroy bridges and ensure that no one can repair it. 
    [20.06] Signature Generator 
    Cost             : None
    Requires         : Signature Generator Upgrade
    Units Effected   : Venom
    Useless, utterly useless. I'm not even going to go into this useless ability
    as it is already mentioned above. Useless. 
    [20.07] Reflector Attack
    Cost             : None
    Requires         : Venom as Spotter
    Units Effected   : Beam Cannon
    Again, not another handy technology unless your opponent doesn't have any sort
    of air defence. This sort of works like the Bombard Target ability from the
    GDI, except you use the Venom as the spotter. However, unlike the Bombard
    Target, the Reflector Attack is harder to use as Venoms are not stealthed and
    are easily shot down, and also requires a Beam Cannon, multiple to be useful.
    Up to you.
    [20.08] Commandeer Technology
    Cost             : Units
    Requires         : Stealth Tank, Attack Bike, Flame Tank, Beam Cannon, Avatar
    Units Effected   : Avatar
    This is the only way to make the weak Avatar more powerful. At the expense of
    one of the units, you can give the Avatar an extra bonus, a Stealth Generator
    from the Stealth Tank, a Stealth Detector from the Attack Bike, a Flamethrower
    from the Flame Tank and another Beam attack from the Beam Cannon. The Flame
    Thrower is used at close range and burns infantry. However, it is costly and
    when you lose the Avatar, the upgrades stay when recovered, making it a large
    waste of cash when the enemy gets one. 
    [21.01] Buzzers
    Cost             : 200 Credits
    Requires         : Portal
    Abilities        : Clears Garrisoned Structures
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Infantry
    Squad Size       : 1
    Construction Time: 2 sec
    Rather than actual units, the Scrin basic infantry is a whirlwind of razor
    blades that slice and shred infantry into what GDI forces call, a pile of
    wet flesh on the floor. As such, blades are effective against infantry but do
    virtually no damage against vehicles at all. They are also very weak, with a 
    hit or two and they disappear. They also act as an anti-infantry measure 
    on vehicles when you combine them. But they are best for their role as 
    clicking nightmares. When playing other humans, it is extremely hard to 
    target the Buzzers, best to leave it on autofire. 
    [21.02] Disintegrators
    Cost             : 300 Credits
    Requires         : Portal
    Abilities        : Explode when Crushed
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle
    Squad Size       : 5
    Construction Time: 3 sec
    Your basic anti-vehicle unit, however, unlike their Nod and GDI counterparts,
    they cannot target air units. They are powerful in destroying tanks and the
    ilk as they have 5 units to fight with. They also serve as a crushing hazard
    since they will do damage to the offending unit. While the damage is quite 
    minor alone, it is strong when there is a whole army of them. They are the
    Scrin player's best option for rushing.
    [21.03] Assimilator
    Cost             : 500 Credits
    Requires         : Portal
    Abilities        : Cloaked when Stationary, Captures Buildings
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Capture Structures
    Squad Size       : 1
    Construction Time: 5 sec
    The slowest moving Engineer since the invention of the unit. The Assimilator
    is so freaking slow, the Mammoth could beat it in a race. It still serves its
    service as a capturing unit, and does come with the nice feature that it is
    cloaked when it does not move. I'd rather it swapped roles with Nod though 
    since cloaked units is their speciality. 
    [21.04] Shock Troopers
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : Portal, Nerve Centre, Statis Chamber
    Abilities        : Teleporting
    Upgrades         : Plasma Disc Launchers, Blink Pack
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure, Anti-Air
    Squad Size       : 3
    Construction Time: 8 sec
    The all in one unit. The Shock Troopers give the Zone Troopers a run for their
    money for one reason, when upgraded, they can give any air unit a kick and 
    send them running, which is what the Zone Troopers need to do. They are tough
    against ground units as well and also can teleport themselves towards the
    enemy as well. They teleport about the same distance, if not more, than the
    Jump Jets of the GDI forces, however, there are only three squad members, 
    giving them less attack and easier somewhat to destroy as there are only
    3 units to deal with, unlike the Zone Troopers 4. 
    [21.05] Mastermind
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Portal, Statis Chamber, Technology Assembler
    Abilities        : Teleport Units, Manipulator Device
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Controller, Teleporter, Support
    Squad Size       : 1
    Construction Time: 15 sec
    With the recent patch, it has been upgraded to 2500 credits to play with since
    it is, without a doubt, the most useful Commando unit of all 3 factions. They
    cannot attack, and you might say, what kind of unit doesn't attack? It attacks
    with other units which it can brain control to their side and fight for you.
    They can also manipulate buildings, except for Support Structures, as well, 
    letting you gain the functions of the building. For example, manipulating a
    Barracks will allow you to train units from the Barracks. They can also 
    teleport units a large, but not infinite distance across the map, provided
    that you can see what you are teleporting to. This is best used in 
    conjunction with the Rift Generator and can really start to cause problems for
    the enemy. 
    [22.01] Seeker
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : Warp Sphere
    Abilities        : Combine with Buzzers, Detects Stealth
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Stealth Detector, Anti-Vehicle
    Construction Time: 8 sec
    Your basic tank for the Scrin forces, except it is super weak. Although the
    health of the unit leaves much to be desired, it does have a decent attack
    that deals good damage against units and like several other units, they are
    plasma discs, making them a spread out attack, rather than your normal
    laser or cannon attack, whereas this one can miss. They can combine with 
    Buzzers for anti-infantry attack and it is unexpected for a Scrin player to
    use a Seeker Rush, which you will eventually have to do in the Scrin Missions.
    A decent tank, but lacks the armour to save it. 
    [22.02] Gun Walker
    Cost             : 700 Credits
    Requires         : Warp Sphere
    Abilities        : Combine with Buzzers
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air
    Construction Time: 7 sec
    The Scrin APC as it were, but no where as useful as the GDI APC. It deals 
    excellent damage against infantry and air units, easily shooting them down 
    with their guns. The problem is that there is hardly any damage done against
    tanks, making them sitting ducks on the battlefield as they scour the field
    for infantry and air units. Combining with Buzzers is relatively pointless
    as they kill infantry and another layer would be pointless. Use in numbers, 
    but use as defences as they serve no real offensive purpose. 
    [22.03] Harvester
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : Warp Sphere, Extractor
    Abilities        : Harvest Tiberium, Cloaked
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Harvesting 
    Construction Time: 10 sec
    What do these guys do, harvest of course. Their special ability is that they 
    harvest Tiberium at a quicker rate that any other faction. In the original
    unpatched version, destroying one of them would spawn an ion storm, but not 
    more. Of course, building them early game might drop your initial credit count
    but when they get busy, you'll have a large wad of cash. When you purchase a 
    harvester, it will cost 1000 credits, while building an extractor, selling it
    for the harvester will also cost 1000 credits. Basically the same, so if your 
    Warp Sphere queue is full, just build an extractor and sell it. 
    [22.04] Devourer Tank
    Cost             : 1400 Credits
    Requires         : Warp Sphere, Nerve Centre
    Abilities        : Conversion Beam, Combine with Buzzers
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Building
    Construction Time: 14 sec
    They are your better staple tanks, over the Seeker. They are good at dishing
    out damage against vehicles and buildings, and attacking from a decent range
    might I add. Placing it on a Tiberium field allows it to use its Conversion
    Beam, converting the lovely green crystals into more power, boosting range
    and damage to large proportions, making a group of these units extremely hard
    to deal with in Tiberium fields. They are stronger than the Nod Beam Cannons
    as they pack more firepower and more health to play around with. 
    [22.05] Corrupter
    Cost             : 1400 Credits
    Requires         : Warp Sphere, Nerve Centre
    Abilities        : Clears Garrisoned Buildings, Combine with Buzzers
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Clears Structures
    Construction Time: 14 sec
    Of course, you would have seen this unit in the GDI cutscene where the 
    unknown Blue Zone City is attacked. These guys store some sort of Tiberium
    based slime in their storage tanks, killing infantry just like the Nod Flame
    Tank. The price is a lot more than a flame tank, but there is an added bonus
    in the fact that it heals its own troops. That's not all folks, it also has a
    chance of turning infantry it kills into those nasty Visceroids, however, they
    are agressive neutral units, making them attack you. Besides the fact that
    infantry is not used much online, they are a decent unit. Great as a support
    unit if you use Scrin infantry units. 
    [22.06] Annihilator Tripod
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Requires         : Warp Sphere, Technology Assembler
    Abilities        : Combine with Buzzers
    Upgrades         : Forcefield Generator
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure, Walker
    Construction Time: 30 sec
    They might take a long time to build, but these guys can trump to beloved
    Mammoth Tank. They deal excessive amounts of damage to enemy units on the
    ground with its lasers, giving rapid attacks on multiple targets if need be.
    They can trample over smaller vehicles, in particular, harvesters, which are
    a bother to kill. Anyway, a group of these, if left unchecked, can easily
    destroy a base. In a skirmish against 3 AI players, a group of 6 Tripods 
    easily demolished their base. Of course, combine with Buzzers since they lack
    the edge against infantry and support with Anti-Air. While Mammoths are the
    all-round unit, the Scrin are more powerful but lack the air attack. Also, get
    the Forcefield Generator to provide more health through a rechargeable shield
    a survival against an EMP. Don't lose them and forget as they can be 
    recovered and used another day. 
    [22.07] Explorer
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Drone Platform
    Abilities        : Deploys into Outpost
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Base Expansion
    Construction Time: sec
    The Explorer is a new addition to the game. To build in a remote area, you
    need to have an Explorer deployed into an Outpost to expand. By deploying an
    outpost, you get a build zone where you can build around it. Read the manual
    if you aren't sure. However, when you deploy these guys, they aren't armed at
    all so you might want to build some structures, such as Storm Columns and
    maybe a Tripod or two to defend your valuable base.
    [23.01] Drone Ship
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Requires         : Gravity Stabiliser
    Abilities        : Deploys into Drone Platform, Can Fly
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Base Expansion
    Construction Time: 30 sec
    Building this has been more of a moot point compared to the previous games.
    Since you only need the Explorer/Outpost to expand and not the Drone Platform,
    you don't really need it. Of course, if your paranoid that you might lose your
    original Platform and have no cranes, than a backup somewhere safe, maybe 
    behind your ally's base, somewhere safe, as a backup or spending it on 
    something useless if you have too many credits. Of course, what this does is 
    basically deploy into a Drone Platform, to construct buildings. Of course, for
    the Scrin, it is extra price because it can fly! Pointless but provides a 
    defence against land attacks, while wipe the floor with the MCVs. 
    [23.02] Stormrider
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Gravity Stabiliser
    Abilities        : Does not have to reload, Heals in Ion Storms
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Anti-Air, Anti-Infantry, Scout
    Construction Time: 15 sec
    The Stormrider is the basic Scrin air unit, and costs as much as the GDI
    Firehawk. These units never have to reload their weapons as they have little
    plasma blasters, dealing fair damage against infantry and other air units. The
    only reason they have to return to the Gravity Stabiliser is to repair the
    damage. Other than that, you can onlny have 4 Stormriders per Gravity
    Stabiliser. However, their damage and health is weak and their cost will
    prevent you from using them, instead, to use the bigger battleships. 
    [23.03] Devastator Warship
    Cost             : 2400 Credits
    Requires         : Gravity Stabiliser, Technology Assembler
    Abilities        : Heals in Ion Storms
    Upgrades         : Forcefield Generator
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure
    Construction Time: 24 sec
    The first of the Scrin big air units. They do good amounts of damage against
    land units and structures. They can outrange most defences against air and can
    deal with units that attack them. They have a decent amount of health and the
    Forcefield can effectively double the amount of damage that they can withstand
    before they fall. With the healing in Ion Storms, they can over above a Storm
    Column and get healed while defending the position. Of course, each unit has
    its weakness and the Warship is that it cannot attack air. As such, a group of
    Firehawks or Venoms, even Stormriders, can destroy the Warships with ease. 
    They should be teamed up with the next unit. 
    [23.04] Planetary Assault Carrier
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Requires         : Gravity Stabiliser, Signal Transmitter
    Abilities        : Generates Ion Storm, Heals in Ion Storms
    Upgrades         : Forcefield Generator
    Role             : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air, Anti-Structure, Anti-Infantry
    Construction Time: 30 sec
    The backbone of the Scrin air forces. They carry a group of 8 fighters that
    can precisely pinpoint and attack their units. Of course, if you are playing
    Scrin, these units should be in your Attack Force if air units are to be
    involved. People keep claiming they are excessively overpowered and chuck a 
    hissy fit if they lose. Of course, the simple thing is, the Carrier is 
    extremely expensive and can be knocked out by a salvo of Firehawk missiles.
    They should not be used alone as that would be suicidal and in all honesty,
    they are rather slow and allow for hit and run tactics. I would rather use
    the Tripods since they are more effective and don't require much support,
    except for stealth detection. 
    [23.05] Mothership 
    Cost             : 5000 credits
    Requires         : Signal Transmitter
    Abilities        : None
    Upgrades         : None
    Role             : Massive Destruction
    Construction Time: Cannot be Built
    This is the result of your Support Power and can be summoned by the Signal
    Transmitter at the cost of 5000 credits. It possesses extremely power and if
    you get hit, your base will be in shatters. In short, it is a moving 
    Superweapon. Of course, the unit has a large amount of health, taking a heavy
    beating before it can be destroyed. However, it moves so slow, the Mammoth
    and Tripod can win in a race. A few units can attack and run off, then attack
    again and easily knock out the Mothership before you have a chance to respond
    in kind. Therefore, it should be escorted with other units to ensure survival.
    It takes tactics to use this properly so read below for some insight, or not. 
    It produces a catalyst effect, making it deadly against Tiberium. It is 
    basically a very damaging catalyst missile. 
    [24.01] Drone Platform
    Cost             : Free
    Requires         : Drone Ship
    Abilities        : Allows you to Build
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : None
    Construction Time: N/A
    This is the most important building for you. Until you can build the Foundry,
    this is the only way you can build structures. Note that the Foundry cannot
    build Surveyors so your Platform is quite important. Protect it since enemies 
    will target this first. It is however, unable to be destroyed by a Superweapon
    alone as it packs a lot of health. Unlike the Construction Yards, you can fly
    it away from danger. 
    [24.02] Reactor
    Cost             : 600 Credits
    Requires         : Drone Platform
    Abilities        : Provides Power
    Upgrades         : Fusion Core
    Energy Provided  : 20 Energy
    Construction Time: 6 secs
    These things provide power towards your base. It is a better version of the 
    GDI Power Plant cost wise but takes up a bit more space than really needed. 
    Other than that, they are the same as your other power plants. Upgrade them
    with their Fusion Cores to ensure more power flows into your base. They look
    like living structures though. They power their structures through some kind
    of Tiberium radiation. 
    [24.03] Extractor
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : Drone Platform
    Abilities        : Processes Tiberium/Ichor
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 6 Energy
    Construction Time: 20 secs
    Get this, they give you money. Wow. Anyway, you will definitely need this to
    get income and this is where Harvesters drop off their collected Tiberium. 
    After the Foundry and Reactor, it is this one. You will need this, even if
    you are rushing, which is unusual for Scrin. Also, the Scrin do not need silos
    to operate, therefore, you are free to hoard as much as you want. 
    [24.04] Portal
    Cost             : 600 Credits
    Requires         : Reactor
    Abilities        : Allows you to train Infantry
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 5 Energy
    Construction Time: 6 secs
    This allows you to train the 5 different infantry units of the Scrin and see
    what they have to offer, the best in Heavy Infantry and the most useful of
    the Commando units. This is not commonly used in multiplayer due to players 
    not using Infantry except for engineers. 
    [24.05] Warp Sphere
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Requires         : Reactor, Extractor
    Abilities        : Allows you to produce Vehicles, Repairs Vehicles
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 6 Energy
    Construction Time: 20 secs
    The Scrin varient of the War Factory. This allows you to build the different
    land units to the devastating Tripods. After you plop this down, you should
    build another Harvester to get some more cash to get those valuable units that
    you need. 
    [24.06] Nerve Center
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Reactor, Extractor
    Abilities        : None
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 8 Energy
    Construction Time: 15 secs
    The Scrin varient of the Command Post or Operations Centre. There are not
    special abilities with this building, except it takes considerably less space
    than both GDI and Nod varients of this building, which is good on the smaller
    [24.07] Gravity Stabilizer
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : Nerve Centre
    Abilities        : Allows you to produce air units, Repairs Air Units
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 7 Energy
    Construction Time: 10 secs
    This is required to access the best Scrin weapon, the air force. It can only
    develop Stormriders in the beginning, but as you develop your technology, you
    can access the Devastator Warships and the Planetary Assault Carriers. Of
    course, the only repairs are done to Stormriders, but stil, they are 
    relatively weak. Have multiple Stabilisers to build an air force quick. 
    [24.08] Statis Chamber
    Cost             : 1200 Credits
    Requires         : Nerve Centre, Portal
    Abilities        : Unlocks Infantry units
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 8 Energy
    Construction Time: 12 secs
    This Chamber is what allows you to train those nasty Shock Troopers and the
    Mastermind, provided you have the Technology Assembler. You cannot research
    any upgrades here but does that matter? The Shock Troopers are the best Heavy
    Infantry unit and this allows you to build. And the best thing is that you 
    can get this relatively early, allowing you to semi-rush with Shock Troopers.
    [24.09] Technology Assembler
    Cost             : 4000 Credits
    Requires         : Nerve Centre, Portal
    Abilities        : Allows for research of Forcefield Generators, Blink Packs,
                       Plasma Disc Launchers and upgrade to Fusion Cores
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 10 Energy
    Construction Time: 40 secs
    This is what unlocks those wonderful units that the Scrin so desperately need
    to win the fight on Earth. The Tripod and the Devastator Warship is directly
    unlocked after building this, and another structure will unlock the Planetary
    Assault Carrier. The upgrades here effect such units with Forcefields while
    the Blink Packs and Disc Launchers reserved for the Shock Troopers.
    [24.10] Signal Transmitter
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Requires         : Technology Assembler
    Abilities        : Summon Mothership
    Upgrades         : Non
    Energy Consumed  : 15 Energy
    Construction Time: 30 secs
    This is one of the most powerful structures as it allows to summon the massive
    Scrin Mothership at a lefty price. If you don't want the Mothership, the other
    reason for this is to unlock the Planetary Assault Carrier. Either way, those
    units are pricey so you should have saved up a fair bit. Of course, you can
    use the Transmitter in rather unique ways if you read on Scrin Strategies. 
    [24.11] Foundry
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Requires         : Drone Platform
    Abilities        : Access to another Build Queue
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 10 Energy
    Construction Time: 10 secs
    These are very handy, it saves you purchasing another Drone Ship. Foundaries 
    allow you basically to have another Drone Platform with the exception of build
    another Foundry or training an Explorer. Therefore, you basically have two 
    build queues for normal and support structures. Therefore, you can build two 
    buildings and two support buildings all at once. Generally the first 
    structure I would place. 
    [25.01] Buzzer Hives
    Cost             : 600 Credits
    Requires         : Drone Platform
    Abilities        : Detects Stealth
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 7 Energy
    Construction Time: 6 secs
    Your Anti-Infantry structure with a twist. It is basically a little building
    surround with a Buzzer Unit and detects stealth. If the Buzzer dies en route,
    it is automatically replaced with another one free of charge. This continues
    until the building is destroyed, giving the Scrin player control over the 
    last Buzzer. However, it doesn't no damage to tanks, unlike the GDI and Nod
    varients which do some damage. Think of it as a Buzzer on a rampage. 
    [25.02] Growth Accelerator
    Cost             : 1500 Credits
    Requires         : Extractor
    Abilities        : Speeds up regrowth of Tiberium
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 5 Energy
    Construction Time: 15 secs
    A unique building, replacing the Tiberium Silo, since the Scrin can store as
    much as they want in their Ichor Hub. You place it in the middle of the 
    Tiberium field, such as a crack in the earth or such, not a generated Tiberium
    field such as one generated by destroying a Tiberium Spike. Anyway, it speeds
    up the regrowth of the Tiberium crystals. Compare both Tiberium fields, one 
    with the Accelerator and one without. Best used in patches of Blue Tiberium
    due to their value. However, people complain that the effect isn't visable,
    answered because YOU ARE HARVESTING THE RESULT. However, it is pricey in the
    beginning, so it is up to you to use it or not. 
    [25.03] Storm Column
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Requires         : Technology Assembler
    Abilities        : Generates Ion Storm, Detects Stealth
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 12 Energy
    Construction Time: 30 secs
    The strongest defence structure hands down. The Obelisk has been surpassed by
    both the Sonic Emitter and now, this Storm Column. For its price, it doesn't
    seem to be another Tripod or Carrier, and doesn't deal as much damage as the
    Obelisk can. So whats the deal with this thing? It can attack both land units
    and air units, attack multiple targets due to the Ion Storm that it is
    generated around it. Therefore, a large attack force can be easily stopped by
    a few Storm Columns, easily costing less than a group of Mammoths. Also, the
    Ion Storm, as you are aware by now, heals your air units, making them even 
    more lethal when above the Storm Column, in the midst of the Ion Storm. As 
    such, use them to defend, but use them effective as they are expensive and not
    cheap to replace. 
    [25.04] Photon Cannon
    Cost             : 1200 Credits
    Requires         : Portal
    Abilities        : Detects Stealth
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 8 Energy
    Construction Time: 12 secs
    Your basic anti-vehicle defence structure. It deals good damage to vehicles,
    in particular, a group of them clustered up due to the variation of its 
    attack. It also can do some damage against infantry, unlike the GDI varient
    of it. However, it is costly, in comparsion to some unit defences and it does
    not have a lot of health, making it easily destroyed by attacking forces if
    they are not deployed in numbers. You are better off with a group of 
    Disintegrators or save up for some Tripods, which literally walk over the
    [25.05] Plasma Missile Battery
    Cost             : 800 Credits
    Requires         : Nerve Centre
    Abilities        : Detects Stealth
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 7 Energy
    Construction Time: 8 secs
    A decent Anti-Air attack. Not as effective as the Nod triple missile threat,
    but not as bad as the moving GDI turret. It deals good damage against aircraft
    and detects stealth. It is good as a means of defending against Nod Venom
    rushes, but after a certain point, the Storm Column is a much better sort of
    defence, over the Battery. However, given the cost of the Column, this can be
    a fodder defence, or the second line of defence. After all, if GDI firebombs
    your base, there is no means to stopping it to make it do no damage. 
    [25.06] Rift Generator
    Cost             : 5000 Credits
    Requires         : Technology Assembler
    Abilities        : Generates Rift Superweapon
    Upgrades         : None
    Energy Consumed  : 20 Energy
    Construction Time: 50 secs
    The now and improved Dark Hole now serves the Scrin. The Rift Generator takes
    a whopping 7 minutes to charge up and allows for a dark hole to suck up and
    do continuous damage to enemy units and structures by sucking them into the
    rift. It is weaker than the Ion Cannon in the regards that the enemy can 
    slowly repair the damage done, hopefully enough to save the structure. After
    the Rift, follow up with a Teleport of Tripods into the enemy base. Most of 
    the time, the enemy cannot react in time to save his base, destroyed from
    inside out. 
    [26.01] Reconstruction Drones
    Cost            : 1500 Credits
    Enabled By      : Warp Sphere
    Power Type      : Utility Power
    This is quite useful, if you can use this correctly. This can be seen sort of
    as the GDI Battle Base for the Scrin. It allows a place for your vehicles to
    retreat and repair. However, unlike the Battle Base, it cannot be packed up
    or defend the position. This also depends on the map it is being used in. If
    it is on a large map, this could be handy in repairing your units for a 
    strike on an enemy. This could save you the trip base to your base for repairs
    but can leave it vulnerable since your units are fighting fit. However, this
    doesn't repair air units, like the Battle Base but unlike GDI, there is a 
    massive problem with that. The Scrin is powerful like the USA was in Generals.
    They are the Masters of the Skies. This is not as useful, but only use it to
    save a few Tripods from certain death. After all, Tripods are more expensive
    than 1500 Credits.
    [26.02] Lightning Spike
    Cost            : 1000 Credits
    Enabled By      : Nerve Centre
    Power Type      : Defensive Power
    This will summon a Lightning Spike at the spot where you ask. It could be a 
    quick defensive boost to your base, but it could have more uses. You could
    use this as a way to have another attack on an enemy base. For example, you
    need some way out. Summon one of these to repel attackers and allow your 
    forces to retreat. This has the advantage of attack and defend. Useful if
    used correctly. It can be deployed anywhere within your line of sight and 
    fires a single lightning bolt at an enemy, to deter them. It drains now
    energy and this provides the use as a harasser to Harvesters. 
    [26.03] The Swarm
    Cost            : 1000 Credits
    Enabled By      : Nerve Centre
    Power Type      : Reinforcement Power
    Lets face it, sometimes, the biggest threat comes from infantry. Units such
    as Shadow Teams and Zone Troopers can give a Commander a headache. However,
    you can summon a few Buzzers to cure this. Buzzers easily destroy the 
    infantry. This allows you to concentrate on more useful units, such as Shock
    Troopers and in some occasions, Disintegrators.
    [26.04] Vibration Scan
    Cost            : 500 Credits
    Enabled By      : Nerve Centre
    Power Type      : Intelligence Power
    Lets play, spot the Tiberium Field. This power shows you all the Tiberium
    fields, Refineries, Harvesters and units around it. This is wonderful for
    finding out expansion bases and can allow you to hit them before they can get
    any significant defences up. This helps you in spotting those cloaked Nod
    harvesters. Attack their economy, their Harvesters and their Refineries and
    if you somehow managed to capture a Tiberium Chemical Plant, send in a 
    Catalyst Missile. Man, that would be sweet. Imagine knowing the FULL POWER
    of the Catalyst Missile.
    [26.05] Statis Field
    Cost            : 1000 Credits
    Enabled By      : Statis Chamber
    Power Type      : Defensive Power
    This is wonderful, this creates an EMP that also hits infantry. What this does
    it provide a shield over units and structures, what will essentially stop them
    from being attacked by they cannot move or do anything in that time. It 
    suppose the defensive power is where you can help reinforce a position under
    heavy enemy siege and protect your structures from a Super Weapon effect. 
    However, its offensive use is unparalleled. It can disable the enemy, and has
    many uses. It can effective stop a massive attack force in its tracks, 
    allowing you valuable seconds to built up and reinforce your defences. You
    can use this on the Refineries and Harvesters to effectively stop their cash
    income for a while, however, this is a moot (minor) point if they have plenty
    of cash to play around with. The third use is to shut down defences and allow
    a massive attack force, covert attack force or air attack. The final use for
    this is to shut down Power Plants, allowing you free rein over their base,
    such as capturing it while they fret. 
