Anyone have a costume count?

  1. Does anyone know how many costumes each character has yet?
    I have 4 for Kasumi and Helena from beating arcade and time trial.
    But when I beat arcade with Sarah, I didn't get a new costume.
    Do you only unlock some costumes after beating it on certain difficulties, like on DOA Ultimate 2, or are there just not as many costumes are there were on DOA4?

    User Info: darlus

    darlus - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Taken from

    Beginning from the Rookie difficulty, you need to increase the difficulty each time you get a new costume. Repeating the same difficulty on the same mode WILL NOT unlock the next costume. Also, for Kasumi, 2 of her costumes will come from Story mode. Arcade, Time Attack and Survival all unlock costumes.

    Hold down any of the buttons below(only one option at a time) while confirming your costume selection with A(X), X([]) or Y(Triangle) (Doesn't matter which):

    LT(L2)/RT(R2) = relates to hair accessories(Varies by character). i.e. Hair band color for Kasumi, helmets/caps on/off.
    LB(L1)/RB(R1) = ralates to how the girls wear their hair (Down, ponytail, braided and etc)
    D-pad LEFT/RIGHT = Toggle glasses. (All girls and i think maybe Eliot)

    From what I can tell, nail color are specific to their swimsuits and cannot be changed/disabled/used with other costumes.

    Hope that helps.

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Other Answers

  1. Sarah, Genfu, Akira, Pai (and most likely Aplha 152) do not have more costumes to unlock.
    The game has less costumes than DOA4 and far less than DOA2 Ultimate so far.

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  2. You can get 2 more costumes for Kasumi by beating story mode

    User Info: vaknir91

    vaknir91 - 4 years ago 1 0
  3. DoA 5 HAS more costumes than DoA 4 and more variety of it, LeiFang for example has 5 distinct costumes whereas in DoA 4 she had 3.

    User Info: silverbullt

    silverbullt - 4 years ago 0 0

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