Method gaining costumes?

  1. I am trying to get all costume for the characters but I have a bit hard understanding how to get them.

    Like if I played Arcade mode each of the course with other characters i,e Kasumi rookie, easy Ayane, Normal Hayate etc. does that mean if I go back to other courses with a character I did not do it with, do I gain a costume and have I complete all courses just a single character most costume be unlock?

    Or do I have to use each character in the different modes? I know I must of said it weird, just I'm quite confuse how to unlock all costume for each character, thanks for anyone to help me.

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    KaizaYamazki - 5 years ago

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  1. Costumes unlock the first time you do any difficulty of Arcade, Tag Arcade, Time Attack, Tag Time Attack, or Survival for a particular character. Which means that for every character except Lei Fang, you can unlock all costumes by just playing rookie difficulty on each of these. Or you could unlock all of their costumes by just playing through every difficulty of Arcade. Mix and match to your liking. But repeating a course will not unlock another costume.

    Since this is tracked per character, that means if you unlock a costume for Kasumi on Arcade rookie, you can go back and unlock a costume for Ayane on Arcade rookie.

    There are 5 exceptions. Kasumi has two costumes that are gained by playing through story mode. Then Lisa, Christie, and Tina each have 1 special costume. Beat the highest difficulty of Arcade for Tina's, highest difficulty of Time Attack for Christie's, and the highest difficulty of Survival for Lisa's. To guarantee that you get the special costume for Tina and Christie, you have to beat it without using a continue.

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  1. From what i've gathered, you unlock costumes by playing arcade and time attack through the different difficulties. I believe it works the same as it did in DOA2 Ultimate where you have to play it on harder difficulties to get the rest. It might work on a tier basis how like with characters that have a lot of costumes (i.e christie, tina and most if not all the other females) The first few can be done doing it on rookie, easy and such while the last few you have to do on hard, champ or true fighter. Like, i started doing Hayate on normal, Lei Fang on easy and so on. I later went back to Hayate to get his fouth on rookie i think and was able to get it, hence why i believe the costumes are unlocked via tier difficulties. The more costumes, the harder you need to play it on. I have almost all of the costumes unlocked so far and i still have a few of them left over that i need to work through champ again to get. Hope this clears up your question and if anyone has a more accurate solution please enlighten the both of us.

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