    [26.06] Phase Field
    Cost            : 1500 Credits
    Enabled By      : Technology Assembler
    Power Type      : Defensive Power
    Much like the Statis Field, but is actually a defensive power. It allows your
    units to move around under the Field, and they are not disabled or powered
    down. This makes it handy if you are under fire from enemy forces. It cannot
    target your air units however, but is excellent if you have a group of 
    Tripods under attack. You can effectively manage to retreat your units while
    you get some fresh units to repel the attackers. 
    [26.07] Wormhole
    Cost            : 2000 Credits
    Enabled By      : Signal Transmitter
    Power Type      : Utility Power
    My favourite Scrin power. It allows you to attack while completely 
    disregarding the enemy defences that lurk there. This ensures that you will
    always hit the weakest point in the base, making their army of defences 
    practically useless. Of course, you should be able to take down their base
    but it works both ways. You could fail and the enemy would send their forces
    through the hole into your little base. Therefore, attack their weak spot and
    send from your strong spot. Therefore, any form of counter-attack will be 
    crushed and you attack, again. You cannot send air units, so this is no easy
    way to send about a hundred Planetary Assault Carriers into an enemy base, so
    ground units will do. Therefore, send in Tripods, with some Gunwalkers and 
    Anti-Air defence, and this should easily tear a hole in the base. If course
    you can also use this power to reinforce. You can use this power to send a 
    "little" help to your crumbling base. For example, if your secondary base was
    attacked, surely a group of Tripods would be expected? Of course, in team
    matches, you help your allies. OR I HOPE YOU DO. Anyway, if your Ally is 
    under attack, you could reinforce their position. Or you can checkmate your
    opponent with your allies attack the front, with you Scrin players attack
    from the back. Nasty, yet effective, especially since frontal assaults don't
    work very well. 
    [26.08] Mothership 
    Cost            : 5000 Credits
    Enabled By      : Signal Transmitter
    Power Type      : Reinforcement Power
    The Mothership has arrived. This is a Superweapon, on a massive scale. The
    massive blimp on the radar gives it away. Using a cannon of massive 
    proportions, it will destroy a building with ease, dealing splash damage to
    buildings and units in the area. There is a massive drawback to great power
    though. It is that this thing is so damn slow, it isn't funny. This 
    expensive unit will fall victim as a well defended base against air will
    surely send this thing down, as well as a weakly defended base. It has a 
    lot of health, but there are many units and structures that shoot air. The
    only tactic for this is that you capture a building, quickly place a 
    Signal Transmitter and immediately summon the Mothership, and then wreak
    havok. Other than that, it isn't very effective and currently, is more of
    an iconic death. 
    [26.09] Rift
    Cost            : Free
    Enabled By      : Rift Generator
    Power Type      : Superweapon
    This is tied, for me, on the coolest Superweapon. It is tied with the newly,
    improved Ion Cannon. This Rift Generator is basically a massive wormhole in
    space that sucks things out into outerspace. It does damage over a period
    of time and does a fair amount of damage. It is however, no Construction
    Yard killer or a Superweapon destroyer. There is no reason to think that a 
    Superweapon is victory. It is a means to victory, but no automatic victory.
    The only exception to this was General Alexander from General: Zero Hour. Man,
    facing multiple Particle Uplinks was impossible. And it was two for the price
    of one. That was horrible. 
    [27.01] Plasma Disc Launchers
    Cost             : 1000 Credits
    Researched At    : Technology Assembler
    Research Time    : 30 secs
    Units Effected   : Shock Troopers
    The Plasma Disc Launchers are necessary if you are to use the Shock Trooper
    units. The Disc Launchers allow your Shock Troopers one advantage over their
    GDI Zone Trooper counterparts, the ability to attack air units. This is a 
    major addition since the biggest weakness of Zone Troopers was the inability
    to fight air, otherwise, they would be a cheaper replacement for the Mammoth
    Tank. Anyway, use these launchers to allow your Troopers to be unrivalled on
    the field. 
    [27.02] Blink Packs
    Cost             : 2000 Credits
    Researched At    : Technology Assembler
    Research Time    : 60 secs
    Units Effected   : Shock Troopers
    A more expensive upgrade for the Shock Troopers, but nevertheless, one of the
    most useful you can come across. This will allow your Shock Troopers to 
    teleport across large distances without being stopped. This is handy to 
    reinforce your crumbling positions or running away from overwhelming forces. 
    [27.03] Forcefield Generators
    Cost             : 3000 Credits
    Researched At    : Technology Assembler
    Research Time    : 90 secs
    Units Effected   : Annihilator Tripod, Devastator Warship, Planetary Assault
    If you use any of these units that are effected by the Force Field, you must
    get this upgrade. Although the cost is upped to 5000 credits in the v1.05
    patch, it is a must have. It basically creates an energy shield around the 
    units and basically doubles the health that they have. In case of an EMP
    attack, they will survive at the cost of the shield. When the shield is down,
    it will slowly recovered over time. This must have basically doubles the 
    survivability of your units, which are already hard to take down. A group of
    6 Tripods with the shields is enough to demolish bases inside out if used
    [27.04] Fusion Core
    Cost             : 400 Credits
    Researched At    : Reactor after you have Technology Assembler
    Research Time    : 10 secs
    Building Effected: Reactor
    The second best power plant type upgrade after the Nod one, better than the
    pathetic GDI one. This basically allows you to upgrade your Reactors with
    Fusion Cores, giving them a 100% boost, in simple terms, gives you another
    20 energy to play around with. Of course, it is a bit more expensive than the
    GDI varient, but gives more energy. The Nod one gives the most though. 
    [28.01] Teleport Units
    Cost             : Free
    Requires         : Mastermind
    Units Effected   : Mastermind
    This is a really interesting ability as it can teleport any land unit a 
    certain distance across the map, behind base defences. Wonderful if you have
    the Mastermind plop down 3 Tripods behind the enemy base blasting everything
    that they can see. Of course, you need to be able to see the teleport 
    distination. To do so, click on the Teleport Unit button. Then, click on the
    ground under the units you wish to teleport. Then, click again to the place
    where you want your units to be. And volia, your units are there. It appears
    the most it can teleport is about 3 to 4 Tripods. 
    [28.02] Conversion Beam
    Cost             : Free
    Requires         : Devourer Tank
    Units Effected   : Devourer Tank
    This is one of the Scrin's most dangerous land abilities since it allows the
    Devourer Tank to devour some Tiberium while they are in a patch of it. When
    the Tiberium flows through the tank, it gives them massive increases to 
    firepower and range, making them on par with the Nod Beam Cannon. Honestly, it
    is the only time where you should use them, in a Patch of Tiberium. 
    [28.03] Ion Storm
    Cost             : Free
    Requires         : Planetary Assault Carrier
    Units Effected   : Planetary Assault Carrier
    With the Ion Storm generated by them, it basically gives Scrin Devastator 
    Warships and the Carriers themselves a healing area where the Ion Storm heals
    them as well as bolstering defence and attack all unfriendly units, whether
    it be land or air units. It gives the Carrier another role and more incentive
    too use the Devastator. With the Ion Storm, it is best just on the outskirts
    of another enemy base. Why? Your own Storm Columns should provide the storms
    to defend your base, therefore, the new Storms should be outside as a cover
    and protection for aerial artillery strikes with the Warships. 
    [28.04] Manipulator Device
    Cost             : Free
    Requires         : Mastermind
    Units Effected   : Mastermind
    This allows you to control another unit or normal production building. It is
    easily done as it recharges quickly. To use it, when the device is fully
    charged, which is told by one of the icons, use the Mastermind to attack the
    object you wish to control. For example, if you want a Mammoth Tank, have your
    device charged and attack the Tank. The result is that you now control the
    Mammoth Tank. Of course, there will now be a little blue line, linking your
    Mastermind with the unit or structure controlled. You can only control one
    unit or building at a time, but you can use it as bait, suicide, fodder, more
    money, etc, the list goes on. 
    [29.01] Mutant Marauder
    Cost             : 600 Credits
    Role             : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air
    Squad Size       : 6
    Construction Time: 6 secs
    I personally don't see the point of hiring these Mutants. For that same price,
    you can get larger infantry squads and for a bit more, you can get the anti-
    air brothers of those guys. They are however, strong in Tiberium, don't take
    damage to it, instead, heal. They can hit any target, but not good against
    vehicles. Bullets don't crack steel. But the trouble of capturing an Engineer
    for this is personally up to you. Its your choice whether you want some or
    not. Personally, I prefer the basic Vehicle, be it the Raider Buggy or the
    APC since they are far more useful and once upgraded, have far better uses
    than the Mutant Marauders. However, they are handy on the point of having
    the ability to shoot air. 
    [29.02] Visceroids
    I don't actually see these all that often, but apparently combine when two
    infantry members die on Tiberium and that combines to form this thing. Or
    something like that. They are quite strong so you best use vehicles to take
    this thing down. Stay away if you are using light infantry, otherwise, blast
    [30.01] Tiberium Spike
    I recommend that you capture these whenever possible. They provide an initial
    bonus of 750 Credits when you capture one of these Spikes and depending on 
    your patch, provide 15 or 25 Credits every few seconds. It may not seem like
    a lot but it contributes significantly to your base economy. However, enemy
    Engineers will also aim for this building as well as making wonderful targets
    for harassers. Most of them are, in the middle of a open location, making them
    harder to defend. Of course, when you destroy one, it spawns a small field of
    Tiberium at that location. I find that if you are doing pretty well in terms
    of Harvesting, just destroy the enemy Spikes instead of recapture. 
    These things work by draining the Tiberium roots underground surrounding it 
    and processes it into credits for you as it is processed on site.
    [30.02] Expansion Point
    These are extremely valuable if used correctly. These are like your Outposts,
    providing a space for you to deploy structures, without having to wait for
    them to deploy. Once you capture it, you can immediately place the structures
    near it. They are handy if they are near Tiberium Fields or near an opponents
    base as a Harvesting Post or a Closer Production Facility. Like the Spikes,
    they are wonderful targets through, so defend properly. 
    [30.03] Reinforcement Bay
    These Reinforcement Bays shouldn't be overlooked at all. They will provide a 
    steady stream of reinforcements, basic units though, but for free none the 
    less. You wait for a while, and another one pops out. This might give up the
    upper hand or help you defend while you tech up. It is however, stupid to
    rely on this to tech up, you should defend you base stupid.
    [30.04] Subway Hub
    Quite handy if you are an infantry user as this allows you to transfer most
    infantry units from one Subway Entrance to another, provided you can see it.
    This is nice for nasty shock attacks if they are near your enemy's base and
    a quick method to retreat infantry from the front line. There are some 
    infantry however, that cannot be moved through the Subway, but you should
    figure that for yourself.
    [30.05] Subway Entrance
    See above comment on Subway Hub. I'm not repeating myself.
    [30.06] EMP Control Center
    When you use this power, it allows you to use an EMP bomb basically on the
    enemy. This will disable buildings and units inside the EMP Bomb blast. This
    is good if used properly as it can disable base defences and allow your forces
    to give a nasty present. They take time to recharge and is a Support Power.
    Guard it with some forces to keep control of it. Similar to the GDI Shockwave
    Artillery but without the damage. It is useful if you want to shut down a 
    group of power plants and teach them not to bunch them up. 
    [30.07] Mutant Hovel
    See my comment above the Marauders if you want to know. However, this build
    does have a lot of health and might take a while to take down, compared to
    the usual weak buildings. 
    [30.08] Defensive Tower
    These Towers are quite strong and impossible to re-capture with an Engineer
    unless you swarm it. Since the new patch has upgraded its turret power with
    an extra 60%, there are quite strong now and act as an Anti-Ground building.
    They do however, have a weakness and that is air. Protect them with some 
    Anti-Air units and you have a little fortress there. I enjoy Firehawk Bombing
    these just to annoy people. You will need 4 Firehawks to knock it down
    [30.09] Tiberium Silo
    This building is basically providing a mini-game of send your Engineer first. 
    It provides a nice, large one-off bonus and it should serve your interests to
    capture it first. Or you could just send a few units to train on the Engineers
    that flock to it. The boost of cash can be handy in getting a nice shiny
    [31.01] Garrisoning
    Mission  : The Pentagon
    Added    : When your Garrison any of your Riflemen into a Tower
    Garrisioning Structures with Infantry
    Urban combat is a messy and dangerous business. When fighting in a city
    environment, Field Commanders should use every advantage to minimize 
    casualities. Garrisioning Civilian Structures with Infantry is a tactic that
    generates multiple rewards, including massive defensive bonuses and increased
    safety for the troops. Buildings can provide cover and a fire base for 
    infantry as they shoot at targets outside without being directly exposed to
    enemy fire. Garrisioned Buildings protect soldiers from heavy Anti-Personnel
    weapons mounted on vehicles. That being said, Field Commanders should be weary
    of enemy units that specialise in clearing the Garrisoned Buildings, 
    particularly those equipped with Grenades and Flamethrowers. Remember: Caught
    in the Cross-Fire while you're out in the open? Order your troops into a 
    [31.02] Calling for Transport
    Mission  : Langley Air Force Base
    Added    : When you have recaptured both airfields
    Once a forward base has an airfield, many GDI infantry and vehicles gain the
    ability to Call for Transport at almost any time. The unit can radio for 
    Transport from the field and a V-35 Ox VTOL airlifter will fly to the unit's 
    location, drop down on its thrust vectored engines, and pick up the unit. Once
    a destination is communicated to the Ox crew, the aircraft will ferry the
    airlifted unit to its destination and set it down on target. Keep in mind that
    units are extremely vulnerable while in their air - an Ox is a juicy target
    for an enemy unit that has any form of anti-air capability.
    (VTOL stands for Vertical Take Off and Landing)
    [31.03] Logistic Crates: Targets of Opportunity
    Mission  : Hampton Roads Naval Base
    Added    : When you activate the first Healing Crate possible
    Memo from Supply Sergeant Block Littleford
    Both GDI and Nod rely on mobility and rapid deployment for success. Armies
    seem to come and go all the time as the balance of power shifts, often very
    quickly. Given the haste with which these operations are conducted, it's not a
    surprise that a lot of equipment is being left behind. Our Blue Zones and 
    Yellow Zones are becoming littered with Logistics Crates filled with Military
    Spares, Data Cores, and other equipment and supplies. Both sides use the 
    modular G-771G Container, a standard crate used by the Commercial Shipping
    Industry for decades. You'll find these containers everywhere - and they
    should be considered Targets of Opportunity for our boys in the field. If your
    troops crack one of these containers open, odds are they'll find something
    useful. G-771G containers are easy to spot: just look for geometric grey
    crates trimmed with diagonal stripes. They stick out like a sore thumb and
    anyone can pop them open with a bit of elbow grease.
    Good hunting. 
    [31.04] Nod Aircraft
    Mission : Casabad
    Added   : When Nod Venom Aircraft fly overhead
    InOps Field Guide to Nod Aircraft in TW3 Theatres of War
    Nod aircraft have evolved considerably since TW2. Nod is fielding the VTOL
    Venom Scout, the batwing Vertigo Stealth Bomber, a Carryall that can transport
    troops and equipment, and a high altitude, long range bomber called the 
    Armageddon. Venoms are lightly armed and armoured but can take on a wide 
    variety of targets on the ground and in the air - they are even capable of
    engaging our Orcas in air-to-air combat. The Vertigo evades detection by most
    GDI sensors and only "de-cloaks" to drop it powerful bombs on target
    structures and vehicles. The Nod Carryall is the counterpart to our V-35 Ox, a
    VTOL aircraft that can pick up and transport a wide variety of troops and 
    equipment. Finallym the Armageddon is seen infrequently but when it appears on
    the battlefield, it is usually bringing bad news. Nod Armageddon aircraft are
    used to deliver cluster mines and a number of exotic air-to-ground weapons. 
    [31.05] Commandeering Tiberium Spikes
    Mission : Casabad
    Added   : When you have captured the second Tiberium Spike
    Tiberium Spikes
    The landscape of many Blue and Yellow Zones is dotted with tall cylindrical
    structures known as Tiberium Spikes. These automated extraction platforms
    slowly pull Tiberium out of subterranean deposits and refine it on location so
    that resources are available for immediate use. GDI Commanders are encouraged
    to commandeer Tiberium Spikes in the field to help sustain their forward 
    operating bases. A Combat Engineer deployed into a Tiberium Spike can channel
    resources to the production structure of a base.
    Commanders are encouraged to provide compensation to the legitimate owners of
    commandeered Tiberium Spikes in the form of GDI vouchers that can be redeemed
    in Reykjavik for credits. Note that Spikes extract at different rates
    depending on the size and nature of the underlying Tiberium deposits, so the
    flow of resources may vary from location to location. 
    (They don't actually vary and Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland, where
    GDI operations are)
    [31.06] New Nod Flame Tank
    Mission : Casabad
    Added   : When you see the Flame Tank near the Research Lab
    Nod Deploys New Tool of Terror
    Nod has fielded a new version of their classic Anti-Infantry weapon system
    known as the Flame Tank. The new model carriers heavier armour, has a turret
    to allow for easier targeting, and uses dual flame-throwers that can stay in
    action for long periods of time without refueling. It replaces the older
    "Devil's Tongue" [which was] last used in TW2.
    Flame Tanks are devastating against all forms of Infantry and can clear out
    Garrisoned Buildings with terrifying efficiency. InOps advises Field
    Commanders to engage Flame Tanks with armoured vehicles or aircraft firing
    cannons or rockets. The enclosed crew compartments in armoured vehicles will
    also protect against the inferno generated by the flame throwers.
    [31.07] Liquid Tiberium Research
    Mission  : Casabad
    Added    : When you destroy the Nod Research Lab
    Nod Weaponising New Form of Tiberium
    An advanced Nod Tiberium weapon research program was recently uncovered when a
    GDI Strike Team in North Africa stormed a Nod facility originally thought to 
    be a Chemical Weapons factory. Science Division Evaulation of the Wreckage
    subsequently confirmed several large scale Tiberium weaponisation efforts
    underway. Of most concern to InOps is evidence of significant progress towards
    the creation of a Liquid Tiberium device of unprecedented destructive power. 
    The liquid form of Tiberium is a relatively new manifestation of the alien
    substance and its properties are not well known. Nod's Liquid Tiberium 
    research appears to be 5 to 10 years ahead of Science Division. 
    There were also indications that Nod is working on a more conventional 
    airborne Tiberium explosive and a cataylst for denotating existing Tiberium
    crystal deposits in a sub-critical reaction. 
    Analysis of past Nod R&D efforts (which tend to be redundant and decentralised
    in nature) suggests the Nod Lab in North Africa was only one of several 
    facilities participating in the Tiberium weaponisation efforts. 
    [31.08] EMP Control Center
    Mission : Alexandria
    Added   : When you have captured the EMP Control Centre
    Electomagnetic Pulse Control Centre
    Field Commanders should stay on the look-out for the four cylindrical towers 
    of the EMP Control Centre. These odd structures were erected during the last
    few decades in a number of Yellow Zones and Blue Zones as a deterrent to Nod
    attacks. The theory was that a volunteer crew would race to the EMP Control
    Centre when the civil defence sirens sounded warning of an attack - they would
    fire off the EMP and disable attacking forces. After years with little Nod
    activity, the centres were mostly abandoned and are now being used
    opportunistically by GDI and Nod forces. Deploy a Combat Engineer into the EMP
    Control Centre to capture it and use it against enemy forces. 
    [31.09] Nod's Nuclear Arsenal
    Mission : Cairo
    Added   : When you destroyed the large Cylindrical building near the entrace
    InOps Flash Report
    Nod has consolidated its Nuclear Arsenal at its Cairo Nuke Facility. What was
    once a mobile Nuclear Force is now a massive central arsenal. The reasons for
    the centralisation of Nod's nukes is not known, although spectulation ranges
    from paranoia (Kane is afraid that his Commanders might rebel and use nukes on
    Kane Loyalists) to preparation for some unknown operational contingency or a 
    gain in efficiency in operations. Whatever the reason, we do know one thing
    for sure: Take out the Cairo facility and we deprive Nod of its Nuclear
    [31.10] Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility
    Mission  : Cairo
    Added    : When all Nod Structures are destroyed (Bonus Objective 2)
    InOps Flash Report
    Strike on Philadelphia originated at Nod's Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility.
    InOps have confirmed that the missile used to destroy the Philadelphia was
    launched from an underground silo connected to Nod's Nuclear Launch Facility
    in Cairo. Detection of this facility by sat-surveillance prior to the
    Philadelphia incident was difficult because most of the structures were buried
    underground or disguised. Since the start of TW3, Nod has removed the masking
    above ground to facilitate launch operations. The underground silo that
    launched the Philadelphia strike is now inactive, with Nod's launch operations
    transferred to a central raised platform with a much lower cycle time between
    missile launches. 
    [31.11] Power Management
    Mission  : Croatia
    Added    : When you get the first Bonus Objective
    <<Incoming Tech Message>>
    Emergency Engineering Report
    Warrant Officer S. Bowen
    GDI Forward Operation Base "Echo-2"
    SBowenMonkeyWrench: Power Plants are down and our base grid is compromised - 
    there just isn't enough juice to keep everything running at the same time. The
    only way you're going to keep those defences online is to power down anything
    you're not using. If you shut down half of the base defences, we should be 
    able to squeeze enough power to keep the other half online. If one of the 
    active defences get destroyed, it won't draw power, so you can turn on another
    defence to take over. You may also need to shut down defences that aren't
    active to re-route power to guns and turrets that are under immediate threat.
    Juggling power under fire is the key to survival here. 
    [31.12] Nod Ion Cannon Disruption Tech
    Mission  : Sarajevo
    Added    : When you have been given Objectives to destroy the Generators
    Nod deploying Ion Cannon Disruption Technology
    GDI's orbital Ion Cannon battle stations have been offline ever since the
    attack on Goddard Space Centre. Repairs have now been completed and the Ion
    Cannons are back in action. However, we are currently unable to strike certain
    targets due to Nod's deployment of a new countermeasure: Ion Cannon Disruptor
    Arrays. These structures have been erected in multiple locations. 
    All Field Commanders should be aware of the existence of Ion Cannon Disruption
    Technology and be on the lookout for the Disruptor Array Structures. Take out
    the Disruptors with conventional weapons before you call in an Ion Cannon
    [31.13] Nod Avatar Walker
    Mission  : Sarajevo
    Added    : When you have used a Commando to detonate explosives on an Avatar
    Powerful, resilient, effective, and frightening: The Nod Avatar Walker
    Nod has rocketed ahead of GDI in the race to build mechanised Combat Walkers -
    solving many of the problems that had GDI engineers scratching their heads. 
    There is spectulation that Nod stole the original Walker technology from GDI,
    then took advantage of research in other areas to accelerate the development 
    of new prototypes. Regardless of the origin of Nod's technology, they have
    invested years of Research and Development at a ruthlessly fast pace - and now
    Nod has finally fielded a highly advanced bipedal walker with the adaptive
    ability to use multiple weapon systems. The Avatar Walker is a very capable
    all-terrain weapons platform, heavily armoured and equipped with a powerful
    laser. It can also be outfitted with Flame Throwers, Particle Beam Cannons, 
    Stealth Detectors, and Stealth Generators
    [31.14] Sonic Weapons and the Invaders
    Mission  : Munich
    Added    : When you capture the Power Plant to power the Sonic Emitter
    InOps Flash Report
    Effects of Sonic Weapons on the Invaders
    Dispatch from Dr. Elian Schwartzberg, Battlefield Medic, 21st Armoured 
    Needless to say, there is very little in the way of hope to be found in the
    ash covered, body strewn rubble of post-invasion Munich. Even so, as my team
    covertly made its way through the outskirts of that ruined city, searching for
    survivors, we stumbled across something that might just be the source of hope.
    Crossing the Wastelands under guard of night, we encountered the surviving
    members of a GDI Combat Platoon from the 76th Mechanised, apparently flush 
    from a successful rear-guard action that enabled the escape of some VIPs that
    are somehow key to the War Effort. In conservation, it quickly became 
    apparent that much of said success was due to the intervention from a 
    particularly unexpected source - Sonics. 
    To quote, from a transcript recorded on my CommInt Unit:
    "We kept firin', but the metallic <expletive> just kept on coming right at us,
    crawling over their own dead like it were nothing. Then, right when I knew
    we was about to be killed, right when those <expletive> had us up against the
    wall, one of those smart <expletive> engineers figured out a way to get the
    old Munich Sonic Emitter grid back online and then, BAM!, the damn emitter
    towers just started chewing up those invading <expletive> like a Visceroid 
    gone rabid. It was a thing of <expletive> beauty..."
    Staff Sergeant Arnold P. Coddington, 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company, 76th 
    Mechanised Infantry Division
    Yes, it appears that the Sonic Emitters we use to reclaim our land from 
    Tiberium - and to control and regulate Tiberium Growth throughout the 
    reclaimed Blue Zones - are capable of inflicting great harm upon our newfound
    enemies. Further investigation is required before we can determine the why - 
    are the aliens structurally similar to the crystal? Is that why they are here?
    For now, we can certainly make use of the what - Sonics hurt the aliens. Hurt
    them bad. 
    We may stand a chance after all. 
    [31.15] Alien Tripod Captured
    [Note you can only get this from editting the database .BIG files]
    Mission  : Stuttgart
    Added    : When your Commando has Detonated Explosives on a Tripod
    Invader Weapon System Re-Activated and used by GDI Forces
    Front line forces in Europe have managed to capture and reactivate an alien
    Tripod. A Commando in direct contact with the enemy disabled the Tripod by
    planting a high explosive charge on the legs of the walker. GDI forces then
    immediately moved in and established a perimeter around the immobilised alien
    War Machine. Once the area was secure, an Engineer was able to gain access to
    the Walker, repair the damaged leg, and reactivate the onboard systems. Early
    reports indicate that the Engineer was able to communicate in a rudimentary
    fashion with the Walker's control entity by utilizing decryption programs
    similar to those found in the Tacitus, the alien artifact decoded by GDI 
    several decades ago.
    (Tacitus is pronounced Ta-Ci-Tus)
    [31.16] Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus
    Mission  : Stuttgart
    Added    : When you Capture or Destroy Drone Platform
    Results of Initial Investigation into the Origins of the Invaders
    R&D Division
    Attn: Battlefield Commanders
    Alien Origins - Connections to the Tacitus
    GDI Science Teams have been gathering every possible bit of transmitted data
    and physical evidence about the Aliens since the moment of invasion. Data
    Analysis of Alien Transmissions has indicated some connection between the
    Tacitus recovered from Kane and the Invaders. 
    The tranmissions recorded from the Invasion Force seem to be patterned in a
    similar way to the data structure in the Tacitus. This leads us to believe
    that the Invaders are the Scrin, or perhaps some faction thereof. It is clear
    upon closer examination that this Invasion Force demonstrates acute 
    differences from the source of the Tacitus in dialect and physical form. 
    Perhaps they shared some distant connection, or there was some ancient contact
    between their cultures? 
    One transmission we decoded using our most advanced decryption computers
    indicated Alien Chatter regarding another Alien Race they had previously
    encountered. We were unable to translate the word for the other alien race, 
    but the encryption computer returned the terms brother, ascended, enemy and
    Scrin. This casts some confusion on the nature of the invaders, as they share
    a multitude of attributes with what we have come to know as the Scrin. It
    seems unlikely that this is the very same Alien race that brought the Tacitus
    to Earth, but the connection is undeniable. 
    If this is true, we should consider the Tacitus out most valuable military
    asset. We must somehow find a way to unlock its secrets.
    GDI InOps FLASH Report - Dr. A. Bass, PHD, Director of Extraterrestrial
    [31.17] Alien Mastermind
    Mission  : Rome
    Added    : When you have killed the Mastermind
    New Invader Military Unit given GDI Designation - Mastermind
    Just when we thought that setting up behind the chasm would make us safer, we
    were proven wrong. The Alien Mastermind, an enemy Commando of sorts, was able
    to teleport forces across the gap and jeopardise our entire operation. The
    Aliens were able to keep the pressure on with a minimal number of units and
    crafty use of their Statis Chamber and Mastermind. We believe the Mastermind
    has more powers than just Teleportation, but did not observe any additional
    capabilities directly.
    If Masterminds are deployed to the Battlefield, Field Commanders should make 
    it a priorty to eliminate them ASAP. The amount of mobility the Masterminds
    afford the Alien Invaders makes them a very high value target. Alien
    Masterminds eliminate the advantage of terrain: they virtually guarantee that
    no place is safe.
    Combat Report - Sergeant Major E.H. Jarvis, First Expeditionary Force
    [31.18] Alien Rift Generator
    Mission  : Rome
    Added    : When you have destroyed the Alien Rift Generator
    Rift Generator Update
    The Rift Generator makes the science behind our own Ion Cannon look downright
    primitive. It appears to function by opening a portal at the Flash Point and
    ejecting anything that's caught in the resulting field into deep space. Some
    of our more robust structures have been able to hold against such an attack,
    but the Rift Generator's destructive capabilities are on par with the GDI Ion
    Cannon and the Nod Nuclear Missiles.
    Dr. Gordon Malou, InOps
    [31.19] Alien Control Node
    Mission  : Ground Zero
    Added    : When you Attack the Control Node
    InOps Flash Report
    The Alien Control Node at Ground Zero is a unique structure that seems to 
    channel some sort of exotic Tiberium-based radiation to the Invader Forces. 
    The emissions from the Control Node move easily through all forms of matter,
    much like neutrino wave/particles, and this one node structure is easily able
    to bathe every invader unit and structure on Earth with the mysterious 
    radiation. In fact, this one Control Node could easily supply a uniform bath
    of radiation to alien units as far away as Earth's moon. What is this
    radiation and why is it needed? Is it for power? Communications?
    Synchronisation? Coordination and Control? Does it provide something essential
    for the alien machines or the organic matter inside? We don't know the answers
    to any of these questions, but we do believe that the Control Node is the key
    vulnerability for the aliens. Take out the Control Node and there is a good
    chance the whole invasion will end quickly.
    [32.01] The Ghost in the Machine
    Mission  : Hampton Roads Naval Base
    Added    : When you obtain your Third Primary Objective
    Excerpt from INN Holobrief, May 28th, 2043
    One of the more unusual chapters of the second Tiberium War came to an
    explosive close yesterday as the GDI Corps of Engineers detonated what is 
    believed to be the last remaining Cabal Bunker - the tube-filled underground
    lairs from which the rogue Artificial Intelligence waged brief war upon
    Contacted for comment, retired War Hero and former head of the Bureau of 
    Mutant Affairs, General Paul Cortez, lauded for his role in CABAL's defeat,
    dismissed his fallen foe as "... a second rate EVA with a goatee and Napoleon
    complex." Cortez also claimed to have refused a GDI Invitation to attend the
    detonation ceremony, citing his opposition to the current leadership's 
    controversal Tiberium containment policy and "weak kneed" approach to the 
    Brotherhood of Nod.
    Rumours that this particular bunker displayed evidence of human or humanoid 
    life forms in suspension capsules were quickly dismissed by GDI spokesperson
    Arlene Shepherd ...
    (Note, there were humanoids in that lair, including one Kane. This is a 
    continuation from the Firestorm Expansion Pack for Tiberium Sun)
    [32.02] Discontinuation of the Mammoth Mk II Walker
    Mission  : Alexandria
    Added    : When you purchase the Railgun Capacitors for the Mammoth Tanks
    Excerpy from INN Holobrief, March 12th, 2039
    It was a sad day for many today as the last Mammoth Mark II Walker to enter
    active combat duty clanked its way out of GDI's San Pedro War Factory and into
    history. With its twin Rail Guns, Battlefield dominance, and unusual boxy
    profile, the Mk. II became an iconic symbol of freedom during the Second
    Tiberium War. Its discontinuation has been greeted by many with anger, notably
    Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker, retired war hero, popular conservative pundit, 
    and noted proponent of the "Kane lives" theory. 
    "The Mark II was and continues to be one of our most powerful tools in the war
    against Nod fanaticism. This discontinuation is nothing but another disgusting
    example of GDI bureaucratic penny pinching and namby pamby "can't we all just
    get along" liberalism ... once again, GDI is playing right into Kane's hands."
    With protests held at containment areas several miles away, the mood at the
    factory was more resigned than angry, Production of the controversal new 
    four-tread all-terrain Mark III is scheduled to take place in far off 
    Reykjavik, with many in San Pedro fearing for their jobs and the future of
    their community ...
    (You'd wonder why people in Yellow Zones flock to Nod)
    [32.03] The Blunder that Nearly Finished GDI
    Mission  : Cairo
    Added    : When moving towards the South East side of the map
    W3N Transcript from The Frank Hour
    "... we thought our space stations and Ion Cannons were the safest of our
    military assets. We put our most valuable military personnel, our most 
    important command and control systems, and our most powerful weapons in space
    for this very reason. Little did we know that our space assets had a deadly
    vulnerability - a single point of failure located in a poorly defended 
    installation ON THE GROUND. Nod exploited this vulnerability at the worst 
    possible time, when oue entire Political and Military leadership was on board
    the Philadelphia. This is a scandal of staggering magnitude."
    "It gets worse, W3N investigative reporters dug into this story and discovered
    that the decision to locate our A-SAT control systems on the ground at Goddard
    Space Centre was made because of cost. SpaceCom would have had to build an
    entire new orbital platform just for the computers and crew at a cost of tens
    of billions. This is an outrage. Security in space was an illusion all along
    - and GDI was almost wiped out because SpaceCom wanted to save some money ..."
    [32.04] Kane's Fascination with Eastern Europe
    Mission  : Croatia
    Added    : When you have deployed your MCV
    Excerpt from W3N Special on Kane
    "... why is Kane determined to rebuild in Eastern Europe? What is his
    fascination with Sarajevo? Eastern Europe has been a focal point for Nod
    activity for decades and the reasons aren't completely clear ..."
    [32.05] GDI Storm Shelters
    Mission  : Munich
    Added    : When you have captured the Future Tech Lab
    Excerpt from GDI Emergency Procedures Packet - Storm Shelter Protocol
    GDI Storm Shelters are located throughout all Blue Zones and in select Yellow
    Zone operation areas. They are generally found in close proximity to
    population centres and Government installations. The earliest shelters were
    built after Ion Storms decimated population centres, including an incident
    resulting in the death of the famed Dr. Mobius and his top staff. Ion Storm
    Shelters are typically located between 10 and 30 metres below ground level, 
    but no closer than 70 metres to significant deposits of underground water or
    Tiberium. Their construction includes 8 foot thick, steel-reinforced concrete
    walls with integrated Sonic Emitters to prevent nearby Tiberium growth. Newer
    shelters include dormitories, cafeterias, medical facilities, vehicle
    maintenance garages, long-term power generators and redundant Sonic Emitters.
    In high-risk areas, some shelters have gained cultural significance as centres
    of social activity from sports to art and music events, gaining nicknames such
    as "Sector 7", "Old Blue" and "The Hatch".
    In recent years, many private organisations have developed smaller shelters 
    for corporations and individuals at exorbitant prices. On rare occasions, 
    these private shelters link with Offical GDI shelters via underground tunnels.
    Private citizens with shelters that link to GDI Public Shelters are required 
    by law to allow access to anyone who requests aid during Class C emergencies
    and above. 
    Courtesy GDI Emergency Aid Commission.
    (So that's what happen to Dr Mobius. For those who don't know, Dr Mobius was
    the first offical discoverer of Tiberium)
    [32.06] Alien Tower Destroyed!
    Mission  : Ground Zero
    Added    : When you begin the Mission
    News Update: GDI Successfully Downs Alien Tower in Rome
    Today, the human race witnessed the destruction of a massive Alien Tower in 
    one of the world's worst Red Zones. The success of the mission shows all of us
    that there is hope - and that GDI is in a position to push back the invaders
    once and for all. The question remains, however, what was the purpose of the
    Alien towers have been constructed in nineteen Red Zones. Their precise
    purpose is unknown but their location in the heart of the Tiberium infested
    hellscapes we call Red Zones indicates that they are somehow connected to the
    Crystalline substance. The Alien retreat to the Towers suggests a serious
    military realignment or a change of course by the Invaders.
    While GDI Scientists have been pushing to get a close-up analysis of the 
    towers, Military Commanders have insisted their quick destruction is the 
    Primary Concern. If GDI is able to replicate the quick success of the Rome
    Tower mission in the other eighteen Tower locations, their purpose may never
    be known. 
    [33.01] Nod Stealth Technology
    Mission  : The White House
    Added    : When you destroy Nod's Secret Shrines
    InOps ECAP Alert "Know Your Enemy"
    Nod's Next-Gen Stealth Technology Poses a Serious Threat
    In the First Tiberium War, Nod Scientists developed a cloaking device that 
    could be mounted on a vehicle, a Stealth Generator that created an energy
    field that could literally bend light around a particular object, rendering
    it invisible to the eye and Radar. Nod first deployed this new technology on
    the infamous Stealth Tank. GDI eventually developed new sensors and 
    countermeasures that neutralised Nod's Stealth Technology, but Nod continued
    to evolve the Science of Stealth and the "Stealth Arms Race" has continued
    unabated ever since.
    Nod's new Stealth Technology is allowing a number of their vehicles and units
    to successfully evade detection by most Current-Gen GDI Sensors. As a result,
    Nod Stealth Units are proving brutally effective against our forces in the
    Field. Nod has clearly leapfrogged GDI in Stealth Technology and 
    GDI Field Commanders should be aware that the latest G-Tech Sensors are 
    required for detection of Nod Stealth Units. Unfortunately, the newest sensors
    are not widely deployed. Only GDI Pitbull scout vehicles and base defences
    come standard with the latest Stealth Detecting Technology. Other units like
    Zone Troopers must be upgraded with Scanner Packs, and Orca Aircraft can be
    equipped with Sensor Pods or use a recharging Pulse Scan to detect nearby
    hidden enemies.
    Note that units equipped with Stealth Technology can sustain the Stealth Field
    while inactive or moving, but once any offensive action is taken, the Field
    will break down and the unit will become visible. Also, there are reports that
    Nod has constructed a Stealth Disruption Tower that can project a field large
    enough to encompass multiple units and even structures. It's conceivable that
    Nod forces could cloak an entire base. 
    [33.02] Nod Base Defences
    Mission  : The White House
    Added    : When you have Finished the Mission
    InOps ECAPS Alert "Know Your Enemy"
    Nod Base Defences
    Field Commanders should be aware that Nod forces have begun deploying new base
    defences with some unique properties. Each base defence consists of four
    components: A central hub and three turrets that can be deployed within the
    radius of the hub (The Hub is the heart of the Defence System and controls all
    of the associated turrets). A hub can repair and even rebuild the three
    turrets that are slaved to it. To take out one of these new base defences, 
    destroy the hub. That's the only way to make sure the structure is neutralised
    for good. Also, Commanders should note that these new defences are being
    deployed in three distinct flavours, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Infantry and
    Anti-Aircraft. Anti-Vehicle defences employ lasers, Anti-Aircraft turrets fire
    SAM Missiles, and the Anti-Infantry Turrets use an array of gun barrels that
    fire massive blasts of shrapnel almost like giant shotguns.
    [33.03] GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Cologne
    Mission  : Cologne
    Added    : When you have recaptured the Power Plant
    Deposition of GDI Watch Commander, detailing the Alien Invasion of Cologne
    To be honest, even after the <expletive> hit Munich, we didn't think Cologne
    would draw much in the way of attention. We've been running simulations since
    2038 or so and Cologne has never rated anything more than "minor strategic
    value." We figured that this would count for the aliens too ... guess we were
    By the time we detected the first wave, it was too late to form anything more
    than a basic defence. Fortunately, we'd been evacuating civilians for the
    better part of the day, but we were way behind on erecting defensive 
    structures, let alone planning any kind of strategy. Things fell apart fast,
    those infernal air ... uh ... Spacecraft came streaking in, wiping out half of
    our troops before they could even fire a shot. The rest of us scattered,
    taking shelter in whatever structures we figured were solid enough to 
    withstand fire, at least temporarily. Then the power when out, and with it our
    communications, our radar and any damn chance of us taking the city back.
    At one point, the insane hell of combat calmed down and it was almost quiet on
    the Battlefield - the odd burst of laser fire, a scream, some radio static.
    Then, all at once, the sky lit up bright green and the silence became a 
    defeaning explosive howl. My heart sank ... the <expletive> had taken out the
    Tib silos, all of them ... the entire Reclaimation Project, years of work,
    undone in a few seconds ... a Giant <expletive> Tib field spawned right at the
    heart of Central Germany. 
    Then their ground units came ... giant walkers and little disintegrators 
    things taking out our tanks, clouds of razor sharp buzzing things reducing our
    infantry to unidentifiable piles of wet flesh on the sidewalk. 
    I called a retreat, grabbed my gun and ran ...
    Audio Transcript - Deposition of GDI Watch Commander Elliot Gruber, Cologne
    [33.04] GDI Field Recon - the Fall of Berne
    Mission  : Berne
    Added    : When both Bonus Drone Platforms are Destroyed
    Deposition of Civilian Witness, detailing the Alien Invasion of Berne
    "I was about to go off the clock when the evacuate order came through. 
    Klaxons, sirens, broadcasts on every channel. Even the damn billboards and
    street signs were telling us to get out of town. I called my wife, or tried,
    but every network was jammed ... jammed or just static. We lived in the
    Central District, worker family housing. I had been supervising the final
    touches on my chunk of the anti-Tib wall, out on the east side. Half a city
    "Within ten minutes, I had abandoned my car and started to run. The vehicle
    exit points had jammed up less than ten minutes after the first alert, 
    plunging the city into gridlock. Seconds later, I was sprinting past 
    Holovision Kiosks, and the ones that were still broadcasting, all I could see
    was destruction. Death. Fire ..."
    (The Subject places head in hands, mutters inaudibly for 48 seconds)
    "... so I'm running and I start to hear this low hum. At first I think it's
    just the static from the Public Address System, gone dead a few minutes 
    earlier. It isn't, it's something more. Like a machine, but alive, also,
    somehow. It starts to grow, the sound larger and larger as I sprint, and the
    sky is now dark, and the City Walls are falling, the City Walls I helped 
    build ... and there are things, things in the sky ..."
    (The Subject places head in hands, mutters inaudibly for 32 second)
    "... glowing, blue and glossy. Machines, but alive. I keep running. My lungs
    burn, my sides ache, but I'm getting close to the city. There's a thing in
    the sky, like the others, but huge, noise deafening, a massive ring, rotating
    around a central object, some kind of control pod. I am too close to take it
    all in, to know how it works. It's nearly over me, over Central Berne, and
    now it's glowing, drawing up some kind of energy."
    "I lower my head and run."
    "For a second, everything is silent, as if the gigantic thing had sucked the
    sound right out of the air. Then light, everywhere, all consuming. I fall,
    shielding my eyes."
    "Light, light and silence."
    "When I come to, there ..., there is no Central Berne, no worker family 
    housing. All gone. Just a pit, gouged from the Earth, a pit where a city used
    to be. At the centre, there is something blue ... blue and glittering ..."
    Audio Transcript (Translated) - Deposition of Civilian Engineering Corps
    Foreman Martin Hoffesommer, Berne, Under Hypnotic Regression
    (This intel explains a few things. It explains why there is a massive Blue
    Tiberium Field in the centre of the Berne Map as well as detailing the 
    operation of a Mothership.)
    [34.01] GDI Riflemen
    Mission  : North Carolina Badlands
    Added    : When you Train a Riflemen Squad
    Field Manual - Basic Infantry
    Equipped with the GD2 rifle, GDI Riflemen are the mainstay of GDI military
    forces. They are deployed to all combat zones and trained in Anti-Infantry
    combat techniques. Riflemen are most effective when garrisoned in fortified
    structures, and are equipped to dig Foxholes when the need arises to defend a
    fixed position. Riflemen should never be deployed against heavy armour,
    especially flame weapons, without significant Heavy-Weapon Support.
    GDI - Units and Weapons
    [34.02] GDI Missile Squad
    Mission  : North Carolina Badlands
    Added    : When your Missile Squad Reinforcements turn up
    Field Manual - Basic Infantry
    GDI Missile Squads are armed with the FGM-90, which is designed to inflict
    maximum damage to vehicles and aircraft. Light Vehicles like Jeeps and Buggies
    are excellent targets for Missile Squads. Missile Squads are normally deployed
    in tandem with larger Riflemen Squads, but can be used to great effect from
    garrisoned buildings in Civilian Buildings or APCs where they are protected
    from Anti-Infantry fire.
    GDI - Units and Weapons
    [34.03] GDI Engineer
    Mission  : North Carolina Badlands
    Added    : When the Engineer Reinforcements arrive
    GDI Combat Engineers are able to capture enemy buildings and repair structures
    (Including Bridges and Base Buildings). Deploy an Engineer into an enemy base
    structure in order to capture it - or send an Engineer into a damaged building
    to fix it back up again. Damaged bridges can be repaired by deploying an
    Engineer into the bridge Auto-Repair Gatehouses.
    Engineer Combat Primer Excerpt
    - As a Combat Engineer, a few cardinal rules should be kept in mind at all
    1. Never act alone in hostile territory. Your Standard Issue Body Armour is 
    ineffective against most modern weapons.
    2. You are equipped with a standard GD45 Sidearm. Only use it as a last resort
    as it will not penetrate most modern Body Armour.
    3. Once you gain access to an enemy structure, be sure to disable the Central
    Computer Terminal immediately and install your Override program to connect the
    structure to the nearest Command Post.
    4. When entering a damaged structure, be sure to initiate damage control
    programs for immediate results. Once the automation has kicked in, you will be
    clear to commence more extensive repairs.
    5. Keep your Hard-Hat on at all time.
    GDI - Units and Weapons
    [34.04] Mobile Construction Vehicle
    Mission  : North Carolina Badlands
    Added    : When your MCV turns up
    Combat Engineering Primer
    Mobile Construction Vehicles, or MCVs, are deployed to all major theaters to
    serve as the foundation for a Forward Operating Base. The MCV is capable of 
    rolling over any relatively clear terrain. It is not equipped for self-
    defence	. When an MCV reaches it destination, it can immediately unpack into a
    Construction Yard capable of building Production Structures, a Tiberium
    Refinery, and other elements needed for a Forward Base. The Construction Yard
    can be packed up into the MCV at any time, although it is only advised when 
    the base it supports is no longer being used.
    GDI - Units and Weapons
    [34.05] Barracks
    Mission  : North Carolina Badlands
    Added    : When you have Built the Barracks
    Field Manual - Logistics
    GDI base camps are created using highly portable, modular buildings. This 
    allows for easy construction and Tear-Down of shelters in harsh climates and
    remote locations. Personnel stationed at GDI bases will find themselves
    protected from Tiberium contamination and Ion Storms due to their durable 
    armour plating, but will not have access to Advanced Weaponry without the 
    support of an Armory.
    GDI - Units and Weapons
    [34.06] APC
    Mission  : The Pentagon
    Added    : When your APC reinforcements arrive
    Field Manual - APC
    The GDI Armoured Personnel Carrier, or APC, is a six-wheeled all-terrain
    vehicle that can transport Infantry in an Armoured Compartment. Dynamically
    sized fire slits permit the soldiers riding into the vehicle to shoot at 
    targets outside the APC. Deploy a Missile Squad into an APC and the vehicle
    effectively gains the ability to fire missiles. Passengers can be evacuated
    quickly through multiple exits from the APC, so the vehicle can drop soldiers
    right into a firefight with minumum downtime for unloading.
    [34.07] Grenadier
    Mission  : The Pentagon
    Added    : When your Grenadiers turn up
    TacOps Field Guide: Grenadier Squad
    If you need to clear a garrisoned building fast, deploy a Grenadier Squad and
    they'll get the job done. Their Rocket Propelled Grenade can even hit the
    upper stories of taller structures. Even better, their Grenades have minimal
    on-board AI guidance and can steer themselves right through windows. 
    Grenadiers will blow the garrisoned troops right out of the side of the 
    [34.08] Command Post
    Mission  : Langley Air Force Base
    Added    : When you have recaptured the GDI Base
    Field Manual - Command Structure
    GDI Forward Bases act as the hubs for GDI Operations in all Zones and whether
    conditions. The heart of any GDI Forward Base is the Command Post. From this
    structure, Field Commanders can maintain contact with regional GDI resources
    and centralise intelligence for rapid response. High-Powered Radar and
    Communications equipment allow officer Real-Time feedback from units in the
    field, but note that this gear will draw significant power from your base 
    [34.09] Sniper Team
    Mission  : Langley Air Force Base
    Added    : When you have saved all the Sniper Teams (4 of them)
    TacOps Field Guide: Sniper Team
    Sniper Teams are able to take down enemy infantry with deadly precision. They
    employ stealth so they can't be seen or detected while motionless. Finally,
    the spotter in a Sniper Team allows you to designate targets for any 
    Juggernaut artillery units for miles around. The Juggernaut Crew will be able
    to see and target enemy units and structures anywhere near active Sniper Teams
    in the environment.
    [34.10] Airfield
    Mission  : Langley Air Force Base
    Added    : When you have recaptured the Airfields
    Field Manual - Forward Air Bases
    Air Assets are often dedicated to support a particular ground force. The
    modular GDI Airfield can be established to maintain up to four combat aircraft
    indefinitely. The facility is capable of refueling, repairing, and rearming
    Orca Ground Attack Aircraft, but can also sustain Firehawk VTOL attack jets
    with the addition of advanced technical equipment. Airfields each directly
    control a small element of aircraft, so without an Airfield these craft may
    suffer guidance failure and the inability to maintain extended operations
    considering Global Ion Storm interference.
    [34.11] Orca Attack Craft
    Mission  : Langley Air Force Base
    Added    : When the Orcas arrive at the Airfields
    TacOps Field Guide - Mark IV Orca
    The highly maneuverable and light-weight Orca aerial weapons platform has
    supported GDI ground campaigns for decades. The Mk IV version currently
    deployed with GDI forces worldwide is an all-new, state-of-the-art aircraft.
    With VTOL capability that allows it to operate from small pads, a high 
    cruising speed, long range, and the ability to hover for extended periods, the
    Mk IV Orca is truly a versatile weapon system. Its air-to-ground missiles can
    strike a wide variery of targets, including enemy vehicles and structures. The
    Mk IV can also be equipped with a Sensor Array capably of detecting even the
    most advanced Nod stealth units. Field Commanders should note that Orcas are
    not capable of engaging targets in the air and should be escorted by Firehawk
    attack jets carrying air-to-air missiles when operating in areas where Nod
    commands Air superiority.
    [34.12] Commando
    Mission  : Hampton Roads Naval Base
    Added    : When you start the Mission
    TacOps Field Guide: Commando
    The deadliest weapon in the GDI arsenal isn't a tank or an aircraft - it's a
    human being. GDI's elite Commando is truly an "army of one," backed by 50
    years of tradition and trained in a grueling program that has a 22% fatality
    rate and a 97% drop-out rate for the survivors (even after starting with the
    very best of the best in all branches of service). Commandos are equipped with
    special Battle Armour, solid fuel jump jets, a top secret Rail Gun with a high
    rate of fire, and det-packs that can take down an entire building with an
    exotic new explosive. GDI Weapon Labs equip Commandos with the prototypes of
    GDI's Next-Gen Weapons, so nobody else on the Battlefield has the toy these
    boys have. The most elite Commandos are also trained to use their det-packs on
    the legs of large Walkers, one of the reasons GDI retired many of the bipedal
    Walkers that were a mainstay in the Second Tiberium War (given that this new
    vulnerability seemed like it could be exploited by Nod elite units as well).
    [34.13] Crane
    Mission  : The White House
    Added    : When you construct a Crane
    Base Logistics Field Guide
    If a Forward Base need to go up fast, consider building a Crane to open up a
    second Production Queue at the Construction Yard. The nano-assemblers,
    computers, and control units will be able to work on two Base Structures
    [34.14] GDI Base Defences
    Mission  : The White House
    Added    : When you Build a Watchtower or Guardian Cannon
    Excerpt from Technical Manual, March 2047
    GDI has 3 basic defences with which to ward off enemy attacks: The Watchtower,
    The Guardian Cannon, and the AA Battery.
    The Watchtower stands 30ft tall with twin 20mm railguns mounted atop it.
    Equipped with an IR spotlight and the Next-Gen Sensor to detech stealth units,
    this Anti-Infantry defence tears enemy infantry to shreds. Programmed to
    attack any ground unit that comes within its range, the Watchtower is also 
    able to distinguish between infantry and tanks, and will prioritise the
    Infantry over Tanks so as to maximise the lethality of its Anti-Personnel
    The Guardian Cannon is equipped with a 105mm Gun capable of ripping through
    the Heavy Armour of tanks. The Guardian is an Anti-Vehicle weapon and is not 
    as effective against infantry.
    The Anti-Air Battery has twin 30mm Gattling Guns firing depleted Uranian 
    Shells at air targets. With a deadly accurate fire control system and a 
    staggering rate of fire, the AA Battery is very effective against any form
    of aircraft. 
    [34.15] Predator Battle Tank
    Mission  : The White House
    Added    : When you build a Predator Tank
    Weapons of the World 2047: GDI Main Battle Tank - MBT-6 Predator
    Equipped with a 150mm cannon, this 65 Ton Tank packs an armour-piercing punch
    against any vehicle or structure. It's also fast and quite maneuverable for a
    large armoured vehicle. Devastating in numbers, Predator tanks can rip through
    enemy encampments quickly, as well as crush infantry under their tracks. They
    have excellent armour, but are vulnerable to armour-piercing rocket and cannon
    [34.16] Zone Troopers
    Mission  : Casabad
    Added    : When you get the Zone Troopers
    TacOps Field Guide: Zone Troopers
    GDI Zone Troopers are elite heavy infantry with exceptional mobility, armour,
    and enough firepower to take out enemy targets ranging from infantry to light
    vehicles. Equipped with Power Armour, Rail Guns, and Jump Jets that can boost
    them over obstacles or across rivers, Zone Troopers do the heavy lifting for
    the GDI Infantry. 
    [34.17] War Factory Repair Drones
    Mission  : Alexandria
    Added    : When you Build a War Factory
    Capability Update
    Everyone knows that War Factories build vehicles. But did you know that a War
    Factory can also perform repairs? War Factories have been upgraded with
    autonomous repair drones that can perform even the most complex repairs to 
    severely damaged vehicles in a very short period of time. How does it work?
    Just get close. Vehicle crews in damaged tanks, APC and Buggies should bring
    their vehicles back to the War Factory and the drones will begin repair
    operations when the vehicles are in proximity to the factory structure.
    [34.18] Base Expansion using the Surveyor
    Mission  : Alexandria 
    Added    : When you have deployed a Surveyor
    GDI Field Manual
    Some Forward Base Construction Yards can build Surveyor Vehicles (found under
    the Support Structure Tab) which have the capability to deploy into a small
    Outpost. Surveyors can be given the command to deploy on any terrain where
    base structures can be built. Once an Expansion Base is established, the
    Construction Yard in the main base can be used to build any structure nearby,
    including Refineries, War Factories, base defences, and whatever else might be
    useful. The Surveyor and the Outpost it creates are supurb tools for claiming
    territories near strategic targets like remote Tiberium Fields (so refineries
    can be built nearby, saving harvesters from a long commute through possible
    enemy-controlled terrain).
    [34.19] Rig Deployment into a Forward Battle Base
    Mission  : Albania
    Added    : When you get the Rig
    GDI Field Manual - Holding the Line
    GDI Field Commanders in some Forward Bases have access to one of the most
    unique power projection systems in the world: The Rig. The Rig is a vehicle
    that is designed to roll deep into enemy territory and quickly deploy into a
    heavily armed Battle Base Structure. Equipped with Guardian Cannons and a 
    Missile Launcher, the Battle Base is capable of engaging enemy vehicles and
    aircraft. As an added bonus, Rigs carry a complement of auto-drones for making
    field repairs to GDI vehicles. The Rig/Battle Base Combination is ideal for
    claiming and holding terrain, enabling GDI Field Commanders to employ a 
    classic "Clear and Hold" strategy for securing Tiberium Fields or gradually
    taking over an objective area.
    [34.20] Firehawk Attack Jets
    Mission  : Albania
    Added    : When yoou capture the Reinforcement Bay for the Firehawks
    TacOps Field Guide: Firehawk
    The Firehawk is a fast and highly maneuverable VTOL attack jet that can carry
    air-to-ground or air-to-air missiles. Field Commanders can make their load-out
    choices while the Firehawk is on the pad at an Airfield. Forward Bases with a
    Tech Centre structure can equip Firehawks with special rocket boosters that 
    allow the aircraft to punch into the Stratosphere and go near-orbital in order
    to hop over enemy air defences. Note that Firehawks are vulnerable to AA Fire
    in the actual target zone during the Re-Entry after the boost phase.
    [35.01] GDI Base Closure
    Mission  : North Carolina Badlands
    Added    : When you have regain control of the GDI Base
    Script of a News Article from 2043
    ... as of 2043, GDI has closed over 60% of their military bases around the 
    world, including installations in North Carolina, Brazil, and Eastern Europe.
    The most recent cutbacks are due to a decrease in Nod activity - with Kane
    dead, the Brotherhood seems to be splintering apart.
    [35.02] Tiberium Primer
    Mission  : North Carolina Badlands
    Added    : When you are explained the basics of Harvesting
    Tiberium: A gift or a curse?
    Tiberium is a scientific curiosity, a vastly powerful resource, an 
    unprecedented environmental cataclysm, a catalyst for war, and much more. It's
    like nothing we've ever seen before and it is constantly transforming itself.
    We are almost certain Tiberium is Extraterrestrial in origin; it is not man-
    made and there is no evidence of the substance on Earth prior to its first
    appearance half a century ago. Early forms of Tiberium were almost organic,
    sprouting out of the ground in what seemed to be plant-like pods, leaching
    minerals out of the Earth and emitting clouds of Toxic Gas. Over time, 
    Tiberium showed it had the ability to evolve and change.
    By 2047, most Tiberium on Earth has manifested in what we know as its most
    common form: A self-replicating Proton Lattice that turns any matter it 
    touches into more of itself, giving off powerful radiation in the process. It
    can change anything it comes into contact with into more Tiberium.
    Is Tiberium Terraforming the Earth into a planet suitable for Alien Life? Is
    it a weapon? It is a creature of some kind? Perhaps some kind of consciousness
    resides in the Crystal Lattices, a quantium Crystalline Brain that grows ever
    smarter as it grows and grows. There are many theories about what Tiberium 
    actually is ...  and why it is here. Ultimately, its origin and its purpose - 
    if it has one - are still a mystery.
    GDI has not given up on trying to contain the spread of Tiberium. With
    Tiberium infestation reaching critical levels and new, more sinister varients
    of the substance turning up, things started to look pretty grim for planet
    Earth in the middle of the 21st Century. However, GDI has found a 
    vulnerability in the green crystal that they have begun to exploit. GDI
    Engineers have found the resonant frequency for Tiberium ... and they have
    created Sonic Resonators that are capable of breaking up Tiberium Crystals.
    A high level scientific explaination of the Alien Substance is included here 
    for students, Engineers, and scientists: The most recent form of Tiberium is a
    dense "Dynamic Proton Lattice" held together by exotic heavy particles. When
    Tiberium comes into contact with other matter, the heavy particles randomly
    collide with the nuclei of the target matter, smashing it to pieces (in the
    case of smaller nuclei) or incrementally knocking off protons and neutrons (in
    the case of heavier nuclei). Tiberium captures a fraction of the protons that
    are ejected during this collision process and incorporates them into its own
    structure, thus transmuting matter into more Tiberium. Whenever one of the
    heavy particles - a muon or tauon - collides with an atomic nucleus, fission
    occurs, which results in the production of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation as
    well as other forms of Electromagnetic radiation (like Infra-Red). During the
    transmution process, nuclei that Tiberium has come into contact with may be
    charged with nuclei with different (usually fewer) numbers of protons or
    [35.03] The Global Defense Initiative
    Mission  : The Pentagon
    Added    : When you start the mission
    The Global Defense Initiative began as a secret military alliance of advanced
    nations under the United Nations umbrella. GDI's mission: To contain Tiberium,
    reverse its spread, and fight the sinister Brotherhood of Nod.
    Over time, power and sovereignty have been gradually ceded to GDI and the
    national identities of the participating countries have faded. In 2047, that
    process has reached its final stages: While there are still technically 
    individual Member Nations, the reality is that GDI has become a unified 
    political and military super-state.
    GDI controls the only areas of the Earth that have not been significantly 
    compromised by Tiberium infestation. The Crystalline alien substance is slowly
    consuming the rest of the planet, causing an environmental cataclysm that has
    made 30% of the Earth uninhabitable and another 50% of the Earth's surface
    exceedingly unfriendly to civilisation. GDI's home territories are known as 
    "Blue Zones" since they are mostly clear of Tiberium and have been relatively
    untouched by war (in contrast to the ecologically ravaged and war-torn "Yellow
    Zones" and the Tiberium infested hellscapes designated as "Red Zones").
    The clash between GDI and Nod has escalated into full World Wars twice before
    - the First Tiberium War (TWI) erupted when both powers were in their 
    formative states and that terrible war followed by another worldwide firestorm
    several years later.
    (That refers to the Second Tiberium War. The First Tiberium War is in the 
    game, Tiberium Dawn. The Second Tiberium War is in Tiberium Sun and the 
    Worldwide Firestorm is in the expasion pack to Tiberium Sun, Firestorm.)
    [35.04] About the Brotherhood of Nod
    Mission  : The Pentagon
    Added    : When you are told to eliminate Nod HQ (Primary Objective 4)
    GDI views Nod as a dangerous, virulent, and inexplicably self-sustaining 
    terrorist group obsessed with accelerating the worst ecological catastrophe in
    history, led by a Charismatic and Brillant sociopath name Kane. The
    Brotherhood sees itself quite indifferently. Nod believes that it is the agent
    of change for a world in the throes of transition to a New Order, the
    representative of the poor and the oppressed, and a foil to the previously
    unchecked power of GDI.
    Nod has the people, resources, organisation, and raw military power necessary
    to stand against GDI and wage war on a global scale. Yet the Brotherhood of 
    Nod isn't a country: It's a strange new hybrid organisation that has the
    combined characteristics of a religious movement, a multinational corporation,
    and a nation-state. Given the awesome demands of modern warfare, with its
    terrible cost and vast scale, Nod's ability to go toe-to-toe with GDI is 
    Nod is able to recruit thousands of new members every month from the desperate
    populations of the Borderlands. Their political, military, and logistical
    operations are decentralised and buried deep inside the crumbling cities,
    towns, and outposts in the decaying Yellow Zones. A vast and sophisticated
    infrastructure is disguised from GDI, and Nod has perfected the art of moving
    military assets and forces quickly over long distances without detection, even
    by Satellite or drone aircraft with the Latest Generations Sensors.
    Nod's core organisation is very sophisticated and High-Tech but they also have
    a large guerilla force composed of hastily trained and minimally equipped
    recruits from the Yellow Zones. Nod's field forces are an interesting mix of
    low tech "militia" troops and similar numbers of highly trained, elite 
    soldiers equipped with state of the art communications gear and the most 
    advanced weapon systems available.
    Nod's military assets are experimental and exotic in both appearance and 
    function, but the durability of their units is suspect. Nod engineers are not
    afraid to risk human life and will often sacrifice safety and protection for
    increased ability and speed. Their high-end military hardware runs on Tiberium
    and tends to be fast but vulnerable, lethal but unstable. Nod offensive
    weapons deployed in vehicles range from rockets, machine guns, and flame
    throwers to toxins, lasers, and Nuclear Weapons. They also have a number of
    Tiberium-based weapons. 
    [35.05] Red, Yellow and Blue Zones
    Mission  : Casabad
    Added    : When you start the mission
    Tiberium infestation has rendered 30% of the planet totally uninhabitable.
    Large swaths of the Earth's surface has been designated as "Red Zones" - areas
    that are desolate, swept by storms, and contaminated by vast amounts of
    Tiberium. Venturing into, over, or even near these wastelands can be extremely
    Beyond the Red Zones, Tiberium contamination has caused varying levels of 
    Environmental Damage in another 50% of the Earth's populated areas. In the
    ecologically compromised and war torn Yellow Zones, Tiberium Fields are common
    - growing in the middle of cities, on farmland, and throughout the 
    environment. Tiberium-related climate change has caused an endless cycle of
    droughts, floods, and severe weather of all types including spectaular 
    Category 6 hurricanes, tornadoes with wind speeds of 500 Miles per Hour, and
    exceedingly violent thunderstorms. Especially destructive Ion Storms 
    occasionally rage out of the Red Zones to wreak havoc on cities and towns in
    the Borderlands.
    Only 20% of the Earth's Surface is in relatively pristine condition. The Blue
    Zones suffer from minimal Tiberium infestation and have been relatively
    untouched by war. The populations of the Blue Zones live in relative comfort,
    going about their lives in High-Tech Futuristic cities that sit in forested
    valleys or nestle in pastoral farmland. 
    [35.06] GDI's Nuclear Weapons
    Mission  : Cairo
    Added    : When Kane's announcement is broadcast 
    GDI still possesses a Nuclear Arsenal stored at key locations around the world
    (including a Large Nuke Base in the desolate outback of Australia, heavily
    defended silos in North American Yellow Zones, and installations in other
    remote areas). GDI leaders long ago made a vow not to ever use Nuclear Weapons
    no matter how bad the situation got and kept that vow even as Nod acquired its
    own Nuclear Capability. GDI's nukes are few in number, but are stored with
    delivery systems (including ICBMs) and kept at top operational readiness just
    in case GDI leaders ever change their minds. The most difficult test of GDI
    nuclear policy came in the early days of TW3 right after the strike on the
    Philadelphia, but even then it's questionable how effective nukes would have
    been in stemming the Nod tide given that Nod's forces were highly 
    decentralised and Nod troops were staging operations deep in GDI Blue Zones.
    Some view GDI's pledge not to use nukes as a cynical one given that they 
    deployed a new precision weapon of mass destruction - the Ion Cannon - right
    at the time they made their vow. 
    [35.07] Life in a Yellow Zone
    Mission  : Sarajevo
    Added    : When you capture the Mutant Hovel
    Tiberium contamination affects Yellow Zones directly and indirectly. Climate
    change, melting glacial ice, extreme weather, Tiberium Field growth, and
    decades of war have caused social collapse in several Yellow Zones. Many 
    cities in the most affected areas are run by Warlords and Criminal
    Organisations or have degenetated in anarchy - or they have fallen under the
    thrall of the sinister Brotherhood of Nod.
    Existance in the worst-off Yellow Zones is not pleasant at all. Your home is
    likely to be in a decaying building with no running water. Power comes on for
    a few hours a day at erratic times. Food is scarce. Doctors are rare. On a 
    few occasions, food aid or medical care will be provided by humanitarian 
    workers visiting from the pristine and high tech Blue Zones. 
    A subsistence living is just the start. Tiberium contamination is a fact of
    life, and thousands die every year from inhaling mircoscopic crystsals that 
    are carried in smog, clouds of dust, and other airborne particulates. Tiberium
    may even fall out of the sky suspended in rain drops if the clouds overhead
    have passed through a Red Zone during or after an Ion Storm. Because of the
    drought conditions in many Yellow Zones, rain showers are often greeted by the
    local populations with an odd mix of fear, dread, and joy. 
    In the harsh reality of a Yellow Zone, Tiberium is not the only threat. If
    Tiberium doesn't get you, then you are likely to fall victim to a violent
    crime, get caught in the crossfire between Warloads clashing over turf, or 
    become a collateral damage statistic in the Global War between the armies of
    the Global Defence Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. 
    [35.08] Health Effects of Tiberium Contamination
    Mission  : Sarajevo
    Added    : When you capture the Nod Science Ministry Building
    What happens if you're exposed to Tiberium? Nothing good. If you come into
    direct contact with Tiberium, the green matter will start to fuse with your
    skin within about 20 seconds. You'll feel an intense burning sensation, 
    similar to touching a hot pan or spilling acid on your skin. A full blown
    infection will manifest if you aren't treated immediately. Your flesh will
    begin to crystallise; eventually your internal organs will shut down as 
    Tiberium extends rigid crystalline runners throughout your body. If you
    breathe in the crystal, then it will become embedded in your lungs. You'll
    lose the ability to process oxygen as your lung tissue crystallises. 
    Eventually, you'll start coughing up blood and will hemorrhage to death.
    In some cases - and for unknown reasons - Tiberium infection will trigger
    cellular mutation. It's not cancer in that the mutations seem strangely
    directed; they don't kill you, but your body will begin to transform. The
    mechanism for this situationis not well understood. 
    [35.09] What is it Like in a Red Zone?
    Mission  : Berne
    Added    : When you destroy the Scrin Air Base 
    Excerpt from "International Orthographic's Guide to Our World Today"
    If you were to equip yourself with a hardened Environment Suit and stand in 
    the middle of a Red Zone, you would see a landscape straight out of hell. The
    ground is a blasted and barren plateau of rock laced with veins of Tiberium
    that shine through with a malevolent green radiance. On the horizon are
    massive formations of pure Tiberium that have welled up through the 
    surrounding Earth. These frozen crystalline glaciers cast a sickly emerald
    glow on the surrounding terrain. Tilt your head and you'll comtemplate a 
    cloudy, tortured sky alive with twisting patterns of shimmering light and 
    flickers of lightning. If you wait long enough, you'll see an Ion Storm begin
    to form, the lightning overhead intensifying until the entire environment is 
    lit with rapid strobing flashes. Eventually, the vast and terrible energy
    overhead will begin arcing to the ground around you in a terrifying display
    of destructive force. These fireworks are accompanied by a howling toxic
    whirlwind that scours the deserted ground and drives shards of Tiberium 
    before it at insane speeds.
    Red Zones are like the surface of an alien world. Scientists have spectulated
    that Tiberium is actually a terraforming agent for an alien civilisation,
    slowly transforming our planet into an environment suitable for beings that
    have evolved on a different planet. No definitive conclusions have been
    Unauthorised reproduction of this text will be met with the harshest possible
    penalties, under the GDI anti-piracy convention of 2017.
    (Lucky GDI doesn't exist, we are not in 2017 either)
    [35.10] Red Zone Terrain: Tiberium Chasms
    Mission  : Rome
    Added    : When you start the mission
    Excerpt from GDI Red Zone Military Operational Database
    Red Zones are the most hostile operational environments on the planet. The
    abundance of Tiberium fields, the toxic radiation, the intimidating terrain
    (including chasms and cliffs), the terrible weather, and the huge Tiberium
    glaciers all contribute to make these hellscapes a nightmare for Field
    Commanders. On the bright side, considering our resources and mobility, we
    have found that Red Zone conditions don't completely jeopardise our fighting
    ability. The following operational techniques are found to be the most
    effective in Red Zone Combat actions:
    - Jump Jets: Our Commando and Zone Troopers make the best use of GDI 
    technology by simply jumping across the wide swathes of hostile terrain.
    - Calling for Transport: The ground terrain poses serious challenges that can
    be circumvented by bringing in a V35 Ox to move units around.
    - Expanding Ground Control: Ground control can sometimes expand build radius
    beyond the length of a chasm, allowing units to be produced on the other side.
    In addition, transporting Surveyors across the chasm can allow for base
    construction on the front lines. 
    [36.01] Once Again a Nuclear Power
    Mission  : Outback
    Added    : When the Transports are evacuated
    Excerpt from a Message to the Brotherhood
    "... the Brotherhood of Nod is once again a Nuclear Power. We shall use our
    warheads and delivery systems to cleanse our enemies from the Earth in a 
    bath of nuclear fire ..."
    Transmitted upon recapture of Nuclear Warheads in the Australian Outback
    [36.02] KANE LIVES!
    Mission  : Downtown Sydney
    Added    : When Kane reappears
    Message to the Brotherhood
    I have not abandoned you, my Children. I know that recent events have been
    unsettling, with the war against GDI taking an unexpected turn, the 
    destruction of Temple Prime, my temporary absence, Kilian's betrayal, and the
    arrival of the Visitors. Your faith has been tested, as it has been before,
    and I'm confident that it did not waver.
    Know that everything is proceeding exactly as I have forseen it. The light of
    a new day shines into every corner of the World.
    Unfortunately, there are most tests ahead of us before we furfill our destiny.
    I ask you for your continued faith and obedience so that we may all stride 
    into a glorious future together. 
    [36.03] The Key to the Future: Part I
    Mission  : Italian Hills
    Added    : When you start the mission
    <<Incoming Transmission>>
    Source: Kane
    Priority: Ultra
    Scramble Index: Echo-Oscar-5
    Ascension: That is the reward that awaits us. Complete these final tasks that
    I have put before you, and our destiny will be furfilled.
    You must not fail.
    <<End Transmission>>
    [36.04] The Towers Sacrosanct
    Mission  : Operation Stiletto
    Added    : When you capture an enemy Drone Platform
    The Visitors are divine instruments. They are not divine in their own right,
    but because of what they are doing for us, building the sacred towers in the
    hearts of our Red Zones. The Visitors remain hostile to us because they know
    not what they do; their vision is limited and they cannot see their own part
    in a Plan that goes beyond their purpose.
    No member of the Brotherhood shall take hostile action against the holy sites
    where the Towers are rising out of the Red Zones. Defensive action against the
    Visitors showing hostile intent is understandable, but do not strike first.
    Be aware that GDI is conducting military operations against the Visitors all
    over the World. Such operations help our cause if they keep the Visitors
    distracted - but if GDI threatens a tower, then we must intervene to help
    protect the sacred structure. 
    The Towers are the new homes of the Brotherhood, and their importance - and
    meaning - is transcendent. Treat them as you would treat your temple. 
    [36.05] The Key to the Future: Part II
    Mission  : Kane's Tower
    Added    : When you start the mission
    <<Incoming Transmission>>
    Source: Kane
    Priority: Ultra
    Scramble Index: November-Kilo-2
    One of our sacred Towers is now very close to completion. This magnificent
    structures in the Mediterranean Red Zone rises thousands of metres into the
    sky. Once the Visitors finish their work on this tower, it will be utterly
    imprevious to attack by any weapon known to man. We must do everything in our
    power to ensure that this holy site is not sullied by GDI as the Visitors
    complete their task. 
    This Tower is our gateway to the stars. It is the Key to the Future. It must
    be protected at all costs.
    <<End Transmission>>
    [37.01] Tiberium Spikes
    Mission  : The White House
    Added    : When you have captured the Tiberium Spikes for the Bonus Objective
    Excerpt from the Brotherhood Combat Logistics Guide
    Capture Tiberium Spikes in your Theatre of War to provide logistical support
    for combat operations. You'll find these Tiberium mining and processing units
    deployed by the hundreds in various Yellow and Blue Zones. Send a Saboteur
    into a Spike and claim it for your own - your forces will benefit from a 
    constant flow of resources as the machine extracts Tiberium from underground
    deposits and processes it on-site. 
    [37.02] Nod Tactical Doctrine
    Mission  : Andrews Air Force Base
    Added    : When you move towards the GDI Outpost
    Excerpt from the Brotherhood Combat Operations Manual
    "... Nod operational doctrine states that Commanders should control the tempo
    of combat operations, avoiding direct contact with the enemy until the time 
    and place are just right. Stealth, speed, mobility, force composition, and
    operational flexability are the key to success ..."
    [37.03] Refinery and Harvesting Operations
    Mission  : Washington DC
    Added    : When you start the mission
    Excerpt from the Brotherhood Combat Logistics Guide
    Modular Tiberium refineries can be set up quickly and effectively on-site,
    using the latest Tiberium processing technology. The Latest Generation Nod
    harvesters are not just fast, they are also able to avoid detection with 
    on-board Stealth Technology. You'll be able to harvest resources right under
    the nose of the enemy, leaving GDI Logistics Officers scratching their heads
    and asking themselves, "where'd that Tiberium Field go? ..."
    Peace Through Power!
    [37.04] Calling for Transport
    Mission  : Amazon Desert
    Added    : When you have built an Air Tower
    Excerpt from the Brotherhood Combat Operations Manual
    Once aircraft have begun operating from a Nod base, many Nod ground units in
    the general area gain the ability to Call for Transport. Units can radio in
    from the field requesting airlift from their current position. Carryalls will
    deploy, pick up the units needing transportation, and ferry them to a target
    destination. Be careful about exposing the Carryalls to enemy Anti-Aircraft 
    fire because Carryalls are vulnerable targets and you run the risk of losing
    your infantry or vehicles in transit. 
    [37.05] The Guns of the Amazon
    Mission  : Atlantic Coast
    Added    : When you start the mission
    <<Incoming Transmission>>
    Source: Viper's Nest Actual
    Priority: Monarch
    Scramble Index: Quebec-Romeo-1
    Evacuation routes for convoys in transit from the Amazon Desert have been
    compromised by Long Range GDI Artillery Emplacements. Convoys designated as
    Sand Viper, Lancehead, and Bushmaster will hold at markers Echo, Sierra, and
    Bravo until further notice. Escorts will set up a defensive perimeter around
    each convoy. 
    Viper's Nest Actual will advise when the GDI Emplacements have been 
    <<Transmission Offline>>
    [37.06] Intercepted Transmission
    Mission  : Sarajevo
    Added    : When you deliver the Transport to Temple Prime unharmed
    <<Incoming Transmission>>
    Source: Unknown, possibly airborne over the Indian subcontinent
    Priority: Able
    Scramble Index: Uniform-India-9
    "*garbled* ... strayed from the path ... *unintelligible* ... brother against
    brother ... *unintelligible* ... things finally set right, a new course ...
    *garbled* ... rapid deployment force ... *garbled* ... Copperhead Actual ..."
    <<Transmission Offline>>
    (Copperhead Actual is very important for the discovery of the Nod traitors)
    [37.07] Black Hand Interrogation Report
    Mission  : Outback
    Added    : When you start the mission
    Black Hand Confessor Barzan
    Interrogation Report
    Subject: GDI Nuclear Tech / Broken Hill
    "... before expiring, subject confirmed that GDI's A-NZ special weapons
    detachment will be moving Nuclear Warheads from the base at Broken Hill to a 
    location within the Sydney Zone Border. Multiple Warheads will be transported
    in a convoy escorted by GDI Military Units. Blast Yields for the Warheads
    have not been confirmed, but are likely to be in the 100-300 Kiloton range.
    Date, time, and route information are as follows ..."
    (A kiloton is equal to 1000 kilos of TNT. Therefore, 100-300 kilotons means a
    blast yield of 100 to 300 tonnes of TNT.)
    [37.08] Australia-New Zealand Theatre Assessment
    Mission  : Outback
    Added    : When you capture the GDI Research Facility (Bonus Objective 2)
    Nod Intelligence Report
    March 2046
    GDI and the Brotherhood both have significant operations in Australia. It 
    seems inveitable that this nation will become a major Theatre of War once the
    offensive against GDI gets under way. Kilian Qatar has personally overseen the
    preparations in the A-NZ Theatre including the construction of a full regional
    Command Facility at Ayers Rock and the establishment of multiple underground
    bases throughout the Australian Outback. A-NZ infantry and armoured divisions
    have been training intensively for the last three years using weapons and
    equipment that are manufactured locally at a rapid pace. When the time comes,
    the Brotherhood's A-NZ Forces will be ready.
    [37.09] An Invasion Global in Scope
    Mission  : Outback
    Added    : When the Scrin Invasion begins
    Excerpt from A-NZ Daily Intelligence Briefing
    "... the Invaders have attacked GDI and Nod forces and civilian targets around
    the world with savage force. The largest scale enemy activity has been 
    reported near Red Zone Borders and in the larger population centres. 
    Fortunately for the Brotherhood, the larger cities tend to be in the Blue 
    Zones, so it looks like GDI Strongholds are taking the worst of the
    punishment ..."
    [37.10] Cease Fire Order
    Mission  : Sydney City Walls
    Added    : When you start the mission
    <<Begin Transmission>>
    Source: A-NZ HQ, Copperhead Actual
    Priority: Able
    Scramble Index: Charlie-Juilet-4
    All A-NZ Commanders will cease offensive operations against GDI Military Units
    at 2300 today. A temporary "cease-fire" order will be in effect until further
    notice. Selected A-NZ Commanders will be asked to begin coordinated operations
    with GDI units against Invader forces in the A-NZ theatre. Copperhead Actual
    will provide contact information and liasion officers to the affected A-NZ
    (Remember the Intercepted Transmission from the Sarajevo mission. It seems 
    that the Copperhead Acutal is Kilian. Is she behind the Sarajevo attack?)
    [37.11] Excerpt from Signal Intelligence Briefing
    Mission  : Sydney City Walls
    Added    : When the Aliens break the Wall
    Excerpt from A-NZ Theatre Signal Intelligence Briefing
    "... Sight ComSec has been compromised in the A-NZ Theatre of War. Data and
    voice transmissions from an unknown source have resulted in new Operational
    directives being issued without the knowledge of Copperhead Actual. Commanders
    are acting on the unauthorised orders and the resulting chaos is compromising
    our temporary alliance with GDI..."
    (And guess the unknown source issuing the directives)
    [37.12] The Alliance is Off
    Mission  : Downtown Sydney
    Added    : When you use a Nuke on the GDI base.
    <<Intercepted GDI Transmission>>
    "... Nod has initiated combat operations against GDI forces in the A-NZ 
    Theatre, and they've caught us with out pants down. The alliance of 
    convenience is hereby terminated and all GDI units in the Theatre are free
    to engage Nod forces. Why did we think we could trust them in the first place?
    Let's take the fight to them and expel them from this Theatre of War ..."
    [37.13] The Towers Begin to Fall
    Mission  : Italian Hills
    Added    : When you play the mission for a while
    <<Incoming Transmission>>
    Source: Basilisk Actual
    Priority: Ultra
    Scramble Index: Delta-November-3
    GDI Strike Teams have attacked and destroyed Visitor Towers in multiple Red
    Zones and their tempo of the Combat Operations is increasing. They started
    with the Rome Tower and are now staging strikes in Rapid Succession all over
    the world. 
    Kane needs at least one Tower to survive completion. The Basilisk Command Team
    is evaluating the situation and determining the best strategy for ensuring 
    that at least one Tower survives. 
    <<End Transmission>>
    [37.14] Field Report - Alien Gravity Stabilizer
    Mission  : Operation Stiletto
    Added    : When you capture or build a Gravity Stabilizer
    Field Recon regarding Alien Technology
    <<Connection Opened>>
    Received Transmission:
    Source: Sirius 57 Alpha
    Priority: Vermillion
    Scramble Index: Foxtroit-Oscar-8
    - Shadow Team Alpha-22 deployed to enemy Theatre of Operations in Area 11,
    Vangaurd Sector, coordinates Golf-9-Kilo-5. Mission: Collect radiological and
    full spectrum data on Visitor Structure Type 8 with intent to discern primary
    functional capability. Arrived 0200 hours undetected, 320 metres from target.
    Deployed receptors and gathered data for ~19 hours before "Seeker" patrol
    ambushed team. Six of the Eight team members eliminated in escape. One
    subsequently died of injuries sustained during extraction. 
    - Initial analysis of gathered data shows that Type 8 structure acts as a 
    "Gravity Stabilizer" to compensate for intense gravity fields generated by
    planetary bodies. This evidently allows Alien Spacecraft to make Short-Range
    teleportation jumps into the Earth's magnetic and gravitic field with maximum
    percision. Gravity Stabilizers typically appear only in well secured areas
    where Alien Operations are highly focused. 
    - Visitor craft observed utilizing the Gravity Stabilizer include the units
    designated as "Stormrider", "Planetary Assault Carrier", and "Devastator
    Warship". These craft appear to be entering the Area of Operations using the
    Gravity Stabilizer before heading to objectives in the surrounding regions.
    Recommendation: Prioritise destruction of Gravity Stabilizer structures in
    Combat Zones. In neutral zones, disable via reactor shortage in order to delay
    deployment of major enemy combat units. 
    Note: Structure Type 8 now designated as Gravity Stabilizer.
    <<Connection Closed>>
    [38.01] Militant and Rocket Troopers
    Mission  : Goddard Space Centre
    Added    : When you capture the Command Post
    Excerpt from the Brotherhood Combat Operations Manual
    "... the Brotherhood's elite soldiers - like the Black Hands or the Shadows - 
    are highly capable but relatively few in number. If the elite soldier is the
    Brotherhood's scalpel, to be used with devastating precision, then the 
    Militant and Rocket Troopers in their millions are like a great War Hammer or
    Battleaxe. The power comes from their sheer numbers, and we continue to 
    recruit them by the hundreds of thousands from the desperate populations of
    the Yellow Zones. We give them enough training, weapons, and equipment to
    make them a vast blunt instrument of war for the Brotherhood ..."
    [38.02] Fanatics
    Mission  : Goddard Space Centre
    Added    : When you start the mission
    Excerpt from the Writings of Confessor Marion
    "Behold the noblist of our brothers! They shall suffer not the dread of this
    meagre existance, nor shall they tolerate the tyranny of GDI. Through their
    sacrifice, they bring liberation to each and every one of us who struggles on
    in their glorious wake. They will cleanse the land of oppression with the
    flames of their very souls, as they deliver Kane's word in fire."
     - Nod Confessor Marion
    (What did one Nod Fanatic say to the other? Do you have life insurance?)
    [38.03] Saboteurs
    Mission  : Goddard Space Centre
    Added    : When you are given the second Primary Objective
    From "Rites of War"
    "Nod's elite society of Combat Engineers - known as the Saboteurs - includes
    some of the most loyal and brillant Clerics. Saboteurs use their special 
    talents and skills to take over key enemy structures. Saboteurs can also rig
    certain civilian structures and bridges with proximity-detonated explosive 
    charges. A Saboteur is made by years of training in science and in the dark
    arts of sabotage, infiltration, appropriation, and hijacking."
    [38.04] Hand of Nod
    Mission  : The White House
    Added    : When the mission starts
    From "Rites of War"
    The Hand of Nod is not just a Barracks and Armory for Nod infantry. It is also
    a place of learning for Militant and Rocket Troopers, a sanctuary for Fanatics
    as they perform their departure rituals, and an interrogation centre for 
    Confessors as they extract secrets from enemy captives and keep the hearts of
    our own troops pure and true. Saboteurs and Commandos may also choose to bunk
    down in the Hand of Nod prior to launching their secret operations. 
    [38.05] Nod War Factory
    Mission  : The White House
    Added    : When the mission starts
    From "Rites of War"
    Preparations for the start of the Third Tiberium War required a very high 
    degree of secrecy. The need for concealment and Stealth coupled with the
    ever-increasing number of Ion Storms has forced the Brotherhood to move away
    from airlift as the primary source for Reinforcements for Combat Units. The
    Brotherhood is now employing the ultimate in "Just in Time" weapons delivery:
    Vehicles are being built on-site within the Theatre of Operations. Nod War 
    Factories are housed mostly underground and use nano-assemblers and heavy
    industrial robots to construct and repair Tanks, Bikes, Buggies, and other 
    vehicles. Repair drones orbit around the surface features of the War Factory;
    vehicles in proximity to the War Factory will be automatically repaired. 
    [38.06] Shadow Team
    Mission  : Andrews Air Force Base
    Added    : When your Shadow Teams reinforcements arrive
    From Summary Section of "Elite Infantry Operations Guide"
    Trained using many of the same techniques that were used to shape the ancient
    Ninja, the Nod Shadows are elite Special Forces troops capable of infiltrating
    well behind enemy lines. Shadows employ Stealth, carry rapid-fire weapons that
    are deadly against enemy infantry, and are equipped with collapsible powered
    Hang-Gliders that give them the ability to fly. The most powerful weapon
    carried by a Shadow is a bomb incorporating a new type of explosive. Shadows
    can use these bombs to destroy enemy structures with a single blast. The
    Chemical Composition of the explosive was obtained with espionage, stolen 
    right out of a GDI Lab working on Next-Generation chemical explosives.
    Excerpt from an intercepted GDI Intel FLASH Report:
    "... GDI Troops are coming up against their worst nightmare in the field: 
    Teams of stealthy, flying, high-tech ninjas that can destroy entire buildings.
    Commanders charged with defensive operations are advised to double up on 
    Stealth Countermeasures and patrols ..."
    (The Explosive that the Shadows have stolen from GDI, the Next-Gen explosive
    is the same one given to the Commando. Remember that the Commando uses 
    prototypes. However, the Commando's explosive is a finished product and the
    Shadow's use a prototype, therefore, not as strong.)
    [38.07] Venom Patrol Craft
    Mission  : Hampton Roads Naval Base
    Added    : When your Fanatics and Venoms arrive after you destroy the Carrier
    From the "Weapons of the Brotherhood"
    "... now that the Brotherhood has deployed the Venom, GDI no longer has a 
    monopoly on VTOL scout aircraft. The Venom is one up on the GDI Orca however, 
    since it can both strike air and ground targets. A Venom can engage ground
    targets but can also blow Orcas right out of the sky ..."
    Peace Through Power!
    [38.08] Flame Weapons
    Mission  : Washington DC
    Added    : When you start the mission
    From "Rites of War"
    Flamethrowers are powerful Anti-Infantry weapons. That have a staggering 
    psychological effect that sometimes goes beyond their superlative combat 
    effectiveness. Now that our labs have created a form of concentrated fuel that
    permits extended Combat Operations, a new Generation of Flame Weapons has been
    deployed with infantry and on vehicles. Black Hand heavy infantry units carry
    portable Flamethrowers that can wreak havoc on enemy infantry. The Next
    Generation Flame Tank is even more powerful, capable of incinerating enemy
    infantry by the hundreds and clearing enemy Garrisoned buildings in a matter
    of seconds. Use these flame weapons well and render GDI infantry useless on 
    the Battlefield.
    Peace Through Power!
    [38.09] Base Defenses
    Mission  : Washington DC
    Added    : When the Bonus Objective 1 to build a Shredder Turret is given
    From "Weapons of the Brotherhood"
    "... the Brotherhood is deploying a new generation of base defences for Field
    Operations. To maximise flexibility, lethality, and survivability, each base
    defence will consist of four components: A hub and three turrets. The turrets
    are all slaved to the Hub - which acts as the central targeting and fire 
    control system. The hub is also equipped with nano-assemblers to repair or
    rebuild damaged turrets. These are three different base defence types: Anti-
    Aircraft Surface to Air Missiles, Anti-Vehicle Lasers, and Anti-Personnel
    Shredder Guns ..."
    Peace Through Power!
    [38.10] Disruption Tower
    Mission  : Amazon Desert
    Added    : When you start the mission
    From "Rites of War"
    GDI's dominance of space has complicated our lives. Their ability to leverage
    their Space-Based Weapon and Sensor Platforms against us is a serious concern.
    Our primary countermeasure is our Stealth technology, and recently we have
    begun deploying Disruption Towers around valuable assets. The Disruption
    Tower creates a large Stealth Bubble over an area, allowing our vehicles and
    structures to operate undetected. The tower itself is still visible, so be 
    sure to utilise proper security measures to prevent a direct assault. Dummy
    Dusruption Towers have been erected in remote locations to foil Human-
    Intelligence gathering efforts. 
    [38.11] Vertigo Bomber
    Mission  : Atlantic Coast
    Added    : When you start the mission
    From the "Weapons of the Brotherhood"
    "... this batwing Stealth Bomber emplots the very latest in optical and radar
    Stealth Technology. However, the aircraft will experience a moment of 
    vulnerability when it must 'de-cloak' to drop its massively powerful bomb, but
    as soon as the Air-to-Ground weapon is away, the stealth field can be 
    reengaged quickly ..."
    [38.12] Stealth Tank
    Mission  : Atlantic Coast
    Added    : When the Stealth Tanks arrive
    From the "Weapons of the Brotherhood"
    "... the new Stealth Tank is fast, maneuverable, and deadly. Equipped with 
    missile launchers that are effective against both vehicles and structures,
    this versatile Weapon System is most useful when Commanders are aggressive,
    taking the fight to the enemy and making maximum use of the Stealth 
    Generators. A deft touch will enhance the survivability and effectiveness of 
    the Stealth Tank - tank crews should know exactly how close to get before
    unleashing missiles at an unsuspecting target and how quickly they must leave
    the scene after firing. Once the Stealth Bubble has reformed and the tank is
    safely away from the Target Zone, the missile launchers can be re-armed and
    the tank made ready for another strike ..."
    [38.13] Commando
    Mission  : Bugged. Does not appear to be any mission.
    Added    : Bugged. You must add it in manually. I don't suggest that you do
               since it might void your warranty on your game. If you want to know
               how, use Google and search for it. 
    From the "Rites of War"
    "... the Commando is the most feared soldier on the Battlefield. Armed with 
    the deadliest of Anti-Infantry weapons and Tiberium-based explosives that can
    collapse a building in a matter of seconds, the Commando is a one-woman army.
    She is also ruthless, having survived a training program that one can only
    describe as sadistic ..."
    [38.14] Obelisk of Light
    Mission  : Slovenia
    Added    : When you have built and maintained 3 Obelisks of Light
    <<Intercepted GDI Transmission>>
    ... Nod forces are deploying a new Generation of their iconic Obelisk of Light
    along front-line weapons. It appears that the Obelisk's functionality has 
    been improved with additional serial-channel capacitors. Although the basic
    archtechure of the design does not deviate greatly from earlier generations,
    the core of the laser weapon has been enhanced for increased firing duration
    when the power output is reduced. Evidently, the Tower can now be set to
    sustained-fire mode when used against unarmoured targets such as infantry and
    civilian vehicles. This allows the laser to fire the limited power in an arc,
    resulting in a cutting motion that can strike several infantry per emission.
    The advanced capacitor also allows over-charging of the tower by Nod's
    Long-Range Artillery Platform, the Beam Cannon. When one or more Beam Cannons
    focus their laser weapons at a receptor on the base of the Tower, it can fire
    over increased range by directly feeding the added energy into its mirror
    array. The limited targeting ability of the mirror array still suggests 
    aircraft as the optimal answer for any Obelisks encountered on the field ...
    Source: GDI InOps Recon Team
    [38.15] Avatar
    Mission  : Slovenia
    Added    : When you have ordered an Avatar to Commandeer a suitable vehicle
    Excerpt from the Avatar Crew Briefing
    You have the privilege of piloting one of the most fearsome and capable weapon
    systems in the arsenal of the Brotherhood. You command a bipedal Combat Walker
    that stands ten metres tall, an all-terrain war machine so intimidating that
    its very presence on the Battlefield strikes fear into the hearts of GDI
    The base laser weapon on the Avatar is very effective against vehicles and
    structures, but the Avatar can be upgraded with significantly more combat
    power. Nod Engineers have built a unique capability into the Avatar: It can
    adapt key systems from other Nod vehicles for its own use. You can remove the
    Stealth Generator from a Stealth Tank, the Stealth Detector from an Attack
    Bike, the Anti-Infantry Flame-Thrower from a Flame Tank, or the Beam Cannon
    from an artillery vehicle and use them immediately. An Avatar can equip itself
    with all four secondary systems. Although the Avatar destroys the donor
    vehicle and kills the crew in the process of recovering the new system, rest
    easy in the knowledge that the dead have given their lives for the 
    [38.16] Beam Cannon
    Mission  : Sarajevo
    Added    : When the Beam Cannon reinforcements arrive
    Excerpt from the "Weapons of the Brotherhood"
    "... the Beam Cannon is a fearsome, long range weapon in its own right, but 
    its combinatoral power is staggering. Multiple Beam Cannons can combine their
    beams to dramitically increase their combat power. A Beam Cannon can also
    drive the capacitors of an Obelisk of Light. Best of all, the Beam Cannon is
    mounted on a versatile six-wheeled chassis with speed, agility, and range that
    is unprecedanted for an artillery system ..."
    [38.17] Catalyst Missile
    Mission  : Northern Italy
    Added    : When you have fully repaired the Cayalyst Missile Facility
    <<Incoming Transmission>>
    Source: Basilisk Actual
    Priority: Ultra
    Scramble Index: India-Bravo-8
    Once the Catalyst Missile is secured, begin deployment to all Nod combat 
    units. This weapon is most effective against the Visitors - prioritise use
    whenever combat operations have been authorised against Visitor forces.
    <<Transmission Offline>>
    [39.01] The Brotherhood of Nod
    Mission  : Goddard Space Centre
    Added    : When the mission starts
    Excerpt from a Nod Orientation Briefing for new recruits
    Welcome to the Brotherhoood of Nod. You have joined a Global Order with
    million of members all working together in harmony to unite the world in the
    name of peace - and realise the true potential of mankind.
    Our relationship with Tiberium has always been greatly misunderstood. Most
    people do not realise that the roots of our faith extend back several 
    millennia, long before the emergence of the Green Crystal on Earth in 1995 ...
    an event prophesized by our Great Leader, Kane.
    While the fascist political consortium of wealthy nations known as the Global
    Defence Initiative attempted to control the sacred Green Crystal, the
    Brotherhood worked tirelessly to acquire samples of the precious crystal ... 
    to study it, to unlock its potential as a new energy source, to explore its
    possibilities. Through our research and our faith, we have affirmed that 
    Tiberium is the ultimate gift to mankind. It is the key to the future. 
    Our movement grew rapidly as Tiberium spread across the Earth. The mainstream
    media branded us as "terrorists" but we exposed GDI as the real criminals.
    They unilaterally redrew international border lines, relegating Nod followers
    into inhospitable Yellow Zones while they claimed the pristine and exclusive
    Blue Zones all for themselves. 
    [39.02] Nod's Place in the World
    Mission  : Goddard Space Centre
    Added    : When you have destroyed the power plants
    From a Yellow Zone information pamphlet
    Nod: Representative of the Religious and a foil to a corrupt oppressor
    The Brotherhood of Nod champions the common people - the 80% of the world's
    population that struggles to get by in Yellow Zones torn by war, wracked by
    poverty, and abandoned by GDI. Using Tiberium to fuel and fund our efforts,
    Nod works tirelessly to bring order from the chaos. We make the streets safe,
    distribute food to the hungry, provide emergency medical care, minister to
    those who feel a spiritual vaccum, and inspire hope in people who would
    otherwise have none. 
    GDI casts itself as the World's guardian and saviour, but they are neither. 
    GDI is corrupt and unjust: 20% of the World's population - the most wealthy
    people on the planet - live in the Blue Zones, consuming the majority of the
    World's natural resources, wielding their vast military power to maintain the
    status quo by depriving the downtrodden of their God-Given right to mine and
    exploit Tiberium. 
    The powerful oppress the weak in the hollow name of freedom - and the only
    counter to GDI's power is the Brotherhood. Nod meets strength with strength in
    the name of peace and progress. Nod is the only hope against GDI tyranny.
    Brotherhood ... Unity ... Peace.
    [39.03] Ground Control for GDI's A-SAT Systems
    Mission  : Goddard Space Centre
    Added    : When you are told to destroy the A-SAT Systems
    Excerpt from "Eyes Only" Inner Circle Intelligence Report
    The Inner Circle has long feared GDI's dominance of space. GDI's orbital
    weapon platforms, Command & Control systems, and Spy Satellites are protected
    by a powerful Anti-Missile system that seemed invulnerable and invincible.
    This orbital necklace of death is based on a network of Space-Based Kinetic
    Kill Weapons, lasers, and even the Ion Cannons themselves - used to intercept
    and destroy incoming missiles. GDI space assets have been out of reach of the
    Brotherhood for years, leading to a sense that the balance of power in a 
    decades-long struggle would eventually tip decisively against the Brotherhood.
    But our operatives discovered a flaw in the GDI system: For some unfathomable
    reason, GDI put the crews and Control Centres for their Ion Cannons and their
    A-SAT system on the ground. Even better, the critical Personnel and equipment
    are concentrated in a single facility in the NorthEastern Blue Zone. A 
    well-planned surprise strike on Goddard Space Centre could take all of GDI's
    Ion Cannons and their entire A-SAT system offline, giving the Brotherhood days
    and possibly weeks to conduct combat operations across the planet unhindered 
    by space-based weapons and prying eyes.
    As a bonus, the primary GDI World Command Hub is based on board the Space
    Station Philadelphia. A missile strike on the Philadelphia immediately after
    the destruction of the A-SAT Control Systems could render the entire GDI
    Command and Control structure headless and reeling. 
    [39.04] Mutant Exodus
    Mission  : Ayers Rock
    Added    : When you have recruited the Mutant Marauders for the bonus 
    Excerpt from "Passing Thoughts with Constance Fitchaven," INN Holobrief, May
    28th, 2043
    Six long years have passed since the once burgeoning Mutant Nation picked up
    stakes and disappeared into the Tiberium Wastelands, their tragic, self 
    imposed exile continuing to this day. Yet now, as humanity struggles to find 
    its place in an ever more blighted world, thoughts again turn to our horribly
    disfigured brethen - who were they, and why did they leave?
    In a show of Goodwill towards the vanished mutant population, G-330X Habitat
    Modules were deployed on the borders of Red Zones in 2042. Since then, there
    have been scattered but unconfirmed reports that mutants have taken shelter in
    the habitat modules. 
    [40.01] All Units Functional
    Mission  : London
    Added    : When your Drone Platform arrives
    ... All escort, combat, transport, construction, and harvesting units 
    functioning normally after arrival on planet surface - no ill effects reported
    from 9,210 cycles in statis and 1,959 cycles spent in sublight journey from
    Ichor Hub.
    ... Primary base established near mature Ichor deposits using nano-assemblers
    [40.02] Unexpected Developments
    Mission  : London
    Added    : When you have built the required Growth Accelerators
    ... Prediction after Ichor LQ detonation: Ichor deposits at expected levels
    on entire planetary surface and no indigenous population. (Probability of
    self-destruction or extinction due to Ichor Growth at 97%+).
    ... Reality after Ichor LQ detonation: Ichor deposits immature, active level
    IV/V civilisations inhabition most of planetary surface, weapons technology
    factor at 17.4.
    ... Hypothesis: Premature Ichor LQ Detonation
    [40.03] A Campaign of Distraction
    Mission  : London
    Added    : When you have completed the mission
    ... Disrupt, disorganise, and destroy indigenous population to divert them 
    from Relay Nodes and Threshold Construction.
    ... Priority One Targets: Large First Tier indigenous population centres.
    ... Priority Two Targets: Organised Indigenous Military forces and weapon
    ... Priority Three Targets: Any indigenious presence near mature Ichor 
    ... Priority Four Targets: Second Tier indigenous population centres
    ... Note that the intensity of initial operation cannot be sustained - if 
    desired result of disorganisation and diversion away from Relay Nodes and
    Threshold Construction activity is not achieved quickly, mission will be in
    [40.04] Beyond Blunt Force
    Mission  : Munich
    Added    : When you start the mission
    ... Momentum beyond initial diversionary attacks is beginning to wane: tactics
    must progress beyond the application of blunt force.
    ... Deployment of Mastermind units authorised - infiltrate behind enemy lines
    and use special teleportation and manipulation abilities to disrupt military
    operations of indigenous populations. 
    [40.05] Retaliation by Hostile Indigenous Population
    Mission  : Munich
    Added    : When you finish the mission
    ... Offensives in multiple target zones are stalled.
    ... Indigenous population has re-organised, re-grouped, and counter-attacked.
    ... Indigenous population exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses discovered
    during initial combat operations.
    ... Initial advantage lost.
    ... Combat is becoming symmetric rather than asymmetric - tactical and 
    strategic superiority now paramount.
    [40.06] Premeditated Ichor LQ Detonation
    Mission  : Croatia
    Added    : When you start the mission
    ... Hypothesis: Indigenous species detonated Ichor LQ device to lure 
    harvesting operations.
    Why was this done? How was this done? What are the implications for the 
    mission? What are the implications for the Overlord?
    ... Investigation at Ichor LQ Detonation site overrides all other priorites.
    [40.07] Factions
    Mission  : Croatia
    Added    : When you destroy the GDI Base for the Bonus Objective
    ... Indigenous population aligned into two major factions.
    ... These factions continued combat operations between them even as they were
    threatened with extinction by our initial attack.
    ... Indigenous population warlike to the extreme - once Threshold construction
    is complete and gateway is open, entire indigenous population must be cleansed
    from the surface of the planet. 
    [40.08] Attacks by Indigenous Populations Worsening
    Mission  : Croatia
    Added    : When you finish the mission
    ... Indigenous population becoming more aggressive - Threshold assmeblies are
    ... Focus must be shifted from investigation of Ichor LQ detonation source to
    Threshold assembly protection.
    [40.09] Threshold Assemblies Under Attack
    Mission  : Threshold 19
    Added    : When you start the mission
    ... Indigenous population has destroyed several Threshold assemblies.
    ... Mission failure imminent.
    ... At least one Threshold assembly must be protected.
    [40.10] Threshold Tower Construction
    Mission  : Threshold 19
    Added    : When the Tower has reached completion
    ... Threshold tower construction is the First Stage of planetary Ichor 
    ... Thresholds are capable of extracting all Ichor within a large radius: 
    Ichor will be processed and transferred to Hub.
    ... Connection with Hub takes the form of an interstellar gateway capable of
    instantaneous matter transmission.
    ... Threshold assemblies and Signal Transmitters will partially phase out once
    construction is complete: Phasing will completely protect all Threshold 
    structures and machinery against any form of geologic upheaval, severe Weather
    phenomena, cometary impact, or use of Conventional, Nuclear, Ichor, or other
    forms of weaponry.
    [41.01] GDI v Nod
    Nod is a $^&#* ok. They are a bunch of sneaky people so therefore, you will
    need some anti-sneaky methods to defend yourself.
    * Build Watchtowers and train Snipers and place them around your base. APCs
      won't hurt either. Why? Fanatics. Most Nod players will use them because 
      they slaughter tanks and buildings, the perfect counter to a Mammoth Tank
      swarm. Even if they won't send those units, Watchtowers and APCs will ensure
      all infantry stay out, including the Shadow Teams on little gliders. 
    * Beware of the Nod Vertigo Bomber. These things are stealthed and are pretty
      hard to hit. They are quicker than the missiles of a Mammoth. So therefore,
      you should use the AA Turret to detect the Vertigo and please, don't rely
      on them. Use Missile Squads, APCs, Pitbulls to attack from the ground. For
      this reason, always have Firehawks with Anti-Air Missiles to attack from the
      air, to counter the Vertigo. If you are going to use Pitbulls, you can 
      disregard the Turret since the Pitbull detects Stealth.
    * Always have Stealth Detectors around your base. Nod has devastating units
      that are stealthed, such as the Stealth Tank that can destroy and harass 
      your Harvestors. For that reason, when you are sending an attack group, use
      some Stealth Detectors, generally speaking, Pitbulls or upgraded Zone 
      Troopers to accompany them, to ensure their survival and to counter-attack
      against those Stealth Tanks. 
    * Defend all parts of your base, even the back. In Tiberium Wars, most maps 
      will not have the back being the map. There are parts around the back which
      Nod will exploit. If you don't know it, Shadow Teams can be blowing up your
      base. Also, a diversionary attack on one side will generally lead to another
      attack, a larger one, on another area of your base. 
    * Disruption Towers should be approached with caution. There is one real 
      reason for this. The Nod Turret Farm, which under the Cloak of the Tower, is
      a mass of Turrets. By attacking the Tower, a massive of Turret fire will 
      turn your attack force into a pile of scrap metal. But also know that the 
      Disruption Tower is disruptive to your battle. Nod can set up dummy Towers 
      all over the Battlefield to question the inquisitve player. Therefore, use
      Firehawks to bomb them. However, the best way is to use the Scan Power that
      you have. This can tell you what really lies under the Disruption Tower and
      a cheap counter. With you knowing what is under it, you now should develop
      a counter for it. 
    * Keep a powerful Air defence. Although mentioned with the Vertigo, you have
      to have a powerful AntiAir Defence. The Armageddon bomber will drop the 
      second most dangerous weapon of Nod, the Tiberium Vapor Bomb. Luckily, it 
      is quite easy to shoot down. However, it is extremely powerful, so beware.
    * Build Base Defences and Units early. The most common Nod play will rush in
      the beginning, since in the beginning, the Nod tactics and units are far
      superior to the GDI. Therefore, focus on defence early on while you tech
      up, allowing you access to superior units.
    [41.02] GDI v Scrin
    The Scrin have some powerful Air units. Their Air units and their Tripods are
    the greatest threat to GDI.
    * You definitely need air defence. The Air defence however, needs to be mobile
      all the time. Why? Because the Devastator Warship can outrange conventional
      Air Turrets. Your Air Defence will have to consist of Missile Squads, 
      Pitbulls, APCs and Firehawks. This will be a flexible defence and allows you
      to adapt to all situations.
    * Beware of the Wormhole power and the teleport powers of the Scrin. This is
      the Scrin at their worst. This will force you to build defences all over 
      your base. Sonic Emitters are good since they are attack multiple targets
      but sometimes, it just won't do. You need a Commando around your base most
      of the time. Why? Because they can make extremely short work of Tripods by
      detonating their legs. 
    * Masterminds have their worrys. They can teleport units inside your base but
      there is another problem. They can capture a building from you. Not only is
      this a problem, but spawning a Signal Transmitter next to it and summoning a
      Mothership is going to be a problem for you. Therefore, you should have 
      Snipers all over the place, protecting yourself against the Mastermind. 
      However, use Orca Pods and find out when they are coming, and Firehawk them.
    * As superweapons can effectively reveal the battlefield, the last thing you
      want is two rifts, one Rift from the Generator, another from the Wormhole,
      flooding troops in. Therefore, prevent them from using the Rift Generator.
      Blow up the Generator before it can do anything, harming. 
    * Try to avoid using Mammoths. Although their ability to fight air and land
      targets, a force of APCs with Missile Squads and Snipers and Predator Tanks
      as well as Zone Troopers is far more effective. Add in Firehawks for Air
      Support. Why? APCs and Missile Squads are far better against Air then the
      Mammoth Tanks. And you can build APCs and Missile Squads in Numbers. Much
      more numbers than Mammoths.
    * Reserve your Firehawks for Anti-Air duties. They are much better against 
      Air while fighting the Scrin than bombing land targets. You will never be 
      able to effectively bomb a Scrin player into submission, therefore, use
      Firehawks for Anti-Air. Even the Stratofighter Boosters cannot help them
      Bomb. However, use the Boosters to send them back to the Airfield for
      repairs and rearming. 
    * Target their Harvesters early. The best Scrin units, the Tripod, the 
      Mastermind, Planetery Assault Carrier and Devastator Warship cost a large
      amount to produce. Mastermind - 1500 (2500 in patch), Devastator - 2400,
      PAC and Tripod - 3000 each. Therefore, by crippling their harvesting, 
      they are going to have a rough time. 
    [41.03] GDI v GDI
    Sometimes, GDI Commanders turn up to be rogue operators. Some are said to be
    influenced by Nod, but no one knows their agenda. Fighting your own forces is
    often the hardest battle. 
    * Like I said above, fighting yourself is hard. Zone Troopers fight with 
      Zone Troopers, Mammoths fight Mammoths. Therefore, your role should be more
      defence, and then, counter-attack. If your enemy sends Zone Troopers, train
      and deploy Snipers. If they send Mammoths, attack with Predators with 
      Missile Squads. Don't be stupid and fight fire with fire. It rarely works 
      and in the end, extremely costly. This fight needs tactics, not attrition. 
    * Build up a mobile, large Anti Air Defence inside your base as well as 
      outside. Why? Firehawk Boosters, which can drop into your base, damage it,
      cut out power and attack your base. You cannot let this happen, therefore,
      defend against it. 
    * Never bunch up your units and your buildings. Shockwave Artillery is a 
      very damaging power. Therefore, you want your Power Plants at the least, 
      away from each other in case of a strike. 
    * Kill all Snipers you will see. You don't want Juggernauts bombing out your
      base from a nice distance. Either bomb the Juggernauts or kill the Snipers.
    * Use technology to your advantage. GDI has good abilities later on in the 
      game, therefore, you want to tech up. Before your GDI enemy can build his
      Mammoths, you should counter with your Mammoths. Therefore, you will have 
      the upper hand.
    * If you dread to face the Mammoths, build Orcas. They are effective against
      Mammoths and guess what, unless there is a massive horde, which you are 
      pretty much done for anyway, Orcas can do some good damage to Mammoth 
      Tanks with their 6 Missiles. 
    * Use Zone Troopers. Against GDI, this is surprising effective. Why? Unlike
      Nod and the Scrin, there is no permanent Air Defence. Nod have Venoms and
      Scrin have the Stormrider that can kill Zone Troopers. GDI only has to 
      Orca and the Firehawk, which is ineffective against infantry. Therefore, 
      Zone Troopers are the best, since they are mobile, effective against Tanks,
      such as the Mammoth, cheaper, and remember, the aim is to destroy their 
      base, and all their buildings, not destroy all their units. Even not, you
      can disable their Construction Yard, War Factory, Crane, and other goodies
      before they can kill the Zone Troopers. 
    [41.04] GDI Rush
    Rushing is the tactic that you try to attack and destroy your opponent in an
    early game strike. The entire idea is to build up a force of Light Infantry
    and Light Vehicles and literally, swarm the enemy's base with your units and
    hope to catch them offguard and win.
    There are great problems to this. Infantry is countered easily with the 
    Watchtower and similar defences for the other factions while the Guardian
    Cannon will make short work of Vehicles. And if your rush fails, you have no
    real resources to play with and the enemy could rush you instead, and since 
    you have nothing, you are doomed.
    GDI is not the best faction to rush with, that is the role of the Brotherhood.
    Therefore, you should concentrate on Riflemen Squads, Missile Squads, Pitbulls
    and APCs to attack. You have those options, but infantry is your best bet for
    rush. Like I said before, they are easily countered. 
    However, with the APC, you could go an Engineer Rush. The classic Engineer
    Rush. Build a few Engineers, place them in the APCs and send them to the 
    enemy base and capture their buildings. However, when you do, do this, you 
    have two distinct choices. Do you use their buildings and train their forces
    against them, or sell. Lets weight up the two options.
    The benefit for using their own forces is that you have an outlet for your
    attack force. You can swarm their entire base pretty quickly. However, the 
    problem with that is that they can build counters such as defences or their
    original units to destroy their original base. 
    By selling them, its basically for the money. You have more money to spend
    and build your forces, while crippling them significantly force a long 
    period of time. However, the downside is the benefit of keeping them, you
    have to transverse across the entire map to attack them again. You could
    always use your APCs to attack, but they don't kill buildings and won't
    survive against tanks. Therefore, the option, is essentially, yours. 
    Never cancel a rush. If you are rushed at, then send all new units to counter
    while your original units rush their base. If you cancel the rush, you lose
    an opportunity to attack your opponents base, but if you actually do, you
    have more units and you can route your enemy. How? You pincer them, attack
    from the front and the back. However, like I said, you don't get to attack 
    and if they didn't have any defence, well, that will be a massive letdown.
    [41.05] GDI Turtle
    Turtle is the opposite of rush, plain and simple. What you basically do is
    to defend, and defend extremely well, your base and your expansions if you
    have any. You basically defend so it is nigh impossible to break into and 
    while this is happening, you build up a massive army to attack. This is seen
    to be a "noob" strategy. Why? Simple, because people can't get in and often,
    they just insult the opponent. I remember an opponent who cursed me, several
    times, for attacking him build I had Ion Cannoned his Power Plants. If he
    actually spaced out his Power Plants, he wouldn't have the problem, but then
    again, some people aren't the sharpest knives in the draw. 
    This, like the technique of rushing, can be countered. You will be most
    susceptable to a rush in the beginning. If the enemy is able to breach your
    defences of turrets, then you are gone. You concentrate on your Tech and your
    Economy and overlook a "minor" thing, defence.
    In the beginning, you should build Watchtowers, Guardian Cannons if you 
    can afford them, and Missile Squads. This will give you power to fight back
    at the very least. Use the Airfields with Orcas to reinforce your position
    in case you are a tad insecure.
    Once you have your Tech Lab, you in a whole new ball park. You can use the
    Rigs and Mammoths to block out entrances, supported with APCs and Sonics.
    This will basically support your base, providing veterancy for your units
    as well. Now, since you have a defence, what do you do?
    Attack. You can do this through a combination of ways. You can use the 
    Firehawks to bomb the living daylights until the enemy submits. Use your
    Ion Cannon to do some serious damage to their base. Or you can lead a 
    ground attack. Note that a turtle needs a massive army, and by the time
    you have an army, you need something big to win. Build up a force of 
    Mammoths and Zone Troopers as your primary attackers, APCs with Missile
    Squads and Snipers to reinforce yourself against Air and Fanatics if need
    be. Drop in some Zone Troopers in the back of their base for a little 
    shock. Use the Commando as well, but sparingly, but in the end, you have
    so much money. Use the Ion Cannon to weaken them, then attack.
    [41.06] GDI General Strategies
    As a GDI player, I basically know a variety of tactics that I would use. Some
    are sneaky, but some are standard, by the book tactics.
    * Firehawks are one of the sneakiest units that aren't from Nod. Their most
      useful ability is the Stratofighter Boosters. Only 8 of them are needed to
      knock out a Construction Yard or a Superweapon. Those two should always be
      targeted first. However, if you are using Firehawks, have more than 8. This
      is because the MCV is replaced with the Crane. And don't think for a second
      that that is all. After the Construction Yard and Crane, you MUST TAKE OUT
      the WAR FACTORY. It can produce another MCV for them and you cannot have 
      that at all. After that is gone, consistant bombing of the Power Plants and
      other production facilities, then their done for. 
    * Always use the Ion Cannon with a follow up. It may be a Firehawk attack, a 
      ground attack, Shockwave Artillery, it doesn't matter what. Superweapons do
      not win the game, it is how you use it. The best tactic is to aim for the
      Power Plants, shut down the power and then, FIREHAWKS.
    * Always use the Radar Scan. This is a relatively cheap power, only costing a
      mere 250 credits. With it, you get regular process updates on your enemy and
      their expansions, and more importantly, you get an area to drop your Zone
      Troopers, Shockwave Artillery, etc. 
    * Avoid using Mammoth Tanks. Your enemy, fighting against GDI, will definitely
      expect Mammoth Tanks. They are the iconic symbol for GDI. So surprise them.
      It is easily replaced with Predators and APCs. And these units are far more
      useful as they are faster and flexible. 
    * Use Zone Troopers, supported with Missile Squads. A sizable force of these
      units will easily wipe the floor with any enemy. Zone Troopers are good 
      against Infantry, Vehicles and Buildings while your Missile Squads will 
      reinforce against air. If you are worried, you can place your Zone Troopers
      inside APCs, which gives them Anti-Air defence, an extra shield, although
      easier to kill, and make them effective killing machines.
    * The Orca's Sensor Pods are useful. By placing the pods all over the map, you
      can protect yourself and adequately while we're at it, beforehand, giving 
      you foresight. One Orca can get the job done, letting you know what you're
      fighting. Know what you're fighting, so you don't fight blind.
    * Use Sonic Emitters. They are pretty useful. In the original, they use can
      attack large targets multiple times while patched, they will do more damage
      without multiple attacks. Nevertheless, they are powerful and show not be
    * Do not overlook the usefulness of the Rig. One of the best forms of Forward
      Defence is the Battle Base with a few Mammoths guarding it. It is quite 
      expensive, the Mammoth along costing a fair amount. However, the excellent
      thing is that it is more effective static defences and it is mobile and can
      move around. 
    * Use the Pitbull and Orcas. They can detect stealthed units that are lying
      around, waiting to ambush. It is also good warning against mines that may
      lay there. They are also overlooked while in battle. If you are using the 
      Mammoths, they will be overlooked since the Mammoth is a far juicer target
      than a cheap Pitbull. Prove them wrong. 
    * Harass your enemy with Preditors. A small group of 2 to 3 Predators and a 
      APC or two is more than enough for harassing. When upgrading with Railguns,
      Predators are lethal at least. They can easily disrupt operations of the 
      Harvesters and when the enemy dispatches a force to deal with you, run home
      and show them the Big Guns. 
    * Be flexible. The big hoohaa about GDI is that they are not very flexible to
      sudden changes. Their best unit is a massive, slow moving tank. Therefore,
      you should use more light Vehicles. APCs are extremely useful and Predators
      are as well, but are often overlooked in favour of the Mammoth Tank. There
      is nothing really special about the Mammoth. Apart than the fact they can
      crush Vehicles, they are a Missile Squad and 2 Predators into one. 
      Therefore, use the Predators and Missile Squads, they are faster and can
      are more mobile, in comparsion to the Mammoth.
    * Do not underestimate the Drop Pods. Even though they are expensive in the
      patched version, they can help you disrupt enemy operations. Imagine how
      much easier life is with no defences to deal with?
    * Use the Commando. Not many people will use him, too easily killed. Do not
      forget that he can move past base defences. How? Jump Jet. Like the Zone
      Troopers, he can escape punishment with his Jump Jet. He can turn the 
      enemy's walkers, Avatars and Tripods into dust. It all depends on how well
      you can use him. 
    * Use Juggernauts and Snipers in combination with Shockwave Artillery. How?
      When you Shockwave Artillery some units, have some Snipers nearby, handy, 
      and use them to spot for Juggernauts and turn an attack force into dust.
    * Use Foxholes. While Riflemen are weak, their Foxholes are useful to bunk
      down and defend. In the Patched Version, they are cheaper and hold another
      unit, making Riflemen extremely handy for GDI to fight with. The recent 
      upgrade will allow for more units to defend to garrison and repairable.
    [42.01] Nod v GDI
    Nod, throughout the history of Command and Conquer, had to fight against the 
    GDI forces. Nod does not have the best units, but they can win in sheer 
    * No matter how hard you will try, unless you can win with an early game rush,
      you are going to have to face the Mammoth Tank. These things are a pain in
      the rear end to take down, but there are methods of doing it. This first
      way is to use Raider Buggies with the EMP Coils and send them and freeze the
      Mammoths in their tracks. Follow up with Fanatics swarming and destroying 
      the Mammoth Tanks. The second method is to basically hide behind a big 
      bunch of Obelisks of Light. Those things can seriously dent a Mammoth Tank
      so powering them with Beam Cannons will do some more damage. In fact you
      can use a bunch of Beam Cannons to attack a Mammoth Tank, but then, if the
      GDI player is smart and sends escort units, you don't stand a chance. The
      final successful method is the Vertigo. 4 Vertigos is enough to pop a 
      Mammoth Tank and there they aren't going to send a massive Anti Air force 
      with their Mammoths. Make them fear you and they won't send the Mammoth
      against you.
    * Use Venoms and Vertigos as much as you can. You are hopelessly outmatched
      on the ground. A Mammoth Tank versus an Avatar Warmech is a one sided fight.
      GDI has extremely poor Anti-Air defence, their turrets are useless unless
      in copious numbers. If they build many turrets, that is a GOOD thing. You
      have successfully wasted a large amount of their time building up base 
      defences. Therefore, use your Air Units for harassing such as Vertigo runs
      on Harvesters and such.
    * Do not fear the GDI Air Units. Unlike GDI, Nod has the best Anti-Air 
      building. The Scrin are ok, GDI hopeless. You have three missile turrets 
      for the price of one. This will definitely prevent the Orcas from attack
      your base, but this will not deter the Firehawks. Their boosters will come 
      from the inside, but as long as you defend the outside well, their mission
      will be suicidal one. 
    * You must tech up faster than GDI can. When they are cranking out their 
      Mammoths, you should be cranking out Stealth Tanks. The Stealth Tank is one
      of the better counters to the Mammoth Tank, since they can come from 
      anywhere. Make sure you use it well. Wait for a GDI Mammoth Convoy to pass
      you and then attack. Retreat before they can fire, rearm the missiles and
      then do it again. Stealth Tanks are great for harassing Mammoths. If you
      want some added firepower, stealth some Avatars for some extra firepower
      against them. If escorted, take out Pitbulls first, then slowly whittle down
      the remaining units.
    * Mammoths are expensive units. They cost 2500 Credits per units and their
      Railguns cost even more at 3000, a whopping 5000 with the patch. Make them
      not produce Mammoths due to their cost. For this, use your Vertigos and
      the Stealth Tanks to do hit and run on the GDI Harvesters. They aren't 
      very strong and their machine gun doesn't deter anyone. Therefore, bomb
      them. Also, use the Catalyst missile. Use it either on the Harvesters or 
      their Refineries. If you can't get them, send in a fast vehicle, like the
      Attack Bike, scout, and send in the Missile. It isn't expensive and it
      cannot be stopped. 
    * Mammoths take time to move. They are slow, even slower in the patch. Take
      advantage of this. Use your Fanatics to give them a hug if they aren't
      escorted. Other units, such as Zone Troopers don't fight Air at all. 
    [42.02] Nod v Scrin
    Nod has never attacked the Visitors first, it is always in self-defence. So
    when the Visitors plan to attack the Brotherhood, we must strike first. For
    * This is unfair, the Scrin have the Tripod and we have the Avatar. However,
      with the patch, Avatars are cheaper and we can now start to cloak some. Use
      them to ambush the Tripods in a fight. Hit and run them and you have pretty
      much found a tactic to found the strongest Scrin land unit. The tactics are
      pretty much the same as the Mammoth. EMP then Fanatic the hell out of it,
      bomb it into submission it with the Vertigo or Beam Cannon the thing to 
      Oblivion. Either way, destroy them and send in a Saboteur to take back the 
      husk, we can use their weapons against them. 
    * Never, Ever, forget your Anti-Air against the Scrin. Like I mentioned for
      GDI, the Scrin are the Masters of the Skies. They have a large range of
      air units, therefore, your Turrets should be used. They are the best out of
      all 3 base AA defences. Along with the SAM Turrets, use Attack Bikes and
      Stealth Tanks for a mobile AA defence against the Devastator Warship and
      Planetary Assault Carrier since they outrange your SAM Turrets.
    * The Planetery Assault Carrier is going to be the Mammoth Tank for the 
      Scrin. They are the Mammoth Tanks of the sky. Unlike the Mammoth Tank, they
      are weak to the Attack Bike and Stealth Tank. Attack Bikes are cheap and
      a group of them can take out a PAC without much problems. The Stealth
      Tank is probably my favourite. You can unstealth right when they pass you
      and unleash a volley of missiles. While attack the PACs, you should move
      around so they can't hit you. It makes a focus fire order harder against
      a human player and with that, you can easily take down an expensive 
      assault force cheaply. 
    * Scrin units are extremely expensive. Like I said for GDI v Scrin, you
      want to take down the economy as quickly as possible. Unlike GDI, you
      have the secret weapon, the Catalyst Missile. With for them all to go
      to their favourite Tiberium Field, or unload their Tiberium, and fire the 
      missile, and there goes their economy. 
    * Use some Shredder Turrets. Crafty Scrin players won't rely on the simple
      Carrier such, they will use the Mastermind. They can capture something and
      place a Signal Transmitter and then, Mothership. They will also send 
      Shock Troopers as well since they are pretty strong. Teleportation will 
      also be a problem against you. A smart Scrin player will use the Wormhole
      power as well as the teleportation device.
    * Do not underestimate the Scrin land units. Do not ever underestimate their
      cheapest unit, the Buzzer. They are an nightmare when using Infantry 
      unless you have an extremely powerful Infantry unit, such as a Zone Trooper.
      When the Buzzers combine with tanks, they effectively have stopped all means
      of Fanatic attacks. 
    * Send a group of Flame Tanks, about three would do, and send them quickly
      towards a Tiberium patch near the enemy Scrin base. Then, force fire on the
      Tiberium Crystals. Why? Destroying the crystals will remove a source of 
      income for the Scrin, and as such, depriving them of money will effect their
    [42.03] Nod v Nod
    Sometimes, members of the Brotherhood will lose faith with their Berthen. Like
    Kilian, they betray the Brotherhood, and therefore, they have to be destroyed
    like the GDI scum.
    * Fighting yourself is never easy. Since Nod are the best at rushing, the most
      important thing in the beginning is to counter either a Shadow Team rush or
      a Scorpion Rush. Either way, they aren't too hard to defend against. Against
      the Shadow Teams, place Stealth Detectors such as Bikes all over your base
      to stop them from entering. This will stop the first one. The second thing
      is the Scorpion Rush. This is harder to defend yourself against, but there
      are a few stops to counter it somewhat. Your Laser Turrets can do some 
      moderate damage against the tanks but not enough. Either use some Fanatics
      since Tanks are not good against infantry or use Rocket Troopers. That 
      should deter them.
    * Nod is the master of Stealth, therefore, be on your guard at all times. If
      you don't well, your in some trouble. Have counters against the pesky 
      Shadow Teams and ensure you have counters against a swarm of Fanatics. A
      Commando can't let you down. As long as you have some Stealth Detectors all
      over your base, you can't go wrong.
    * Use SAM Missiles to defend against unfriendly Vertigos. Your opponent will
      probably do the same. If you don't think that they are, look a bit 
      further into their base and see the Disruption Tower. Act cautiously but if
      you are sure they don't have turrets, bomb them to hell.
    * Defend against Stealth Tanks. Nod v Nod, this is easily the most powerful 
      units, with the Avatar making a comeback in the Patch due to the Stealth
      Tank cost increased and Avatar decreased. Use this to your advantage. There
      is nothing worst than being ambushed. Therefore, if you use your Avatar 
      properly, that it will. Use an Avatar, commandeer an Attack Bike for the
      Stealth Detector and hide that and a group of Stealth Tanks. This should 
      provide enough firepower to kill something. And the best thing is, the
      enemy can't see anything but if something gets close, don't blow your cover
      and find an alternate method of destruction, if there is no other method, 
      then use your Stealthed group. In fact, an Avatar with Stealth Generating
      and Detection abilities can be a deadly combination. After all, you don't
      except your units to be crushed out of no where. 
    * Never underestimate the use of the EMP Coils and Fanatics. Although you 
      are not fighting some massive enemy, this is effective against much rushes
      except you won't have EMP. Still, Fanatics are not to be taken lightly. 
    [42.04] Nod Rush
    The Brotherhood has one trick up their sleeve, and that is the element of
    surprise. The Brotherhood always attempts to win the battle quickly and
    For the Brotherhood, rushing is the best option to you. Nod units are best
    suited for rushing as they are horrible at the late game. Their strongest
    unit has to be used en masse to actually do something. Therefore, you want
    a quick victory, as quick as possible.
    Nod is built for rushing. Their units are relatively cheap, have good 
    abilities and pack a punch early game. There are two main rushes, and that is
    the Shadow Team and the Scorpion Tanks. Both have their merits and their 
    downfalls, but surprising, both work well if used properly.
    The Shadow Teams are wonderful for rushing. Although the Secret Shrine is 
    requied before use, you can build a Power Plant, Hand of Nod and then a 
    Secret Shrine to build Shadow Teams. You don't have to worry about the
    economy, since the Shadows are relatively cheap, only 800 credits for one
    squad. You can use your Refinery to help pump out more credits. For this,
    the Shadow Teams are stealthed, and by the time you have a pair or so, you
    might encounter few, if any, base defences that will detect you. Whether they
    do or do not, it really doesn't matter. Use your Hang-Gliders to swoop into
    the base, they won't have any AA since Nod can't pump out anything that is 
    air till later. Use your Shadows to bomb their Power Plants. If you have a 
    large group, go for their Construction Yard. If they have a Stealth Detector,
    then you might encounter some trouble, but if they don't, well, they're in
    trouble. After the Power Plants or Construction Yard, go for the one you 
    didn't go for. Then move onto the Barracks, War Factory and Refinery to 
    essentially knock them out. When they first thought as rushing units, players
    were angry since their explosives were overpowered and thought it should be
    researched. Shadows are basically a Rusher's best friend.
    The second method is using the Scorpion Tank. They might take a while, but
    they are easy to produce. Power Plant, Refinery and then War Factory. You
    will need more than one, at least 3 for a successful rush. Pump out the 
    Scorpions with the Rally Point at the enemy's base. Attack with a massive
    amount of Scorpion Tanks to achieve victory. Of course, Construction Yard and
    then the War Factory first. Then, other production facilities will do. Of
    course, you will probably need one more ingredient for the Scorpion Rush to be
    successful. The final ingredient is the Raider Buggy. They will easily shred
    any Anti-Vehicle infantry that you might encounter and will save the hides of
    your Scorpions.
    Another overlooked unit is the Attack Bike. I don't see these rushes often
    but they are very successful. Why? They are quick, relatively cheap compared
    to the Scorpions and can be an pain to focus fire on. They are overlooked but
    if the enemy has no defences, or many, you might strike it lucky and enter
    an empty base. These can take out structures with relative ease and can do 
    serious damage en masse.
    The Venom is often overlooked, well, by the time you get Venoms, the rush is
    pretty much over. But these are relative cheap and effective. Power Plant,
    Refinery, Operations Centre and then Air Tower. Of course, they might take
    some time to get, but build multiple Towers pumping out Venoms. They can 
    literally swarm a base in numbers. Odds are, the enemy doesn't have any air
    defences, but you might be unlucky and find some. If you do, target it first
    and take down the Construction Yard. With the defences gone and the ability 
    to build more gone, they will rely on troops, so target the Barracks and the
    War Factories to ensure their defeat. If any defences pop up, be sure to 
    target it before it can do damage to the Venoms. 
    The final strategy that I will mention here is the iconic C&C Engineer Rush.
    Except in your case, you have a bunch of Saboteurs. Anyway, you can get a 
    small group, say 5, once you have the Hand of Nod and capture their key
    buildings. You will be surprised how often this works since players don't have
    any defences that early. If they are planning to rush, you might encounter
    defences, but a group of Saboteurs should capture something and you will know
    of their plans. The Engineer rush is effective in numbers and if you work
    it correctly by targeting the Construction Yard, Barracks, War Factory and
    then their other structures, either selling them or producing units for 
    yourself, you will devastate the enemy base and make them think again about
    not building that Watchtower outside their base. It is simple, but many 
    people don't defend themselves against it. By the time they see your Saboteurs
    rushing towards your base, it is far to late to have an effective defences,
    unless you have Saboteurs at their base already, capturing all their 
    [42.05] Nod Turtle
    The Brotherhood always utilises the element of surprise. When they lose this
    element, it will be an uphill battle.
    As a turtle, the hardest thing to do is to survive till the late game, where
    you have better defences, and crappy units. To Nod turtles, you will be
    forced to rely on the unreliable, the Vapor Bomb and the Nuke. The Vapor Bomb
    is easy to shoot down, the Missile, well, GDI has little Firehawks all over
    the place.
    With the Nuclear Missile, against the Scrin, or even Nod, you are ok, but
    against the GDI, you aren't. You will face the Firehawks if facing GDI and
    you have the Nuke. Odds are, eight of them will drop down and bomb the thing
    to smithereens. Of course, you can make the joke on them. The Firehawks is
    not cheap, 1500 credits for one. If you are a turtle, you will have extensive
    defences, and that means, a lot of SAM Turrets. For this reason, your SAM
    turrets will deal with the Firehawks on their way out. You have to at least
    shoot down 4 Firehawks. If you have the money, build another Nuke. By downing
    4 Firehawks, you shoot down 6000 credits, shooting down 8 will cost a fair
    amount of 12000 credits. For a 5000 credit Nuke, it would be worth it. But
    the thing is, dealing with their Superweapon.
    As a Turtle, you will quickly tech up. Your base defences will mostly consist
    of SAM Turrets and Obelisks of Light with a few Shredder Turrets tossed into
    the mix. They drain a lot of power, but you should spread out the Power Plants
    in case of a Superweapon heading your way. Have a large mobile force of the
    Rocket Militia to deal with any threats that the enemy sends to fight you.
    Also, use the Raider Buggy, for its Anti-Infantry purposes and later on, its
    most valuable ability, the EMP Coil. Use it wisely to effective make an 
    enemy assault force a sitting duck.
    Build many turrets, if you aren't going to use the Obelisk. These aren't 
    very mobile, but are handy for you. They will make a steady defence force and
    take a while to shoot down. Protect with some Disruption Towers if need be.
    After you have defended your base, you need to find out a method to victory.
    You can use the Beam Tanks to decimate the enemy base, while having a good
    survival rating against the Tripod and the Mammoth. They don't however, last
    very long against other units. You can use the Stealth Tank. They are 
    quick, useful, versitile and powerful. They can strike at anything completely
    out of the blue. It is better to use a combination of the two. Why? Because
    the Beam Cannon has the best Anti-Structure role while the Stealth Tank can
    take out defences and enemy units. Successful use will be useful. 
    The use of Venoms and Vertigos should not go unnoticed. A fleet of Vertigos,
    especially in large numbers, will easily demolish an enemy base. However, if
    you want maximum effectiveness with reasonable losses, you should use it all
    in one go. Why? Because the enemy can target so many units. If you send the
    Vertigos in groups of 4, well, they finish with one group while they attack
    the next. With all your Vertigos, they can't target several groups of Vertigos
    decloaking and dropping bombs everywhere. Use Planning Mode for this to work
    well. Venoms are effective, but they are too weak to sustain much AA fire
    and don't do much damage unless in large groups of at least 50+
    Avatars are the last method of Victory. Sure, they will cost a lot, but a 
    few Avatars, depending on who you are fighting, can do wonders. For instance,
    the Avatar can steal the Stealth Generator from the Stealth Tanks. Depending
    on what version you are using, it costs 3700 to 4000 for that upgrade alone.
    Add in a Beam Cannon, and thats looking pretty expensive. But, for a group of
    three, well protected, they can do wonders. They can outrange the base 
    defences and be a powerful harrasser on the enemy. 
    Well, it doesn't matter how you do it, but winning as a Nod Turtle is a 
    massive achievement in the end. Nod is arguably the worst Turtle, with the
    Scrin being the best. Win, and prove your worth to Kane.
    [42.06] Nod General Strategies
    I'll admit, I don't play Nod much, apart from the Campaign, I don't use the
    Nod forces much. However, out of the games I've played with Nod, I'll give
    you some pointers.
    * Do not forget to use Disruption Towers. They are always overlooked, but are
      pretty handy. Unless you are fighting GDI who is using their Radar Scan, the
      enemy has no way of knowing what is going on underneath the Disruption Tower
      at all. You could be building a massive army and no one will be none the 
      wiser. Odds are, a smart player will approach with caution since no one
      knows what lurks underneath. Use it to your advantage. Also, get into the
      habit of dummy Disruption Towers. Essentially, you set up an Outpost and
      build a Disruption Tower with some Turrets. This is excellent as a decoy
      for the enemy, not knowing where your real base is. 
    * Turret Farm. Sometimes, this is a wonderful defence and is pretty hard to
      breach. You essentially build a large amount of turrets, in all varieties,
      tossed in with an Obelisk here and there. This is hard to penetrate without
      a large force, but even then, it will cost the enemy a hefty price in 
      casualities. They can take out your Power Plants, but for the love of God,
      please don't bunch those Power Plants together. Also, Turret Farms are the
      best thing to hide under a Disruption Tower. When the enemy goes in for the
      kill, they won't know that their the catch.
    * Do not neglect the Vertigos. GDI can bomb the crap out of anyone, but the
      Vertigo is better. Their bombs are stronger, they are pretty quick and come
      cloaked. Use their Stealth to your advantage, bypass their defences and 
      bomb them, and ask, I've lost my bomb, do you have it? Ah, Crazy Ivan.
    * Use the Raider Buggy for the sole reason of the EMP Coil. This is the most
      annoying thing for an attack force. A Buggy or two, coupled in with a 
      few Stealth Tanks and Beam Cannons, can turn a massive attack group, into a
      pile of neglected trash. They are quick and if the enemy doesn't have any
      powerful defences, well, send them rushing to their Power Plants to shut
      them down. With them down, a few units can do a little surprise attack and
      really cause some damage. 
    * Do not forget you have the Avatar. Use their upgrade well and they will
      serve you well. An innocent looking unit, sitting there, must not be so 
      alone any more. If you fully upgrade them, using the Flame Thrower from the
      Flame Tank, Stealth Generator from the Stealth Tank, Stealth Detector from
      the Attack Bike and the Beam Cannon from the Beam Cannon, it will serve as 
      powerful base defence for you and the backbone of any assault force. Use
      them well, for they are costly. Use some Anti Air Units to protect them and
      have some Saboteurs handy recover them should they fall.
    * Use your Saboteurs and their booby traps. They aren't too useful on the 
      Battlefield, but start destroying some bridges. Use the booby trap on the 
      Gatehouses and that will send a message through. In a map with some 
      Garrisonable buildings, a little bomb here, a little bomb there can send the
      enemy a message not to garrison the buildings. Place some on the Tiberium
      Spikes and let them, have some free cash, after it topples over and sprouts
      a new Tiberium field.
    * Nod will never win in a one on one battle. Their units are far too 
      underpowered to win. Mammoths and Tripods easily surpass the usefulness of
      the Avatar. Therefore, you have to be sneaky. Use your units, especially
      the Stealth Tank, for hit and run tactics on their Harvesters. There is no
      real way that can protect them 24/7 and as such, destroy their Harvesters 
      and get away with it.
    * Enter through the back door. GDI and the Scrin have heavy handed tactics 
      that involve them breaking through the front of the base. You should enter
      where any good thief should, through the back door. Send in some Shadow
      Teams to do a little "fieldwork" and some "theatre assessments" one the
      area to know what it's like. Plant a few bombs and get out of there before
      they detect you.
    * Use the Catalyst Missile. It is the most useful weapon against the GDI and
      the Scrin since you hit them where it hurts, their economy. If they have
      been spending big, like you think they were, losing all their Harvesters
      in one fell swoop means some cancelling and some selling off of their
      assets to purchase some new ones. By the time they have recovered, send 
      them another "present" in the form of the Catalyst Missile. It is worth
      the price and although it might not be much, it will seriously damage their
      concentration and force them to concentrate on their economy, rather than
      their units, which you should attack. Remember, Nod is the master of the
      diversions and the master of Stealth. 
    * Harvest the enemy's Tiberium if you can sneak past their defences. This
      will give you more money, although at a slower rate, and more importantly,
      deprive the enemy of vital resources. If not, destroy the crystals to
      deprive them of crystals which means money. 
    [43.01] Scrin v GDI
    The Visitors arrived on Earth, facing an indigenous population. One military
    faction provided the with plenty of problems, the Global Defence Initiative.
    * This is an extremely hard matchup. Why? Because both factions are relative
      good in the late game, in comparsion to the Brotherhood. Therefore, you 
      will have to be better than GDI to beat them.
    * The GDI Anti Air base defences are useless. Do not discount this from your
      attack however. They may be useless with 1 turret, but odds are, GDI is 
      probably have a large amount of Turrets to counter it or they have a mobile
      Anti Air defence against you. A mobile defence force against Air will mainly
      consist of Pitbulls, APCs with Missile Squads and later on, the Mammoth 
      Tank. They will also use Firehawks with the Anti Air loadout, and with this
      force, it is not to be taken lightly. Pitbulls are easy to take out, the
      Devastator Warship can easily outrange them and they have little health. The
      APC will be a problem, but against, use the Devastator Warship against them
      since their health isn't too good either. Mammoths will just require brute
      force, since they have far too much health. 
    * Support your Air Force with Gunwalkers when fighting Firehawks. Sure, no
      body likes them, but they do have their uses. They are excellent in fighting
      infantry and decent against Air. Like I said, GDI will use Firehawks against
      your aerial units. This is a problem. Planetary Assault Carriers can target
      air units, but still, they are expensive and lack the numbers to take down
      the Firehawks. Even if you lose a Planetary Assault Carrier, you need to 
      down 2 Firehawks to make sure your break even with GDI. But a group of 4 can
      easily masscare 2 PACs in a single go. Therefore, use the Gunwalkers to 
      protect the PACs against Firehawks and serve as valuable distractions. 
    * Just like Nod, you are going to have to face the Mammoth sooner or later.
      Just like Nod, you are going to have to find a counter to the Mammoth. How?
      There are several methods. You can use Disintegrators and use them, en 
      masse in order to blow those tanks into dust. You can use some Storm Columns
      to protect your base and use them to destroy the Mammoths. Or you can use
      your air units. There is a problem with the air units through, the Mammoth
      can fight back, even more so if they are in large numbers. 
    * Piss off GDI. Just like the Scrin, GDI units aren't cheap, well, cheaper 
      than the Scrin's units. Therefore, you need to, like any other enemy, 
      harass their economy. Send in your Disintegrators into the Tiberium Fields,
      waiting and lurking there for GDI Harvesters to walk into. You can use the
      Tiberium Vibration Scan to find out where their Harvesters are. Use the 
      Disintegrators to wipe out the Harvesters. The faster you do so, the better
      as it will starve them out of cash. If they lose all their Harvesters, or 
      even most of them, they will be between a rock and a hard place.
    * Let GDI attack your base. Protect your base using Storm Columns and use
      some Devastator Warships to protect your base. If you have a sizable amount
      of Storm Columns, any attack on your base is a suicide mission, usually 
      reserved for the Nod Fanatics. Any attack on a large number of Storm Columns
      is suicide, whether it is using Mammoths, Predators or whatever. Even the
      largest attack force of tens of Mammoths will be turned into dust since the
      Storm Columns are far too powerful and the Devastators will provide support
      while healing in the Ion Storm. When the massive army is destroyed, you 
      should send in your army to wipe them out. 
    * Use the Disintegrator. GDI's power lies on the ground. Their Predators and 
      Mammoth Tanks, once upgraded with the Railgun Capacitors, are exceptionally
      powerful and a force to be reckon with. Therefore, you want the best 
      counter, which will be infantry, which happens to be the Disintegrator. A
      large amount of Disintegrators will easily shred a Vehicle advance on your
      base and as such, lay waste to GDI. They also are relatively cheap to 
      produce and when crushed, which GDI will do since it is the easiest way to
      destroy infantry, they will explode, dealing small amounts of damage to the
      crusher. However, a large amount of small amounts will be a large amount in
      the end.
    * Don't use your Air Units unless you can't help it. GDI expects you to use
      your PACs and Devastators to fight them, ready to counter them. As such, 
      mass a force of Tripods and send them to their base and prove them wrong.
    [43.02] Scrin v Nod
    When the Visitors arrived on Earth to harvest Ichor, they were repelled. In
    reality, they were manipulated by the Brotherhood. It is time for the Visitors
    to meet their match.
    * Lets face it, Nod is not as hard as fighting GDI. Your ground and air units
      are stronger in a one-on-one battle. But there in lies the problem, Nod
      is far too clever for that and their Stealth makes them even harder to 
      fight against. 
    * You will have to defeat a rush of Shadow Teams or Scorpions, or even 
      Saboteurs in the early game. It is extremely hard for Nod to defeat you in
      late game and as such, will knock you out as quick as possible. Shadow Teams
      are easily counter by placing Buzzer Hives all over the place, in 
      particular, near your Construction Yard and your Power Plants. Scorpion
      Tanks are counter best with Disintegrators since the Cannon doesn't work to
      well in terms of damage.
    * Protect your Harvesters. Nod will often use harassing tactics against your
      weak point, your economy. Scrin units are expensive and a smart Nod player
      will use Stealth Tanks or Attack Bikes to destroy your Harvesters. This is
      a problem since they are hard to detect and destroy. Therefore, you have to
      use a few Seekers and a Tripod or two to destroy them. This is the only way
      to protect your Harvesters. Keep those units posted next to the Tiberium 
      Field in order to have a quick response. Beware, Nod might target your
      units instead.
    * Do not use Air Units. Sure, they are powerful, but Nod, as you should know
      by now, is the SAM Turret. It is extremely powerful and your Air units don't
      stand much of a chance against them. The Attack Bike and the Stealth Tank
      can easily become the mobile defence, making it harder if you try to 
      outrange them. Their Venoms can attack air, and that happens to be the 
      cheapest air unit. You only have the Planetary Assault Carrier to attack 
      air, and that happens to be the most expensive air unit. In summary, an air
      attack will be expensive and most likely to be unsuccessful at the least.
    * Use Seekers in every attack group. Why? They detect Stealth and are 
      relatively powerful in groups. A convoy of Seekers, reinforced by some 
      Tripods can easily lay waste to what would be an ambush. Turn their ambush
      into a surprise attack.
    * Use Tripods. They easily overpower any Nod land unit they can send at you.
      The Tripod can just crush units with their walker legs while the Avatar
      will pose no threat against a group of Tripods. The only thing that can do
      some damage is the Obelisk of Light, but they are expensive and hardly used
      by Nod players. Therefore, use this to your advantage. If there is an 
      Obelisk of Light, a group of Tripods can lay waste to the Tripods before it
      can do massive amounts of damage to your Tripods.
    [43.03] Scrin v Scrin
    Why must Scrin fight Scrin? Are some good, are some bad? No matter the 
    situation, Foreman, it must be corrected. 
    * Like any faction fighting itself, it is hard. Why? Because whatever weapons
      you have to fight with, they have as well, making it pointless to use your
      powerful weapons.
    * Planetary Assault Carriers will be a problem for you. There is no effective
      units against the PAC. And you aren't going to fight PAC against PAC since
      whoever has the most will often win, only to lose if they don't use focus
      fire. If you have a large group of PAC, that is the best counter, but a 
      costly one. A cheaper one will consist of Anti-Air land units, such as the
      Gunwalker and the Shock Trooper. If you have a PAC force with a group of
      Gunwalkers and Shock Troopers, you might stand a chance. But the problem is
      the question of how would you know. Send a Buzzer or two to the enemy base
      to play spot the PAC. If you spot some, you should start building some as  
      a counter. After all, this is the Scrin and their units are powerful. 
    * Defend and counter attack. This seems to be your best option. If you have 
      a powerful defence, you can harvest a large amount of Tiberium to build up
      a large attack force. If you enemy has sent a large amount of units at you,
      then counter it with your powerful defences. Then, send in your massive
      force at him. Even if they have a powerful defence, they have no units to
      defend the base, unlike you. Therefore, you should make a dent in his base
      at the least.
    * You are going to have to use the Rift Generator. This seems the only way
      to punch a hole in the enemy's base. Late game, when everyone have really
      powerful defences, this seems like the only way to defeat them, as long as
      you back up your Rift. A group of Tripods and PACs ready to strike with 
      their power is down is optimal to attack. 
    * Target their economy. You should know by know that Scrin units are quite
      expensive to produce en masse, therefore, by starving them out of cash, they
      can't attack you. Sending a group of Seekers or Tripods or both to attack
      their Harvesters will be a excellent harassing group. But bear in mind one
      thing, they don't need silos, so you can't exactly destroy their money. I
      wished the Scrin has the Spy from RA2, then he can go steal some credits. 
    * The enemy Tripod might be a problem. They are powerful in groups and deal
      massive amounts of damage against anything on the ground that moves. By,
      like any other thing, it has its weaknesses in the form of no Air defence. 
      You can easily destroy a group of Tripods with Planetary Assault Carriers 
      and Devastator Warships. However, a smart player will escort with Anti-Air
      units, therefore, you should have a counter. The unit escort will most 
      likely be the Gunwalker, therefore, Disintegrator. If it is the Shock
      Trooper, Buzzers or Gunwalkers. Then, use your Air units to destroy the 
      Tripods. You can use the Ion Storm ability from the PAC to do some damage
      that might save you. Don't forget to capture the Tripod after destruction.
    * Be careful when you have the Signal Transmitter. You never know when the
      enemy Mastermind might just capture one from you. This will lead to the 
      problem of a Mothership right inside your base. This will be a problem and
      while the tactic is unconventional, it can work and wreak havok inside your
      base, where it probably isn't defended well. 
    [43.04] Scrin Rush
    For the Scrin, the tactic of Rushing is pretty hard. The Scrin units are not
    like the Brotherhood's, they are suited for rushing. Even the GDI have some
    form of rushing, the Scrin do not. Therefore, you will have to make do with
    what you have. Their infantry aren't that powerful and their vehicles are not
    that powerful either. However, with that fact, you can do something.
    When people play the Scrin, they will except a match with Tripods and some
    Planetary Assault Carriers. Therefore, they won't defend their base well in
    the early game. Therefore, you can rush. But what with?
    The Seeker Tank is your standard option. Like the Predator and Scorpion Rush,
    they are the basic tank and therefore, a good option. Although they are not
    powerful, they are a great surprise attack, since a person doesn't exactly
    except a Seeker rush. I haven't seen a Seeker rush, I've sent a Seeker rush 
    and it was pretty successful. Although I didn't destroy the base completely,
    it did do some significant damage. At least the other guy acknowledge that it
    was a masterstroke and was pretty good. 
    The second type of rush for the Scrin is the most common from them, the 
    Disintegrator rush. It is effective against everything pretty much, except 
    air but what are the odds of encountering an Air base so early? Not too
    common to say the least. To be effective, you will need a large amount of 
    Disintegrators to make it successful. You will need a fair amount of Portals
    to pump out the Disintegrators to attack. 5 Portals is a good amount of 
    Portals while a group of 40-50 Disintegrators seems like a large number to 
    strike with. But of course, with an Infantry rush, it is extremely risky. 
    It is easily countered with an Anti-Infantry defence. These are cheap and
    can be produced en masse to counter them. Therefore, with your Attack force,
    target the defences first. Then, aim for the Power Plant. You will need this
    to be down so they can't build more turrets. After that, take down the 
    Construction Yard so they can't build anything. While you are attacking, 
    continue to reinforce your Disintegrators with more units. This is to replace
    the fallen units and help you win. 
    A variation of this rush, which apparently, is proven to be 100% successful 
    is using a few Buzzers. You place a few Buzzers outside their Barracks to 
    ensure any new Rifle infantry is killed once it is produced. I haven't tried
    this out yet, but it should work. However, like any rush, you need the perfect
    timing. Also, with this sort of rush, long distances will easily kill your
    rush before you even say boo. 
    The next method of rushing is with Shock Troopers. You will need the Nerve
    Centre and Statis Chamber for the Shock Troopers. They are the most successful
    for the Scrin in terms of rushing. They are relatively cheap to produce, have
    a decent amount of health to fight with and can deal some respectful amounts
    of damage. Of course, they are your best bet. They can easily destroy 
    infantry, tanks and buildings, making it great. Of course, you will need a 
    large amount of Shock Troopers, say 30 to ensure that some damage is done. 
    Just like the Disintegrator rush, ensure that you have your Portals to 
    reinforce your Shock Troopers to ensure that they can do some real damage. 
    Again, like the Disintegrator rush, attack the base defences, the Power Plant,
    any more defences and then the Construction Yard. That should usually be the
    turning point. Of course, don't be rushed instead.
    The classic method of the Engineer Rush just won't do with the Scrin 
    unfortunately. Their Assimilator is extremely slow to move, making it a 
    sitting duck on the battlefield. Their only upside is that they are cloaked
    when they aren't moving or going anywhere. If you think that this will work,
    you can try this. Of course, this is tricky and is so random, it might work
    well. Try if you will, but I'm not sure, or even say that in the slightest
    that it will work. 
    [43.05] Scrin Turtle
    Scrin is basically born the Turtle. Anyone who turtles is basically building
    up their base and defend. Of course, the Scrin has the two best ingredients
    to turtle. They have powerful base defences and powerful end game units.
    The first thing to worry about is that people will rush you. The reason why
    people rush is for a quick victory. Against the Scrin, it is the best option,
    since the Scrin are devastating late game. You will need a defence against
    anything they throw at you. You need Disintegrators and Buzzers as your 
    basic defence and Seekers for Stealth Detection. Gunwalkers will solve your
    Anti Air role for a while. A few base defences, such as the Buzzer Hive and 
    the Photon Cannon can provide some reinforcement firepower but they are the
    first buildings that your enemy will target, so have plenty of them if you 
    aren't going to rely on your units. Your Buzzers will take down enemy infantry
    with relative ease, your Disintegrators will serve you well against those
    vehicles, your Seekers will help against tanks while your Gunwalkers will 
    shred infantry and air, if any. 
    By the time you have warded off your first of many attacks, you will have 
    your Tech Assembler up and running. This will provide you with the best
    defence ever, the Storm Column. Also, build a Gravity Stabiliser to build some
    Devastators as well. Storm Column and Devastator means a large defence to
    play around with. For every Storm Column, have about 2 Devastators to guard
    it. Keep these all over your base to ensure that nothing can come in. You
    don't need to worry about repairing the Devastators, they heal in the Ion
    Storm around the Column. The perfect defence. 
    By this time, you will have a large harvesting force to sustain the cost of
    all those defences. You will need a large force, about 3 Refineries at the
    least and about 10 Harvesters to ensure that you have a continuous flow of
    resources. The best thing about the Scrin is that they don't need to have the
    Silo to store the Tiberium and the Growth Accelerator will ensure that you
    have more Tiberium to play around with. If you see that you have a queue for
    the Refinery, that means that you need to have another Refinery to ensure
    that the credits flow in.
    Now that your defence problem is solved, you must solve the other problem to
    win the game, and that is, how are you going to attack? While you are building
    your Devastators, you should start thinking about your Planetary Assault
    Carriers. They are powerful and with the amount of credits flowing in, it 
    won't be too hard to build some.
    As the game continues and the enemy fails to breach your powerful defence,
    they will decide to have a massive attack. This will be coupled in with a
    Superweapon to disable your power, but if you have read what I've have typed
    up, don't bunch and place your Reactors together. This will ensure that you
    still have power. By this time, you will have a large enough force, consisting
    of Devastators and PACs and if you have any, Tripods. Of course, this attack
    can be countered. This is done first with the PACs. Use them to create a 
    forward Storm, using their Ion Storm ability. With a new Ion Storm, you can
    move your Devastators forward to help. This will help your Storm Columns while
    you repair and reinforce your position. Devastator Warships will damage 
    grouped up units, and that helps you with your mission. Attack the back to
    ensure that a large amount of units are attacked. With this much firepower, 
    your enemy doesn't stand a chance. There are a few Ion Storms, beating the
    crap out of your opponent while at the same time, Devastators and Planetary
    Assault Carriers are damaging their assault force.
    When their main force gone, counter attack. Use all your PACs and your 
    Warships and attack their base. Your Devastators can outrange their AA
    defences while your PACs can move in for the kill. Generate Ion Storms to
    ensure damage. If you manage to breach the AA defences, you should move in
    and destroy their base. Then, if they survive, hunt for expansions. 
    Of course, an alternative to this strategy is to use Tripods. They aren't
    as strong, but as powerful in their own right. Use can support with some Air
    units. Tripods can just crush enemy vehicles while more than a match for the
    Mammoth and the Avatar. By then, is all but hopeless as their massive attack
    group is trampled upon.
    You can support your Turtling with the Rift Generator while the occasion
    harassing run can buy you some time to fight. The more units, the easier it
    is for you to defeat them and win. 
    [43.06] Scrin General Strategies
    The Scrin aren't my cup of tea. They don't appeal much to me since they are
    best late game and I want to finish quickly. But nevertheless, I do use them
    from time to time.
    * Don't waste time. Every second is precious to the Scrin in the early part
      of the game. By building a crane in the beginning, it can help out in the
      long term by producing twice as many structures. Reason why? The Scrin will
      need their late game units early as their early game units aren't that good
      and as such, you need a Technology Assembler as soon as you can to pump out
      some insane defences and Tripods. 
    * Use your Buzzers. They are cheap but are far more useful. They can efficient
      Infantry killers, with all they have to do is to move next to them. They 
      are excellent scouts as they are quick moving not very easy to click on 
      since you have to click on the middle and their speed doesn't help you at
    * Combine your Buzzers with your Tanks. These is extremely useful. This 
      pretty much stops you from dying at the hands of the Rocket Troops. The
      Buzzers can take down infantry while combined with the vehicle while the
      vehicle itself can attack units. This is handy and don't forget, the Buzzers
      are quite cheap, only 200 credits a pop. If you don't want that, just use 
      the Swarm Power, giving you a good set of Buzzers. They also provide a 
      shield to your units, giving them just that much more life to attack the
      enemy with. 
    * Do not neglect the Gunwalker. They might be disregard since they don't have
      any special abilities, but nonetheless, they can eliminate Infantry, even
      at Heroic status with relative ease and can remove Air units from the 
      skies with relative ease. 
    * Do not forget your Wormhole ability. I know that the Scrin is all about 
      their aerial units, but the Wormhole can provide you with some lethal attack
      power. There is nothing worse than a group of Tripods walking into the back
      of your base, where it is pretty much undefended. Although it isn't all
      that good for your air units, the Wormhole can really open up a can of worms
      for the enemy.
    * Use your Tripods. They don't fly, but they are the best land unit that the
      Scrin have, hands down. They can fight and defend against the dreaded 
      Mammoth Tank and can crush other vehicles beneath their three legs. Their
      power, especially when they are in groups, can really punch a hole into the
      enemy defences. Don't forget to recover them when they fall. The enemy will
      think of Scrin = Air and this is not always the case. Of course, the air
      units are pretty strong by their own right, but the Tripods, especially in
      a large group, accompanied with Gunwalkers and Seekers, will destroy a base
      as fast as Carriers and Warships Can. Don't neglect them. 
    * Use your Phase and Statis Fields to your advantage. The Phase Field can  
      allow your units a method of retreat, which is useful while they are on the
      brink of death. The Statis Field is far more useful. Use them as a little
      offensive power. Use them to disable enemy defences or shut down their Power
      Plants and destroy the rest of their base. 
    * Teleport your troops. They are just like the Wormhole, they can get one 
      unit halfway across the map. This is excellent for making surprise attacks
      and there is nothing worse when expending when you see enemy units out of
      absolutely nowhere. 
    * Use the Mastermind. This little critter can case a load of pain for the 
      enemy, especially with the strategy that I'll mention below. They can be
      useful to teleport units and can send an attack force reeling with their own
      units attack each other. There is nothing like a good diversion when one 
      unit turns on another.
    * Use the Mastermind in combination with the Mothership. Before your do 
      anything, have a Signal Transmitter ready. Use the Mastermind to creep up
      on the enemy's base and capture an enemy building. Use that building's 
      build radius and place the Signal Transmitter. Sell the original one at 
      your base and then summon the Mothership. Pure destruction guaranteed. 
      Nothing worse to lose a building and then see a Mothership
    * The Rift Generator is wonderful in combination with the Mastermind and the
      Assimilators. Build a group of Assimilators and use the Rift Generator on
      the Enemy base, near the Construction Yard. While your opponent is busy on
      defending his base, teleport your Assimilators into the base can capture it
      and use your remaining Assimilators to capture everything else. This will
      really start to cause problems to even the most experienced of players, 
      mainly those without an expansion base. 	
    * Use your Mothership carefully. These things aren't cheap, costing about the
      same as a Superweapon. They have a large amount of health and are very
      powerful, but here's the catch, that are slow. They can get shot down pretty
      easily. Therefore, using it carefully and making sure it doesn't get 
      destroyed before doing a big deal of damage is a waste. 
    * Use Storm Columns, in tandem with Devastators. This should be looked at. The
      Devastators are powerful in their own right, and the Storm Column can do
      massive amounts of damage. The Devastator can deal with the ground units 
      while they attack while the Storm Column can attack the air. And remember
      that Scrin Air units heal in the Ion Storm, generated by the Storm Column.
      Very handy indeed. 
    * Have a large harvesting force. Scrin units are expensive and you need to 
      have a lot of money to fund it. A harvesting force of 10 Harvesters and a
      3 to 1 or 2 to 1 ratio in terms of Harvesters to Refineries is needed. And
      remember, no need to build Silos to store that Tiberium when you are playing
      as the Scrin.
    * Survive to late game if you can. The Scrin excel at the late game stage 
      where there are no more surprises. Their Tripods, Planetary Assault Carriers
      and Devastator Warships really dish out the damage and can easily send a 
      base rolling. 
    [44.01] PatchNotes v1.05
    This is an extremely long section, and contains the Patch Notes and my 
    Comments on Patch v1.05 available for download off the offical website. I'll
    detail the changes and not the fixes for the bugs and such. Those aren't
    related to playing the game properly. I'll just tweak the fixes so it is 
    easier to see.
    *General Balance Changes*
    * Some structures on each side no longer provide Ground Control for base 
      expansion. These include: Power Plants, Reactors, Tiberium Silos, Barracks,
      Hands of Nod, and Portals.
    * Heavy infantry units' resistance to CANNON damage increased by 45%. This 
      affects GDI's Zone Troopers and Commando, Nod's Black Hand and Commando, and
      Scrin's Shock Troopers and Mastermind. All other infantry resistance to 
      CANNON damage increased by 25%. This change means infantry are less 
      vulnerable to tank shells and similar weapons.
    * Infantry armor penalty to SNIPER damage removed. This change makes infantry 
      slightly less vulnerable to Nod Shadow Teams in particular; GDI Commandos 
      and Sniper Teams, Nod Commandos, and Scrin Buzzers are still highly lethal 
      against enemy infantry.
    * Infantry attack range bonus while garrisoned reduced by 25%.
    * GDI Commando, Nod Commando, and Scrin Mastermind units can no longer be 
      crushed by enemy vehicles.
    * CANNON weapons, such as those found on the GDI Predator Tank and Nod 
      Scorpion Tank, now cannot miss against moving enemy vehicles.
    * GDI, Nod, and Scrin Harvesters' cost/build time increased by 40% to 1400/14.
      Standardized all Harversters' speed and turn rate. Specifically, the Scrin 
      Harvester is now slightly more maneuverable than before.
    * GDI Refinery, Nod Refinery, and Scrin Extractor sale price reduced by 70% to
      300 credits.
    * GDI Engineers, Nod Saboteurs, and Scrin Assimilators now capture enemy 
      structures or repair allied structures as soon as they reach the edge of the
    * Standardized the speed of GDI Surveyor, Nod Emissary, and Scrin Explorer 
      base expansion units. Specifically, the Nod Emissary and Scrin Explorer 
      now move 50% more slowly to match the GDI Surveyor.
    * Repair Drones for all sides can now repair vehicles that are under attack. 
      Limit one Drone per vehicle. Rate of repair is now constant, rather than a 
      percentage based on the vehicle's total health. This means vehicles with 
      lower maximum health will be repaired faster.
    * Standardized repair radius on all structures. As a result, the radius on all
      aircraft production structures has increased.
    * Re-stealth time doubled for units that do not have innate stealth effects, 
      such as units affected by Nod's Cloaking Field. This means such units will 
      take longer to regain stealth after attacking or being detected.
    * Standardized the amount of Ground Control provided by a GDI Crane, Nod 
      Crane, or Scrin Foundry. Specifically, the amount of Ground Control gained 
      by building a Nod Crane or Scrin Foundry has increased by 50%.
    * Tiberium Spike tech structure's income increased by 66% to 25 credits per 
      unit of time.
    * Defensive Tower tech structure's attack power increased by 60%.
    * Visceroids are now punishable by crushing.
    Well, a massive list of changes there. It is a massive shame that the 
    buildings don't provide expansion since it is rather handy for some maps but
    I guess it stops building a line of Power Plants as a placement for Defences.
    The resistance to Heavy Infantry makes them harder to kill, which is better.
    Except they still can get run over though, which won't happen to the one off
    units. That is actually a good change since I'm getting tired of my Commando
    getting run over by a harvester. The armor penalty to Sniper Damage will start
    to hurt Nod Players a fair bit who use the teams as they were decent infantry
    killers. Attack range reduction for garrisoned infantry seems fair as it is 
    strange that a person in a building can shoot further than a tank. 
    Cannon weapons cannot miss, which is rather good for Nod but in the end game,
    pointless for GDI since they have the Railgun Upgrade. The increase in the
    price of the Harvester isn't too nice though since it will take longer and 
    more credits to pump those guys out. Reducing the refinery price for selling
    will hurt those who sells them, since they are now worth less to sell than the
    cost of an engineer unit. Engineer change shouldn't effect most since you
    shouldn't have enemy engineers in your base in the first place. Standardising
    the speed will be a loss for Nod and Scrin players but will help GDI base
    expansion since the others can only expand at the same speed. 
    Since repair drones can repair vehicles under attack, it will give more 
    incentive for players to retreat to their War Factory and for GDI to use their
    Rig units. The fixing of repair rates will give more incentive as well to use
    light vehicles later on in the game. The stardardised repair radius will be
    handy for aircraft users, especially those with Venoms and Scrin air units. 
    Nod's stealth ability will be severely reduced with their units taking longer
    to re-stealth and will certainly be costly in terms of Vertigos and Shadow
    Teams. Ground control from Cranes and Foundries will be bonuses to those
    who already use them, and everyone should. Tiberium Spikes are now actually
    worth more and probably worth guarding properly. The Defensive Tower is now
    even stronger, which makes its anti-infantry role stronger. And Visceroids, 
    well, they can die to my Railguns, a more, honourable death. 
    *GDI Balance Changes*
    * Rifleman Squad: Speed increased by 20%. Attack power increased by 50%. Dig 
      In ability cost/buildtime reduced to 100/5, now causes the Riflemen Squad to
      begin building a Foxhole immediately at its location. Foxhole capacity 
      increased to two units. Foxholes no longer eject infantry units until the 
      Foxholes are destroyed.
    * Missile Squad: Speed increased by 20%. Health increased by 100%. Range 
      increased by 75%. Attack power vs. aircraft reduced by 25%.
    * Engineer: Speed increased by 20%.
    * Grenadier Squad: Speed increased by 20%.
    * Sniper Team: Speed increased by 20%. Health reduced by 50%. Rate of fire 
      reduced by 50%. Re-stealth time increased by 25%.
    * Commando: Speed increased by 20%.
    * Pitbull: Health increased by 33%. Rate of fire increased by 25%. Turret turn
      rate and pitch rate increased, improving the Pitbull's ability to fire on 
      fast-moving aircraft.
    * APC: Speed increased by 20%. Attack power vs. infantry reduced by 25%. 
      Turret turn rate and pitch rate increased, improving the APC's ability to 
      fire on fast-moving aircraft.
    * Harvester: Attack power increased by 300%.
    * Rig: Acceleration and deceleration times reduced, making the unit more 
      maneuverable. Battle Base Repair Drones changed to work like all other 
      Repair Drones.
    * Mammoth Tank: Speed reduced by 7%. Attack power of rockets reduced by 25%. 
      Rate of fire with Railguns upgrade reduced by 35% but attack power increased
    * Orca: Health increased by 50%.
    * Firehawk: Now fires its missile loadout in volleys, improving the Firehawk's
      ability to quickly damage groups of enemy aircraft.
    * Ox Transport: Health increased by 70%.
    * Sonic Emitter: No longer hits larger units multiple times in one attack. 
      Attack power per hit increased to compensate.
    * Railguns: Upgrade cost increased by 66% to 5000.
    * Composite Armor: Upgrade cost increased by 100% to 2000.
    * Radar Scan: Support Power cost increased by 20% to 300.
    * Shockwave Artillery: Support Power cost increased by 33% to 2000. Attack 
      power reduced by 38%.
    * GDI Airborne: Support Power cost increased by 50% to 1500.
    * Bloodhounds: Support Power cost increased by 50% to 3000.
    * Sharpshooter Team: Support Power cost increased by 40% to 3500.
    * Zone Trooper Drop Pods: Support Power cost increased by 50% to 4500.
    As a GDI player, these changes are for the better. The riflemen are even
    better to use as they are quicker. Their foxholes are far more useful as they
    are cheaper and can fit two units. However, you lose the units if the hole
    is gone. Missile Squads are better off, even though their advantage against
    air is reduced somewhat. Engineers and Grenadiers are even more dangerous,
    especially Grenadiers since their ability alone is dangerous. Sniper teams 
    are more useless now, except their vision hasn't decrease, so their usefulness
    to spot for Juggernauts is still ok. Commandos really don't need the speed 
    boost, they already have one, the Jump Pack. 
    Pitbulls are better to use since their role as a scout is better and their
    anti-air is better. APCs have their infantry killer status reduced somewhat 
    but like the pitbull, it is better against air. Harvesters are now more a 
    threat to infantry but their attack increase will not deter tanks though. 
    Rigs are better to use since they can move and keep up with other units now. 
    The Mammoth Tanks are slower, weaker and slower to shoot, but their railguns
    are stronger. This somewhat, removes the threat of being run over by the 
    Mammy. Orcas are harder to kill, Firehawks have a far better anti-air role
    and the transports are stronger. Sonic Emitters as base defense is lessen 
    as it cannot do considerable damage against units like Avatars but the 
    stronger attack power will make it more versatile. Railguns are VERY expensive
    now, Composite Armour it even more expensive but useful none the less. Radar
    Scan cost isn't all too much. The Artillery is a massive tonedown. Before,
    those attacks would hurt really bad but not, it has to be used not for 
    brute force but in combo with other units and powers. The Airborne, 
    Bloodhounds, Sharpshooters and Drop Pods are expensive now. This actually will
    balance the game since pre-patch, the veteran units were less expensive then
    training them. Well, no more Zone Trooper spam for me. 
    *Brotherhood of Nod Balance Changes*
    * Militant Squad: Speed increased by 20%. Attack power increased by 50%.
    * Militant Rocket Squad: Speed increased by 20%. Health increased by 100%. 
      Range increased by 75%. Attack power vs. aircraft reduced by 25%.
    * Saboteur: Speed increased by 20%.
    * Shadow Team: Health reduced by 50%.
    * Black Hand: Speed increased by 22%. Health increased by 66%. Attack power 
      increased by 150%.
    * Attack Bike: Removed 200% attack power bonus vs. aircraft. Turret arc and 
      turn rate increased, which allows the unit to more-effectively attack any 
      nearby targets while moving. Directional armor removed, which makes the unit
      more resistant to attacks from the flank and rear. Fixed an error that 
      caused the unit to not always fire both rockets at once, effectively raising
      its attack power.
    * Raider Buggy: Attack power vs. infantry reduced by 25%.
    * Scorpion Tank: Attack power reduced by 20%. Rate of fire with Laser 
      Capacitors upgrade reduced by 20% but attack power increased proportionally.
    * Flame Tank: Cost/buildtime increased by 20% to 1200/12. Turret turn rate 
      doubled, improving the Flame Tank's ability to quickly acquire targets. 
      Attack power increased by 150%.
    * Stealth Tank: Cost/buildtime increased by 50% to 1500/15. Attack power 
      increased by 50%. Attack power bonus vs. aircraft reduced by 25%.
    * Avatar: Cost/buildtime reduced by 27% to 2200/22. Flamethrower upgrade 
      attack power increased by 150%.
    * Venom Patrol Craft: Attack priorities fixed so that the unit will always 
      prioritize enemy infantry over vehicles and base defenses.
    * Carryall: Health increased by 70%.
    * Armageddon Bomber: Health increased by 33%. (Note: This aircraft only 
      appears when summoned by certain Support Powers.)
    * Laser Capacitors: Upgrade cost increased by 50% to 3000.
    * Tiberium Infusion: Upgrade cost increased by 300% to 2000.
    * Cloaking Field: Support Power cost increased by 100% to 3000. Attack power 
      vs. light infantry increased by 600%. Attack power vs. heavy infantry 
      increased by 200%.
    Well, Nod hasn't bear such a massive attack like the GDI did. Militants and
    the Rocket Squads are for the better and the increase with Saboteurs is in
    line with the GDI. Shadow Teams are now even weaker. But still, detonate 
    charges is still there. The Black Hand is actually a threat since it is faster
    and much stronger. Attack Bikes are weaker in terms of Anti-Air but its armour
    got a nice boost though. Raider buggies are less powerful, but should still
    rip infantry to shreds. Scorp tanks are more powerful with lasers, as it 
    should be. Flame Tanks are stronger which is much better since it will not 
    die to ambush or flanking attacks. Avatars are finally worth buying. This
    should encourage people to use them at least with the flamethrower stonger. 
    I really don't see the point of Venoms targetting infantry since you control
    them. Carryall increase in line with the Ox Transport. The Bomber health is 
    better since they actually get a change to activate the powers. This might
    help you "Seed Tiberium" better. Lasers cost more, but still worth it while
    the Cloaking Field is mixed. It costs far to much to be used as a toy of 
    such but it can kill Infantry now. It all depends what you're targeting I
    *Scrin Balance Changes*
    * Buzzers: Health increased by 50%. Move and attack rates retuned. As a 
      result, Buzzers are now more effective at cutting through massed infantry 
      but will no longer kill entire infantry squads all at once.
    * Disintegrators: Speed increased by 17%.
    * Assimilator: Speed increased by 20%.
    * Mastermind: Cost/buildtime increased by 66% to 2500/25. Recharge time on 
      Manipulator Device increased to 30 seconds. Teleport Units ability now 
      begins its cooldown period after units are teleported, rather then when 
      units are first selected for teleporting.
    * Gun Walker: Acceleration and deceleration times reduced, making the Gun 
      Walker more maneuverable.
    * Harvester: No longer spawns an Ion Storm when destroyed.
    * Corrupter: Acceleration and deceleration times reduced, making the 
      Corrupter more maneuverable.
    * Planetary Assault Carrier: Ion Storm ability now generates an Ion Storm 
      more quickly. Scrin aircraft now receive a 25% bonus to attack power in 
      addition to a 25% bonus to armor while in an Ion Storm.
    * Mothership: Attack power increased by 100%. Catalyst Cannon now causes a 
      faster, wider chain reaction. Damage sustained by the Mothership has less 
      impact on the power of its attack.
    * Buzzer Hive: Buzzers immediately respawn when killed. Buzzers no longer 
      die if their Buzzer Hive is destroyed.
    * Gravity Stabilizer: Now spawns Buzzers instead of Shock Troopers when sold 
      or destroyed.
    * Force Fields: Upgrade cost increased by 66% to 5000.
    * Stasis Shield: Support Power cost increased by 100% to 2000.
    * The Swarm: Support Power cost increased by 50% to 1500.
    Well the Scrin gained much better balances. Buzzer are weakened since they
    don't kill entire squads at once, which made them a very real threat. The 
    Disintegrator and Assimilator speed is ok, Mastermind however is a real
    balance. It was cheap for an all powerful unit to wreak havoc and their most
    powerful ability, the manipulator is now weakened. Gun Walkers are better 
    but the Harvester isn't. Now it isn't fun to suicide a harvest to effective
    block an exit or entrance. The Carrieris even stronger and actually gives
    incentive to use the Ion Storm now. Mothership is even stronger and worth
    protecting a bit more, if you don't already. Buzzers hives are now a better
    infatry killer and those Buzzers hang around. The loss of Shock Troopers if
    the Gravity Stabilizer is sad, since it used to give a nasty shock. The
    Force Fields are not going to be used as often since they are far more 
    expensive to use and people will overrun with shear numbers. The Statis 
    Shield hike is fair since it is after all, a powerful ability and the Swarm
    power is fair as well. 
    After that, we have a whole lot of bug fixes. Anyway, the changes definitely
    place a deterrant on some units and an incentive on some, such as the 
    Avatar. It is cheaper to produce, since while it was at 3000, it was weaker
    and more expensive than the Mammoth. Shadow Teams are more balanced however,
    I'm disappointed to see one thing, Zone Troopers are stronger, not weaker.
    Their Railguns made them far too strong. Except for one thing, its called
    air units. 
    [44.02] PatchNotes v1.07
    These are the Patch Notes for v1.07 patch. It includes several balance changes
    that mainly prevented building rushes against other players. I'll give my
    comments at the bottom.
    * Scrin Mothership will now take 8 seconds to deploy over the Scrin Signal 
      Transmitter, where it will be unselectable by user but can be attacked by 
      opponent. Scrin Mothership speed has been increased by 33%. Weapon chain 
      reaction delay increased by 1 sec.
    * GDI Pitbull health reduced by 20%. Mortar given a scatter radius of 50. 
      Mortar upgrade cost increased to 2000 from 1000.
    * Scrin Buzzer Hive now leaves 1 Scrin Buzzer instead of 3 when destroyed or
    * Cranes for all 3 factions can no longer build defensive structures or 
    * Harvesters' rate of collecting Tiberium has been made equal across all 
      factions. Harvesters will now unload at the refinery before moving to a new 
      Tiberium field.
    Although there are only 5 balance changes, they are quite dramitic. The
    Mothership is no longer a powerful weapon as building the Signal Transmitter
    in the enemy's base and spawning mothership is no longer an easy tactic to
    achieve. The weakening of the Pitbull and increase of Mortar only prevented
    it being more widely used and to stop Pitbull rushes. The Buzzer Hive is not
    merely as useful when destroyed. However, the worst is the Cranes. You can
    no longer build defensive or support structures with the cranes. This was done
    in order to prevent GDI players from mass spamming Sonic Emitters. This is 
    bad in the fact you cannot even build silos anymore. This forces users to 
    revert to MCVs now. The Harvester change also now prevents Harvesters walking
    with a near full load of Tiberium into an enemy base and getting blown up
    into smithereens. Good thing too, I'm getting tired of my Harvesters being
    blown up because they are stupid. 
    [44.03] PatchNotes v1.09
    These are the PatchNotes for the upcoming (at the point in time of writing)
    v1.09 patch, released by EA beforehand for user approval. Again, my comments
    on this will be on the bottom. 
    *General Balance Changes*
    * Harvesters: Carrying capacity reduced by 42% to 1400 credits of green 
      crystals and 2800 credits of blue crystals. Gathering cycle sped up by 8 
      seconds. Overall rate of income reduced by approximately 35%.
    * GDI MCV, Nod MCV, Scrin Drone Platform: Cost/Build time increased by 40% 
      to 3500/35, health and speed normalized.
    * Outposts: Health increased by 5%. This prevents them from being destroyed 
      by one use of the Nod Shadow Team's Explosive Charges.
    Well, Harvesters are now even weaker in terms of collecting crystals. You 
    will have to wait a bit longer for those credits to flow in as it is even
    demonstrated that your rate of income is decreased by 35%. This either means
    more Harvesters and those Spikes even more valuable. In response with the
    Crane being weaker and MCV back to use, the build time and cost is increased
    even higher. Increasing the health of Outposts slightly makes it valuable
    as it cannot be instant killed by the Shadow Teams. 
    *GDI Balance Changes*
    * Grenadier Squad: Range increased by 20%.
    * Commando: Suppression time reduced by 70%. This means the Commando can use 
      his C4 Charges to demolish multiple structures more quickly.
    * Juggernaut: Range increased by 25%.
    * Mammoth Tank: Turret turn rate reduced by 66%. This makes the vehicle 
      slightly less effective at quickly changing targets.
    * Sonic Emitter: Attack power reduced by 25%. This means the Sonic Emitter 
      can no longer one- shot-kill certain vehicles.
    It is sort of mixed for GDI. Increasing the range of Grenadiers will make it
    better for those in APCs as it cannot be quickly destroyed by garrisoned 
    forces. Decreasing Supression time for the Commando is better as it definitely
    takes far to long for him to recover and destroy more targets. The extending
    range of the Juggernaut makes them true Artillery Platforms while Mammoths
    are worst off against Hit and Run tactics as their turrets are slower. The 
    worst is the Sonic. It is now only slightly stronger than the Vanilla
    counterpart by 4% without the capability of damaging large units multiple
    times. It is worse as a defence structure. 
    *Brotherhood of Nod Balance Changes*
    * Crane: Health increased by 50%, normalizing its health with that of the GDI 
      Crane and Scrin Foundry.
    * Fanatics: Cost/Build time reduced by 13% to 700/7.
    * Commando: Suppression time reduced by 70%. This means the Commando can use 
      her C4 Charges to demolish multiple structures more quickly.
    * Attack Bike: Range increased by 16%.
    * Stealth Tank: Attack power increased by 66%.
    * Beam Cannon: Range increased by 25%. This does not affect the Avatar's 
      extra weapon gained from commandeering a Beam Cannon.
    * Avatar: Health increased by 25%. Pre-attack delay reduced by 33%. Main 
      weapon's attack power increased by 25%.
    * Confessor: Upgrade no longer provides a rate-of-fire bonus to affected 
      infantry squads.
    * Tiberium Infusion: Upgrade bonus to infantry squads' health reduced by 60%.
    * Catalyst Missile: Support Power cost increased by 33% to 2000.
    * Tiberium Vapor Bomb: Support Power cooldown time increased by 25% to 300. 
      Attack power increased by 140%.
    Increasing the Crane Health for Nod is pointless as the Crane is not even
    as useful. Increasing the Cost and Build Time for Fanatics is important as
    it can stop more fanatics coming after your troops. Attack Bikes range is
    better to attack air units with and the Stealth Tank is truly worth the
    increased price tag. Beam Cannons are better as Artillery Units as their
    range before was terrible. Avatars are even more useful after their 
    deduction in price as their health and attack increased and their attack
    delay decreased. Confessors are still useful for their grenades alone, the
    Tiberium Infusion is far less useful. The Catalyst Missile increase is not
    too bad, but stops its use somewhat. The TVB is more deadly as the cooldown
    is increased, but attack power increased by a whopping 140%. That is more
    than double its current power. 
    *Scrin Balance Changes*
    * Disintegrators: When crushed by enemy vehicles, attack power of explosive 
      revenge attack increased by 30%.
    * Seeker: Health reduced by 13%.
    * Devastator Warship: Range increased by 20%. Rate of fire reduced by 200%. 
      Attack power increased by 100%. Scatter radius reduced.
    * The Swarm: Support Power can no longer be used directly on top of infantry 
      and vehicles. Cooldown time increased by 66% to 150. Now spawns 5 Buzzers 
      instead of 7.
    * Phase Field: Support Power no longer affects infantry. Cooldown time 
      reduced by 50% to 180.
    The Scrin have their Disintegrators as better suicide anti-tank units as their
    crushing attack is increased. The Seeker is slightly weaker, better modeled
    as a light tank. The Devastator serves truly as an Artillery Unit, however,
    it rate of fire is decreased severely, compensated with more attack. It is
    also better at targeting as the scatter is reduced. The Swarm, even through
    it is not top of units and cooldown is increased, it better as there are more
    clicking nightmares, but people don't use infantry anyway, though more useful
    to combine with vehicles. The Phase Field is useful still as infantry are 
    faster to move anyway and reduction in cooldown will enable Scrin land forces
    to attack and escape better. 
    [A] Contact Information
    Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm
    too lazy to make another one. That block button is mighty fun to use.
    Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
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    To contact me, e-mail me at
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    [C] Credits
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    CJayC for hosting this FAQ (I Wonder if he even reads this)
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    Diablo65/Spelfreak65 for a strategy for Operation Stiletto
    Kick of Legend for sending in a strategy for Nod Outback
    EA for developing the game (It should be Westwood, but meh)
    Me for making it
    Hotmail for giving me the e-mail account (Why is it even here?)
    http://www.rootsecure.net/index.php?p=ascii_generator for the ascii art
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